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HTC Vigor Poses for Photo Shoot: 4.3″ 720p HD Screen, 2MP Front Camera, 4G LTE and 1.5GHz Dual-core Processor Confirmed

Is there a better way to confirm the specs of the HTC Vigor (Rezound?)than by looking at its About screen?  Probably not, so let’s do that now.  In a new series of pictures that popped up this morning, we not only get the most current shots of the outside of the device, but under “Hardware Information” we get confirmation on all of the specs our sources told us back in early August.  We have a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, Android 2.3.4, 2MP front camera, Sense 3.5, 8MP rear camera, 4G LTE, and that stunning 4.3″ HD 720p display.

How hot is this phone?  Here’s to hoping the battery life is the real deal.

Gallery after the break.  Profile shots included.    

Via:  Team BAMF

Cheers David!


    Omg… htc watch which could mean htc hub possibly, the red accents, sense 3.5…dual core, lte, beats… what more do you need… oh wait a 720p screen to use it all. Dam htc, you won my “bolt” of confidence back… :p

  • Emeraldjun

    Looks this. Near 10mm considering that 3.5mm jack. 

  • Anonymous

    I want to get this or the Prime.  1.5Ghz Dual Core w/ 4.3″ HD Screen is gonna be amazing!  I’m worried that the Prime is a ways off since we haven’t seen any pics yet, but hopefully I’m wrong! 

  • Trvsdksn

    Holy Shit I Want it NOW!!!!

  • Str8RippinEm

    They couldn’t wipe the finger prints off before showing it?

    • Sporttster

      Nearly every early phone shots are this way for some bizarre reason. Clean the freaking thing before shooting,sheesh…how difficult is that? Especially if you want to showcase a hot new phone!


    Maybe it’s just me but the overall appearance doesn’t appeal to me at all.  

    Spec wise it’s a beast.  But if it’s 1.5GHZ dual core, 4G LTE, and 4.3″ 720P screen (non SAMOLED+) with a 1600mah battery (plus HTC’s battery life reputation) it’s going to suck batter life like a freakin hooker sucking for her life.  Beats headphones would be awesome though.

    Nexus Droid errr Nexus Prime Galaxy whatever SAVE US!!!  

    • Anonymous

      Negative, the droid razor will save us period enough said 🙂

  • letsmotor

    one subject i don’t see addressed much is will the vigor (or bionic, etc) be upgradeable to ice cream? of course one could debate how soon each manufacturer/vzw would do this but are these phone capable of being upgraded – without rooting?

    • Anonymous

      most likely yes.

  • Mmoreimi

    I am very sad that this doesn’t have HDMI
    Why not, if the EVO has it?….all the Moto’s have it.

    • compchick813

      It will have MHL (HDMI over micro USB).

    • Anonymous

      Moto are the best

  • 1 common sense feature that every phone is missing is a front facing flash in addition to rear facing.  Also, the front camera should be the same as a rear camera.  Imagine the HTC Thunderbolt 2. W/ 8 MP camera on the front and the back.  When I want to video chat, or take self pictures I would like good quality.  Not cameras were extra stock from 5 years ago.

    • If the camera was 18mp, it has nothing to do with image quality. Nothing. Only image size.

  • Anonymous

    The more I hear about this phone, the more I like. I do hope that the battery life is very passable, that will make my decision on what phone I replace my OG Droid with in Nov.

  • Mrhat44

    aaaaaaw lame! no HDMI!?!?

  • TRU2040

    hope it go gorilla glass

  • GotSka81

    Honestly, this is a great phone and I would love to have one…but if Verizon is getting a Nexus I can’t help but wait for that.  There are two reasons why:

    1) Unlocked and 2) Updates direct from Google rather than from a manufacturer who delays and delays and delays and…

    • Anonymous

      it is looking like the prime on verizon won’t be a true nexus and will just be one of the first with ICS yet the updates would still need to go through verizon and samsung.

