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Samsung Teases and Briefly Shows Off the Galaxy Nexus Ahead of CTIA Event

Hello there beautiful phone.  In a video released tonight by Samsung, the Galaxy Nexus aka Nexus Prime aka mystery Ice Cream Sandwich device was teased as the next “BIG” thing to hit the tech world. Not that any of us were assuming we would see anything besides the next Nexus at their “Google Episode” CTIA event, but we weren’t expecting to see a tease this massive at this moment.

The timing sure couldn’t have been better though.  With the iPhone 4S getting crushed by media across the globe, it looks like Google and Samsung played this one perfectly.  

YouTube Preview Image

Did anyone else just fall in love?

Cheers ineff and everyone else!

  • Nick

    As many of of you have said, this will also be my next phone. My OG Droid can finally be put to rest.

  • Dominick DeVito

    Yes please.

  • chris

    I want it now!

  • omg i just p*ssed myself 0_o

  • Mr. English

    A curved phone that will get straightened in my pocket. Better get that Asurion. Then again, guess it fits the curves of peoples faces and butts so maybe. I’m sure it’s going to be the next big thing, until the next big thing.

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful. I am so pumped. This will be the successor to my Droid 1. And I am digging the curve… it will fit perfectly in my back pocket, clutching the curve of my buttocks!

  • rrosotho

    Im soooooo GLAD i waited!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      ditto. finally a suitable replacement for my og droid

      • Anonymous

        droid 1 sucks.

    • Some Random Dude

      Same here, my OGD can finally retire

      • Anonymous

        droid 1 sucks.

  • Chris G

    The 11th can’t get here fast enough.  I want confirmation of when the phone is coming to VZ so I can just accept that I have to wait said amount of days to replace the OG.

    • Anonymous

      I wish they would do preorders that day and launch in stores the next week. Yeah right one can dream anyway.

    • Anonymous

      droid 1 sucks.

  • Anonymous

    That “Something BIG is coming” has to be a taunt directed at all those who wanted a bigger iPhone and are now let down with yet another 3.5″ device. Come on over to the green side, folks, come on over.

  • Anonymous

    So glad I held on to my new every two!!!!!!! this thing is going to be unbelievable.  curved glass, nfc, facial tracking, ICS, LTE,  and OMG!

    • Anonymous

      What new every 2

    • josh911usa

      Me too! I’ve been itching to upgrade my Omnia II with my NE2 since August

    • but you cant say whats the weather. oh wait thats what widgets are for never mind. 🙂

    • but you cant say whats the weather. oh wait thats what widgets are for never mind. 🙂

  • Interstellarmind

    I’very already decided to ditch the HTC vigor for this… but that curve seems extreme. Does the curve hamper video playback quality? Any nexus s users find the curve distorting images?

  • Greg

    This will definitely be my next phone! SOooo excited

  • Reedme

    Hoping for a processor bump t o1.5 GHZ over the SG II.

  • Big, big, big, big….BIG!

  • Tommaxwell184

    silly question, but how will the camera quality be?

    • Dave

      Going off guesses from other Samsung devices but hopefully it will be of the same quality as the Galaxy S2 cameras…which are apparently great. 

  • Anonymous

    i really hope the verizon version is the same cause no nexus has ever been on verizon and this looks awesome

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  • Sven Enterlein

    let’s hope AT&T will carry it.  I’ve been waiting to upgrade for so long!

  • Anonymous

    This changes everything. Again.

  • Giant Kn10

    Wow… I have a Bionic for sale.

  • Loving the curved glass..

  • Just wanna say “I love Android “…. That is all.

  • derek connolly

    An afterthought…Since Cyanogen was hired by Samsung, does that mean he may have had a hand in this phone? I know ICS is Google developed, but with Cyanogen on-board with Samsung, everything about the “Nexus Prime” could be amazing. Just thinking.

    • Jake

      Cyanogen is one of several folks working for Samsung. The story of his hiring got a lot of buzz, but he clarified that he’s not in a high position there or anything special. He also pointed out that CyanogenMod is also a group project, started by him, but he shouldn’t get credit for its awesomeness. I’m not meaning to dis the guy, just putting things in perspective like he did. Besides, this is a pure Google phone, so he wouldn’t have a hand in that.

  • derek connolly

    The best thing about this phone, other than the fact that it will be my next phone, is that there is so much interest in it. Meaning, every developer will get it making it like the OG droid, it will be developed on for years to come. I’m definitely ready for the next game changer

  • Dave

    That’s very curvy if that isn’t an exaggerated profile shot…..I’m very intrigued!

  • Razrback501

    If this phone meets the hype I will be dropping my Blunderbolt like a hot potato!

  • Anonymous


  • unforgiveable

    I guess its time to upgradd my bionic soon.

