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New Full MIUI ROM for Original DROID Blows Us Away

The serious workaholics over at the MIUI Forums are doing something right. Only they could get me to run a somewhat Apple UI on my OG Droid. “Tim, what the heck are you doing?!?” is something that I’m expecting to hear, but let me tell you something – I really enjoy this! They have reinvented the way I use my phone….again! With an insane amount of themes (easily switchable) what more could you ask for?

Back in September we featured an awesome video showing off what MIUI had to offer, but now, this version which we are showcasing here is for the Original DROID 1 only. Be on the lookout for different versions for you favorite device. It has some insane features currently not availble for anything else. You’ll find tons of toggles in the pull down bar, changeable lockscreen wallpaper, black and white list of phone numbers, whole new phone.apk UI, etc. etc. My list goes on.

So let me layout some installation instructions for all you curious cats…

Again, this is for OG DROID only

1. Download zip and place on root of SD Card. MIUI Full ROM
2. Boot into Recovery and make a Backup. Because you never know!
3. After backup, wipe data/cache. Full factory reset.
4. Install ROM from SD and choose the MIUI zip.

After installation, enjoy your new phone!

Got any probelems? Questions? Concerns? Cats?? Β Then ask away in the #droidlife IRC channel or here in our very helpful comment section! Thanks!


Huge thanks to the entire MIUI Team and especially metiCkOne,Β Jamezelle, n_i_x and MarkHUK. Β See their original post HERE.

You can find the wallpaper featured in the Droid Life Wallpaper App and that clock is just Beautiful Widgets.

  • Phobos

    Does anyone know if the logcat works with this new version? I absolutely love this rom, but it is hard to develop with because in the previous incarnations the logcat would not show.

  • Rodeojones000

    Call me crazy, but I HATE this ROM and every previous rendition that has been released. I think it's ugly. If I wanted those hidious, huge Apple-esque icons I would have purchased an iPhone.

  • Before I install this rom, can you change the Doc shortcuts? And also how do you put the original rom back onto the phone if you don't like this one?

  • Jeremy Gentry

    just a quick question, is this rom overclocked in any way? cuz obviously the d1 performs better in 1ghz…also my games seem to lag less when overclocked

    • Grasshopper

      It comes with the stock motorola kernel it can be overclocked to 800 MHz. If you go to the source link there are links to other kernels that work w/ MIUI.

    • I got mine set at 1.1 GHz πŸ™‚

      • Sneaksx

        Hey Tim what kernel are you using with this?

      • Cecole0984

        how good is your battery life at those speeds?

        • Very good life. Last a good day and a half for me. And I’m a very heavy user πŸ™‚

  • Augustodelvalle

    finally you got to put the best rom all over. I use to like bugless beast and lfy but now miui d1 is the king.

  • Leobautista 91

    So this is my first rooting acces.. and I use Z4 root, and iinstalled rom manager.. next I did 1 to 3 steps and then I try to install the rom but it doesn't go thru.. please help.. I as well did a backup.. and when I try to restore it.. there's nothing there.. :'( tear*

    • Grasshopper

      Sounds like you need to flash clockworkmod recovery.

      • Leobautista 91

        How would I do that?

        • Grasshopper

          top button in rom manager. sometimes you have to do it more than once to get it to stick. then rom manager can install the rom for you.

      • Leobautista 91

        Wait I did that already, but nothing

  • DanDaMan

    FYI Had one problem with this rom in the past 3 days. It literary erased most of my gallery pictures! I noticed that it takes a long time to load Gallery.
    Anyone had the same issue?

  • Rymanh24

    I've been playing with this for a little bit. Awesome rom, its like having a whole new phone!

    A little intuitive though so read that user manual.

  • john

    What does this offer over say setting 9 homescreens and putting all your icons there

    • Grasshopper

      the user guide posted below you will fill you in on the features of this rom.