  • Gg

    looks hella thick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      how you figure? size up the 3.5 mm jack, or the USB jack to a DROID Incredible, its actually thinner than the ThunderBolt

  • babadush

    This will be my next phone. The back bothers me but hey whatever. It’s ribbed for her pleasure

  • Anonymous

    Awesome!! Love it!

  • Anonymous

    If the nexus doesn’t pan out soon… hello sweet darling.

  • Anonymous

    Warren, NJ most likely 🙂 change your location first 🙂

  • It looks enormous. Thickness wise. 

  • eq

    Going forward the Cortex-A8 type ARM chips including the snapdragon S3 class will have a hard time keeping up with the latest Cortex-A9 ARM SoCs including the OMAP, Exynos, A5, Tegra, Krait Snapdragon S4.  It is possible that the phone uses a 2nd Gen MDM8916 LTE modem which would improve battery life.  Also the Async Snapdragons should help too but the higher clocks only gives a push in performance against the Cortext-A9 clocked lower.  Cortex-A15 SoCs are right around the corner so its going to be a race.

    My 2 cents.

    • Anonymous

      The fact that Qualcomm still uses their A8 style Scorpion CPUs shows the longevity of the design (the nice thing with Qualcomm too is that everything is pretty much bundled in one chip…sans LTE at the moment, but, soon enough, it will). 

      The S3 class chips are still plenty powerful for the majority of users out there (unless you’re the type of person who needs the latest and greatest or does something everyday that needs a more powerful SoC).

      I guess this day and age everyone likes to complain about a phone not using the latest and greatest (hardware wise) even if it is the most current offering.  In this case, HTC likes using Qualcomm, so they are stuck with whatever current stuff is offered.  Q1 2012 we’ll most likely see HTC phones using the next-gen Snapdragons with the Krait cores (of course then, people will still complain when other companies are offering quad-core).

    • Anonymous

      This will be out of controls with all this nice chips coming up 🙂

  • OMG he took that pic with an iPhone. Blasphemy!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I am now very torn between the vigor and the prime

    • Anonymous

      Welcome to the club.  We need a support group lol.

  • Seen this mentioned several times.  this phone has a MHL port that is a combo usb charge and hdmi port in 1. its not the same thing that was on the incredible its much more advanced.
    here is a link explaining it.

    monoprice has the cable now its 14 bucks. 

  • Youngthinka1421

    Sooo no beats audio ? 🙁

  • Alucard9114

    No HDMI?

  • Alucard9114

    Man im glad i returned my Bionic now!

    • Anonymous

      big mistake

  • No Beats logos on the body of the phone at all?

  • Avery Ma

    If you’re going to throw some setting screens in, is it too much to give a battery performance screenshot?

  • Firelight

    No HMDI? No biggie but does come in handy. Still holding out for a RAZR or PRIME maybe. I’m no lover of Sense.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if HTC will promise ICS on this phone and then take 6-7 months to deploy it (a’la original Bolt with Gingerbread).

  • Anonymous

    That looks even better than the leaked press shot, gorgeous! Red earpiece ftw!

  • so the video we saw of sense 3.5 a month ago was not the real sense. this is. i’m glad

  • Anonymous

    Looks chubby

    • babadush

      Don’t talk about your mother that way

      • Anonymous

        Are you crying so fast lol?

  • Sam Stone

    I would be all over this phone if the Nexus wasn’t going to be released a few weeks after this.  The back cover is pretty ghetto looking too.

  • David Casimiro

    Looks like the Incred2 but with a ugly battery cover. I’m impressed but not so impressed. I’ll still prob.. sell my Bionic and pick one up though

  • Slakker

    I dont know if icanbuy another phone without hdmi 🙁

    • babadush

      DroidVNCserver. Vlc streaming. Problem solved

  • Anonymous

    Sure am glad I didn’t get the bionic

    • David Casimiro

      There’s really nothing wrong with the bionic. I get 14 or more hrs on a fully charged battery. Mine is rooted and running a rom but I love sense over blur or what ever Sammy is calling there UI. So I’ll sell my bionic just for that reason. 

