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Galaxy Nexus Talk: More Verizon Training Info, Potential Retail Price of $500, and A Release Date of November 21?

We tossed out a story just a few hours ago showing that Verizon’s training for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus had started and wanted to show you further proof that just landed in our inbox. The training to our knowledge, doesn’t include a release date and is mostly just an overview of Ice Cream Sandwich and G-Nex features that we all saw during last month’s shenanigans. So nothing spectacular in there, but VZW is indeed getting their employees ready for the launch that we have all been trying so hard to remain patient for.

After the break though, we have one more training slide, and then we’ll dive into some interesting notes from this contest that Google just launched. Potential price and release date? Yessir.

Ok, with that out of the way, let’s talk potential price first. You see in the “Prizes” section of the contest rules that we pulled below – that ARV of $500? That’s a number we are finding to be fascinating. Most of the time when companies hold these contests, we get the exact full retail value listed there, so this should get you incredibly excited. Remember the contest for the Bionic that listed $589.99 as the ARV? That is still the actual retail price of that phone to this day. Could Verizon and Google decide to up that to the $649 price that the RAZR, iPhone and Rezound are at when it is finally released? It certainly seems like they will have to, but one can hope we stay that low. And what if Google decides they just want to undercut the heck out of anyone and only offer the phone off-contract at $500? Sign everyone up?

What about a release date? As Dan mentioned in the contest post, the giveaway of the G-Nex ends on November 21. Where have we seen that date before? Well, we brought that date to you in the most recent Verizon roadmap that showed the phone as landing on that day via the “web only.” Seems fitting that the contest would end on the day that the phone is released, doesn’t it? Most of these contests do.

Now, that was a lot of hypebeasting for sure, but these contests have proven to be reliable resources enough times in the past that we shouldn’t completely look beyond everything that we just pointed out. Remember that this is all speculation and nothing is official until Big Red makes it official. It almost sounds too good to be true – crossing fingers for the next week and a half is recommended.

Cheers ___, JFMFT, Matthew and Mark!

  • ah, jill.  she’s your right hand gal.

  • Thank you for sharing this article. I love it.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve streamed my iHeartradio app all day along with a bit of surfing, and the battery held up pretty well (not perfect)  but pretty well.  And it only got mildly warm.  My OG would get super hot in the same conditions

  • Anonymous

    Just came from Best Buy and saw them jack the RAZR off-contract price to $799. YES, SEVEN HUNDRED NINETY-NINE US DOLLARS!

  • tetra9

    you can call Verizon tomorrow and order the nexus for end of the week release.

  • Alexander Garcia

    LOL!!! WOW!!! ***runs away from the over-saturation of fanboyism***

  • Daniel Archibald33

    Nexus does not support memory expansion. Droid Razor does and having played with both phones already, the Razor is hands down better

    • Anonymous

      And the RAZR doesn’t support battery “expansion” – I’d much rather have a removable battery than an SD card if I have to pick between the two.

  • Anonymous

    these phones are fawking computers…people need to stop complaining about the price…you wanted beastly specs? well expect to pay a premium…after all the OEMs are in the business of making money

  • Bridgette Mueller

     The 16 GB one is probably $500 and the 32 GB one is probably $600

  • Anonymous

    How exciting. I’ve come to the conclusion the Galaxy Nexus is the way to go if you’re torn between the trio. Why? Slimmer than a Rezound, yet it’ll have the same luscious HD screen with the eye-popping colors that the RAZR bests the Rezound with. The camera will no doubt be superior to the RAZR, which is great because the Rezound camera is fantastic, easily one of the best this side of an iPhone. Plus it’s all in a package that’s near the same size as the Rezound, which by the way is a pleasure to hold since it’s not as wide as the RAZR, but in much skinnier package more akin to the RAZR. Can’t wait. 

    • Joejoe509

      I would just say it’s the best combination between software and hardware. There are fewer major downsides compared to the other two.

    • Joejoe509

      The Nexus is closer to the width of the RAZR than the Rezound. “RAZR bests the Rezound with” I think you meant it the other way around.

      • Anonymous

        No, the colors on the RAZR are far superior to the Rezound so I meant what I said. The Rezound screen is incredbily sharp, but next to an AMOLED panel the colors look almost washed out. Also, the official specs list the RAZR at a width of 2.71 inches Vs. 2.67 inches on the Nexus. It’s not 100% the same width as the Rezound, but it’s definitely less wide than the RAZR so it’ll no doubt feel less weird to hold one-handed.

        • joejoe509

          Gotcha. What you said about the screens makes sense. Thanks for clearing that up. I got hung up on the differences in HD resolution, but somehow missed how you were instead talking about color representation. Good call.

          I’m getting the Nexus no matter what, but if people are already complaining about how wide the RAZR is, I’m worried the Nexus might suffer the same complaint.

  • Anonymous

    It’s fanboy fever in here.