  • Grasshopper

    For anyone trying this out for the first time there is a user guide to help with the features of this rom.

  • Beegore

    I messaged the developers to make one for the droid x. We should get love first. πŸ˜‰

    • Rymanh24

      Because you have a bigger screen, means your compensating in your you know where. So calm your ego down the DX Fanboy.

      I kid, I kid. I love all droid family members. lol

  • Paul706

    Hey anyone else have network problem with this rom

  • if this comes out for the droid x I will seriously quit my job to get home and download it.

  • dude.. PLEASE droid X this

  • Mikehewittnyc

    Sorry…newbie here…this looks awesome! running Cyanogen Mod 6 RC5 now, not bad. once i download the zip to root of SD card, do i hard press power button and hit boot into recovery from the choices for step 2 below?
    2. Boot into Recovery and make a Backup. Because you never know! (((how do i do a backup from the recovery screen?)))

    3. After backup, wipe data/cache. Full factory reset. ((((i think ive seen it gives u an option to clear cashe etc, but factory reset? is that an option or do i have to find it somewhere?)))

    4. Install ROM from SD and choose the MIUI zip. (((i assume this is easy, just choose it from sd card where i saved it before…))))

    thanks guys! cant wait!!!

  • Ok, going to try this. Just flashed the Cyanogen 6.1 RC5 and then my home button stopped working… crossing my fingers and hoping this is bug-free.

    • Mikehewittnyc

      scott, let me know how it goes man, running same rom as u πŸ™‚

      • Mike, it’s running smooth. Their launcher / setup took me about an hour to get used to, but you also have the ability through Home Switcher (or just changing your defaults) to go back to LauncherPro or ADW and still have all the features of this ROM. I have to say the menus are pretty cool, very clean.

        I’d say if you’re comfortable with flashing ROM’s, then check this out. That Cyanogen Release Candidate was way too buggy for me — fast, yeah, but too buggy.

  • EC8CH

    I had a cat once, but she died πŸ™

  • jonny6pak

    I started using this about two weeks ago and I love it! It took a couple days to get used to replacing the app drawer with a home screen, but I like it now. It's certainly more simple to have one location for all the icons and the widgets. I have a couple minor gripes about how it deals with icon rearranging, but overall it's been very stable for me and it's been very fun to use.

  • AnothaMexican

    I have it on my Incredible and its super awesome. Ive had it since N.i.x. took over the translations. Here a few tips/ tricks that Ive found with this rom.

    To quickly check your texts just hold down the text icon on the lockscreen without sliding it.
    This rom has built in wireless tethering check under settings click on system
    In the notification bar you can access any of those icons settings by holding down any of the icons
    Built in task killer by holding down the home button and select appkiller

    those are a just few I can remember on top of my head.

  • think this will ever make it to the d2?

  • Rymanh24

    Um, full factory reset. Will i lose root?

    • Anonymous

      No, you wont lose root….

  • Owen Poteat

    What about Google Apps? Are they included? I would assume. Man you guys need to get a life. πŸ™‚ This thing is only an hour old and there are tons of replies here.

  • ShakaZulu

    Been running 11.26.1 for 5 days now, its incredible. Few bugs, but nothing major. Follow @metickOne on twitter, Its like I got a new phone just in time for the holidays.

  • tut

    I don't know about this..smh

  • Rock on I would like both an iPhone UI theme to a T as well as a Blackberry and Windows 7. Why? Well, I'm on Android and I can. Thats why!

  • So where do you put all your apps?

  • Yeah, so um — where is my app drawer? Wow, I feel like a total noob asking this, but dude — totally can't find it.

    • Russell Phillips

      That is one of the only drawbacks, the app drawer is no more. You can however make a folder for your apps, and put it down on the bottom, so then it acts like an app drawer. You get used to it though, and I have not looked back since using it.

      • hmmmm, yeah — not so sure about that. I'll go with it for a day or three and see how it goes. Feels very iOS'ish to me so far, though, which makes my skin crawl just a little bit.

