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Contest: Win 1 of 2 Logitech Revue Units to Celebrate the Launch of Honeycomb to Google TV

With the announcement this morning that Google TV will finally receive its much anticipated update to Honeycomb, we thought, “Why not celebrate by giving away a couple of Logitech Revue units?” So let’s just go ahead and do that! 

The update for the Logitech Revue will be after the batch of Sony units, but with retail boxes showcasing the update already, it can’t be too far off.


Two (2) Logitech Revue units. Two winners.

To enter do one or all of the following:

1.  Follow @droid_life on Twitter.
2.  “Like” us on Facebook.
3.  Tweet the following message:

Win a Logitech Revue from @droid_life! – http://goo.gl/T89br #android

4.  Tell us what your favorite TV show of all time is in the comments.


We will choose two winners on Monday (October 31) afternoon. They will be contacted through the arena that they chose to enter (Twitter, Facbeook, or email). U.S. residents only.

Good luck everyone!

  • Anonymous


  • Ian Oakes

    Breaking Bad is without a doubt my favorite show, i think ever.

  • Ian Oakes

    Breaking Bad

  • Breaking Bad!

  • Breaking Bad

  • Bassmeiser

    Breaking Bad

  • So many choices, but it’d have to be a toss up between Stargate and X-Files for me!

  • Mjw0130

    “Doctor Who” Hands down..

  • Metalgonzo85


  • Karl Tobias

    How I Met Your Mother

  • Oteroa2

    It’s always sunny in philadelphia.

  • Jgplainc

    heroes…  cut off too short

  • maximccg


  • Gilmore Girls

  • Anonymous

    Highlander. And Red Dwarf.

  • James Friedman

    Seinfeld was the greatest show of all time…take it to the bank BABY!

  • Towerr

    I would probably have to go with Sons of Anarchy! I had many to choose from but this one stick in my head most

  • Arrested Development is my favorite show.  Remember there’s always money in the banana stand.

  • Jleznek

    Star Trek!

  • Arrested Development!

    Just watched S1E09 Pier Pressure on Netflix for a quick laugh. Of course it delivered…

  • Stephen H Taylor

    Its a tie between ‘The Man From Atlantis’, “The Six Million Dollar Man” and “Firefly”

  • Noakd8601

    Burn Notice, Rescue Me, Dark Blue, NCIS LA

  • Dust

    My favorite TV show is the venture bros. It is very witty.

  • Bmsamples86

    Top gear

  • Heyimsteve029

    The earlier seasons of Dexter!

  • Teddyo1971

    Star Trek Next Generation

  • Aford89

    sons of anarchy!

  • Ben Mebust

    Doctor Who

  • Family guy

  • Jeffrey Dao

    Family Guy

  • family guy

  • Two & a Half Men / The CSI shows / How I Met Your Mother

  • House MD

  • House MD.

  • Jamen


  • pwsier52

    Breaking Bad

  • Kevin Kelly

    Breaking Bad

  • steven ross


  • Gary Patrowicz

    hogans heros

  • Gary Patrowicz

    hogans heros

  • Big Bang Theory!

  • Downs176

    True Blood fo sho

  • Anonymous


  • Farscape. Yeah. I said it. COME AT ME BRO!

  • Seinfeld, hands down.

  • Jonathan

    Star Trek TNG

  • Chuck Phillips

    Favorite tv show would probably be farscape. Loved that show. Damn SciFi anyways! Always cancelling the good shows. Caprica. BSG. Farscape. 

  • Kevin Passino

    Top Gear. The British one, of course!

  • gonna say castle

  • C C

    Firefly and Farscape