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Galaxy Nexus on Verizon Could Have Better Than Expected Battery Life? (Updated)

According to the screenshot above, along with its owner, the 4G LTE version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is getting much better battery life than I think any of us expected. After more than 5 hours of heavy (“lots of surfing” and brightness at max) of use, you can see that the device still has 45% left on it. For having a 4.65″ HD screen with an LTE chip in it, I’d take that any day. Most 4G LTE phones are begging for a charger after 5 hours of even moderate to low use, so this is potentially a good sign for those of us that were already contemplating the purchase of a yet-be-announced extended battery.

This device test was also reportedly done on LTE only.

Update:  Same source that posted this screenshot is saying that over time, his battery has actually gotten slightly worse. On average, he is hitting around 6 hours. Here’s to hoping we actually do get a bigger 1850mAh battery in it.

On a semi-related note, seeing a screenshot with a 720p resolution makes me smile. Can you believe that we are about to embark on a journey that includes an HD screen in the palm of our hand? And not too far off are quad-core processors behind them.

Soooo, does that make your battery concerns less frightening?

Cheers guy who many of you probably know that asked to remain nameless for some reason!

  • Brosinsky

    This is with just 1 hour 10 min and 31 seconds of screen on time.  Bro. (You’re supposed to end everything on here with bro right?)

  • I just need to know the call quality now.

  • Who really believes this screenshot? There’s nothing on there except brightness and the keyboard. They say it was while doing “heavy surfing,” on what? There’s nothing on there about the browser and the lowest item that is shown is the keyboard at 2%.

    It’s either a fake or the person is completely lying. Besides, 5 hours and he’s almost halfway through a charge??? FAIL.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like nothing was being used for the first 2 hours…

  • Anonymous

    I never trust these screenshots unless I see “voice calls” usage somewhere on the screen.  Voice calls and display account for more battery use than anything else.  If I can get 6+, I’ll be fine.  I’ll definitely be getting the dock for my desk though.

  • Random question, but why is it that the past two nexus devices excluded a microSD slot?
    32GB is plenty for me, but I have never seen the point?

    • I think there are many factors – here are a few:
      1) Google wants people to use the Cloud
      2) SD cards are battery hogs. (all types)
      3) Extra hardware drivers – one less piece of hardware to worry about when next software version comes out (easier to port)

      • truly, truly, truly outrageous, bro, yo

  • Too many variables to say the nexus has good battery life from a screen shot….I’ll judge once i use it in my environment my way

  • Duck Dodgers

    Humans are capable of adapting to worse things than poor (?)  battery life on a cell phone. Post a charger in the car and tote your wall charger to work and back. Stop acting brand new.

  • Anonymous

    thank you for delaying the launch of the Galaxy Nexus Verizon. I am already getting tired of waiting for the GNex. Bionic episode all over again (except in this case VZW is f u cking things up)

    • You know for a fact that Verizon is behind the delay? Nope.

    • Anonymous

      And who says this thing is even delayed?

  • KNG60FT


    • FortitudineVincimus


    • Are you retarded?? That’s the point of a Nexus device.

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps ICS has much better power management than GB? I can’t imagne this wouldn’t be the case anyhow. Can’t wait for a full review on this.

  • i wonder what it will be like when i turn the 4G radio off, my college town doesn’t have 4G signal anyway…

    • I will also be disabling 4G

    • FortitudineVincimus

      I heard you will get like 2 month battery life

  • Anonymous

    I want more Razor news, reviews etc 🙂

  • Anonymous

    This screen shot looks fake actually. It looks like a rom modified to look like ICS.

    • Its not

      • Anonymous

        I’ll take your word for it then.

    • Anonymous

      Kind of is fake cause if there was actually lots of surfing done the Browser would be listed as one of the apps using the battery 🙂

  • I swear by JuiceDefender on my OG Droid. I am on my phone like a 14 yeard-old girl in the 80s talking about Duran Duran, Scott Baio, and going to scope on rad boys and how the dude in the Thunderbird blasting Kenny Loggins propositioned me with a Walkman if I would play “Hide the chorizo” with him and how I highlighted my hair like Jem, truly, truly, truly outrageous.

     I usually get about 2 days per charge with it on the Aggressive setting.

  • lightlong

    Does the 4G icon in the status bar look correct?

    • Justin Kos

      good catch, can anyone confirm?