  • OMG I can’t wait. Nexus Prime>iPhone 4S all day everyday

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  • Anonymous

    Well here’s hoping it drops on Verizon. If so time to retire the Thunderbolt.

  • Davros
  • Davros

    Form is just as important as function and I’m not so sure about that curve. Anybody ever carry a curved phone have any input?

    • MWaters33

      I usually carry in my back pocket so it looks like a perfect fit.

      And it’s any nexus > any iPhone always…

    • Crunchybutternut

      It’s not sooo curved. Plus, if in a front pocket, your leg has curve to it as well so it will probably be a better fit than a flat 4.5″ screened phone.

      • Jake

        The blue line above the phone exaggerates the curve of the phone. If you look on the ends of the phone, you’ll see there’s space between the blue line and the phone earpiece & microhpone.

  • Sporty

    Not even enough image there to do anything with. I see a partial shot of the side of a phone,dats it. If some are getting excited over that…well,you need a life,lol….

    • Anonymous

      Maybe, but with all the rumors that come around and most being not true (especially release date rumors) its nice to know this phone is actually coming and hopefully soon.

    • GotSka81

      If you watch the video, the light moves so you can see more detail.  Also, you can watch it in 1080p so you get a lot a detail.

  • This will replace my Droid 3…. I think…

  • Tsiki

    Curved? Gief

  • timmy13

    Looks like my festivus is coming up all samsung. 

  • Show a geek a half second picture of a dim snapshot of a phone, and he goes crazy. What I mean to say is that this is making me crazy. WANT

  • timmy13

    it looks like there is no chin after the other image disappears. nice 

  • Volcomrower415

    It looks like a Droid X and a Nexus S combined and created awesome.

  • timmy13

    Now is that the image of the nexus s peeling off and around the nexus prime. the chin disappears slowly from left to right. it seems like the nexus s peels away and then for a brief second….boom there is the razor thin profile of the new nexus prime.

  • DT

    Which side is the top?  I assume the right due to the power button?  Meaning the bottom will be the larger side, which would be unlike the other non-uniform-shaped android phones out there.  

    I like it.  this is obviously a large departure from the entire previous generation of smartphones from any manufacturer.

    • Jake

      I hope the thick part is the top so it feels more balanced. If the thick hump acts as a weight, it could make the phone more likely to be dropped.

  • Anonymous

    The curve on this device is ugly

    • Tucker Nebel

      The curve I left on your mom’s ass is ugly…

      • EC8CH

        I don’t know… I kinda thought it looked sexy.

      • Anonymous

        Your mother is an old slut 🙂

    • EC8CH

      I disagree

      • Anonymous

        Droid razor will be the best.

        • EC8CH

          I agree very nice looking with great specs… but this is the phone to get.

          • literofcola

            Angelface downplaying another non-Motorolla device, while praising an unreleased Motorola model? Noooooo say it isn’t so ;p

          • Anonymous

            Why because of ics

  • Razerlite

    Can’t wait to hear more about this!  

  • Anonymous

    If that is the phone in the picture, I’m not liking that huge curve it has in it. The phone seems way to skinny to have that shape, hope it’s not easily breakable.

    • Anonymous

      Im with you

  • Traviesonyc

    Here is a better image of the phone; same view though.

    • timmy13

      or maybe there is a chin after looking at your photo. 

    • Justen Castle

      The image isn’t loading, I only get a 26 x 35 pixel image. Repost?

  • shr1k3r

    Those pins mean a magnetic charger like the pre?

    • EC8CH

      Nexus One had same pins but on the bottom when in portrait orientation.

    • Anonymous

      Probably a docking system as well

  • david

    that video didn’t even mention the nexus prime.. what is there to be excited about?

  • timmy13

    All I can think of is this phone now and the phrase “that’s what she said”.

  • Aaron Sauer

    Yeah. This will be my next phone. Apple has some serious competition. The game has changed.

    • I’m thinking it will be mine as well.

      • Im going to be pissed if Verizon gives us “Coming Soon” BS next tuesday. Phil Nickinson say *Unconfirmed* OCT 27th. Please god.

        • Crunchybutternut

          I’m ticked that Sprint just eliminated my 1 year upgrade that I was eligible for. Now I will have to wait 5 more months to upgrade! X-(

          • Anthony Etter

            its gonna be for verizon, pretty much guaranteed. Though, I feel kind of bad that I got the Droid BIonic, because of this unicorn. Though, I made a choice that I will have to live with. Most people spent 280 to 300 on the bionic, where as I spent 200 from letstalk.

          • If this gets released on VZW (still a big rumor) then I’ll be selling my Bionic. As long as the Prime doesn’t have Touchwiz on it. Calling it the Galaxy Nexus instead of Nexus Prime worries me a bit.

          • EC8CH

            There is no way in hell Google would debut the latest version of Android with a skin on it.