        I'm starting to feel very guilty for asking my DROID to please put this skirt on.

        • Grasshopper

          Try the AOSP elements redux theme that is posted in this comments section and you’ll feel right as rain.

        • Grasshopper

          Try the AOSP elements redux theme that is posted in this comments section and you’ll feel right as rain.

    • bravoleader2

      there isn't one. but, you can use folders and have a cluttered mess of a homescreen. Yay iOS clones!

    • slipstream20v

      It's iPhonish in that there isn't one (use folders and icons), but there's nothing stopping you from installing LauncherPro or ADW and rocking that instead. You still get the all of the awesome features of the UI without the dumb iOS launcher.

    • jonny6pak

      MIUI doesn't use an app drawer. All your apps sit on the main screen. I can see it totally throwing a normal Android user for a loop. At first it feels odd, but once you get used to it and being putting icons into folders, things start to seem more simple compared to using an app drawer and multiple home screens (it did for me anyways).

  • Russell Phillips

    For anyone that does not like the “look” of the icons, the new MIUI lets you theme on the fly with theme manager. Just download the theme you like, put it in MIUI/Themes/ on your SD, go into theme manager and pick the one you want. It is great. I have a new theme everyday.

  • Paul706

    How do u add widgets on home screen like clock and other widgets

    • Russell Phillips

      Long press on the screen. It goes into edit mode, in which you can add all your widgets at once.

  • Firelight

    I have been using MIUI now for over 6 weeks – VERY few FCs, with apps, good battery life and it is just fast/stable/awesome.

    I was having a horrible time with Launcher Pro+ on Sapphire 1.1.1 and thought it was all Sapphire's fault. Put LP+ back on last week. 0. None. Nada FCs since. LOVE the Messaging app – very nicely done – T9 dialer is the frakkin' bomb (best I have ever, ever used). Do wish the Messaging app had signature option, tho. Gone back to standard MIUI launcher now (love LP+ but this rocks).

    Backing up current system now and immediately installing this afterward. Thanks DL for the notice.

    • Firelight

      … and done. Nice update. Can't comment on stability yet – but I did NOT have to wipe anything (did cache anyway). Wrote right ontop of the previous MIUI.

      Noticed the addition of the MIUI music app (nice but sticking to dT and Power) and the MIUI Forums app for support is a really nice touch.

      Definitely like the cleaner font and UI touches, too.

  • MikeSevenfold

    For step 3 “Full factory reset”….doesn't that get rid of root access? Can't I just click both Make Backup and Wipe Data and Cache through ROM Manager and get the same effect? Thanks guys!

    • Grasshopper

      Wipe data & cache = factory reset

    • Grasshopper

      Wipe data & cache = factory reset

    • Vselca

      Would love an answer to this too…..

      • I've factory reset my Droid X without losing root, if that helps at all.

  • Can someone recommend the fastest way to install a new rom? I really want to try this rom out but not sure what the best/fastest way to restore my apps, sms, etc. Thanks ahead, any help would be appreciated

  • RoadsterHD1

    no thanks looks to much like an Iphone

  • Kit

    Hoping they port it to the D2… especially since there are very few options for exceptional roms for D2…

  • Unexpected62

    Anyone afraid of their google account getting hacked or am I jumping to conclusions? I just obviously trust the sapphires, the Cyanogens, the Bugless Beasts… but this is new on the scene and stuff. Just curious.

    • Dont worry, it's ALL done through Google Servers. Don't worry!! πŸ™‚

  • i've been using this rom for months now, and the latest update is amazing. im running D1-MIUI- with a slayer 1.1gig kernel and its amazing. everything i do is quick and responsive, the battery life is great, and the miui music work perfectly. the overall layout and color theme is beautiful even though it looks like the i*hone its so much better. so far i have had no issues and a quadrant score of 1518. The only thing this rom is missing is the ability to skip to the next song while playing music from the locked screen, example hold the volume up button to skip to the next track. if someone could add that feature it would make this the best rom ever in my opinion.

