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Video: Ice Cream Sandwich Features on the Galaxy Nexus – Disabling Apps, Camera Software, Settings Menu, and Boot Time

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We are in full Galaxy Nexus mode right now with the unlocked version landing on our doorsteps over the weekend. We posted up a quick gallery on Friday, but have since posted a hardware and software tour to give you a feel for this amazing new smartphone. Going forward, we’ll be tossing out Ice Cream Sandwich highlight videos to get you prepared for the day that Verizon finally decides to approve the phone for sale. In this first video, we take a look at disabling system apps, how the Settings menu is handled, the incredibly fast boot time, and more.  

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And be sure to leave requests in the comments for features, menus, etc. that you want to see.

  • Anonymous

    I’d  like to see the mirror mode to a 1080P screen.  How well does that work?  Netflix (or other service) streaming look good?  Games work OK on the big screen?  Thanks!

  • Charlienesh505

    How can we put our music and pictures on the phones hard drive? And i
    use mp3 music downloader for muisc downloads, will it save without a
    memory card?

    • guest

      google music and dropbox

    • Anonymous

      Internal storage yo. It connect using a different protocol than universal mass storage, but windows recognizes it the same way. Just copy and paste.

  • your the man kellen

  • Dominick DeVito

    Kellex – Can you guys please test Google Voice? Is it a separate app still? Is all the new phone and voicemail functionality built into GV?

    Thanks – great videos!! Keep ’em coming

  • Anonymous


  • David Smith

    Is facebook no longer a service?

    • Christopher Riner

      definitely on purpose, this is a google phone and they want you to share/post/comment on your google+ account.  In all honesty, yeah its way younger than facebook but already shaping up to be way sweet imo

  • 7:19 Screenception 

    Its a rather inception heavy day on droid life today

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    What is the process for getting a phone purchased in UK activated on t-mobile or at&t? Is that possible with no contract or only on contract? How much do you save monthly compared to picking a phone up with the contract? Anyone have any experience to share?

    • Mike

      I did this on T-Mobile. basically you just either order the T-Mobile pre-paid activation kit from http://prepaid-phones.t-mobile.com/prepaid-phone/T-Mobile-Prepaid-SIM-Activation-Kit and once you have it pop it into your Galaxy Nexus and go to http://www.t-mobile.com/shop/plans/ActivateCodes.aspx and enter the required codes and your credit card info and all that, pick your plan (I got the $30 plan for unlimited texts and web (5gb at 4g speed) and 100 minutes) and that’s it

      • Anonymous

        Excellent Mike, thanks. Pleased to hear it’s pretty easy to activate. So it looks like there is no savings in terms of monthly rate then, which I guess makes sense for the t-mobile no-contract plans as you pay for the phone separately.

        Does t-mobile offer 1 or 2 year contracts for lower rates with non-tmobile phones?

        • Mike

          actually you do save quite a bit on the monthly rate if you compare to contract plans. an unlimited everything plan costs $70 on tmo month to month where as on Verizon or AT&T it costs $110 I believe and that’s with 2gb of data. Even on T-Mobile the contract plan costs $90 for unlimited everything so you still end up saving $20 per month and compared to Verizon and ATT you save $40

          • Anonymous

            Thanks for the info.

            Based on the approach you provided for tmobile, here’s the equivalent AT&T approach. As you note, plans look much less competitive. SIM Card: http://www.wireless.att.com/cell-phone-service/cell-phone-details/index.jsp?device=AT&T+SIM+Card&q_sku=sku981990#fbid=YIL7A-CJ1nnGoPhone Plans: http://www.wireless.att.com/cell-phone-service/cell-phone-plans/pyg-cell-phone-plans.jsp

    • Mike

      and btw you save a lot compared to a contract plan on Verizon and AT&T

      • Jason

        you might save money but shotty service areas aren’t really worth it. Unfortanetly with these companies you do get what you pay for.

  • Qbanito1967

    I bought the Droid 3 at launch but I will selling it and getting this bad boy asap. l seriously cant wait to get this phone.

  • Toonz

    What is the exact name of the app at the 4:05 mark? The title says “Photo Studio”, but I’m unable to find that.

    • Christopher Riner

      might be an ics program that comes with the software but can’t be found on the market

    • slayton

      Its the photo editor that is built into ICS

  • Anonymous

    Not that it matters, but it looks like the screen shot screen animation has slightly changed since the initial  announcement.  In the Announcement it just rotated to the left like 15 degrees.  28:45- http://www.youtube.com/user/androiddevelopers#p/u/3/Ts5WBm0tXzI
    Strange thing to sneak in such an early update. BTW 7:00 in this video.

