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Federico Carnales Releases Alpha Music Application

The man behind LauncherPro is now diving head first into the music arena with his alpha release of an app with a “Windows 7ish” feel and look to it. So far it’s very bare bones, but it plays music, shuffles, etc. We can definitely expect to see a lot more features as always from Fede. Maybe even see some music player skins? That would be neat. Since it’s still in development, now would be a great time to throw out feature ideas. What are some things you would like to see in a music player app? Let’s hear it.

Click on the download link and tell us what you think.

Fede’s Music App

Cheers Fede!

  • Amcloud80

    Just needs lock screen widget……its nice it acually lists albums by track number and not alphabetically

  • Amcloud80

    Just needs lock screen widget……its nice it acually lists albums by track number and not alphabetically

  •  Google Music Beta integration.

  • Lbjr08

    Works and looks great on the Galaxy Tab! 

  • Steve

     Needs to be able to scroll by Letter, and a lock screen widget. 

  • Isaacstaco

    Finally! A music player that looks like my Zune HD! 

  • Anonymous

    Woot! Got to love some Deftones lovin’ <3

  • Juan Carlos Sanchez

    theres a similar application in the market is wp7 zplayer, but this seems to be far lighter. keep the good work!!

  • Guest

    It’s about honesty Fede. Not once did you tell the truth about why the LP rewrite was taking over 8 months. You used your forum moderators to tell all kinds of lies about your problems.

    I would have still respected you if you had grown a pair and told the truth. I hope everyone realizes what a liar you are and never buys one of your apps again. For all you Fede fanboys, before you start flaming this at least get off your knees first.

    • Binglut9

      Yet you sign in by guest why don’t u own up or are you scared….its a rewrite who cares it will come when it comes, there was no promise of a date. I think you take this phone stuff a little to personal. Calling him a liar didn’t know that your friends with him. Stop pouting like a little schoolgirl

      • Guest

        Don’t forget to swallow.

  • Deftones!!!!!! Seeing them live on Monday! 

  • Kronikings

    One very important feature for me would be to make it very easy to delete a track when necessary. I am always downloading new music and this is a deal breaking feature for me. Thank you!!

  • Buckgrad

    Enough music player apps already… unless this one does something different, no need.

  • Gup460

    Why bitch about the rewrite ? It’ll get here soon enough. Be glad that he’s developing and just be patient
    As for the music app? Win amp w/lockscreen is by far the best

  • brandon

     ZUNE HD 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I love Gojira!
    I hate storing music on my phone, takes up too much space. I do, however, like streaming music on my phone, otherwise I’m playing my personal library off my ipod.

  • Anonymous

    He should definitely incorporate a widget for his music app in the next launcher pro update.

  • I all for developers doing what they want and what they enjoy doing, but now that Google has release music beta, I don’t see any point in developing a music player UNLESS it can connect to the google account to play the music. 

    • Mark

      As a counterpoint to this, not everyone is in the US. For those of us from the rest of the world, Google Music (like Google Voice) is unavailable and has no timeframe as yet to be released worldwide.

  • Fede works his butt off on updating LauncherPro so he doesn’t have a ton of stupid bugs that people would complain about. I totally understand giving time where time is needed. If he wants to release a music player app? So be it. Fede does awesome stuff and I can’t wait for him to release the rewrite. Besides, if he spent all his time on the rewrite, you’d just complain about some stupid bug in LP. 

    • Interstellarmind

      agreed, Fede can do whatever he wants with his time and resources.

      we’re jsut suggesting that, for me anyway, we’d be better able to compensate for his time and efforts by focusing on launcherpro re-do.

      not true on complain about something anyway. if an app works well, without flaws, i have no problems with it and look forward to updates as bonuses and don’t look for reasons to complain. example: poweramp, google maps, triptrack, to name a few

  • Twisted Pixels Multimedia

     If you like this, please check out my app at https://market.android.com/details?id=com.twistedpixels.simple_play&feature=search_result

    It is a similar Zune style, but adds a lot of functionality, theming and gestures.

  • Firelight

     I know I’m going to get stoned for this: but I’d rather see Fede working on the total re-write to LP+ than just another music playing app. There are how many music apps? (http://goo.gl/cQjTS

    I like it (yes I installed it) but I’m rather frustrated with long refreshes, app drawer redraws and FCs from what is arguably the best launcher UI hands down. I freakin’ love it – just want more of it.

    • Firelight

      BTW: I don’t argue the guy developing more apps and trying to make money from different sources – honestly. He’s entitled to do what he needs to and what he can with his time and resources – I know. 

      Still want more development in LP+ since that is what was advertised…

      • Guest

        When did he advertise he would be mainly focusing on development of LP+?

