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Tip: DROIDX and 2 Gingerbread Wireless Tether Work-Around (Updated)

It was just last week that we reported on a new blocking method that Verizon had enabled to stop rooted DROIDX users with Gingerbread from using select wireless tether apps.  Today though, thanks to one of our fabulous readers, we have a work-around for the DROIDX (possibly other devices) that appears to get you up and running in just a matter of minutes.  Hopefully this gives you a little bit of time while that FCC complaint over this very same subject is being looked at.    


1.  First, you’ll need to download this new Wireless Tether beta. [more info]
2.  Open up the app after installing, and headed into Settings.
3.  Under Device-Profile, search for “Motorola DroidX (CDMA)” or “Motorola Droid2” and select it.
4.  Then scroll down to find “Change preferred DNS.”
5.  Change the DNS to
6.  Then change the “alternate DNS” to
7.  Turn on Wireless Tether and connect any device you like.

Update:  I had originally thought that the DNS server made a difference, but it doesn’t.  The key here appears to be step 3 where you specify the DROIDX under Device-Profile.  So, feel free to continue to use DNS which is Google’s public server.

*Note – If this works on any other devices, please feel free to leave that in the comments.

Cheers DroidRooterX!

  • newtotechno

    Droid X ver 2.3.3  My phone is rooted and I have downloaded wifi tether beta.  It says started with errors is your phone rooted?  I say yes it is, but I dont thinkit believes me.  I have also used barnacle tether with the same results.  I cant grant superuser permission.  

  • Dave H.

    I have a rooted Droid X running Android 2.3.3 – System version 4.5.573.MB810.Verizon.en.US.

    In order to get root on Gingerbread (2.3.3), I used the method described on Droid Life (http://www.droid-life.com/2011/03/29/how-to-root-gingerbread-on-droid-x/).

    I followed the steps above and installed the Wifi Tether, but choosing the Droid X device profile in Wifi Tether invokes the Verizon webpage prompting you to buy a hotspot plan and when I choose the Droid 2 profile, my computer doesn’t see my phone in the wifi setup.  Anyone have any pointers?


    Dave H.

    • Dave H.

      Now, I put rooted .596 on instead of .573 and still have the exact same problem.  

  • everyonepoop5

    Finally got it working.  User Access Control needed to be unchecked.  Droid X.  😀

    • Xuann999

      you got it working on the droid x? 

      • everyonepoop5

        How I did it was restore a rooted Froyo back to stock Froyo, Then updated to a rooted Gingerbread build.  Then followed steps 1 – 7.

  • Bobby

    I just updated my X to .596 and it works again. I was running .588 and have not been able to tether at all. Now wireless tether works great. I changed to the Droid2 profile like recommended and my laptop could not see the ssid. Changed it back to Droidx, launched, it showed the built in tether app for a few seconds and then it went away. Now it works like a dream. Rebooted several times and still is perfect.

  • Anonymous

    DroidX on rooted gingerbread .596, works great. Using Droid2 profile

  • Ummmmmmm… I would put the following back and I would add that you make sure that you

    uncheck “Enable Access Control”.

    4.  Definitely keep scroll down to “Change perferrd DNS”

    5.  Definitely keep and change DNS too  

    6.  Definitely keep and change alternate DNS too

  • Gregg Suter

    Recently got the GB OTA update from VZW on my Droid X.  After sbk back to Froyo to root it, and install pre-rooted GB, I haven’t been 100% successful on getting tethering to work.  It works very briefly, doesn’t work at all, or gets the VZW provisioning page.  Changing the device type to Droid 2 did not get internet access, but didn’t invoke 3g hotspot.  Droid X profile envokes 3g hotspot but then I get no access or the provisioning page.

    • dilbert

      I was thinking of downgrading back to froyo so I could get my tethering back, but you are still having problems even after going back to froyo?

  • dilbert

    Same as everyone else on this thread….intalling the beta wifi tether and changing dns to the worked last week but no longer works.  Oh well.  P.S. – the original dns settings are and

    Anyone else having any luck on getting the tethering to work?

    I’ve downloaded the TBB tether patch (which some claim fixes the problem), but I’m sort of paranoid to run it, I’m afraid it’s going to screw up my standard radio functions (phone calls, texts, emails, etc)….

