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New Full MIUI ROM for Original DROID Blows Us Away

The serious workaholics over at the MIUI Forums are doing something right. Only they could get me to run a somewhat Apple UI on my OG Droid. “Tim, what the heck are you doing?!?” is something that I’m expecting to hear, but let me tell you something – I really enjoy this! They have reinvented the way I use my phone….again! With an insane amount of themes (easily switchable) what more could you ask for?

Back in September we featured an awesome video showing off what MIUI had to offer, but now, this version which we are showcasing here is for the Original DROID 1 only. Be on the lookout for different versions for you favorite device. It has some insane features currently not availble for anything else. You’ll find tons of toggles in the pull down bar, changeable lockscreen wallpaper, black and white list of phone numbers, whole new phone.apk UI, etc. etc. My list goes on.

So let me layout some installation instructions for all you curious cats…

Again, this is for OG DROID only

1. Download zip and place on root of SD Card. MIUI Full ROM
2. Boot into Recovery and make a Backup. Because you never know!
3. After backup, wipe data/cache. Full factory reset.
4. Install ROM from SD and choose the MIUI zip.

After installation, enjoy your new phone!

Got any probelems? Questions? Concerns? Cats?? ย Then ask away in the #droidlife IRC channel or here in our very helpful comment section! Thanks!


Huge thanks to the entire MIUI Team and especially metiCkOne,ย Jamezelle, n_i_x and MarkHUK. ย See their original post HERE.

You can find the wallpaper featured in the Droid Life Wallpaper App and that clock is just Beautiful Widgets.

  • Anonymous

    Looks very nice but when is it coming to the Droid X?

  • Mando Garcia35

    my phone just keeps loading the start up screen over and over…what should i do?

  • Original Gangstah? Meaning the original Droid (D1)? I believe right now the English version of MIUI is only for the D1.

  • Should try out the new 12.31 MIUI – very nice =)

  • Mountainbiker191

    what is og?

    • Original Gangstah? Meaning the original Droid (D1)? I believe right now the English version of MIUI is only for the D1.

  • newbie

    is anyone else having this problem…? i can't change the ringtone or the notification sound

  • oops, double post

  • so is anyone else having a LOT of bug issues with MIUI on the OG droid? the bottom left part of my touch screen will randomly stop working, so I can't use the back button (VERY frustrating) or hit 'archive' in g-mail or other incredibly useful stuff like that. it will also randomly start freaking the touch screen out, as if an invisible 6-year old is trying to hit as many buttons on it as possible all at once. it's started happening with greater frequency over the past two days, and unless I can do something about it I'm going to have to flash back to froyo…
    which REALLY sucks because I LOVE miui

  • axxis44

    ok i am going to post this on here because for me the other comment box isnt loading.. installed the ginger bread keyboard mentioned in a newer post and now i cannot change my themes on this rom with theme manager.. it always stays the same…

  • Kylemartin95

    I cant get my homescreen to rotate even when i slide out my keyboard anyone else having the same issue

  • DunnerDroid31

    I love this rom and my DROID. I made the mistake of using an upgrade and buying the samsung galaxy S fascinate. Barely made it past the return mark and I'm back to my DROID, rooted and loving every moment. I'm assuming there will be no gingerbread for the OG but what's the outlook for 2.3 based custom roms compatible with it? Anyone know?

  • Mesarectifier146

    yeah uhhh..for some reason everytime i set my default ringtone to what i want it to be it jumps back to a different default ringtone thats on the phone..any suggestions??

  • This ROM is fantastic.

  • ryanallaire

    Installed MIUI everything was ok, until i installed what i thought was a new baseband. Now i dont have 3G working and i cant get it working at all, rom manager wont flash anyrecoveries and i have no interenet. ANY HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!

  • Teezydawg

    What is the best setting to put you set cpu on for this rom? Ex: on demand, performance…etc, I have the chevy 1.1ghz lv kernel

  • Jonathan

    What is this i*hone madness!?!?!? I'm gonna give it a solid 3 day trial though…looks interesting :-/

  • Rwunsche

    I used it for several hours yesterday. There's so many cool new ideas here! I'm hoping that some of the more mainstream ROM makers integrate some of these great ideas (lock screen, switches in the notification pull-down, themes, etc, etc). However, I couldn't stand the random dumping of all the apps onto the desktop. It's like they copied every bit of the iPhone, including the one biggest weakness. I ran for awhile with MIUI rom and LauncherPro, but eventually just switched back to Simply Stunning. It felt like pulling on a nice old pair of Levi's. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Paul706

    Any one know why the ring tone wont change

  • MIUI Rocks

    I've got MIUI on my Incredible and it kicks ass, much better than the stock UI.

  • Can this be installed using ROM Manager?

  • Raka

    Whats the skin that is on Beautiful Widgets?

  • Lane252

    Hey I can't change my ringtones

    • Brantheman1

      I'm having the same exact problem

  • Paul706

    Hey why the ring tone wont change every time i change it it goes back to the first one

  • Aj9711

    The music player on this ROM is easily the coolest of all the music players I've seen. Lyrics that automatically scroll to the line like karaoke!