  • Nakouro28

    Great review! Good lord, I’m so jealous. I need this phone in my hand, NOW!

  • Anonymous

    Do the disabled apps become enabled again on a restart?

    • KevinC

      of course not, what would the point be in that?

    • Alessandro Barone


    • Anonymous

      Then that’s freakin’ fantastic.

  • You say Nexus S instead of Galaxy Nexus at the end.

  • Anonymous

    You showed the calendar widget but can you scroll down on it!?  I am considering running stock for a while but I need a calendar widget that can at least scroll.  Coming from LP calendar widget which I love.

    • Alessandro Barone

      yea the ics widgets are scrollable

  • Great video thx

  • Anonymous

    How do you add shortcuts to the home screen now? Like bookmarks, maps addresses, direct dials etc

    • Jason

      They showed that at the press release, you just long press like before and make a shortcut, now you can just drag items over to the shortcut and drop them in there. Then you kinda have like a circle launcher look with the icons showing in the shortcut.

  • Run in to any issues, or anything you dont like yet?  How are the radios, wifi, etc?

  • Craig Price

    I’d like to know if there is still a “hotkey” for bringing up the voice commands.  On phones with a search button, you can just hold it for a second or two and bring it up wherever you are- very handy.

    I don’t even see a search button anymore, which makes me worried I’m going to have to go into the app drawer to find it, which severely limits its use in my eyes.

    • Christopher Riner

       don’t worry, there are already software tweaks that are adding a fourth software (search) button.  I’m sure its programmed to behave just like physical ones

      • Jason

        yep, people are already workin on it since the source was released.

  • Anonymous

    So damn smooth. Can not wait for a port to the EVO.

  • Is the Camera Speed something from ICS or from the Galaxy Nexus phone? I’d like to see that kinda speed in my Droid 3

    • Rmerchant786

      The zero shutter lag is a feature of ICS.

      • No, the zero shutter lag is hardware related.

      • Anonymous

        I didn’t know Verizon reps posted here. 

        • Christopher Riner

           haha nice

  • Jeff Dickerson

    If possible show some screens of exchange mail running natively.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    We know your last name D:

  • I’ve got a request….send me one 😛

  • just keep posting videos about it, i dont care if you sleep. I could watch this stuff all night.

    • Guest

      yeah keep posting nexus stuff!!!! it drives mctypething, angelfaggit77, an his lover mc_clane up a wall.  anything that gets under their skin is good!! ha!

  • thatguy

    7:55 “when you finally get your nexus S…”

  • Dan

    When you share a photo via email is there a quick / easy way to resize the image in ICS?

  • Mikey

    This Definitely Can Compete With The Rezound.

  • Anonymous

    Just a note on menus. Its only on the bottom right as a compatibility mode. When the OS sees that the app isnt native ICS written and is 2.3 or less (and thus is expecting a menu button on the bottom), it auto adds it. Only new apps written using the new ICS apis that the dev can place it other places.

  • Jasonwomack

    Google Voice integration?

    • Dominick DeVito

      I want to see this too – not one video on the web is showing this yet…

  • Anonymous

    but will it blend?
    too soon, too soon…

    • Anonymous

      galaxy nexus dust, don’t breath that!

      • Anonymous

        breathe it and become immortal you mean?

  • What type of amphetamine are you on and where can I get some?

    • Nagini

      I’ve been wondering the same damn thing

  • Drastik651

    Right before the end he says “when you get you nexus s”. I don’t want a nexus s I want a Galaxy Nexus 😛

  • Anonymous

    Kellex, can you test to see if swyping an app away from the recent apps shortcut thing will actually kill the app or just take it off the list? I’d love to see that as an easy way to kill a misbehaving app. You could probably test it with something like the browser–swype it away and see if the tabs are still there when you re-open it.

  • Anonymous

    1:26 – Go Ducks!  Sorry 🙂

  • Derek Stiles

    So the widgets are scrollable, right?

  • Anonymous

    BUT is there a menu/options button?

    • By default, no, only if the app has more options that are hidden. Basically the menu button only appears if needed.

      • Anonymous

        Seriously? That’s epic.

