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Download: PowerAmp, the New King of Music Players

A lot of music player talk lately has been about Winamp when it should have been about this app called PowerAMP.  From what I can tell it has been out for almost a week now and should be on everyone’s short list of apps to try this Halloween weekend.  I sat down with it for just a couple of minutes and tweaked enough settings on one track to feel like a true mixmaster.  

Download:  PowerAMP1.0.113.apk (New version!  Cheers Jason!)

Some of the Features:

-MP3, MP4/M4A,loseless ALAC,FLAC, OGG, WAV, TTA, WMA
-Has own codecs
-Choose music from SD card
-Tegs, lyrics
-Skins, 2 in beta version
-Fast scan of files ( in 1 second 1000files, depends on phone speed)

For a full walk-through and a good laugh, check out the video below.

Via:  XDA Forums

Cheers Jason!

  • pdash

    why is it so hard to say what track number the song that is playing is out of how many tracks in an album/playlist. its missing from most android players. i just don't get it, such and easy and seemingly obvious addition…

  • Great that it's with Tags, lyrics..


  • Dddd

    yeah late version posted i'm rocking 1.0 build-113

  • If you enjoy music you should check out this new adroid app called Musician Slideshow. For more info check out the following link http://hugegreenbug.blogspot.com/ or the market link http://market.android.com/search?q=pname:com.hugegreenbug.ms

  • Brad

    Wow, this thing is…spectacular. Just one problem though, and this is a deal breaker for me. It has no lockscreen controls like Winamp does. It would not have been a deal breaker before Winamp came out, as no other third party media player I've used can do lockscreen controls, but now that Winamp has managed that feat, I will prefer it over anything that doesn't have that feature. I know this is beta, so hopefully that feature is coming in the full release. If so, this thing will pwn all.

  • blade78

    It's the best music player I ever tried on my Droid 1. I would highly recommend PowerAmp.

  • Donny

    Yeah this looks cool, but i think the galaxy s touchwiz music player is better…..it also has a equalizer!!!

  • Kevin Jellison

    I like it, but not as much as I like Cubed Music Player. I never hear anyone talk about Cubed, but I think it's the best and easiest to use. It doesn't have the EQ options of PowerAmp, but with DSPManager you can do most of the same EQing.

    • mtbhk44

      This has a much more extensive EQ system than DSP Manager and I found DSP Manager overall made the music sound worse. I like this player alot – but the updated version ONLY takes artwork embedded in the file OR the art downloaded by the player. It does not use art downloaded by Album Artwork Grabber, but the version posted in this OP does.

      Anyone know how to make other artwork show up???

      • Kevin Jellison

        I agree. That 9 band EQ is really sweet, and is much better than DSP. I just don’t like that when I pick an artist it brings up all the songs instead of dividing them by album. Also, the artwork is a big issue for me as well. It is a beta though so I’m sure a lot of these things will be addressed, and if they are, this will definitely be my music player!

  • alken2626


  • Felishaaababy

    Its crazy that I bring this up while listening to pandora and don't let me fall starts playing..

  • BA_Carroll

    I think the only thing this version is missing is a lock screen control. I really like winamp's interface but the only thing it's missing is an equalizer. Ahhhhhhh decisions

    • n0s

      The full version has a lock screen widget. When it comes out you wont have to make a choice

      • BA_Carroll

        You just made my night sir. Just goes to show you on the Android apps there is always something out there being developed that is better. Now when is said paid version coming?

    • It's already imlemented in a new beta http://www.fileserve.com/file/tmyJGP6 (as well as album art downloader, last.fm scrobbling and so on)

  • Mr. Joshua

    Do any of you know if this (or any other player) will play .m4b files?

    • Mr. Joshua

      FYI – just tested Winamp, and it does.

  • Eholdenmob

    I'd use it but the library stinks. When you pick artist it just shows every song from that artist it doesn't sort albums. When you have 100 artist on your phone and 500 albums it's kinda ridiculous to browse by album and you can't browse by artist because you can't just pick an album, it jumbles all the songs into one alphabetical list.

    • Eholdenmob

      Equalizer is awesome. Player is nice looking but I don't care much for the style. The browsing files is the major deal breaker. I use Winamp beta.

  • Droidinmind

    This is awesome!!! There is a new build that addresses a few questions in this post. I would like to see option to keep screen on. lock screen widget rules!!! Un installed all other music players I've tried… this is the answer!! Thanks Droid life:-)

  • rebelz13

    Works great! I've tried just about everything else out there!