  • Running this now. Finding myself putting stuff into folders, would probably still prefer the app drawer method. But there are some awesome features: I LOVE the lock screen and the control settings (i.e. wifi) in the notification pulldown. The edit mode for moving stuff around is pretty cool too. I may let this stick around for awhile until I can't stand the clutter anymore.

    One more thing: ROM was super laggy on stock kernel (duh). Now running chevyno1's 1.1LV

  • algernonb

    I love this Rom. I also love the fact that the settings are in the pulldown drawer and that you can access features from the lock screen. Keep posting OG Droid roms!!!

  • ryanallaire

    i just re-downloaded it and now it's saying the force close acore problem that some others have had, weird…

    • Rwunsche

      I had the same problem… when I forgot to wipe Data and Cache.

      • CivilDroid

        i had this problem last night but i did a full wipe and reset prior to flashing the rom, even formatted the cache. It would fc on me like every 5 seconds. i had to restore my backup and give up on MIUI for awhile. too bad cause it looked pretty cool. A guy i work with runs it just fine on his Droid 1 though, and loves it.

  • Erclpz

    After downloading and installing, I lose SuperUser permissions and can't overclock. The SuperUser icon is still there, but it won't do anything. I followed the instructions and everything else works fine. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

  • Metickone

    How come my name isn't in bold ๐Ÿ™ hehe

  • alternative for ringtone and notification issue anyone?

    • I can change my ringtone but i can't change the notification ringer.

    • Paul706

      Yeah im having same problem

  • Fan

    Does this require you to re-download and install all your apps?

    • Yep. But Market does it automatically anyway, so its not like your searching for each individual app all over again

  • Awells1258

    Loaded fine but it keeps force closing saying the process android acore has stopped try again?????

  • guest

    after install, my documents to go no longer works. any ideas?

  • Awells1258

    Do you have to rename update.zip? or just leave it as is?

  • Jbona3

    I've been running this for about 12 hours – not in love with it and probably going to back to Cyanogen 6.1 RC5. The only thing I like is the lock screen look, does anyone know of an app that has a similar feel/aesthetic?

  • I wish I would have kept my DROID…. It's so simple and beautiful.

  • ryanallaire

    to laggy for me…

  • possomcrast1

    droid x please!

  • Jorgeibarra1510

    Good just the message is force close sombudy cant thell me how to fix that problem

  • Mario

    Has anyone had an issue with the front LED not working when you have a new notification with this rom?

    • Jager07

      Based on the manual posted elsewhere in this thread, this might help you:

      (1) Your Droid isnโ€™t notifying you of incoming email and text via LED. To correct this, go into Settings select System tab/Trackball settings โ€“ select something other than white, yellow, pink, or sapphire. Uncheck Pulse notification then recheck Pulse notification, if desired. (Temp Edit: no LED notification settings for 11.26.0)


    And next, something for the DroidX?…..please?

  • Bleek1760

    Wow simply beautiful ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Binglut9

    This rom is different but Factory reset I' ve had problems with getting activated and I dno dont like the look of the Iphone and Ultimate droid has a lot of features that doesnt include fatcory reset ๐Ÿ™‚ Ultimate droid rulezzz

  • Aguilacahc007

    OMFG! I love it! Thanks for the countless hours you put in team! I'm flashing asap!

  • Nguyenda

    EMERGENCY! OMG It goes to the MIUI android bootlogo and it goes on for few seconds and flashes and does the same thing!!! It looks like I broke my phone guys omg! Can someone help me!

    • Did you…read the directions?

      1. Download zip and place on root of SD Card. MIUI Full ROM
      2. Boot into Recovery and make a Backup. Because you never know!
      3. After backup, wipe data/cache. Full factory reset.
      4. Install ROM from SD and choose the MIUI zip.

      I ask because you didn't give any viable information.

  • g00ber

    Damn tbaybe always whining about “working” ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Mrgondek

    Anybody else getting the old “download unsuccessful” when trying to dl straight on the OG? My laptops on the mend (thank you loose Pepsi cap) and am living off my OG until Friday

    • Grasshopper

      If you use Astro file manager, press menu/more/preferences/ enable browser downloads. You can also get a download utility in the market to do the job

  • Nguyenda

    Can someone help me! How do I back up my stuff from recovery? When I boot to recovery its the bootloader page. Also if I do a full factory reset does everything erase? I want to keep my text messages. Any help will be appreciated!

  • Mandorawk

    Any one else having problems with the built in wifi tether thanks

    • Grasshopper

      The native wifi hotspot doesn't work on the original droid.

  • sherri64

    I am completely new to changing ROMs. I did this, and “liked” the look. Honestly didn't “blow me away”. The main reason I rooted my Droid (original) was so I could see the flashing led light while the screen is on. (Before anyone asks why, it is for when phone is docked and dimmed, or watching a video, or playing a game where you can't see the scroll bar.) Cyanogen RC 6.5 has this functionality. Just my thoughts! ๐Ÿ™‚