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Samsung Teases and Briefly Shows Off the Galaxy Nexus Ahead of CTIA Event

Hello there beautiful phone.  In a video released tonight by Samsung, the Galaxy Nexus aka Nexus Prime aka mystery Ice Cream Sandwich device was teased as the next “BIG” thing to hit the tech world. Not that any of us were assuming we would see anything besides the next Nexus at their “Google Episode” CTIA event, but we weren’t expecting to see a tease this massive at this moment.

The timing sure couldn’t have been better though.  With the iPhone 4S getting crushed by media across the globe, it looks like Google and Samsung played this one perfectly.  

YouTube Preview Image

Did anyone else just fall in love?

Cheers ineff and everyone else!

  • Sean Livingston

    Does anyone know if the specs of both the SCH-i515 and GT-i9250 will be the same, aside from the mobile radios? I just get the scary feeling that the Verizon version just won’t be as outstanding or something…

  • Farva0412

    It that curved?? Wonder how that’s going to feel.

  • Rob Becker

    You scream… I scream…. We all want some Ice Cream [Sandwich]

  • viewthis66


  • Al52025

    that screen looks hella curved. ive never played with the nexus s. can anyone tell me if having a curved screen is good or bad?

  • WalkingDead

    I’ve held onto my upgrade for a long time in anticipation for this bad boy and now its here, I’m so excited as obviously many others are as well. This things going to sell like gang busters especially if it comes to other carriers as the droid prime. The wait is over folks now give me a release date please.

  • Rp780

    This phone seems great, but I’ve never owned ANYTHING Samsung are they durable? Between work & a 3 year old my phone is always being dropped. 

  • Bionic

    Anyone worrying that this phone wont be on verizon, you need to calm down.  Remember, Verizon passed on the GS2 becuase basically they will be first to get this phone.  Is it public knowledge?  No, but I have my sources.

    Verizon gets this phone first and the other carriers get it a couple weeks later if not a month later.

  • Donnavon Hallgren

    Hey look… That slab of plastic is already halfway bent for you 🙂

  • It looks like the camera is at the bottom?

    • It looks like it is at the top (right) to me.  The chin at the bottom is likely the antennae.

  • Bionic

    Wow, I heard that the screen itself would have a curve to it, but the entire phone?  Thats kinda cool.  

  • At least we don’t have to worry about all of this buildup to have them introduce the Nexus SS.

  • Apple blew it yesterday…  I am back on the Android bandwagon with this phone…

    • Bionic

      Never a reason to leave android

      • Apple’s platform has the stability and quality apps that Android has lacked.  Not to mention, the typing is much better on Apple products for whatever reason.  But as I have matured as a mobile device user, and with the introduction of tablets, I find myself using Apps on my phone less and less and only relying on a core set of apps which Google provides most of very well.  The other apps are really for my kid at this point.  Which is important, but it opens back up the world of Android which has hardware options Apple fails to provide at this point.

        • Anonymous

          I think iOS is the lacking factor of the iPhone. The hardware? Very very nice… that camera makes me come.

        • apple fans (nothing personal) are constantly stating this apps apps apps thing.
          can you please tell us what app (and what it does) that ios has and i bet we can find the same or equivelent app on android. i know there are some games that ios has but there are also games that android has that apple doesnt so just talking productivity apps.

          • DaVinci for iPhone.  It is a real estate appraisal note and sketching software.  It has been available for a long time on iOS, with different versions for iPhone and iPad.  A couple of months ago it was introduced for Android, but without the sketcher (so far) so it is pointless.  I have been using CNBC Realtime – same thing, dummied down version on Android – no premarket data and lots of other stuff.  Improved only recently, but still inferior.  Talkatone – you can use many Google Voice accounts and phone numbers ring into your iPhone over WiFi and 3G.  Not available on Android.  And all the SIP stuff sucks on Android, not a comparison.  Tons and tons of children’s books and games that run like sh*t on Android because they are poor ports (typical of Android).  Photo editing apps like Filterstorm on iOS (2 versions – iPhone and iPad) – really spectacular editing not available on Android.  Adobe just announced Photoshop Touch which will be a rival on Android.  I have owned 5 different Verizon Android phones and 1 on T-Mobile, 3 different Android tablets, several iPhones, and both iPads.  I am not speaking from a place of ignorance by saying that the apps are far FAR superior on iOS.  However, the core apps a person needs are better on Android, network speed is better on Android/Verizon, and now – hardware features blow the iPhone away, with the exception of the camera.  iPhone still looks cooler, but that is opinion.  That is not to say that there aren’t some Apps that are better on Android either.  I love love love Craigsnotifica on Android – best way to buy used tech stuff cheap!