  • Haztv

    Gotta love how the rom installation instructions for the OG Droid are never longer than 4 steps lol #nohate… love to see new roms getting released for the d1 especially since my brother and friend say its obsolete and anyone who still has one is either too broke/cheap to upgrade meanwhile their still waiting for froyo on their vibrant and fascinate's lol

    • EC8CH

      OGD was the first and last true Droid:

      I don’t have an open bootloader…
      I don’t run Vanilla Android…
      I don’t not have bloatware stuffed inside me…

      Everything new Droid’s don’t… OGD Does!

    • EC8CH

      OGD was the first and last true Droid:

      I don’t have an open bootloader…
      I don’t run Vanilla Android…
      I don’t not have bloatware stuffed inside me…

      Everything new Droid’s don’t… OGD Does!

  • Scott

    I just figured that was your answer to everything. πŸ™‚

  • Jager07

    Not a fan of the icons. :/

    • Lunedecente

      you can change them there are many many themes

  • Vselca

    How long does a rom take to flash???

    • less than 10 minutes

      • Vselca

        really??!! I though it would take like an hour LOL…Thanks for the response.

    • Like, 20 seconds?

  • Dude16478

    im thinking of trying it anymore feedback???

    • It's definitely the most unique rom out there. I love it.

  • I <3 MIUI… very stable, fast and light … definitely my daily-driver.

  • I just installed CM RC5 this morning. oh well, it's all part of the job.

  • Brochaos

    lock screen wallpaper please? lol

    • sov1et

      Just google Jessica Burciaga πŸ˜‰

      • You and me have great taste, dont we? πŸ˜›

        • Anonymous

          i was looking for the same thing πŸ˜›

          • go to show-mag.com for all the beautiful pics your phone can handle ;D

        • Anonymous

          i was looking for the same thing πŸ˜›

    • Flyinion

      LMAO yeah I was going to say, the hell with the wallpaper, I want the lockscreen image πŸ˜€

  • Makes me wish my X bootloader wasn't locked. :'(

    • sov1et

      Just google Jessica Burciaga πŸ˜‰

      • sov1et

        Sorry was trying to reply to first post

        • Scott

          I just figured that was your answer to everything. πŸ™‚

      • Who knows — she's so hot, maybe she can even help with the DX bootloader?? }:-D

  • jkloecksss

    There is a newer version out… this is based on the 11.19 release… there is one out that is based off the 11.26 release. just thought id let ya know πŸ™‚

    • Feel free to link it!

    • kellex

      Updated. Thanks πŸ™‚

  • tbaybe


  • Are you sure you linked the right one? There is a newer version of MIUI out, the 11.26 version:


    • Ooops, you're right. Fixing πŸ™‚

    • kellex

      Updated! And feel free to slap Tato for that.

      • I already fixed it :-/

        • Paul706

          Why the ring tome wont change

      • nah, he doesn't deserve a slap. I'll give him a high-five for fixing it so quick. haha

  • Tacown

    The newest port from Team D1-MIUI has amazing feature! You can put folders into the dock bar, even sort apps in folders by usage or alphabetical order.

    Not to mention this rom has a built in screenshot feature … no need for an app. The new miui music app provided in the rom is out of this world awesome! I love miui!

  • your mom


    • Cgmartin33

      Damn it…your fast! And your momma! πŸ˜‰

      • your mom

        faster than an overclocked droid running chinese chicken rom

        • Cgmartin33

          Thats fast!

      • Cgmartin33

        By the way…In no way did I mean that your momma is fast, I meant to put emphasis on YOUR momma…in regards to the screen name you chose. YOUR momma! And how about some DX love with this Hawaiian island ROM πŸ˜‰ This thing just keeps getting better!