        Here’s a hint, he didn’t.  He doesn’t owe anyone a rewrite.

        • Firelight

          Since you threw the first stone: http://www.launcherpro.com/2010/12/07/launcherpro-v0-8-2-released/ 

          • A lot of the new updates that come with the new versions of LauncherPro, are parts of the rewrite. I talk to him often. He is working on it. But he has been working on it forever now and has wanted to give this a go for a while now. I think patience will pay off in the long run. 🙂 

          • Firelight

            Like I said – not disparaging the guy or his work – been following him since DL first made me aware of LP way-back in the day (January ’10? or something like that).

            I like the new features & widgets – I don’t like the consistent instability.  I’m hoping for the re-launcher – that’s my singular & personal wish … EOS

  • Interstellarmind

    far be it from me to discourage an awesome dev from making new apps, however, i’d pay money for a new refined, new coded, streamlined, launcherpro (which fede promised!) than a music app.

    • Interstellarmind

       also… powerAMP is VERY hard to beat…

  • Bentley3215

    this music app is killin the stock one or any other one, took me a minute, but I’m in love lol

  • Anonymous

    This is exactly what I’ve been wanting.  I love the Zune UI, and the UI of every music app I’ve tried for Android is severely lacking in comparison.  This is fantastic.

    • Nex

      This is definitely a missing piece. For the UI to be this nice in the beta stages. Features can be added, one must have is connection to Google music.  First LauncherPro now this!!! Back to Back homeruns. Nice work Fede.  

    • Calculatorwatch

      Me too! I love my Zune! and Fede definitely has the stuff to make this the perfect music player over time 

  • Anonymous


  • PattyOMalley

    Not bad for alpha, needs an equalizer and a playlist editor and then I would probably make it my top music player. I’m surprised poweramp is the only one I’ve seen that has an equalizer.

  •  I like it alot. To be alpha it looks very nice and very user friendly. I like the way it is laid out and the art work of whatever artist playing in the background is cool. Simple is nice, Thumbs Up!!

  • So it’s Zune on Windows Phone… Ok. 

  • Srwesterman

    Love the new ui but also would like this to tap into Google music or Amazon..good job so far!

  • Drk3l3ctric024

    Wow this kicks ass! love the next song previews and the ui is gorgeous, this has great potential.
    the only thing i could ask for would be that its more driving friendly (bigger buttons and maybe gesture controls etc. )

  • John Galt

    -sort by ‘album artist’ versus just ‘artist’
    -song ratings

  • Blopsonline

     welli use connected music because it has ecverything i can want..if this app had..online radio, pllaylist, some sortaa cover flow, and music identification id get it ina second

  • Be able to sync with my Google Music acct.

  • Love the Deftones selection. My favorite band.  

  • Nowhere

    do people really store music on their phone….?

    I just use Pandora…it’s free and AWESOME!

    •  Yes, for times when data connections are spotty or non-existent (like during flying, on a subway, or even at some gyms). I actually don’t stream music at all. Total battery killer. 

      •  I agree Jason. I have music on my phone for that very reason. Keep my favorites with me always. And if friends want the music, I hook a cable up and drag and drop.

      • Nowhere

         that’s why they always put a charger in the box when you buy a new phone….LoL

  • Anonymous


  • Mr.Joe

    This is actually more Zune then WP7.  Which is what WP7 thrives to be lol. 

  •  ZPlayer in the market is extremely similar with slightly few more options at this point… glad to see this is heading in a solid direction 

  • Gabe

    TATO!!!! YOU’RE BACK!!!! How long has it been?

    • Mr.Joe

      Tato has been writing articles all week.  Where have you been? 

      • Gabe

        Didn’t notice it was him till now.

    • Too long my friend…..too long 😛 

  • stu

    this is what i have been looking for. i miss my Zune HD’s UI and this is pretty much spot on.
    things i would like added
    if you have something playing, and you navigate to a song, you can longpress on it and add it to the current playlist of songs as the next song to be played. (sorry not sure of the technical wording)

    on now playing screen, tapping the artist brings you to the artists list of songs/albums ect.

    add those 2 things and consider me sold.  there goes some more money spent on a music player 🙁  🙂

  •  I’ve just given up on LauncherPro at this point

    • Stephen D

      Seriously. What happened to the rewrite? It’s been going on since Thanksgiving with, what, one update on progress? I paid for LP+ after he said he started the rewrite, just to support him. But now it feels like he’s abandoned it and just pushes out small updates to keep up with ADW and GoLauncher. 

      •  LauncherPro is way better than ADW because it has the full and complete community support from Fede. 

