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Tip: DROIDX and 2 Gingerbread Wireless Tether Work-Around (Updated)

It was just last week that we reported on a new blocking method that Verizon had enabled to stop rooted DROIDX users with Gingerbread from using select wireless tether apps.  Today though, thanks to one of our fabulous readers, we have a work-around for the DROIDX (possibly other devices) that appears to get you up and running in just a matter of minutes.  Hopefully this gives you a little bit of time while that FCC complaint over this very same subject is being looked at.    


1.  First, you’ll need to download this new Wireless Tether beta. [more info]
2.  Open up the app after installing, and headed into Settings.
3.  Under Device-Profile, search for “Motorola DroidX (CDMA)” or “Motorola Droid2” and select it.
4.  Then scroll down to find “Change preferred DNS.”
5.  Change the DNS to
6.  Then change the “alternate DNS” to
7.  Turn on Wireless Tether and connect any device you like.

Update:  I had originally thought that the DNS server made a difference, but it doesn’t.  The key here appears to be step 3 where you specify the DROIDX under Device-Profile.  So, feel free to continue to use DNS which is Google’s public server.

*Note – If this works on any other devices, please feel free to leave that in the comments.

Cheers DroidRooterX!

  • Bdgoose

    The link to new Wireless Tether beta. is not going through where do I go now?

  • Squizzy

    DroidX all of this is correct on my phone but the hotspot pops up also and i think that may be getting into the way because it sends me straight to a verizon page…i used to have it work and did not change anything but now it does not work…weird i know 

    • Idealogical1984dissident

      So how do I stop the hotspot from popping up so I can tether? – As previously stated, I am using a droid x 2.3.3 .406 and rooted using the above method, am using the wireless tether beta.

      Also, as of today when I tried to tether again using this method a warning popped up saying my .su was out of date and could not be updated.

      What the hell? 

      • Idealogical1984dissident

        Sorry… that’s 4.5.605, not .406. I dont know where that number came from.

  • Red2006audi

    This doesn’t work at all.  Who tested this?

  • josh has a DROID X

    when i click that link on my droid x (gingerbread of course) it says “404. thats an arror. the requested url /files/wifi_tether_v3_0-pre14.apk was not found on this server. thats all we know.” so umm it led me to a error page. not sure what to do now. lol

  • Dru_Tilt Nightclub

    so I tried these steps with my Droid X (rooted) and Im still getting the Verizon block..is it possible they fixed it? anyone else with a DX having the same issue?

  • droid 2 with official gingerbread update, rooted, and this trick didn’t do it for me. However, toggling Airplane mode did.

  • Adbright

    I can not get my XOOM to connect any help would be created

  • Teflon

    Works on Droid x2. The only issue I’m having is my windows laptop can see the android tether and connect with no problem but my xoom cant see it at all.

  • Jsamp752

    This worked for me for about a month now it does nothing when I connect it acts like I have no service even tho I do. I have a droid x gingerbread v4.9.596 with liberty v0.8 I don’t know what changed but I hope someone can find a way to make this work again.

  • Wavehopper27

    I can’t get this to work on a rooted droid2. All I get is the default Verizon screen to subscribe to their mobile hotspot service.

    • Wavehopper27

      Android 2.2.3 Gingerbread


    Just tried Bloat Freezer with no success… it doesn’t find anything that resembles 3G Hotspot. Looks like easy tether is the only option for the time being.

  • iofractal

    is there a way to block the 3g hotspot with bloat freeze? maybe that will work…


    Running Droid X Stock/Rooted .602. Haven’t found any profile in Wireless-tether that allows me to tether besides Droid X (shadow) profile which still invokes the 3G hotspot set by Verizon.

  • DrTrunk

    I’ve looked around, and I’ve not found a solution for this. I’m running on a droid 2, yes, it’s rooted, on the newest firmware (the one that’s blocking the original tether app) and when I open up the Wifi tether app, it starts up perfectly fine (I’ve changed the device setting to correspond with that I have a Droid 2), and it starts tethering fine. However, when I go to my laptop, androidtether (my droid’s SSID) is not showing up. Originally, I was able to connect to the old wifi tether just fine, without problems, so I know it’s not a problem with the Ad-Hoc connection, but it just doesn’t recognize that the connection exists! Please help! If more info is needed for the relevancy of my problem, I will post it!

    • I think the new build of GB blocked every1 again @kellex:disqus can you confirm or deny this?  I have a droidx 2.3.3 and 4.5.602. but I cant tether or do screenshots.

  • Lalo

    Link does not work

  • Mezmoney

    droid x, latest ota gingerbreaded, rooted.  have used barnacle and this new work around and as of yesterday, neither work.  any ideas on what might be the cause?  changed dns to yesterday and worked.  when i tried again today, no luck.  new message on phone and ipad from big red saying they’d gladly take my $20…

  • Oneman1973

    didnt work. still directed to verizons purchace a plan page

  • Oneman1973

    didnt work. still directed to verizons purchace a plan page

  • Nckkent

    Yo, just use barnacle or wireless tether 2.07. Works like a charm on the Droid 2 with the new gingerbread OTA.

  • Darrienk

    Can someone tell me how to flash my droid x back to froyo. Im currently running the ota gingerbread update

  • Tricoach Justin

    Droid 2.  I SBF’d my phone back to Froyo and did a factory reset.  Downloaded the GB update, and did the MotorolaOneClickRoot.  Downloaded Wireless Tether V 3.1, beta 6, and followed the above directions (except the wireless tether link, which doesn’t work any more), but when I enable the tethering, not only do I not see the network showing up on my available wireless networks, I am not seeing any dataflow on the wireless tether app.  Am I doing something wrong?