  • Sean333

    WOW.. beautiful design. Deff my next phone. My youngest has an upgrade that she’ll never hear about… (walks away whistling)
    And to all those saying “TOO BIGG!!!”.. you have to keep in mind the screen may be bigger but it won’t have hard buttons or touch buttons.. they’ll be on screen.. and from thew rumors I’ve heard Sammie has epanded the screen to accomidate the buttons without the added size to the phone… I’m thinking it’ll be about the same size as the DroidX, X2, Charge.. the “usable” screen area is still only gonna be around 4-4.2 inches because of the on screen buttons

    • but the thing is the buttons will diapear for movies or gaming and apps, so while the home screen will lose some realestate to the butoons the whole screen will be available when you dont need them.

  • Ron

    I don’t know about you, but I’ll be waiting in line for this one!

  • itsTrueMental

    The real question is – WILL NEXUS PRIME BE GLOBAL???

  • Telephoneteck


  • Philip Van Luke

    oh dear go…… goodbye thunderbolt, hello my next. so lets see ill have to sell the bolt, sell my 3DS and do a little… oh who am i kidding, ill do more than a little. i have to have this.

  • Anonymous

    Assuming this is vanilla on Verizon the only way they can screw it up is with a ridiculous price tag.  The hype and excitement might get me to spend up to $300, but I can’t imagine spending more.

    • Bionic

      My friend does marketing for Verizon and she said $300 is the top price for any phone for the foreseable future.  

  • I’ve already got my money pulled out of the bank and holding on to it for this puppy. Time to replace my OG Droid.

  • GotSka81

    What I want to know is what those three metal contacts are on the side of the phone?  Also, look at the shape of the phone vs the placement of the power button…I assumed the large hump is the camera, but it looks like that’s the bottom of the phone if samsung is following they’re regular side placement for the power button.

  • I have this horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach that this thing will never show it’s face on Verizon.  I have no idea why, and it’ll probably hit Verizon just like it’s been rumored to all along.  But this phone on Verizon just seems to good to be true and Verizon, in the past, has demonstrated that it doesn’t give a crap about what its customers want and this would be a huge step toward changing that.  I hope to see it on Verizon, but I’m not getting my hopes up.  I wonder if they’ll even announce carrier support next week, I assume they would right?

    • Bionic

      Your totally wrong.  verizon passed on the GS2 becuase of the very fact that they are gonne be first to get this phone.  Yes it will be on other carriers but Verizon gets this first.  

      • I know, I know.  That’s supposed to be the case and it probably will be, but until it’s 100% confirmed by Samsung, I am trying not to get my hopes up.

  • Adam Wiggins

    I am absolutely looking forward to this phone, but, does anyone else think that this picture slightly resembles a maxi pad? 

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus – it will keep you dry.

  • Anonymous

    This song should be the “unofficial” theme song for this phone.


  • Paul Needleman

    Is it just me or is the thickness at the top of the phone look like it could be for an LTE chip? 

    • Bionic

      That and the camera, yes

  • Anonymous

    People do enjoy sexy curves, so that’s looking real nice… Just hope it makes it to VZW

  • Anonymous

    “This Changes Everything…” – suck it apple

  • Anonymous

    Verizon – MAKE THIS HAPPEN.

    I’m not talking about a separate version with bloat and skins either…


  • David

    Any word on whether or not this will be available on Verizon?

  • Einstein

    Ohh boy that looks SICK!!! Glad I held onto my OG Droid for this long.


  • EC8CH

    It’s weird that the dock pins are on the same side as what looks to be the power button… how is that going to work?

    • Anonymous

      Where do you see a power button?

      • EC8CH

        on the right side of the side view in the video. dock pins are on the left and as the highlight moves to the right you can see the power button.

