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Samsung Galaxy Tab Available Now From Verizon for $599

Anyone ready for a non-contract Galaxy Tab from Verizon?  The first major Android tablet to hit store shelves is finally available in both stores and on-line to my knowledge.  You may also want to just walk into a store today and play with one to see if a tablet is even something you would enjoy as there will be plenty more of them in the near future.   The early word on the pricing structure was not all that positive, but I’m wondering how you will feel after you actually play with one?

Anyone on their way now?

  • Badmagic

    You went to the store and were able to walk out $599.00 short with the tab and no contract? I challenge anyone here to say they were able to. Unbelievable.

  • Cflores860

    f@#*ing awsome , 7inch galaxy tab is actually more appealing then 10inch ipad right next to the galaxy tab.. i want one now … only catch is i was told that even though its off contract if you dont have the service the wifi wont work.. wtf so you have to have verizon sevice … wifi only wait starts

  • Lynahred

    What I would like to know is the speed of this processor versus the speed of the color Nook that will be released on the 19th(I think). If we can root the Nook it might be the steal of the year as it is being sold at a loss so that the seller can have access to those who want to buy electronic books. So the Nook is being sold the way Gillette sells razors. They sell you the razor for almost nothing and make their profit selling the blades. If we can buy a Nook at near cost and hack it to have the function of the Galaxy there will be a waiting list for the Nook.

    Is there anyone who knows of a site that compares the processors of these pads?

  • Josh

    I got to use one briefly while my Verizon rep was at my office today. I must say, the 7″ size is perfect. I was kind of disappointed by the speed though. It was laggy and web browsing was how I remember it in November '09 on my OG Droid. I'm not really excited for it anymore. I'm just going to wait for Android 3.0 tablets.

  • PAKmann2k

    Almost makes me want to buy one of those 150 chinese deals. All I would use it for is books, movies, and the occasional putzing around. The chinese ones are no power machine but that is what my Droid x is for. If I need more, that is what my laptop is for. This just fills a niche. But for 600, no thanks. Honestly, would I ever put my phone down long enough to get my moneys worth out of this? Nope.

  • kimir

    Do they have it to demo in the store?

  • Bryan

    Waiting for the notion ink adam tablet coming out next month. 10″ Pixel Qi screen, Tegra 2, swivel camera, real multitasking, Gingerbread, under $500.

  • BadMagic

    Went to VZ to see and maybe even get one. Well they sure talked me out of it right away. I have the D1 and pay them the most possible a month for unlimited everything. They told me I couldn't buy one without signing up for a NEW PLAN @ minimum $80/mo. I bauked, so the gal check with 2 others, who both said they were not allowed to sell one without a contract. I left the store and called them on my phone (611). That rep told me I could get one without a contract, then did some more checking, and sure enough, the policy is you CANNOT purchase one of these without also buying a data contract. She recommended that I buy one with the contract, then cancel the contract and pay an early termination fee. WTF????????


    • BB will offer a wifi only version for $500… if you don't want a contract that's the one you want! or if you want 3g go to someone other than verizon lol

    • ralf

      You were mis-informed. They were wrong. The Tab is no contract. That is why the price is so high. Not sure why they would have told you that.

      • ralf

        Are you sure they did not say you have to get it with a “data” plan. Then you can cancel the data plan. There wouldn't be a early termination fee though because it is non contracted from Verizon.

      • Benne236

        I just bought an ipad and a Galaxy and the galaxy is much better overall. There is a slight lag with the galaxy which I have heard can be fixed with a new browser which I think is mentioned above. The ipad does have netflix right now which is the absolute only thing making it better. I have seen netflix hiring android developers meaning that will be available soon. Once I get my evo to to provide the internet connection I won't need the 3g service.

    • mattyice

      you must not have been listening… Your paying 600 for it because there is no contract which means no termination fees either. There are 4 plans available for it minimum is $20 for 1gb maximum is $80 for 10gb. You do have to select a plan to buy one but there is no contract so cancel when you wish.

      • BadMagic

        The 'plan' isn't a contract? You have to cancel, right? You have to sign something other than the Credit Card Bill, right?