          • Anonymous

            That’s my expectation as well.  Unless it’s coming to the other carriers and Verizon at the same time and the other carriers are vanilla and Verizon’s isn’t.  Then I might give up reading Android tech blogs all together.

          • Anonymous

            I was worried too, but not so much anymore. I think the “Galaxy” is appropriate given that this will be a Verizon exclusive for a bit and the fact that they opted out of the Galaxy S2. The fact that it’s the first ICS phone speaks pretty heavily that it will be pure Android (no way will Google introduce the next OS with a skin). Also, having Nexus still in the title reinforces that. There’s not going to be a skinned Nexus, IMO.

          • Sunonupe

            My sister is pissed too.  She is/was a premier customer and she is not happy!

          • Anonymous

            You sure about that?  I thought you had until Dec 2012 to upgrade if you were one of their preferred gold members.  Go complain, see what you can get 🙂

        • Null

          accoriding to my info from my rep they said november for release

          • Anonymous

            Ill be surprised if it comes before the dead end of November. We need to remember, this is Verizon we’re talking about here. Not trying to be negative, just realistic. But cheers to a late October release!

          • Anonymous

            Well Verizon is supporting Samsung over apple remember so maybe they release this sooner since the 4s won’t be as demanded as the i4 was

          • Anonymous

            Verizon has explicitly stated they want devices that will further their LTE network. This will, the iPhones won’t. I expect to see HEAVY promotion and priority given by Verizon. Let’s just hope the quality of the promotion is better than their previous devices (Bionic, I’m looking at you…).

          • Anonymous

            That’s why I said I could see a late Oct release and not give the whole month to the iPhone

        • They will.  This thing will not be available for purchase for at least another 3 weeks.

        • Anonymous

          It’s Verizon.  Of course it’ll say coming “Late 2011”. 🙁

        • Anonymous

          shut up it will be coming december 13.

    • Anonymous

      It will be mine too. i literally had my jaw drop when i saw it. At last my search for a worthy successor to my OG Droid has ended.

      • What the Frack?!

        I’m still rockin the classic OG Droid too! I’ve passed two phones and I think my wait is coming to an end as well.

        • Anonymous

          I am still rocking the OG droid and was thinking about the Bionic, but this phone looks really really good.

      • Anonymous

        And both times it was Google driving the bus,  Moto/Verizon hasn’t had the same success since OG Droid, just a bunch of follow up branded of the coat tails of the OG with “Droid” and some pretty good devices like the DX but nothing like the OG and Google  lead that charge to the fight. 

        I expect the same hopefully with the Nexus Prime  

    • Droidluva4life

      There is no competition. Apple has lost.

      • TheAndroid1

        Just like they’ve lost after the 3GS, iPhone 4, ios4, ios5, iPad 2, etc.

        They need to give this thing a ton of promotion unstead of letting it just hoping people will find it like the past nexus.

        Even then, apple still has too many people buying an iPhone because it is an iPhone.

        • Anonymous

          I agree.  One small difference this time though.  Verizon.  Is what it is…

        • I “liked” this comment not because I like Apple, but because you’re correct.  Sheep follow their shepherd, iFans buy iPhones.

      • Anonymous

        Moto will win within android 🙂

        • Irish22022

          moto lost me with this POS droidx2.  I loved the droid x.  had no interest in upgrading until next year.  Then I broke the phone and the insurance company gave me an x2.  bummer.  looking at this nexus though. real hard.

          • Anonymous

            I love all times of devices if they worth it. If the nexus has a good build quality and the portrait pictures are not saturated, I’ll get it

          • Anonymous

            I love all devices if they worth it. If the nexus has a good build quality and the portrait pictures are not saturated, i will get it as well. I will give my droidx2 to my brother and rock the bionic and the nexus.

    • For many iFans, the game will never change.  The sheep will buy the iPhone no matter what anyone else puts out there.

      • Anonymous

        I know several people waiting for the iPhone and I think they are crazy. They fall for the iMania. I wanted an iPhone but was unwilling to leave Verizon because I have too many phones on contract and they provide the best service in my area. Now Verizon has the fastest 4G and is beating Apple with Android. No wonder Apple is suing everyone. They’ve run out of ideas stolen from others and everyone is keeping their inventions more secure so Apple simply has nothing else to do but sue.

    • palomosan

      Finally I’ll be able to get rid off of my half baked Tbolt for some pure Android Goodness.

      • angermeans

        I second that. I love HTC phones but the bolt has been nothing but a huge disappointment. Nexus here I come and who knows maybe this phone will take over as the greatest phone ever built in my mind as of now the original nexus is still the best phone

    • Anonymous

      Competition? They are losing ground everyday to Android already, and with the bad word of mouth from sewing everybody for looking at them they are digging there own grave. BUT as far as this phone goes, I WILL HAVE ONE!! 😀