  • Anonymous

    its cheaper then the razr and rezound because its not a verizon exclusive and it needs to match the price of the phone on other carriers. pretty smart move.

    • joejoe509

      There’s no way you could know that for sure.

      • Anonymous

        why would the verizon version be more expensive then the international?

  • razrftw

    just release the damn thing

  • Anonymous

    If it ends up being $500 retail (doubtful) – I will buy it off contract for sure. Don’t count on it though. I highly doubt Verizon will let them sell it at $500.

  • Michael Haggerty84

    I am sick of the waiting! Big Red NEEDS to just give us a release date! Why does this need to be such a big freakin secret! We have known about this phone for months! GIVE US the date and price!

  • Every time there is a GNexus conversation, all everyone can say is that they are going to buy and there is always talk about the cost. I am going to get this phone, but I am not going to get it within the 1st week. I am going to wait and research some of the postings from those that really had to have it 1st and then make a purchasing decision. With 3 top phones to chose from that is the wise decision.

  • am i misunderstanding this?  or has the retail cost of the phone decreased compared to what it usually is?

    it’s $500 FULL RETAIL…not the subsidized contract price.

    As opposed to $600-750, depending on where you buy it.

    • joejoe509

      Don’t take too much stock in it. It’s just a rumor.

  • Artur Amaral

    #GalaxyNexus is well-traveled, coming [email protected] 44 countries on 6 continents.

  • nexus on the brain

    8. PRIZES: Seven winning entries will receive a Galaxy Nexus phone as described at
    http://www.google.com/nexus. (ARV of each individual prize: $500.00 USD). Prize may be subject to
    terms, restrictions and conditions imposed by Google. The Prize does not include activation or
    usage fees required to activate and operate the device. All such fees are the responsibility of
    the winner.
    Odds of winning any prize depends on the number of eligible entries received during the
    Contest Period and the skill of the entrants. The prizes will be awarded within approximately
    twelve weeks of receipt by Sponsor of final prize acceptance documents. No transfer,
    substitution or cash equivalent for prizes is allowed, except at Sponsor’s sole discretion.

    • nexus on the brain

      12 weeks….

  • so are we anticipating its 500 bucks off contract? and with contract it would be estimated as?

    • Anonymous

      $299… or $289 at Coscto

  • Chris Sandoval

    Yeah. Where Droid Life for this contest? Can’t post up the picture and discuss it?

  • nexus on the brain

    anyone figure this out yet?

  • Joshua Dudash

    Eh… dont give up hope. I know it sounds silly, but they brought up a damned good point.

  • james cruise

    i love it …
    HTC In Pakistan

  • Anonymous

    As much as this information is intriguing regarding the price of the phone, there is one detail we lack here.  This pricing could very well be only the 16GB version, not the 32.  I’m sure it’s a fair bet that the 32 would be priced similarly to the other newly released models at VZW.

    No to be a killjoy but that makes a little more sense considering this has internal storage only and cannot have increased storage.

    But I digress…

  • 21st seems to be official now

    • joejoe509

      Getting there… we’ve been fooled before so be careful. I’m not going to latch onto any date, no matter how solid it sounds until I get official word from Verizon.

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  • Anonymous

    The 21st also matches up with the date the nexus dock is available on the Samsung website

  • Anonymous

    I bought an iphone 4s a few hours ago. Apple store has a 30-day no hassle return policy with no restocking fees. I did it coz I got sick of waiting for the Gnex.. not to mention.. there is still no official news about it. 
    I just flipped and told Verizon to screw it!

    Anyway.. for 30 days I hope to have fun with the iphone and not be distracted by android… if by that time the GNex is released.. then so be it.. if not.. screw you google & screw you verizon. 

    • catamenia

      You should be very disappointed in your poor decision, that’s like turning gay all of a sudden.

  • Anonymous

    That is what i said that this device it is not worth more than 500 bucks lol

    • Guest


      • tjmonkey15

        Chill dude.  It’s a phone.

      • Anonymous

        don’t feed the trolls.

        • Guest

          either kellex bans him or i keep it up!

  • Wmsco51

    Innovation for this year.
    1. Dualcore processer
    2. 1Ggb Ram
    4.. More internal memory
    5. Front facing camera (above 1.5)
    6. Bigger screen and highdef
    7. 32gb sd card or bigger
    8. Better Bluetooth stack
    9. Camera/options
    10. Now better Music
    Now this is what should be and I’m sure there’s more, but this is the basic things for upgrade. We really need to stop buying half step upgrades, and start buying this year’s innovation in one full step. Let everything else just go on by! I’m pretty sure Keller will keep us up to date on new innovative technology. PLUS it makes our decision easier to live with.

    • joejoe509

      Maybe it’s Satuday and I’m sleepy, but that last paragraph didn’t make much sense. Are you saying the Nexus is the best because it embodies this year’s innovations?

    • Anonymous

      better music?