  • Dsandersnj92

    DROID X . I SBF my phone back to Froyo (Stock) and also did a factory reset. Then I downloaded the gingerbread update and installed that. Rooted phone with MotorolaOneClickRoot, download PdaNet 3.02 followed the instructions and now I have internet access through USB. Wireless Tether does not work.  

  • won’t let me see download..got the infamous 404:(

  • Jaranvr

    After the xoom forced update to 3.2 this no longer works on my xoom. However it works still on my windows 7 machine? The xoom does not see any DroidX2 device for tethering. Is there a work around for this?

  • Rp

    No dice here, I keep getting re-routed to the VZW provisions page.

    Rooted and grabbed the latest android wifi tether apk.

  • Clander3

    Wont work for me
    Droid x rooted
    Ginger bread

  • Darrienk

    I have a  Droid X its running the official ota Gingerbread Update I rooted it as well. When I use this app and go to my laptop it takes me to Verizon’s Terms Agreement to a 2gb Hotspot Plan. Is it because I’m running Gingerbread. I rooted my brother’s phone and I its working just fine he has a Droid X as well and it’s running froyo.  Follow me on Twitter @TweetThatShxt:disqus  

  • Donato

    Ive done this on my DX runing GB ver. 4.5.602 base band BD_C01.09.13P I am rooted When i connect to wifi tether i get the verizon website asking me to subscribe for $20 per month. What have I done wrong?

  • Realhich_us

    I tried it on DX 4.5.602 rooted. It DID NOT work! I skipped steps 4, 5 & 6 .

  • Realhich_us

    I tried it on DX 4.5.602 rooted. It DID NOT work! I skipped steps 4, 5 & 6 .

    • JC

      This worked for me on rooted 602 (and 596 previously), with the TBH patch. The part about having the EXACT same settings as the built-in tethering app is important (including the same channel). I used to have problems but once I made them exactly the same, I was able to use Wireless Tether app.

      • Realhich_us

         The only setting I changed was the “Device-Profile”. What other settings need to be changed?

  • Brucechidester

    This process worked for me.  I have a DroidX and was upgraded to Gingerbread 2.3.3. It appeared that there was not a root solution for gingerbread and Verison was blocking tethering apps (the reason I want root).  My froyo solution stopped working after the upgrade to gingerbread.

    I found the root solution (which worked for my droidX with Gingerbread 2.3.3) at http://www.mydroidworld.com/forums/droid-x-how-tos/8964-root-ota-gingerbread-any-other-motorola-device-matter.html

    With both of these solutions, I now own my phone again….thanks

  • Biggah0371
  • DX2User

    How does this whole process differ for a DX2?

  • Anonymous

    Droid X 2.3.3 .596 rooted

    I just applied the patched tether, updated my settings in the 3g wifi hotspot to match that of the latest wifi tether app and added a widget to my homescreen (before I put a widget it would still load the 3g hotspot native app, it still worked but I did not want it to load) and was able to launch and connect without an issues.  The thing I cant figure out is how to disable the data collection any advice would be appreciated.

  • John

    The link has been removed

  • Mbarnhart5041

    Droid X wireless tether works on ssx 2.0, liquid, MIUI and cm4dx no problems connecting to computer 

  • Bill Cool
  • Brandon
  • Damien1288

    Droid x rooted running liberty for gingerbread… After flashing liberty onto my phone it no longer works.

  • Merc56

    The link posted doesn’t work.. google wireless_tether_2_0_7.apk and it will pop up.
    I just downloaded it and it works fine for me without the tether patch needed.
    Fresh install of the 2 part Gingerbread on Droid X.

  • Haddykhatib

    Whats the app called?

  • SpookLemur

    I just switched back and forth from the Droid 2 and the Droid X device profile, and I am posting this on the resulting working tether. I have no idea why that works…

  • Ryan

    Worked on Droid 2G as DroidX with Froyo

  • Running rooted stock GB .596  on Droid X.

    Couldn’t get Wireless tether beta to work.  Kept redirecting me to VZW page.  Then my data connection would disable and I would have to uninstall and reboot.

    Decided to try the TBH patch, Disable Data Collection and other data tracking processes, and use stock HotSpot app.  Works like a charm.  Hope it keeps working *crosses fingers*

    • skyskioc

      Downloaded the patch and it works. What is the disable date collection and other data tracking processes for and how do you disable these things ?

    • Hey Adam I’m currently experiencing the same exact problem as you with rooted stock GB .596 on X. What is the “TBH” patch and how can I do what you have done to make the tether work??

  • MiaC

    This link no longer works – does anyone have any suggestions?

  • warp

    This didn’t work for me on a Droid X running pre-rooted 4.5.596 Gingerbread. Within 5 seconds of turning it on, the blue 3G turns white and I loose my data connection.  I also tried the WUG Packed tether patch and it made no difference. No matter what method I try, I always get the “Tether of Hotspot Active” notification and then loose my data connection.

  • Billmon

    Worked like a charm!  Thanks!!!!!!!

  • Got this to work thanks so much to the authors of this workaround. I was pissed when I upgraded to gingerbread only to find out my old tricks didn’t work anymore. Thanks for saving us all!! – Droid X running Gingerbread 2.3.3

  • Myscape06

    As of today July 01, 2011 the wireless tether beta apk no longer works.  It seems to trigger verizon’s hotspot program.  Then when you attempt to open the web browser all you can get is Verizon’s page that requires me to subscribed to their over priced wifi service.  I am even unable to use the browser on my phone until I uninstall the wireless tether beta apk then reboot.  After that I am back to using my phone browser rather than being able to use the wifi/hotspot for other devices to access the internet.  🙁

  • newtotechno

    My old phone worked even after update.  Killed old phone got new one, now it doesn’t work.