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Happy Birthday Motorola DROID!

Today marks the 1-year anniversary/birthday of the Motorola Droid.  When we look back at the success of the Android platform over the last 12 months, a lot of the credit goes straight to the device that was the inspiration behind this site.  The phone that took off with a brilliant marketing campaign, a huge holiday push, and as a choice for those not wanting to go to a certain other smartphone is one that shall never be forgotten.

Happy birthday OG.  We love ya.

Cheers Matt for the reminder!

  • kulz

    oh! the memories!

  • I think I'm about to cry… :')

  • Christopher Brown

    Happy Birthday OG!!! Truly an ORGINAL!!!

  • Depdad362

    Happy Birthday ol' reliable Droid! You are the first and best! I got mine on the 16 of November and its better than ever! Rooted and Running BB v.50! What a glorious journey! I will always consider it as a special union between man and Droid!

  • B_kincaide

    I love my og it was the first smartphone that I got. I had a blackberry 8330 and. I hated it .it was not smart it was dum. But happy birthday og we will alway love you. And I still have mind and I still love love love it ……

  • Patriotvirus

    Happy B-day DROID!

  • Stephen D

    Happy birthday to my Droid! My nerd-friend and I baked a Droid shaped cake 😀

  • Carismatico0213

    I love. My Droid too bad. I dont. Know. How. To put. Costum rooms on it. But. I love. It. Thank you. Motorola for such. A great. Phone.

    • I think. My brainzzz. Just. Bled. A little.

  • Sluggo97

    I got one of the first Droids on release day; the minute
    That I saw it I knew. That this was. Something big!!
    I had to go thru seven(7)
    Droids(4 new,3 rebuilt) to
    Get one that was as close to
    Perfect as a droid can be.
    I still have it, and when my
    Droidx is acting up(post
    FroYo) I will activate it, but I
    Always go back to the X;
    Love that Screen.hope that the next update will cure both volume& balky keyboard.then it will be perfect or as close as a Droid can be!!
    Happy Birthday-Droid Dude

  • sherri64

    Happy birthday to my beloved Droid!

  • ohh.. uhh its your birthday??? Im just kidding! huh? of course i got you a present! let me just go grab it from the closet… *car door slams, engine starting, rubber burning*

  • salient7

    Nov 6, 09; I was first in line at my local VZW to get my Droid. Never have been so happy with a new product and I've tasted a few. I've also never experience a product life-cycle as short as cell phone technology. No sooner was I comfy with my D1, yet found myself back in line to upgrade to the D2. And now only a few months with the latest and greatest, I see newer, faster, better models on the near horizon. LoveIt!

  • it's to bad that 2.2 ruined the device. i loved it before then…now it gets on my nerves!! rawr! always crashing and doing things it shouldn't. i even just got another replacement (3rd) and i've had it for less then a week and i already see signs that'll it'll start doing the same things again….oh well still love droids…just wish mine wasn't messed up…again

    • Chris

      If you already haven’t, it’s time to root!!!

      • and break my warranty…not ready for that one yet…will once it’s up though

  • Androidlover

    Please 'like' if I get the rom manager premium.apk can I update it from the android market

    • Stephen D

      Or just buy it…loser pirate.

  • Damn! I forgot another birthday…. I need to run out and buy a gift now.

  • nblufire12

    I Heart my Droid!

  • JEeeez. It's hard to believe that in the last twelve months, I've gone through ten phones.

  • Laz

    Happy birthday! I'm still rockin the droid1

  • Jerflash63

    wow its only been a year…seems like i have known her for much longer lol

  • StephanC

    My Droid didn't seem to handle its birthday very well. It's stuck looping the boot animation. Any idea what's going on? I would like some help here.

  • jiggaman508

    Happy birthday…i just wanna say thanks to the droid for opening up a whole new world for me…my girlfriend on the other hand may not be as happy cause I spend too much time on my phones lol

  • WHOOO! If only I still had my OG 🙁 D2 from insurance. Stupid Asurion 😛

  • Jtwildman1

    Still the best!! 🙂

  • Jeremy

    Been a year already on Android. Thank you Droid and Verizon for your iDont campaign. Without it I would have been an unhappy BB Storm 2 owner.

  • Jose carlos

    Long Live DROID!!!!!

