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Samsung Galaxy Nexus Details Leak: Fully Stock Experience and a Verizon Exclusive

The folks over at BGR have received what they believe to be the official spec list and name for the next Nexus device, thanks to a trusted source.  And what name has been decided on?  Galaxy Nexus of course.  The same name we have been using for weeks now thanks to a couple of our trusted sources.

They are also reporting that the G-Nex will be a Verizon exclusive and a completely stock Ice Cream Sandwich device, something we haven’t seen in years. No bloatware or skins here, folks.

The spec list is after the break.  I’ll just say that this matches up perfectly to what I have been told and believe it to be legit (aside from the processor, front camera and battery).  Thank Buddha, someone else finally reported on it so that we can start talking about it more openly. 🙂  

  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
  • 9mm thin
  • 4.65-inch 1280 x 720-pixel Super AMOLED HD with curved glass
  • TI OMAP 4460 dual-core Cortex A9 processor clocked at 1.2GHz
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 32GB of built-in storage
  • 5-megapixel camera on the back, 1.3-megapixel in the front
  • 1080p HD video capture support
  • LTE/HSPA depending on carrier
  • Wi-Fi a/b/g/n
  • NFC
  • 1,750 mAh battery

So, the only thing I was not told about was which specific processor was included.  Knew it was an OMAP at 1.2GHz, but with rumors of delays on the 4460, we were assuming they had just overclocked the 4430 to 1.2GHz – hoping they figured it all out and went big.  Also can’t confirm the battery, if the internal is 32GB or if the front camera is only 1.3MP.

Is this your dream device?

Via:  BGR

Cheers MattC and Walt!

  • rrosotho

    My only issue is battery life, it has crazy specs but i wonder if they will make an extended battery for a slim phone curved like that?

  • Eric

    Definitely my next phone. If someone is too stupid to understand the whole megapixel deal they are too stupid to appreciate this phone. The 5MP camera on my Vibrant is amazing and this one will obviously be better. I’m still pissed that they never fixed the GPS though.

  • Anonymous

    Bionic / Nexus? Bionic / Nexus? Bionic / Nexus?

    Now I will wait and see, which one is better.

  • Anonymous

    5MP in my opinion is good enough as long as it has a good sensor, I always thought iPhone 5MP was better than DInc’s 8MP. 

    Hope they make it World Phone

  • Hep

    Why is there always ONE feature that is weak on a phone?  They make it all great and just want to keep us slightly dissatisfied with a weak camera.  Doesn’t make any sense.

    • LionStone

      Neither does your gripe without snapping ONE photo! Geez…

      • Hep

        Sure it does.  Editing 5MP photos sucks because there’s too much digital noise.

        • LionStone

          Well you’re already calling it a weak camera without the final specs being announced or reviewed. If editing pics is that important to you then maybe you should get a dedicated camera!

          • Hep

            Thanks, now I know…

          • LionStone

            Just wait…your gonna love the new camera, it’s gonna be “remarkable” 🙂

        • LionStone

          Well you’re already calling it a weak camera without the final specs being announced or reviewed. If editing pics is that important to you then maybe you should get a dedicated camera!

  • Anonymous

    Why 5 MP, why not 8 with a bigger, optimised sensor? I’m a semi-professional photographer and while I do agree that 5 MP with a larger sensor is good enough for casual photography but since when did we start being content with good enough? Yes, no amount of mega-pixels can balance out a crappy sensor, but 8 MP is always better than 5. I’ve used the Nokia N8, and if there’s anything in the market that could come even close to that thing, I’d take it. My GS1 has a 5 MP shooter and it does take decent pictures, but, it’s more than a year old!
    So no, I don’t believe the 5 MP part is true, considering this is a flagship Google phone being released after the GS2 (which has a decent 8 MP shooter). I really hope it has a 8 MP camera with a larger sensor and hope it can get somewhere close to the N8’s quality.Also, aperture is much more important than any of the above. I heard a clueless bloke (won’t name him) on one of the live video-casts during the iPhone event who was raving about how he “was walking around Boston with his iPhone 4, Droid X and a DSLR and taking pictures with all three and the iPhone 4 almost matched the DSLR pictures”. I can bet anything that he was either lying or, as I said, completely clueless about what a DSLR is and/or how to use it!