    • Jake

      I had the same concern about the power button. The location of the power button on this phone leads me to believe that I won’t be able to turn off the screen after I’ve put the phone in the charging dock

  • Anonymous

    Coming from my Droids X and X2 I imagine I’ll be using my new phone upside down until I get used to the reversed hump.

    Good thing that since it won’t have buttons it won’t matter how I hold it.

  • Anonymous

    My next phone:

    Quad Core 3.03GHZ

  • Anonymous

    This is the first time an android related promo video actually got me excited.  Nice.

  • Josue C

    ahhhh i wished i would have waited…my incredible went out so i need a new one…i might just have to get rid of my droid charge and upgrade 🙂

  • EC8CH

    Something Big is Coming… in my pants!

  • OH HELL YEA!!!

  • hatethanet

    I don’t know about the curved screen, though. What’s the point of that?

    • Anonymous

      First time I’ve seen such a curved device, was wondering that myself.  Why would one want a curved screen, especially one that curved?

      This was going to be my next phone for sure, but hopefully I’ll like the new type of screen.

  • FrankR

    Wait a sec while I sell all my Apple stock

    • TheAndroid1

      They’ll still sell millions. Apple makes a ton of money from each handset sold, their stock will still see an increase.

      Don’t buy stock based on personal preference in a company.

  • EC8CH

    Love how they play up the “BIG” thing.

    Seriously… *pple’s biggest mistake is going to be not increasing the size of their screen.  The i*hone is going to look puny next to all these Android devices and people will pass on it for that reason alone.

    • Anonymous

      not to mention that it lacks 4G/LTE….and a lot of the isheeps think the the i*hone is 4G just because its a the 4th generation….lol

    • Dear Android user,

      Here at Apple we believe that a phone can get too big. This is why after doing exhaustive research using statictal data, surveys, and testing out the as*, we decided 3.5″ is the perfect size for a touch screen device. You simply do not NEED a screen bigger than that, and if you buy one anyways its just not as good as the iPhone… because its just not! So just buy the iPhone, you know you want to.

      Mind Control!!

      Tim Cook

      PS: The iPhone 4S is NOT an incremental upgrade!! I will scream and cry if you dont buy my phone!!

  • Brandon Dellos

    Awesome! thank you for the teaser, can’t wait to see all the specs!!

  • Austincoile

    I still don’t like touch wiz (never did). I have got my heart set on the HTC Vigor.

    • Anonymous

      If this is a nexus device then it wont have TouchWiz

    • EC8CH

      This is a Nexus phone, that means stock android.

  • Anonymous

    Shiiiiiyat, I’m going to have to try and sell my Nexus S for one of these a year early- looks gorgeous just from the side!

  • Anonymous

    You know I saw this on another blog and on the Unpacked app and at first, the curve did look a little extreme, but the more I watch it and look at the picture, I realize that it’s not that much.  It looks more extreme because of the lighting I think.

    As thin as this looks, I think this will be my next phone if it’s coming to Verizon.  My mom will get my Thunderbolt and I’ll be using her upgrade for this phone.  Ah the advantages of being the owner of the account.

  • Anonymous

    This will be the talk of the Android world…for two weeks. 

  • Anonymous

    It looks REALLY thin… Can the LTE chip fit in that form factor? I really hope so!!!!

  • EC8CH

    After seeing yesterday’s i*hone announcement and now this…

    I’m not worried about Andy’s future.

    He has more to fear from *pple in the courtroom than he does in the marketplace.

    Here’s the same old i*hone sitting next to the Prime, Vigor, and Razr.  I’m not saying i*hone sales are going to tank, but I don’t see Androids marketshare growth flat lining any time soon either.

  • Dominick DeVito

    iFanboys will be saying…

    iWhat? iWho? iWantADroidNow!

  • hatethanet

    If there was a time for another company to capitalize on an Apple goof up, this is it. Let’s see if Samsung knows how to handle this and appeal to a non-techie mainstream audience.

    • EC8CH

      One of the big problems with past Nexus device’s is that they were barely advertised in the mainstream media at all.  With the less than impressive i*hone announcement, if Samsung and Google put some ad money behind this thing and make it available across multiple carriers (hello Verizon), I think you’ll see some impressive sales numbers on this one.