  • Goblueboy

    Could you go into more detail about the unlock icon that the beginning? I’m not exactly sure I follow, you just push the button to unlock the bootloader. What if you accidentally hit that? (hard to picture but just asking)

    • Anonymous

      My understanding is that it’s just a graphic, not a button. You still have to use adb and whatnot to unlock the bootloader — you can’t do that accidentally. If anything, that icon just serves as a “sorry, your warranty is voided” indicator. 😛

      • Goblueboy

        Anyway of getting rid of this big red flag? The whole warranty is voided is total crap. If you messed up the software then yeah understandable. My old droid x had a problem with the charger port. I got it back to stock and they replaced it. Never knew it was rooted. (LOL tbh they barely looked at it) Anyway hardware problems shouldn’t be excluded due to root. If anything I could just smash the phone or “lose it” and pay like ~$80 for a replacement. 

        • I know on the Xoom you can relock the device by running the adb command fastboot oem lock. Not sure if it works the same on the Nexus or not though.

    • No the unlock icon on the beginning was because he had unlocked the phone using the adb command fastboot oem unlock. You must run that command in order to unlock the phone.

    • Anonymous

      i second this. I’ve had android since the incredible came out, and just never had the balls to go through the rooting/unlocking deal. if it’s only takes 5 minutes to do the process, I’d love to see it done.

      • Peter

        dude, rooting my incredible took five minutes and it’s not supposed to be that easy. Search on youtube and see how easy it is and enjoy your phone the way it is supposed to run. 

        • Anonymous

          fair enough lol.

    • Anonymous

      Unlocking the bootloader won’t be QUITE that easy. Here are the instructions I found which require having the SDK and one extra utility in order to do the trick. Nobody is sure if these will be the same steps for the LTE version or not, but I have everything ready to go on my personal machine and this will be the first thing I do when I get the phone (since it does a clean install anyways).


  • Kellex which app are you using for your notification light??

  • Gino Fratto

    This is so my next phone.  As soon as its out, its mine.

  • great video and I am SUPER JEALOUS!!!

  • ChuckDz3

    Can you long press the main keys to quick launch different apps? – Great review as always btw

  • Anonymous

    Is there a new Google Voice app? I’m really hoping they fix the backout to the inbox problem that android overall suffers from. I think GV suffers from it the most.

    • Dominick DeVito

      I know – that is so frustrating!!!!!

  • When you were in the apps list, that’s one place where the dedicated search key could have come in handy to quickly find the app you were looking for instead of scrolling all the way down. I still think it was a bad move by Google to remove the search key.

    • Bill

      Theres already a mod that creates a search soft key

      • I know there is, just thought it was something that shouldn’t have been taken out.

      • Anonymous

        It would be nice if it didn’t have to be a mod–like if you could do it through a third-party launcher app or just a setting… something you don’t even have to root for.

    • Or you could hit the search bar and not have to even enter the apps list.. seems logical to me

  • Anonymous

    2:22 – “You can tap that, call them.”

    Hey, Kellen is a real ladies’ man.

    • Hah 😛

      • Youngthinka1421

        have you looked into weather or not this phone has a MHL port?

        • Anonymous


          Sorry I just couldn’t take it any longer.

        • Anonymous

          Its either that, wireless, or it has something to do with the 3 gold contacts. He got a leak of a desk dock with a full sized HDMI port on it just a while ago..

        • waveGuide3e8

          The micro USB port on the bottom is an MHL port. With the right kind of splitter (like in the portrait desktop dock) you can get HDMI out of the phone.

      • Anonymous

        Kellex this thing is Awesome can’t wait, Are you just as excited, when you were playing with the SG2???

    • Anonymous

      Lol Yeah I’d like to tap that ICS right NOW!!   Maybe even for a ICS Booty Call 😛

      • Anonymous

        I wonder what your wife would think 😉

        • Anonymous

          lol, As long as its a software/hardware thing she doesn’t mind lol 🙂

    • James Friedman

      He should be in the latest galaxy nexus beat boxing video saying “tap that call’em, tap that email’em”

  • TheAndroid1

    There went the November 28 release date.

    • Anonymous

      December 8th is”the date”

  • Nice. Boot time of about 40 seconds. 

    How do you have 3 gmail icons??

    • TheAndroid1

      Beats my Blackberry Storm boot time of about 3.5 minutes.

      • Anonymous

        Wow that’s practically blistering fast…..My Storm2’s boot time was 9 minutes.

    • He has three different accounts in the Gmail app. Each account gets it own notification icon.

  • Pretend we are friends and mail me the phone so I can get my own personal walkthrough.