  • Pmaroke

    Kellex, do you live in oregon? Not tring to be creepy or anything..lol

  • beyourself88

    Android FTW

  • Brando21

    Not one comment about not having vanilla. Shame on you guys

  • Rrbferrari

    I sat in the car for 3 hours buying the equalizer and trying to get the mp3 to work. Back & forth. They really didn't know how to run a droid, just came out. “Why doesn't it have the flashplayer ?”

  • OG All The Way! I'm Still Sportin It Everyday!!

  • mcdoogles

    Toast to the one that made this all possible!

  • Tergiversator_Maximus

    Long live the OG Droid!

  • JMTownsend83

    Sadly, I broke my Droid…i now am madly in love with my DroidX, but Droid changed my life forever! If anyone wants to sell a D1 let me know!

  • Michael_NM

    Happy Birthday Daddy Droid!

    Thanks for being smart enough to remember when Daylight Saving Time ends, unlike that “digitally clueless” fruit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w83UQkiuNZQ&feature=related

  • Most reliable phone ever? Hell yeah. Still livin with it after 12 months.. even after buying a Droid X!

  • Socaldubs

    So lame

  • To be honest, I wasn't a big fan of the original Droid, and was even thinking about going to the iPhone, but as I hate AT&T almost more than anything, I decided to go with the Droid X, and you know what, I am extremely glad I did. Easily one of the best decisions I've ever made.

    Even if the iPhone goes to Verizon (maybe next year), I'll still be sticking with my Droid X. Wow. This is a solid phone to an even great solid foundation, so I've definitely made the right decision.

    Thanks, Android, Motorola, Droid-Life(for being a great site) and everyone else in between.


  • evltwn

    How often can we really say something so simple as a cell phone has changed our lives? Well the Droid changed mine. I bought mine on 11/11/09 and my world changed. I never wanted an i*hone, but I HAD to have the Droid and even switched carriers to do it. Then in Feb my eyes were opened up to this site and the world of rooting, and I had been forever changed. I was now, a tech-geek. All my friends come to me for their Droid problems, of course if I can't help them, I send the here. Because the Droid community is the best out there. Happy Birthday OG Droid, I'm still singing your praises. With rooting, you will be my phone for a long time. And thanks to Kellex for starting this site. You Rock!

  • i'm waiting for the milestone 2 ….

  • And tomorrow, I'm eligible for an early upgrade. {{-_-}}

  • Njoy3219

    Lmao I'm posting this from my og right now, awesome phone and also rooted 🙂 I also have those same type of plates at my house that the cheesecake is on 🙂

  • EC8CH

    if I was a Droid, I would prefer my cake served on an I*pad

  • EC8CH

    The cake is a lie…

    Happy B-day Droid… Nuthin' but love for ya

  • bob

    I'll drink to that.

    HBD OG Droid!

  • Flighinhigh

    I bought a used D1 and am loving it and all that I can do with it. I also bought a DX that is still waiting to ship. I desired to check out keyboard/no keyboard phones. I have found that having the keyboard with arrow keys really help me a lot. With the screen keyboard I can not put the cursor where I desire it, so the keyboard is a big help. The DX big screen my make the difference. I can now wait for the dual or quad CPU's and high capacity screen to come out, and with LTE. I have never had so much fun with a cell phone and play some Angry Bird's. I will keep this phone and sell both WM 6 phones, or give them away.

  • Jarred

    The cake is a lie!

  • sr_erick

    I remember getting my Droid the day after launch day last year. I was so excited dumping the Blackberry Storm! I was still under contract so I just paid outright for the phone, but then lucky me two days later Verizon sent out a mailer saying I was eligible for an upgrade to a Droid at the promotional price ($200) so that worked out perfectly!

    Currently running the Droid X and am awaiting the arrival of the first Verizon LTE phone.

  • 1bad69z28

    Hey that's right it's my birthday and my OG Droid was my B DAY present. Happy birthday MOTO DROID and Me. 🙂

    • Happy birthday.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks Quiklives 🙂

  • Damn that cake looks good!

  • Eseyfried79

    Got my droid on the day it came out.. rooted a week later.. Oc'd to 1250mhz a month after that.. flashed uncountable number of roms.. dropped it fromscary high places on many unforgiving surfaces.. thought i killed it at least a dozen times.. still going strong. what an incredible device. happy birthday droid, i love you