  • Sili

    Hmm.. this doesn’t appear to be working for me.  I running a Droid X with rooted 4.5.596.MB810 with the “Motorola DroidX (CDMA)” profile selected.  I’m still hitting the paywall or a “Log In” prompt when trying to tether my iPod touch.  I do not have encryption, WEP,  or authentication enabled.  Any ideas?  Should I have rebooted my device before trying it?  Lastly, anyone remember what the default alternate DNS is (I changed it and didn’t write down the original value).  Thanks for any help!

  • Matt127

    droid x on darkslide x GB rom .596….. i can connect to my laptop but if i try to go to a website it takes me to verizon pagefor tethering?

  • Gene

    Sorry running droid x rooted running official gingerbread version

  • Gene

    As of today this no longer works.now get verizon sign up page.any one else seeing this?

  • Gene

    As of today this no longer works.now get verizon sign up page.any one else seeing this?

    • Jerry

      What phone and version of GB?

      • dilbert

        I’m on a Droid Pro…running 2.3.3.  How do I determine the GB build?

  • Xuann999

    I have a brand new Droid X with Gingerbread PRE-INSTALLED.  Most rooting methods have people reverting back to froyo, rooting, and then updating.  This is not an option since on my phone, there is no previous OS prior to Gingerbread.

    Does anyone know if a way to root a brand new droid X with PREINSTALLED Gingerbread?


    • pat2kee

      i have been reading so many forums its not funny and i keep seeing apk google gingerbreak and look for forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1044765 it seems to be what i am looking for also but i am afraid to mess with stuff in my phn because as far as i have read if 1 thing is messed up your phn is what they called bricked dont know what that means but it doesnt look good

    • Liberated Drod X

      It doesnt matter if you are on Gingerbread that was pre installed. If you want ROOT access you have to SBF back to 2.2.340. I did it. I got a replacement droid x from Verizon and  it was pre installed with Gingerbread. I Downloaded the SBF file and put my phone into bootloader mode. I then started the process with RSD lite. When it was finished it put me back to original FROYO and then I rooted my phone then downloaded the 2 files needed to install Gingerbread 4.5.596. I did this and it worked like a champ. My phone is now running Gingerbread  with complete root access. Hope this helps.  Good luck

      • Xuann999

        Interesting.  What is SBF and RSD?  Can I have your email address?

        • Liberated Drod X

          Just google everything that I talked about. Google   RSD LITE 4.9  also Google DROID X SBF. Also go on Youtube and search the guy called   XDROIDROM   for videos. His videos are great and explain everything in detail. I must have watched the video on  HOW TO SBF my phone at least 10 times before getting the guts to try it. GOOGLE everything you want to know about your DROID X. It is almost impossible to really brick your phone. As long as you can get to the bootloader you should be fine as long as it says OK TO PROGRAM. Just do your homework and read and read and watch and watch. Its not that hard to do. I was really scared to try anything but now I am very confident.

      • Xuann999

        So now that your phone is rooted, are you able to use Android Wireless Tether?  Are you able to uninstall all the bloatware that came with the DX? 

         If so, is the phone unstable?  Does it crash often?  Does it stall or lag?  Does scrolling through the list of recent calls, or scrolling through your list of contacts lag, pause, or otherwise get choppy?  

        It would be great to be able to root, but if the cost is somehow making the phone mysteriously misbehave or underperform, then….

        Pls advise.

      • pat2kee

        where do i get the download for the sbf that i can understand most of it makes my eyes cross trying to understand it and all the tech talk is crazy to me all i know is my phn doesnt do what it use to before this update

  • pat2kee

    oh sorry i have the droidx 2.3.3 dont know what that means

  • pat2kee

    i have the droidx just did the upgrade and now the root wont work and found this site because the tethering wont work just says must root i did the qr for this download and its loaded but when i click on the icon it says tehering but with errors check error log but when i check error log it says unable to open log file does not exist please i have been to so many sites but i dont understand any of this some guy rooted my phn says i could do all these things but i dont use that stuff all i do is tether my phn to my computer and xbox…help

    • Tracy Ngo

      Wow, was that one sentence?

  • Hawebb3

    I did the update and the tether works now but only on the VZW app.  I have not seen anything from VZW limiting my usage.