  • c_hack

    So you take a netbook minus the keyboard, minus the hard drive, with a free OS, and a cheap processor and double the price? Oh yeah – there is the touch screen. Its maybe worth $300 with wifi off contract. I don't like Apple products, but would still get an iPad over this at $600.

  • supermiah

    Just played with one for about 10 mins. I will say that since I am looking to get a tablet NOT for a computer or laptop replacement, this size is PERFECT!
    I was really impressed with the quality of the hardware, speed of the OS, and screen was very vivid.
    I would not pay 600 for it, but I do wish i could get one. Very, very impressed (minus the price)

    • Josh

      I agree with the comment about the size, I was less than impressed with the speed. Did you try the web browser? It was laggy.

      • Josh

        One more thing, did not get to try Dolphin or other alternate browsers.

  • hunkoman

    Just like the first time…..blow your wad in few minutes and get this. Wait and learn and be satisfied.

    This thing is just like my first girlfriend. Way too expensive for not much.

    I'll wait for my wife goddess version!!

    Oh and no she isn't cheap!

  • My guess is Black Friday, or after Xmas sales, you might see a better deal.

  • RLJSlick

    I still say if you wait 3 months these things will be $399

    • digitalicecream

      Wait two years and they'll be free. Wife chimes in with that stupid statement too everytime I want to buy a big screen tv.

  • The350zWolf

    Just for comparison, Archos is making a 10″ tablet that runs intel atom processor at 1GHz, OS android Froyo 2.2 and sells at about $300, wifi only:


    • Nick

      When does the 10 inch Archos tablet come out?

      • The350zWolf

        I believe that it is already out, I think that you can get it through amazon. Read the reviews first, since the materials quality might be not up to par with the Tab. Has some really awesome features, but others that are not that great. YMMV. Also Archos has a 7″ with capacitive touch screen running froyo on a 1 GHz ARM A8.

  • dman244

    Extreme waste of money, Android 2.3 is right around the corner along with the Google tablet in 2011.

    • digitalicecream

      and since the tab will get rooted, Gingerbread will be ported to it.

  • JR


  • Way too expensive and I don't need another monthly bill on top of it. Want a wifi version only and want to be sure they are committed to lots of Android version updates. Don't want to get stuck on a tablet that would never see Honeycomb.

  • someone please explain to me the logic of releasing an Android tablet after Goole themselves said that the Adroid OS was NOT made for the tablet experience. That using it in such a way would not be a “complete” experience. They are working on an OS for tablets, why not wait? And yes the price is too high for me. I think WiFi for tabs isn't worth it since I am usually at a hotspot when I use one

    • Michael_NM

      They're skimming some profit off of suckers like me who are just too damn impatient to wait… 🙂

  • Does Best Buy have these today?

  • Beerfish

    Way too expensive! Major FAIL Verizon! Hate to say it but, for this price I'd almost rather have the Ipad…

    • digitalicecream

      Seriously? The tab will get rooted, run newer OS' and will have tons more flexibility. Add your 64GB memory card and you have a 4G ready device on 64GB memory. How much is a 3g ipad with 64GB? It's pricey because there is no contract and because there are tons of folks who are trained to be impulse buyers from birth. $600 is a deal if I never have to pay another dime for the next 24 months.

  • droidrev71

    SURE I have$ 600.00 for Verizon to steal. No need my dx is just fine.

  • WTF are they thinking?!? $600? No way in hellz

    • Anonymous

      No kidding. You have to be hard core to even consider that price. I hate to say it, but the other tablets (cough* pad) almost seem like a better deal.

    • PigHeaded

      I would get something more portable for that price like an x if I had to pay full price.

  • rayz336

    I'm interested in this one, if they explain the mobile hotspot feature in more detail

    • Get a Droid, root it, and don't pay a crapload of money for a mobile hotspot to verizon

      • rayz336

        I have a rooted Evo, but the Verizon 3g at my home is faster. I would only buy data for the summer b/c that is the only time I'm home as I am a college student.

  • The350zWolf

    Echoing the crowd… TOO Expensive! Not to mention that one would have to pay $$$ for a separate data plan. WiFi only is what makes sense and at around $300

  • 1bad69z28

    I think I'll wait to see whats coming around the corner next year. That way I am sure the prices will come down and some other features will be out by then.