    Anyway, I hope it’s at least f2.8, 8 MP with a larger sensor & has image stabilization. That’d make for a pretty good camera. And it’s fair to expect those specs from a device of this level.

  • Gottheguds112

    I respect your self-discipline, Kellen, considering the specs on this phone. Anyone else feel he deserves props for being the most privileged source in the game?

  • Anonymous

    O M G – the ultimate phone.  I’m drooling.  

  • where’s the 4G

    • Calvin Williams

      “LTE/HSPA depending on carrier”

  • HUGE SCREEN! THE WORST! I was really hoping this device would be my next. Screens this big are just idiotic.

    • Calvin Williams

      The are no buttons which means the screen is on the same body as a 4.3 inch, it just covers more of the front of the device.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, that is my disappointment with the bionic.  It should have be at least 4.5  I am looking forward to this screen size and hope the rest of the phone is better than the droid.  I love my OG, but I want the next big thing and Yes, docking will be an issue. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      You must love the “new” iPhone then! Or better yet, get one of these – http://bit.ly/qx3xBV

  • Anonymous

    I hope it has a larger battery, I really don’t care if a phone is 9 or 11mm thick, just give me more battery. 5″ 720p display will eat this thing quickly.

  • Questioning the 5MP camera. I saw it was like “Whaaaaaaat?” I realize that cameras on phones are more about the software, but 8MP is going to be the standard for this gen of devices…even the iPhone is getting one now. Baffling.

  • Guest

    Totally time for VZ to get a vanilla device. I totally hope the rumor about a gutless tablet is true as well. That would completely be the cherry on top of the icecream.

  • Tomgillotti

    It will be very hard to say no to this device. Try if you like, but there may be plenty of enthusiasts who pay to break their contracts for this guy.

  • Anonymous

    Dream device

  • Juan Moreno

    Exynos is a gaming oriented SoC while the OMAP is more application based; it was chosen as the reference for its content streaming security features and not so much for its technical prowess. And yes the Hardware acceleration in ICS WILL make that much of a difference in terms of User Experience. Also, let’s not forget you can’t compare a 1.2Ghz single core to 1.2GHz dual core. I imagine the experience to be totally different.

  • tjmonkey15

    I’m really glad they kept the camera to 5 MP.  No point in going higher, especially on a phone.  I just hope they upgraded the internals of the camera.

  • joejoe509

    Huh. I’m not terribly techy but one thing I do know: These specs are super sweet, but ahead of the curve? Eh… How in the world does this have worse specs than the GSII? Why do we not have similar specs to the GSIIHD? Well, being a Verizon customer this will have to be my next phone regardless of specs. I’m still super stoked for this phone, but can’t help but feel a little deflated after all the hype. Still a gorgeous looking phone and it will be a worthy reward for not letting me have a GSII weeks ago.

  • slimb9

    is this going to have a microsd slot unlike the nexus s?

    • Juan Moreno

      If this doesn’t have a MicroSD slot, I am packing my bags.

      • Bionic

        why?  its had 32GB inside

      • You are already getting 32gb of onboard memory..Maybe take that down to 29 max with the software and what not and you should still be good. I have 1,500 songs, 4 movies, and a bunch of pics on my 32gb Ipod touch and i still have 6gb left. I rather get 32gb out the door than to get a 16microsd pre-installed and then have to shell-out more cash to buy a 32gb microsd

        • Juan Moreno

          That’s fine but how exactly do you access this memory? I just like the ability to load files onto my phone via external storage. Removing that is a step back.

  • Han Solo

    Guys, these BGR specs are bogus.  Look at Phanroid’s updated article. 


    Better specs are on the way!

    • joejoe509

      Ugh. Ok. I’ve had my fill. I’m not going to latch onto any more info on this thing until its release. My heart can’t take it. Thanks for the link. That made this jagged pill a little easier to swallow – true or not.

