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Download: CM7 Released for the DROIDX

Well folks, it’s here.  You can finally get a taste of CyanogenMod7 for the DROIDX.  Our boy @cvpcs worked some magic, tested it over the last few days, ironed out the majority of bugs and has released a version (basically a beta) that’s stable enough for everyone to try.  This is a pretty damn exciting day.  And no need to for any extra wordplay, let’s just jump on into it.  

READ FIRST:  There are two sets of instructions here – the first is from CVPCS and is essentially the “official” way to get CM7 on your device.  The only problem here is that you’ll need to SBF back to 2.3.340 in order for that to fly.  This will be the method that he supports going forward though.  However, if you want to go the fast and sneaky way, then you’ll want to check out the instructions that the guys at MyDroidWorld have put together which allows you to jump to CM7 from any build, including the latest Gingerbread (.596).  Both sets are clearly marked below.

Busted Things:  Camera/camcorder and maybe Youtube.

Working Things:  Audio playback, radio, 3g/data, calling, video playback, gps (maybe), accelerometer, notification lights, battery charging, usb connectivity, bluetooth, bluetooth audio, bluetooth calling, wifi, opengl, theme engine, market installs, dsp manager, maybe more?


Instructions:  [CVPCS VERSION]

*Note – This method only works if you start from a clean 2.3.340.

*You can donate to CVPCS here.

1.  Flash the 2.3.340 SBF.  [Download]

*If your phone bootloops when it loads back up, pull the battery and boot into recovery by holding Home+Power, then Search when the Android appears.  Select factory reset/wipe data.

2.  Download CM7 for the DX and drop it on your SD card.  [Download] [Mirror]
3.  Install z4root and root your phone.  [Instructions] [Download]
4.  Download and install D2 Bootstrap (NOT DX BOOTSTRAP).  [Download]
5.  Bootstrap your phone and head into recovery.
6.  Scroll down to wipe data/factory reset just for good measure.
7.  Choose “install zip from sdcard.”
8.  Then “choose zip from sdcard.”
9.  Select the CM7 file that you downloaded from above.
10.  Install and reboot.

*If your phone bootloops on first reboot, pull the battery and reboot into stock recovery holding Home+Power, then Search.  Wipe data one more time and it should boot back up.

*GOOGLE APPS Note – This does not include the set of GApps.  Instructions can be found at the bottom.

11.  Enjoy!

Instructions:  [MDW VERSION]

*Note – This method works regardless of the OS build on your phone.  Can be used with Gingerbread or 2.2.

1.  Download the All-in-One Monster file.  [Download] [Mirror]
2.  Drop the file on your SD card and reboot into recovery.
3.  Go to mounts and storage
4.  Format system
5.  Format data
6.  Format cache
7.  Mount system
8.  Go back
9.  Go to install update from zip
10.  Select the update-cm-*-MONSTER.zip
11.  Install
12.  Install gapps (instructions at the bottom)


*To install the Radio **** Must be done for GPS to work***After intial install of CM7

13.  Hold down power button and select reboot and then recovery.
14.  In recovery select “install zip from sdard.”
15.  Select “choose zip from sdcard.”
16.  Find the Monster.zip and install.
17.  Reboot phone.

Instructions for Google Apps:

1.  Once you have CM7 up and running you can find Google Apps in ROM Manager.
2.  Flash ClockworkMod Recovery.
3.  Head into Download ROM and select one of the Google Apps (cvpcs recommended 20110307).
4.  Install.


Full support can be found at RootzWiki and MyDroidWorld.

Cheers faber, Michael K, and Nick!

  • GraveHypothesis

    My DX wont go into recovery mode :/ HELP

  • Brutalsnowman

    can anyone tell me if Netflix is working on the DX with CM7?

    • tpryor


  • blakjakdavy

    Does the prohibition on the use of the bootstrap apps mean they are no longer needed to get into cwm and it can be flashed from rom manager, or does it mean no cwm for now and that all updating of cm7 for dx will require us to sbf?

    • Rain_king46

      My understanding is that CM7 has a CWM type application built into it that can be accessed via a specific key press during bootup so CWM is not necessary when running this ROM. 

      • Anonymous

        correct. DO NOT USE DX/D2 bootstrap IN CM7, it’ll bootloop and go nuts. All you need to do is Long-hold power>reboot>reboot recovery. 
        However, when you’re setting it up, you need to do it to be able to it to install the CM7update.zip in the first place. 

  • blakjakdavy

    Does the prohibition on the use of the bootstrap apps mean they are no longer needed to get into cwm and it can be flashed from rom manager, or does it mean no cwm for now and that all updating of cm7 for dx will require us to sbf?

  • Anonymous

    Sorry Liberty, flashing CM7

  • question: is it just the default camera that doesn’t work? do any other camera apps from the market work?