  • wishIstayedwithTMobile

    Not working anymore..not even if I choose droid 2 as profile. If I choose the droid 2 as profile it doesn’t even broadcast SSID

  • Sldjohnson70

    does not work on Droid 2 (A955), rooted, 2.3.3

  • Mega0725

    i’m prerooted gb, droidx i’m trying this app and i can’t figure out how it works good please help

  • droidOZZ

    ok thats wierd, i have DX gingerbread root 4.5.596, wifi tether v3 0-pre14, it first started working just fine, a day later it quit and kept sending me to vzw pay me now site. i messed with it & didnt really do any thing then it started working again, today i keept trying to use tether and again it started sending me to verizons site. then without doing anything just set the phone down with wireless tether off i turned it back on, this time i noticed that i only got the wifi tether icon on top left but not the one thats built into my phone. and wireless tether is now working again. hummmm, something to think about. i guess it works when it wants.

  • Austin

    I still use the OG Droid and the original Wifi Tether app that got removed and it still works like a charm>

  • they have not blocked it, workaround is no longer working.  boo

  • eyedroid

    I tried new wireless tether beta and it doesn’t work on my droid x.  I follow your instruction and couldn’t connect it to my laptop.  When I tried to turn off the WiFi tether it just hung up my phone and I had to manually turn it off.

    Also, my system version is 4.5.596 MB810
    Android Ver 2.3.3
    Build Number 4.5.1_57_DX5-26

    I was able to do the WiFi tether with froyo but not with GB….this sucks!

  • Tporter2010

    Droid2 on gb leak and it works fine; however, I didn’t have to select a device and just left it on auto.

  • Guest

    Doesn’t work on my DroidX… asks if my phone is rooted? I am running stock GB update 4.5.596.MB810.
    Says “Tethering started with errors” then when I click Stop Tethering it says “Unable to start tethering. Is your phone rooted?”… then says “Phone is in an unknown state, reboot”… which I did to no avail…

    Any ideas?

    • TeflonBilly

      The question is your phone rooted?

    • Xuann999

      I got the exact same message(s).  The question then becomes, how do we root a brand new, stock Droidx with Gingerbread PREINSTALLED at the factory?  Anyone?  ANYONE?

  • Well, that was an utter fail for this Evo user.

  • James

    Looks like this will only work if you have the Team Black Hat NVRAM patch (this is my conclusion after a bit of digging on google). Too bad they removed it from the web, at least it appears that way as no traces of the patch remain, only the un-patch.  

    • Jherndon12

      Yes it works with the TBH patche installed. I just installed and verified it works fine.

      • James

        TBH patch installed and tethering is working again. However I could not get the latest beta version of wifi tether to work (3.0 pre 14) as suggested above. Instead I reverted back to version 2.0.7 and it’s working flawlessly. Posting from my tethered Droid X right now. 

      • Benf000

        I’ve got the patch, but are you using the stock tethering app or the yellow wifi?

        • James

          I could only get it to work with version 2.0.7. I haven’t tried the stock app though.

    • James

      A bit more digging and I found the patch. TBH is very against the use of it though.

  • cking

    i also lose 3g connection after turning off the wifi hotspot. going into airplane mode and back to normal fixes that though, no need to pull the battery

  • Percy615

    I’m rooted on Droid X the official GB deoxed but still doesn’t work can someone help me

  • Lawdogg602

    Using pre-rooted GB .596 deodex , wifi tether is not working for me. 3G goes from blue to white then computer says windows not able to connect to device??? did i do something wrong ?? tried both old and new version of wifi tether. 

    • Sketch

      Windows is gay

      • James

        You’re one of those weird linux/ubuntu guys aren’t you??

  • Mcernuto127

    doesnt work…… stock rooted GB

  • Fireman134

    I am not able to get this working…..it appears I am getting a notification that Tethering or hotspot active (trying to use stock thether app) along with WiFi Tether…….am I doing something wrong?
    Droid X Rooted running custom GB

  • Brett Hattaway

    I couldn’t get mine to work either. I am running rooted Gingerbread on my Droid X.

    I’m still getting the provisioning page.
    I tried changing the profile to Droid 2 but no luck.

    Any ideas?

  • Broken X

    From a lot of testing here are my findings:

    DX, Ginerbread, Rooted, wifi tether  2.0.7 and also tried 3.0-pre14 version:

    Works while tethered with Asus my eee Pad (another android client device)!
    Does not work with my windows 7 machine (running IE, or firefox or chrome)
    Does not work with my Google cr-48

  • Josh

    I am using the Droid 2 with liberty v1.0 & I am rooted, but I can’t get wifi tether to work. When I tap to start tethering it starts up & acts like it’s working, but it never asks me to give it superuser access. When I try to scan for networks on my pc it doesn’t see anything. & then when I go to stop tethering it locks up & gives messages saying I am not rooted. Any advice?