    • Juan Moreno

      Great find. I hope that 8MP camera and 1.5 GHZ dual core is indeed the actual specs.

  • Anonymous

    Quick!  Someone pinch me and tell me that the specs I am seeing for this phone can not be real. These are the
    phones you dream about at night and wake up to know that it was never meant to be.  Verizon, LTE, Pure Google Experience & Nexus all in the same sentence? In a good way?  On a phone?  WOW!!!

  • djinn

    Do you think an unlocked boot loader is a given on this device since it’s a pure Google/developer device?  I would sure hope so.  Any thoughts or information about this?

    • If anything it will not have a locked bootloader like a Moto device, it will have a very simple to deactivate bootloader if its locked at all.

    • Juan Moreno

      Yes this is almost a certainty. Just look at the OG Droid. It was open as well.

  • Anonymous

    What’s with the lower processor speed? HTC is soon pumping out 1.5Ghz phones. Will ICS support hardware acceleration this time to off-speed that slower-clocked processor?

    I want a rationale similar to how we defend the decision to go to a lower MP camera… anyone care to enlighten?

    • Well a high mp camera with lower quality parts-lens-sensors, etc. is worthless and can not compare to a higher quality camera of even 2mp.

    • Anonymous

      Slower clocked processor does not mean less performance.

      You have to take into account several different things, such as cache size, cache miss strategies, pre-fetching strategies, etc.

      It is not as simple as “Oh, that one has a higher number, it must be faster!”

      • Juan Moreno

        All these damn SoCs use the Cortex A9, so your argument is somewhat moot. It is Apples to Apples here, and the higher clock speed does indeed make a difference.

    • Juan Moreno

      I’m with you on that. It’s not just about the camera, but about the fact that the processor is downclocked. However, this honestly matters little to me because it is spec’d at 1.5GHz meaning we can Overclock to at least that. 

  • Guest

    Dumb question maybe…..but will it have 4GLTE?

    • Anonymous

      Dumb question… Did you read the article????

    • LTE/HSPA depending on carrier

  • That render doesn’t look 9mm thick.. I’m assuming they took the measurement of the hump?

  • Eric

    I just jizzed my pants.

  • im in the same boat.. but you have to look at this phone as one and only true replacement for the Motorola droid.. at least for those of us who have been waiting on a pure Google experience.

  • Anonymous

    Hello Verizon,  remember that upgrade that I used in March?  Well I was wondering if I can have a second one 
    for…. let me see, October 27th or somewhere around that time.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    I want this phone!!

  • Nmnarora

    i think omap processor is for sure. because, google owns motorola mobility…..and motorola’s devices were based on omap architecture. So, working on a omap chip like 4460 would be great work from google’s side….as long as its smooth and apps launch really quick, processor dosent  bug me! but a 4.65” screen is too big. The ideal size should be around 3.7” to 4”. It should fit in the pocket. Its more than enough. Else one should own a tablet. why own a monster phone.

  • Booboolala2000

    The original Nexus used a penile display. The difference is samoled vs motorola lcd. Yes this is my next. And will be my first two year device I think.

    • Anonymous

      I never knew HTCs screens were so phallic.

    • Anonymous

      Penile LOL

  • Anonymous

    A9? And people were making a big deal about the i*4s having A5? Pfft!

    • Juan Moreno

      Apple’s A5 chip contains an ARM A9 dual core processor with PowerVR SGX 543 GPU. This OMAP 4460 contains an ARM A9 dual core and a PowerVR SGX 540. The truth is that the A5 is the better processors, graphically anyway.

  • Eric

    FINALLY! A worthy succesor to the Dinc. Totaly gonna be my next phone.

  • Donguason

    Pleade tell me there is sd csr storage!!!!!????? And LTE of course but thats a giveb.given….

  • I want to preorder this now!!!!

  • Tyson Crosby

    I will refer to mine as a Nexus prime…..Why….because of this picture, you can’t get cooler than this.