  • Rain_king46

    Sorry guys, to much. A pad/tab should be 2-300$ tops.

    • They released the price to make one at over $200, just for the parts… Then factor in the labor of making it, shipping it places, and the money spent on developing it, and advertising it, and they'd be losing A LOT of money at that price. Please, go into business and start selling things at less than what they cost to make, I'll support you until you go out of business for sure!

      • The350zWolf

        Tyler, agreed with what you are saying, but at $600 I would believe (don't know since I don't have data on the market research, I hope that big red hired someone to do this) very few of them -samsumg tabs- will sell, so hence big loses too. Anyone who has taken Economics 101 knows that it is supply and demand what determines the price of an item and if you lower the price the demand increases. There is a breakeven point, I don't think that $600 is that point

  • skltr21

    Seriously……………… $600?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The first real iPad competitor is more expensive and smaller than the iPad. I don't get it.

  • Michael_NM

    I picked up a T-Mobile Galaxy Tab yesterday, and I'm loving it. For me it's the perfect size. It's also helped my Droid X's battery life significantly. For those on the fence, I highly recommend getting your hands on one. 🙂

    • Can it recognize an ad-hoc network from your Droid?

      • Michael_NM

        There may be other options, but I've tried “Wireless Tether” and the Tab won't “find” it.

    • PigHeaded

      What are some of the things you like about it?

      • Anonymous

        My favorite thing about the device is the size. To me it’s perfect for portable web-browsing and email. I’ve played with the fruitPad and it was a bit unwieldy to me. The Galaxy Tab is great for couch surfing, and if you like Angry Birds… you’ll love it on this screen. I don’t even mind starting over. I’ve seen a lot of comments in the past about it only being three inches bigger than a Droid X, but the screen is actually about 3 times as big when you consider area (approx 21 sq in. compared to approx 8 sq in.), and it makes a huge difference to me. The Droid X screen actually seems small now. Will it replace my Droid X? No, but it will replace my netbook. Is it overpriced? Sure, but all of these devices are. Especially at the beginning. I love my Droid X and the Galaxy Tab provides all that I love about the Droid X in a bigger package. I haven’t tried video chat and doubt I’ll use it, but I did notice that the forward-facing camera is rotated 90 degrees…

  • tjpeco

    priced to fail on purpose. Why would verizon push a tablet that uses its 3g network when they have LTE literally around the corner?

    • Because this is the now, and they need to offer competition to the other networks offering tablet options right now?

  • KleenDroid

    Seriously what is the reason to have one of these? What can you do with it that we can't do with our phones? For $600 I would buy a computer… The only way I would even consider something like this would be if it were less than $200. I think the sales for this stuff will be flat.

    • Anonymous

      Why would you even consider it for $200? What can it do that our phones can’t already do even if it goes down in price?

      • KleenDroid

        True, it’s even useless at that.

      • Cjg4211

        It’s not what it can do that matters. Wait until you have 45 year old eyes and have a problem using the phone screen for browsing, etc. Even so, I can wait for a full tablet OS edition.

        • Anonymous

          You miss the guys point. He’s bitchin’ about how it doesn’t really do anything different than our current andie’s phones and yet he would get one if it was cheaper. My point was if it already does the same, what’s price got to do with it?

  • litrekid

    Ya wont be getting one of these for a while. Ill wait for prices to come down and bugs to get worked out

    • Bernie

      This is exactly what I intend to do. I have roughly $400.00 from selling my OG Droid and rebate cards from Verizon I have set aside for one of these things. My guess is that after holiday shopping is done and sales on these are flat, I can probably pick one up for around $400.00

  • If i had to have .. which i don't.. I would actually go to t-mobile and save two hundred. and get a cheapy package.

    • jaybeeunix

      t-mobile's cheapest on-contract package is $24/month with a 2 yr contract…so you'd be spending $600 on the data plan to save $200 on the device.

      verizon's and t-mobile's devices both allow you to activate prepaid plans on the devices themselves (a-la ipad), so it'd probably be better for most people who want a galaxy tab to just pay full price and active pre-paid data service only when they need it.

  • litrekid


    • KleenDroid

      you were first to be second…

  • Mr. Joshua

    Still too pricey for me