  • Relieves some much needed battery tensions – As a business user this is very important – Though I have a charger just about every where, I cant stand power cords when using the device or on a call. I like the freedom of being able to stretch or move around the office while on a call. Worse hate wondering will 60% be enough when I am on the road for the afternoon. 

  • Freestyle270

    This is definitely one rumor I’d love to end up being true.

  • iOBAE

    what is the point at mad dogging the people that write these reviews… if you dont like it, go somewhere else and find a sight you like…. 

    • iOBAE


  • Dominick DeVito

    so….the Verizon LTE version will only say ‘4G’ instead of ‘4G LTE’?

  • Dominick DeVito

    Doesn’t matter – it isn’t going to stop us G-Nex lovers from buying it.

    Sadly, it won’t stop any Moto trolls from hating on it either. So whatever, moot point.

    • Keith Sumner

      I think the Nexus is a great phone. But to be fair, nexus trolls are just as guilty of bashing, even moreso.

    • YourFriend

      “Sadly, it won’t stop any Moto trolls from hating on it either. So whatever, moot point.”

      I wonder if you were purposely being ironic, considering you’re one of the most notorious Moto hater on Droid-Life and are quick to criticize them at any given moment and then cover it up by “I don’t hate Motorola, I have the OG Droid which is a really good phone and they have great build quality. But I don’t like how they have unlocked bootloaders” to make yourself seem like you’re some kind of fair, balanced and unbias type of person.

      • Anonymous

        Just another case of the pot calling the kettle black.

  • Dude

    Judging by the graph there it looks like it was barely used for the first hour and a half or more. Dont get ur hopes up yet.

  • Dominick DeVito

    Perhaps Google has optimized ICS for better battery life also (something to consider).

  • gadgetryan

    I think i’ll still get an extended battery, but this info gives me time to save up for the extended battery and case.

  • Anon


  • Droids

    Battery life is great because there’s no Verizon crapware or manufacturer’s skin running.

  • A lot of 12 yr old on this site lately….you should put an age limit on this site

  • I love how I come to see what everyone thinks and half of it is a bunch of people repeatedly calling each other bro. That was never funny and still isnt funny when you do it 500 times. 😀

    • Guest


  • ZT

    What matters the most is how much time the screen was on, How can that person be surfing for over 5 hours when the screen was on for only 2 hours and 49 minutes?

    • Anonymous

      It’s p3droid he likes to exaggerate much of the time.

    • TheAndroid1

      I assume you were looking at the screen being at 54% and multiplying that by the total amount of time.

      I think that these percentages show how much of the battery that function used.  Screen used 54% of the battery that has been used so far.  It’s not the percent of time that it has been used (or else android system would be at 100%).

  • Alexander Garcia

    You all are just f..kin’ hilarious! LOL. Kudos to you all for makin’ my day!  🙂

  • I say we vote bro hating Ray off the island.  You suck Ray, seriously.  I got Mctypethings back all day.  Chug a Richard Ray!

  • We always hear this before a phone comes out & it’s usually 100% B.S. everytime.

  • Tim S

    Ok, so how many people are going to be streaming video for 5 hours? All you people commenting that this isn’t anything to write home about need to settle down. The average person is going to be browsing, talking, texting, emailing more than streaming HD video. SO, for this to be holding as long as it does on 4G radio, this is certainly much better compared to other VZ 4G LTE phones. Remember that this phone is bigger than any other phone on the market and does a better job at holding a charge.

  • Anonymous

    Good grief everyone, what the heck?

  • Anonymous

    Uhm… anyway… back on topic. It appears the first 2 hours were spent idling/on standby. So really it looks like this was only 3 hours or so of normal/heavy use.

  • Anonymous

    Again, will this phone support inductive/wireless charging?

  • Bullet Tooth Tony

    5 hours… 55%… so 10%ish every hour… reminds me of my Thunderbolt.  So, this makes me more worried.

    • Juice Defender works wonders, yo. Probably will extend that battery life to a day, yo.

      • Justin Kos

        wont knock it till i try it, but ill take this with a grain of salt

  • Somebody is a big Angels fan, bro. Think their new GM is going to bring another World Series ring, bro? 

  • John

    Can this nameless guy comment on the thickness of the LTE version??  I have yet to see specs for the LTE version, only HSPA+.

  • So you going to get a Nexus, bro?

  • I’m actually finding the “bro” thing quite funny, though it’s mostly because of JamesU513’s insistence on stopping it.

    • Keith Sumner

      u finding it quite funny, bro?