    Why is it that everytime a Rom is released for a phone, They all look the kinda look same when booted up ? Sure the lock screens are different but once unklocked, They look the same.  Lets take for instance The Dorid X. We have the popular ROMS like LIBERTY, APEX, Now CYANOGEN , and a bunch of others. What is the real difference between them ? Is it speed ? Is it the bloatware that is removed ? Or is it just something to do when we get bored with our phones we install a different ROM ? What is the real benifit to installing different ROMS. Im just saying…………………..

    • Rain_king46

      I am currently running Liberty and my phone is so much faster than it was on stock Froyo or even GB its not even funny. And the extra configuration options that they tossed in are pretty kick ass. DX running stock Gingerbread is good. Running Liberty GB V0.8 its awesome. And if Cyanogen for the DX is anything like it is for other devices that may make it even better. ROMs are all about speed, stability, and battery life for me. 

    • Anonymous

      wow, its like you read my mind or something. I was also thinking about this question too. I think that roms have multiple purposes. Some allow you to change the look and feel of the phone as well as giving you the option to overclock the processor. Most roms also remove the bloatware which can bog down smartphone. I agree, that aside from different names, most roms are ultimately similar.

    • blakjakdavy

      Cm7 is as close to vanilla android you can now get on the dx. All other dx roms are partly built from Motorola’s code to dodge the bootloader encryption, cm7 is not. It also brings some really amazing customizations to the table like notification bar power control widget, lockscreen gestures, easy theming, over/underclocking, compucache to free up ram, incognito browser mode…the list goes on. Above all else, it’s always being updated to he latest version of android with some phones I believe already seeing 2.3.4 in nightly builds. Trust me, this is a BIG DEAL!

    • I was going to ask for a Liberty / Apex / CM comparison from someone who tested them all out.  Has anyone tried the most recent builds for themselves?  Alternatively, has anyone read a post anywhere of someone comparing/contrasting two or 3 of these?

      I’m really looking for commentary on speed (snappyness) and battery life.  I left out stability b/c I realize that CM is in alpha and I think Apex and Liberty are both in beta still.

      • tjhrulz

        CM7 is feature packed 

        Liberty is fast
        Apex is pure

        Thats it put simple I love cyanogen mod and missed the features when I upgraded from my OG droid

    • Anonymous

      It’s not just aesthetics, but what’s under the hood as well. CM7 has a crazy amount of tweaks and modifications for just about everything in the operating system. Everything is optimized, trimmed down, and made to run more smoothly. The bloat is cut. Going from stock blur>liberty>CM7, your ability to customize, tweak, and optimize keeps getting better and better. Not to mention theme support, etc.It’s one of those things you can’t totally *see*, but when you get hands on with the device and look at settings, it’s mindblowing.

  • Ufish2

    fast burst lite camera works from the market.not the best but does work …I’m sure it will not take long to work the rest of the bugs out..love CM7 om my X:):):)..thanks cvpcs:)

  • tpryor


    • It does. I’m not using it, but it does work.

      • tpryor

        i cant download it in the market though

        • Can’t download or can’t install?

          • tpryor

            Cant download the one posted a week ago on droid life by bsthemes

          • Don’t know what to say.

          • tjhrulz

            Get it from the market

  • Anonymous

    Ok, so I installed with no problem. I installed all the gmail apps via rom manager. Youtube doesn’t work, but i rarely use that app anyway (i know i’ll get crucified for saying this, but i use my ipad 2 to watch youtube videos, lol). I am really loving CM7 on my Droid X. 

  • Rain_king46

    With the release of this CM7 Beta I feel the the boys over at RootzWiki just gave Moto the finger and shouted FU and your locked bootloaders. Just give up Moto and VZW. If you want to tell users that you refuse to support devices that have a custom ROM installed, fine. But give up on locking devices. All you are doing is challenging people who are better than you to embarrass you, and they will embarrass you every time.  

  • Whats your paypal donate link? Since i can’t buy you a beer in person, i’ll do the next best thing, send you cash 🙂

  • John

    should’ve put the word “beta” in title =P

  • Never had Cyanogen before and I finally see what I was missing!

  • The donation link button isn’t working. Can you give us an updated donation link?

  • No camera or camcorder? No thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Of course this is released after our corporate policy prohibits rooting our corporate phones. 🙁 I just had to restore my X to stock.. I am sure this is awesome! Thanks CVPS!!

    • Who is policing or enforcing that?

    • Anonymous

      how would they know if you did? that sounds really lame, like a policy set by people who don’t understand android or what rooting really does.

  • Anonymous

    As soon as the camera/camcorder issue is resolved I will be giving this a try.

