Reminder: Your Verizon Plan Probably Includes Free Apple Music Now

Free Apple Music Verizon

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Just a quick reminder here, but if you are on Verizon, there is a good chance you now have access to a free Apple Music subscription.

Yesterday, Verizon added Apple Music as an ongoing, free-to-use service for its Beyond Unlimited and Above Unlimited plans. It used to be a free 6-month trial, where you’d have to pay $10/mo after, but it’s now free until Apple and Verizon get in a fight and take it away. In other words, you are good for a while.

Since Apple Music is on both iOS and Android, everyone can get in on this action, not just iPhone users. Galaxy S9 bros, Google Pixel homies, and OnePlus cult members, all of you are eligible as long as you subscribe to the proper Verizon plan.

To get Apple Music added to your account, hit up this link and follow the instructions. Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to install the Apple Music app on your phone. After adding the service to your account, the first time you open the app on your Verizon phone, it should ask if you signed-up for free with Verizon. Confirm that, sign-in with or create your Apple account, and enjoy.

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