  • Vaporwear

    Meh. PenTile display. Crappy Samsung plastic build. I think I will wait on the Razr HD. Its funny how people are blasting the iphone 4S based on its specs and it bests the specs on this guy at everything.Let’s see if the folks here put this thru the ringer as well.


  • anyone else think these specs are a bit off considering the fact that Samsung announced that the specs of the Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE are:

    Display: 4.65-inch HD(1280×720) Super AMOLED
    Camera: 8 megapixel (flash)/2 megapixel on the front
    Battery: 1850 mAh
    Value added features: 1.5GHz dual core AP, embedded 16GB memory,
    Bluetooth 3.0 HS, WiFi a/b/g/n

    • 8mp means nothing to me. I hope it’s not a crap lens, crap sensors ala Motorola.

    • Juan Moreno

      I hope you are right because these specs are a little dissapointing. 

  • Nmnarora

    omap processors are known for good battery life….and since archos g9 tablets are supporting it….so itll be able to run ice cream sandwich perfectly. Only thing that worries me is the low camera…..after seeing the iphone 4s…….it might be a hard choice for users to buy nexus or 4s…… :-s

  • LionStone

    YES! My buddy was right, it wont just be a rehash…it IS the real deal. Time from Droid Inc to TB was 3 mos. Time from TB to Nexus 7-8 mos. NO VZW logo, NO VZW bloat, killer new camera tech (yes ppl, 5.0mp will take fine pics!), LTE, NFC, nice size battery, thin, light and fast, new form factor..looove it.

  • Yeah I kinda want to know that stuff as well, I hope it’s thin size doesn’t make it so that you can’t swap battery, add sd card, hdmi support etc.  even thought it’s 32 gb’s i still have a 16gb card i would hate to waste.  Will that curve effect car mounts and other crap?  Also I hope the speaker is loud cause that was my biggest complaint about my DX.  I can barely hear people while driving when they are on speaker and can’t hear music from it in the shower.  AHHHH so many questions.  I want answers now!

  • Juan Moreno

    Is anybody else dissapointed with the Processor? 1.2 GHz? I was expecting more….
    The battery seems weak too. The 1.3 front Camera also pales in comparison to the
    Galaxy S2 model. In many ways, this seems like a downgrade from the Galaxy S2.
    Furthermore, That SGX 540 is aging, and cannot easily handle the 720p rez.

  • with a 4.65″ screen, it better be edge to edge display, I don’t want a phone larger in size than my TBolt.  Hopefully this is the case w/o the need for buttons in ICS, same physical size as the current 4.3″, just will less bezel.

  • Opie1995

    Does anyone know if the Samsung Nexus prime will be able to natively play MKV and DVIX files like the galaxy S and SII media player does? or is that a feature of Touchwiz? I hope it can unlike the stock android player. That was one of the great selling points of the Samsung phones…especially with the 720p display the Nexus will have. I have tons of 720P and 1080p MKV and DVIX, AVI files on my Synology server that I would love to be able to watch when I travel on the train.

  • I might have to upgrade early…. 

  • depends if they make Miui available as a ICS build, but the specs look awesome, i’m still leaning toward the HTC Vigor (thunderbolt 2?) with the dual 1.5ghz and it has the compasative buttons which I prefer on my phone.  I just think the Honeycomb sort of all software driven navigation is great on tablets but not so much on my phone.  but it maybe one of those things i’ll have to take time to get use too.

  • Cmonnats23

    this phone may finally be the phone to replace my D2 which replaced my D1

  • Bigbox9192

    For everyone saying 4.65″ is too big a screen, remember, home, menu, back buttons are now software keys. Screen should take up about the same space as a 4.3″ screen w/ capacitor buttons.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone else’s jaw hit the effing floor when they read 32gb of internal storage? Thats a lot of geebees

    • And with my 128gb class 10 Micro-Sd card installed, I be jammin’.

      • shdowman

        Where are you going to put it??

    • Anonymous

      Uh, the Bionic, Charge and Thunderbolt also all came with 32 GB.  Considering the fact that the Nexus S didn’t have an sdcard slot and HC’s lack of support for them I have a sneaking suspicion that this won’t have one either.