      • Anonymous

        You mean Moto, not Sammy.

  • Jeffj429

    Great, another charging port change ,Of course they wont keep the same micro-USB so we have to go out and buy another car charger/tip.

    • compchick813

      I’ll still get this phone, but yeah, that’s up with that??

    • Anonymous

      microUSB fits in there just fine. Same connector that’s on the original Droid Incredible

      • compchick813

        Interesting, didn’t realize that.

      • LionStone

        Sweet, I still have the cables from my Incredible! One day I’m gonna set up the dlna though…

  • Anonymous

    I’m surprised at the number of people who are commenting on the lack of HDMI. Not that I wouldn’t mind having it, but I’ve never really thought I would actually use it. I guess showing pictures using the phone would be pretty cool, but I don’t want to have to carry around an HDMI cable everywhere. Maybe it’s one of those features that you don’t know what you’re missing until you have it? 

    • Anonymous

      I’m pretty sure it uses MHL just like the EVO 3D and Sensation. It would use this adapter but since it hasn’t been announced we will not know until then.  http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA07Y0503650&Tpk=73H00394-00M

    • Sk102704

      I felt the same way but this past weekend I fell in love with it.  Not only is it great to show off pics and videos but you can surf the internet on a full screen and when I was hungover on Sunday morning I woke up to watching a Netflix movie from my room via HDMI.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I!

    • Str8RippinEm

      My Bionic as you know has HDMI with mirror mode….probably the sickest thing ever..I load DVD’s and occasionally 720p movies and watch them on a flatty so yeah, its a great option to have

  • Steve Jobs

    IPhone 5 ftw.

    • Anonymous

      Jitter Bug ftw

  • Anonymous

    “Here’s to hoping the battery life is the real deal.”

    Does that mean you hope it has good battery life, or has there been info indicating it will have good battery life?  720p screen is awesome, but I’d like to see a battery life boost to go with it.

    • well the battery life on my Sensation is excellent, maybe they’ve improved it even more with this phone.

      • Anonymous

        Hopefully. The battery is awesome on my inc2 also but neither of them have lte. 4g LTE seems to be the issue, not the phone.

  • Anonymous

    Not even close.  The processor in this thing is not old or outdated- compare the specs of the 1.5GHz S3 with the 4430 in your phone- you might be surprised.

    Of course, you can tell yourself whatever you want so that you feel better about using your upgrade on the Bionic before this phone comes out…

    • Tittlywinks

      Your wrong.  The Vigor will have a processor that was released in 2009.  Its just going to be overclocked to 1.5ghz so it might sound better on paper, but the OMAP in the Bionic is far superior. 

      • Really? I’m pretty sure there were no dual core options when I bought my OG…

        • Murray

          Tittlywinks is right.  It’s an older chip thats overclocked.

          • Anonymous

            tittywinks has his h up his a. There was nothing even close in 2009. All processors are a gradual evolution. The closest correct statement would be that the Vigor will have a ARM processor, and ARM processors were out in 2009. In any case his comment is pure bs.

          • Nygiants

            Wrong.  It may not be from 2009 but it is definitely an older chip than whats in the Bionic.  So tittlywinks is right.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know why but I’m kinda..not excited by this.

  • Tsr980

    First in line !

  • Obummer

    If President Obama doesn’t stop killing the economy with socialist regulations, national health care, and major tax increases on job creators we’ll be lucky if we can afford to buy the original Razr off eBay. True story. 

    • JustisLewis

      Well that’s relevant

  • Taylor Davis

    Looks like the tester like wifi.  Hope that isn’t what the battery time is based off.

  • Anonymous

    Where are the pictures of the Nexus? 🙂

  • I’ve never used the hdmi on my dx, but if this doesn’t have it… I’m sure a dock will be available with an hdmi out

  • Anonymous

    wats the mAH of the battery anyone know? is the processor natively clocked at 1.5 ghz or are they overclocking?

  • Anonymous

    That is one ugly back cover… Reminds me of sticky rubber covers I had for my Uniden scanner.