      • best thread ever, yo

      • Well it’s distracting me from the fact that I was expecting this phone to hit on October 27th…bro.

    • Duck Dodgers

      YES!!! I get more of a kick outta the guys that whine about it than anything else. Just feed those trolls until they are nice and plump lol.

  • This is very depressing.. kinda makes me want to wait for that tegra 3 quad core processor thats suppose to be a super juice saver. My OG Droid still runs and continues to do so at 80% end of day with no battery saving application, heavy use or not, if this screen shot is at idle, which is bullsh*t to say its running on browser cause its not even listed! and my Droid ends at 80%.. i have nothing to look forward to when it comes to battery. That just means ill be investing in a new wall charge for work and a new car charger (broken). I understand this is 4G and its an HD screen but this is definitely not impressive to me.. just very depressing. This phone better live up to all the hype and all the coverage it has gotten or else ima feel like I got a lemon. 

    Im already not excited at the fact that its all plastic, no gorilla glass, no hdmi, no micro-sd, now horrible battery life. Im not complaining, ill still be getting this phone, just hope it lives up to its name.

    and HTC fanboys, save your breath.. your battery life is still the sh*ttiest of all 3 coming out.

    2cents delivered.

    • So what your saying is you don’t use your phone…..

      • I do use it; but what I did there was compare an idle phone to an idle phone. That screen shot of the Nexus was idle, there is no browser.. and its 45% after 5hrs…while my idle phone can end up at 80% the entire day…

  • jt

    but WHEN is it going to be released on verizon???????

  • Keith Sumner

    I just checked my Bionic running the .893 update

    80 percent battery remaining after 5h 28m 20s on battery.

    Under usage, Android OS,display, phone idle, cell standby, tunnybrowser, voice calls, gmail, and Go SMS pro.

    So I have in fact been on 4G all day, browsing, texting, calling, checking voicemail, my news reader and more.

    Say what you will about the Bionic, the battery kicks ass.

    • All these anecdotal testing (including the screenshot in this article) doesn’t mean much. One person’s heavy use is another person’s idle. There should be some formal testing  conducted, then the comparison could be made.
      Samsung’s SAMOLED have a potentially better battery life than LCD (not dramatically better though). Also, ICS may include some power usage optimization.
      In my experience, LTE device battery life is greatly dependent on the reception quality. If it’s bad, and the phone is constantly switching between 4G and 3G then it’s killing the battery very fast. If it’s stable and it’s 4G all the time then it’s easy on the battery.
      I have a Thunderbolt (BAMFed) and the average battery life for me is about 20-22 hours when I use it as much as I need and like to use. Maybe it’s not heavy as P3Droid did, but I’m not blown away by 50% in 5 hours

    • he, my OG is at 7hrs 70% and that includes 30 minutes of netflix.  I just don’t think these big phones and big radios are going to sip that battery.

      • Keith Sumner

        Yeah, my Droid would last around 30+ hours.

      • Anonymous

        I’d often go over two days on my OG though that was usually with light usage.

    • Anonymous

      What’s your screen on time though?  That’s the best indication of actual usage, minus phone calls.

  • Julio Duverney

    P3droid eh. Haters going to hate 

  • Ray

    can we please vote this guy Mctypething off of the Droid-Life island?

    • Anonymous

      you mad bro?

      • Guest

        you a dick bro?

    • Guest

      sure would be nice!!  him and angelface!!

  • Corkis84

    All I see is the battery life of a phone that had its screen on for a long period.  No apps being run, no data, and no calls.  of course the batteries are going to last.  I wouldnt consider this heavy use.  Show me a shot of a phone running movies for 5 hours straight; then ill be impressed.

    • Keith Sumner

      yeah but despite no data, no apps, and no calls, the battery is drained to 45%, that’s absolutely horrid.

  • Kg2128

    Good to see potentially good battery life for the galaxy nexus. The galaxy nexus haters were the ones saying battery would suck anyways. Oh and the people who don’t think rationally and jump to conclusions also.

  • Anonymous

    12 more days till release… boy how am I gonna survive? I hope I don’t lose and buy the rezound or Razr.

    see what you did Verizon? I hate you.

  • p3 never lies so i doubt this will be retracted. also it depends on the updates youll receive once the phone comes out officially. this is a pre-release version which is subject to change depending on what software will come loaded and will be available to update to. the updates play a role in the battery life so no mater if he says this now and it changes later its not his fault guys its just the software changes.

    • suck dick much………bro?