  • Buckgrad

    Sounds great! But, broken camera, camcorder, and possibly GPS? I’ll wait til they work.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been waiting for this day forever but i don’t even know if i want to install it… I’m loving Liberty too much 😀

    • Festoon666

      No camera though. Doesn’t Liberty have the camera working?

      • Rain_king46

        Yes it does. 😀

  • Devintothemax

    What happens when you go to camera? I might have a fix. I don’t want to flash sunlight camera because I need one but I might just say what the hell and go for it.

    • Devintothemax

      Damn swype. I didn’t mean to say sunlight. I meant to put cyanogen

    • Crimsonfox

      For me the camera works fine til you go to take a pic then it freezes

      • Jcoleman38


  • Anonymous

    All of my feeling about this can be stated in two words…hell yes!!!

  • Anonymous

    If you can live without the camera and the torchlight function, then it works great.  Also, benchmark doesn’t work if you try to run it, not that it’s a big deal.

  • Poolgod

    can this be done on a non-rooted DX running OTA GB?

    • Anonymous

      No, you have to be rooted.

    • Festoon666

      Not yet. That’s what I’m waiting for!!!

    • Rain_king46

      I believe that the recommendation is that you flash back to Froyo 340 first. 

  • Roberto Taylor

    That’s awesome that it’s finally here, but I think I’ll wait a little longer for them to iron some of the other bugs out like the camera/camcorder.

  • Anonymous

    Too many bugs, I’ll wait it out. Liberty v 0.8 is a beast with ZERO bugs.

  • So curious if this means CM would be possible on the Bionic then using a similar method if its locked?

    • Anonymous

      Considering the Bionic is not even a released phone yet and we have no idea what kind of bootloader it will come with it seems pretty worthless to talk about..

      Now the Droid 2 on the other hand…

  • Anonymous

    well i’m working 10 hrs a day with nothing to do, so im trying this out. just sbf’d back to .340. bout to root and install 

  • Anonymous

    Can the google apparently just be downloaded from the market?

    • No, one of the google apps IS the Market. So you have to flash the google apps zip for the Market app to be installed. Unless you can find a market apk somewhere I suppose, but then you wouldnt be able to sign in because google isnt installed yet. Just use the googleapps.zip lol.

  • Jonathan Carnesciali


    • phrozen

      Check out the rootzwiki forums for the D2.  So far the rom is loading and it seems that most of the features are working.  As for what I can see the only problems still that need to be ironed out on the D2 rom are a few bugs with the keyboard and usb debugging mode.  A few people have the camera working and gps working.

      Ironically it looks like the D2 may be having fewer problems than the DX.

  • KLi

    droid 2 support?

  • SD Scott

    I think I’ll stick with Liberty 0.8…

  • Rain_king46

    I have a question that is not intended as a knock to any of the devs at ALL, I am just curious. I have noticed that a lot of ROMs in the early stages often have problems getting the camera to work. What is up with that? Why is the camera such a problem? Or is it just not considered important so the devs feel like releasing a build without that isnt a huge deal?  Again, not knocking anybody just curious. 

    • If I had to guess, I’d say that the cameras are a lot less standardized than other components like the chipset and radio, which makes ironing out the driver issues harder.  Could be wrong though.

      • Anonymous

        especially considering these roms want to get rid of blur, and go with AOSP standards, like the camera, while the phone is expecting blur and we can’t change the kernel to something NOT moto-based.

  • I wish I had an extra DX laying around to have Apex on one and CM on the other and compare the roms side by side

    • Anonymous

      I’m giving it a week or two to see if they can iron out a finalized bug-free version but them I’m gonna have this exact same delimma..

  • Guess now is an opportune time to just remove the bootlocker in an OTA, right Moto?

  • fmspat

    So, what everyone is saying is that this ROM is so badass that you’ll deal with features not working? Do I get so much more than Gbread? Is it because it’s Blurless?

    • Anonymous

      Well it is Gingerbread first off.  It’s really a beta and needs more testing which is why they are releasing it to the masses.  That’s sort of how these things work…people test, they fix and then release it as a final version later on.  And yes, people want it because it’s Blurless.

      • Anonymous

        Kellex, I implore you to add BETA to the headline, this is fairly smooth, but still not feature complete or a full CM7 trunk yet (camera, spotty GPS). Getting close though…

        • Anonymous

          I was thinking the exact same thing when I first saw his post.

    • CM7 is so fast compared to Blur, Sense, etc. Plus it has so many nice tweaks to stock Android that make it great. I don’t have a DX but I am running CM7 on my Thunderbolt and I like it a lot better than any Sense ROM.

    • CM7 is so fast compared to Blur, Sense, etc. Plus it has so many nice tweaks to stock Android that make it great. I don’t have a DX but I am running CM7 on my Thunderbolt and I like it a lot better than any Sense ROM.