  • does not work on GB rooted

  • Ricardo Sanchez

    device: Droid X with rooted Gingerbread

    Wifi tether worked. However, after using it, I can’t use pandora or tunein. Not sure if it has something to do with music/audio playing or something else in common between these two apps. Force stop or cache clearing didn’t work either. They started working after I reset the phone.

    After using the wifi tether AND before restart, I could watch videos on youtube or browse the net. Just the two apps I mentioned above.

  • Anonymous

    Just tried this and I’m getting the stupid Verizon page saying I have to pay.

    • Ok guys this worked for me, I’m running rooted Gingerbread with no additional ROM’s on DX and I downloaded wifi tether version 2.0.7 from google downloads, I’ve tested it on a PSP, tethered another phone, and my laptop and I don’t get the verizon page. Anybody else care to try this out?

  • Thebudman30

    So I guess for now the gingerbreak 1.2 does not work on final update of gingerbread from Verizon, it just stays on rooting screen in dx

  • Guest

    Oddly, I never received the notice from VZW and continue to use the provided 3G Hotspot app from VZW to get free tethering with the TBH NVRAM patch no problem. Just wanted to throw that out there

  • Ok guys this worked for me, I’m running rooted Gingerbread with no additional ROM’s on DX and I downloaded wifi tether version 2.0.7 from google downloads, I’ve tested it on a PSP, tethered another phone, and my laptop and I don’t get the verizon page. Anybody else care to try this out?

    • fixed dx

      Yes!!!!!!! That is working for me after having issues with the experimental version. DX gingerbread rooted.

      • GLAD I COULD HELP!, Only reason I rooted was to be able to tether!

    • Bummer

      Woohoo! Works for me too.

  • PC PIMPin

    Does not work for a lot of users!!! 

  • Fflan513

    Looks like Verizon has worked around “the workaround”; I’m being redirected to a Verizon page that suggest I buy Mobile broadband or something to that effect. Wow, gonna miss free wireless tethering 🙁

  • I”m running Droid X Gingerbread (2.3.3), rooted, did just like it said, and I’m still being directed to the Verizon page

    • Jeremybrowning4

      me too

  • Johnfriend33

    Droid 2 on latest rooted gingerbread. Its working intermittently. Initially everyything but gmail and facebook would work, then it was just fine. Now nothing works. Getting the vzw page. Data doesn’t return, have to restart phone after stopping the tethering.

  • didn’t work on my droidx rooted .596 🙁 just get verizon highjacking my browser.

  • astr0ng

    not working on p3’s pre rooted .596. straight to vzw page.

  • oxlilxmanxo

    droid x .596 rooted stock is not working. 🙁

  • Masterchiefb117

    On OTA .596 rooted p3droid, Runs awesome. Did a full test this past 2 days, he had this pre release before this blog. Basic run down, dont upgrade from previous wireless tethers, uninstall first before using installing this apk. Follow steps down the the letter here, DNS has nothing to do with this so dont touch it. All your doing is changing your phone setup. Im on Droid X and it runs flawlessly, no VZW rerouting, able to go go to my online chase banking account as well as log in thru VZW

    **both sites use https**

    I wont lie either, I had my wireless tethering on since I had it. Tethering to Rooted 3.1 Asus Transformer and i have no problems, hardware or software but I thinking im developing some attachment problems with my Transformer, cant put it down for 5 min,… anyways back to the point.

    I need help confirming though,
    in the past some releases for wireless tether had a limit on how many ppl can be attached to your phone, normally 5, some 7, max being Ive never reached, lol. Can someone help me confirm how many wireless devices I can be tethered at once. Also works well for Xbox Live, so long as I have nothing else tethered.

    Recap, dont touch DNS settings, only phone profile, and nothing else.
    Will work for https sights including gmail,online banking, VZW, ect…
    Dont apply new wireless over old, uninstall old first.

    Have fun… oh and I spoke with some VZW reps, seems like half their staff either has there phones rooted the f@!# out or dont know what root is….
    point being is all the rooted employees said they wont pay them for something so pointless, pay alot for a little…
    So they started to invite ppl to help root there devices, but you didnt hear it from me….