        Fede does have a life too. If you think you can do the rewrite yourself, go do it. I’m waiting for it.

        • Stephen D

          Since when did I say I can do it? What I did say was the he took a lot of money, promising a rewrite. It’s been months now and he hasn’t said anything about it. A lot of people, including myself, paid for LP+ just to support him, and the least he could do is update us on progress.  

        • Stephen D

          Since when did I say I can do it? What I did say was the he took a lot of money, promising a rewrite. It’s been months now and he hasn’t said anything about it. A lot of people, including myself, paid for LP+ just to support him, and the least he could do is update us on progress.  

  •  I like the looping left right through the pages.  I’d like to see if these new apps could somehow tie into our streaming music, either with Amazon MP3 or Google Music Beta.

  • Anonymous

    OOoOOOooOOO perttty, hope it has folder support…and scrobbbllleeessss to lastfm.

    • Yeah, scrobbling is big for me. I’m like a Last.fm crack addict. I want all my songs to scrobble, no matter where I play ’em. I wish Pandora would figure it out too. 

  • Anonymous

    I just want ONE FEATURE…….NO Music player…I repeat NO MUSIC PLAYER…has a shuffle algorithm that checks the last like 20 songs that were played to make sure no Artist or Song Title is played again. So that it cuts down on the repeated artist. I would PAY like $7 for an app like that. 

    • Have you tried requesting it from Max (developer for PowerAmp)? He’s usually pretty responsive. 

    • Anonymous

      I agree 100%. The stock Android music app used to be the worst at this. I’m glad I’m not the only one who has noticed.

    • Calculatorwatch

      What I want is a shuffle feature that just mixes up the playlist so that it plays through all the songs but they’re in a random order, and lets you look at the whole playlist in the order they’re going to be played. That’s how my zune does it and definitely the best shuffle implementation ever.

      • Fede

        That’s how this one works 😉 

        • Anonymous

          Fede, this is a nice zune player clone but album art downloading like it does with the backgrounds is a must!  See cubed player for example. An option to exclude folders would also be good.

    • Fede

      This one does that, but only with songs, no artists. That is, in shuffle mode, you’re guaranteed that all other songs will be played before repeating. 

      • Mike

        This is awesome.  Great job.

      • Mike

        This is awesome.  Great job.

  • Anonymous

    Has a nice look to it, but I’m getting force closes on my Droid X. Specifically it occurred when I tried “Shuffle All” and when I selected an artist and turned off my screen  (to test for lock-screen widgets).

    I really like the look of UI though! Would be great, also, if it could tap into cloud-storage (a la Subsonic, Amazon MP3), though not sure how feasible that is.

    • Anonymous

      My thoughts exactly! Would love a different app that could still stream all that music I just finished uploading to Google….

  • not bad. not bad at all

  • Negativerxn

     Sort of off topic, but has anyone had problems with music beta?  I can’t get the music manager to download.  Wondering if it’s something I am doing, or if it’s a common problem.

    • Eric

      Yeah i’m having the same problem. I think the servers are down. 

    • Anonymous

       I didn’t have any troubles downloading the music manager, but I did have a hard time uploading a large(r) library (5,000+). Would get to about 4,900 and then stall. Had to uninstall and reinstall multiple times, finally made a single folder with all the non-uploaded files and that worked.

    • BikerBob1789

      I got the music manager to download, and started uploading my music. It synced once to my Thunderbolt, ever since, I get an error that “Sync is currently experiencing problems.” This has been going on since Tuesday – I have stopped uploading music until it gets straightened out.

  • Guest

    Glad to see Fede is spending his time working on a useless music app instead of the LauncherPro rewrite.

    • Adam Martinez

       Yeah!  Who said these devs can work on whatever they want to?  His slave driver must be slacking!

      • serious.. who cares what the dev wants to do.  

    • Jbarb21

      WOW it never stops amazing me at how some feel that they deserve to tell developers what they need to be working on! Also amazing is how this just came out as an alpha and you already know it is useless! I think you need to move out of your Mom’s basement and if you don’t like the progress of things than write your own apps. 

    • Anonymous

      What the hell is wrong with LP that it requires a rewrite?  Seriously?  I don’t get it. 

  • dblj

     giving it a go now. I got my invite to music beta yesterday but so far I’m not impressed with it. I’ve been using audiogalaxy and love it..

  • Anonymous

     Looks good so far …

    • Deezus

      Fede, one feature missing is the plus sign when you click on album contents. That’s the one feature I love about my zume. The ability to browse music and play a song and browse and add songs using the + symbol. That would make this just like my zune!!!! Please add

  • Anonymous

    [looks around]


    [runs and hides]