    • digsoreos

      Everything is Blurless except for the camera it seems. 😉

  • of course this would happen the day after I put the Liberty Rom on my phone.

    • Haha!  It happened after I paid for Liberty Toolbox!

      • kakapoopoo

        HAHA..  😉   j/k

    • Anonymous

      A worthy ROM as well, the only thing stopping me from running this beta is that Liberty 0.8 is so goddamn good. Maybe we’ll finally see more choices in ROMs, or maybe jrummy will join cm7 and we’ll see a great Liberty variant of it. 

    • Same exact thing happened to me. 

  • Anonymous


  • in order to restore a nandroid backup of a .596 based rom (in my case i have a rooted stock backup and one of ApeX RC2) i would have to SBF back to froyo again, root it, and then use the two part upgrade method from P3 first, correct?

    • Boblank84

      correct. did that exactly this morning.  Need camera for work 🙁

  • Guest

    No Camera = No Deal

    • DroidzFX

      No Deal = NO CM7

      • kakapoopoo

        NO CM7 = No Fun

        • DroidzFX

          No fun = BLUR

          • Se7hLion

            BLUR = Suicide

          • Trbasil

            suicide = Motorola’s current business strategy

          • Rob Morris

            motorola’s current busiuness strategy = i have to poop

          • kakapoopoo

            i have to poop = i drank to much coffee

          • Shamo316

            i drank to much coffee = i can pee longer on iphones

          • jb

            I think we just figured out that: no camera = i can pee longer on iphones?

          • Anonymous

            i figuratively laughed my ass off to this thread. +1 to you all

          • Kaufkin

            Truth Hurts, eh?  in this case it will really hurt Moto.  now if Sammy could only build a phone w/ a case like moto’s… My D1 has survived all sorts of things w/o a scratch…  speaking of hurts… anybody notice that a movie tie-in is a kiss of death? Iron Man / Green Lantern all were horrible selling phones…

          • Jackreilly818

            will we be able to upgrade without SBF to official from BETA once the official is released?

          • BANNED for ruining hilarious string of comments!

          • EcoMan

            mm i dont think we should ban the guy who helped release this in the first place lol

          • Brendan

            herpes= no friends

          • Hamburgerkev129


          • tjhrulz

            wrong sir it equals fish

          • Se7hLion


          • Nicholas Herlinsky

            no camera = no camera. deal with it

    • Anonymous

      I could maybe install and wait for that to come out. However, I cannot find the market in my apps, nor will it allow me to sign into my account. Under accounts and sync in setting any time I put my stuff in it thinks I want to set up an exchange account?…Any help/suggestions?

  • cody

    never thought this day would come

  • Going to have to try this during the weekend. It should give time for more bugs to be spotted.  This is just huge for this phone, buy this Dev a beer!

    • Anonymous

      if he is old enough, he didnt look like it lol

      • Anonymous

        yes i’m old enough 😛 i’m 24 lol

        • Anonymous


        • Adam Metzner

          I donated just to buy you some beers… so cheers! And thank you

        • congrats cvpcs.  know you have been working on this for a long time.  if i had a dx id load it just cause you did it. you continue to amaze.  

        • Anonymous

          my bad =) 

          thank you good sir for working on cm7 for us all! mucho appreciate-o (thats spanish for “you rock”)

  • Supr2nr

    GPS appears to be a sort of a working/non-working thing for many users so you might want to re-classify GPS as a possible broken thing.  Other than that CVPS did an amazing job and I’m sure all of the DX user’s are eternally grateful. 

    • tjhrulz

      You know who isn’t droid 2 owners, lol any chance this will hit us droid 2 owners?

  • Kdkinc

    works great Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    Droid Charge, deactivated. DroidX is the king once again, long live the king!

  • Anonymous

    thumbs up to these guys.

  • FYI the Camera doesn’t work in this build.

    • Anonymous

      will it ever?

      • Eventually.  It’s a beta version which means there are still known bugs.

    • Festoon666

      Just like it says in the notes.

  • Anonymous

    Welcome to the family

  • Niel


    • WAldenIV

      Or not!

  • EC8CH

    You’re move Moto.

    • SPN


      • Anonymous

        you’re looks more official. imo.
        but then again..
        you are move moto.

        just makes me want to sing WE LIKE TO MOVE IT MOVE IT

        • EC8CH

          Holla for all the girls who love to move their body!

      • EC8CH

        thank you Mrs. Doberstein

        *Mrs Doberstein was my 3rd grade teacher, she was a sad and lonely woman who had no real life and valued her existence based solely on her ability to identify spelling and grammatical mistakes. 

        • SPN

          Welcome 🙂 

          It’s just one of my pet peeves. Don’t hate on Mrs. Doberstein, her life probably sucks