  • Camaros_Kill

    If this is Beta, I dont know how Google can even face themselves with the stock app.. This is what Android has been suffering without since the G1…Dont forget to freeze the stock app in Titanium!

    • gujupmp88

      not to be a noob, but i never knew what “freezing” apps in titanium backup did, care to enlighten me?

      • Cgmartin33

        Exactly what it sounds like. Rather than deleting an app you can freeze it or disable it so that it will not run and interfere with the app you care about. A great example is freezing the stock sms to run handcent or chomp. The glory of the whole thing is that you can simply unfreeze and restore the frozen app and all of its data when you figure out that the app you were testing is crap.

  • Trying to download this, but getting this error “There is a problem parsing the package”. Am I missing anything?

    • CivilDroid

      Same prob here

      • Solved, awesome app! @CivilDroid Download the apk to your PC & then copy it to your SD card.

        • CivilDroid

          Sweet thanks!

  • iPhoneBestPhone

    Does it support scrobbling from the Last.fm app?

  • Smooth

    I've been waiting for this one, it will definitely replace my current players (Real Beta, Winamp, BTunes, and possibly Mixzing)

  • Bogdkad

    WHY did you give us a link to old version when there is a new one with tonns of new features for about 3 days already???

    • Calm down. It was obviously not done on purpose.

  • The350zWolf

    Time to sign off Droid brothers and sisters. Everyone have a great weekend as well as a safe and happy Halloween!


  • RevWolfee

    Sweet on my Droid 1, like the large album art. The EQ is really a nice touch; going for better earbuds this weekend! Deleting Zimy as I type.

  • Am I the only one who prefers doubleTwist?

  • Tags852

    Bookmarking feature? I want to use one app for music, audiobooks, and podcasts…Please make a bookmarking feature, even if it's a manual bookmarking system!

  • 1977sjr

    I'm the newest convert from Winamp to PowerAmp. The interface and speed and overal fluidity of the app is amazing. It appears that it may be a battery hog, though…

  • Chupaturkey

    No exit and service still runs after closing. I'll stick to winamp for now.

    • Cgmartin33

      Agreed…slowed my 1.35ghz DX to a crawl. Even typing was brutal. Uninstalled and flying again! Background operation needs to be dealt with.

  • Porschephile2k3

    Looks good, but tag sorting is messed up! Waiting for the next release.

    • Porschephile2k3

      Also needs gapless playback for live albums eventually.

  • Drcaveman

    This is sweet so many options and audio adjustments.

  • Chinaco

    SWEET! Just downloaded and played with. So far it's very tight and I like the equalizer. I'm gonna play with it all weekend. The first thing on my wish list is locked screen controls and perhaps a lager widget that includes album art. Otherwise, love it so far.

    • The350zWolf

      yeah, the equalizer is what really make this thing awesome!

  • The350zWolf

    I guess that thrill of spanking the llama's ass didn't last too long… This power amp rocks!

  • viewthis66

    just downloaded it. took about 5min to learn it. love it. its my new player. deleted Winamp.

  • Scott Young

    If only I used my phone as a music player, then I'd probably use this, lol

  • Jasons_waxxx

    Google should hire Max, the developer of PowerAMP.
    He could teach Google more than a thing or two when comes to music player functionality, features, and user experience.
    PowerAMP is the best music player hands down on any mobile device.
    I am quite the audiophile junkie, PowerAMP has put me in heaven.
    A DEFINITE MUST BUY once the final version is ready and hits the market.
    This is an outstanding beta!!! 😀

  • Cee_em_jay

    For some reason I can't use Astro to open it…when I press the open app manager button it just gives me a page with no options to install…downloaded directly to phone.

    • Smooth

      One Tap on the .apk file, One Tap on “Open App Manager” One Tap on “Install”

      • Cee_em_jay

        No, see, there’s no install button popping up when I do that…I get the parsing error one of the other commenters said he got, no one replied to him…

        • Smooth

          Oh, OK, I download it with my DX via xScope Browswer, once it finished downloading the open menu popped up and it installed without any issues.

  • If I buy you a server, will you host your files there instead of Megaupload? That site doesn't work great through the phone and work (where I usually visit this site) blocks it. Makes it a pain to play with the cool stuff I see. 😀

    • Anonymous

      worked fine uploading through my OG Droids browser.

    • Smooth

      Wow, and I was just thing how great Megaupload works with my DX & xScope Browser 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Works fine on my X’s stock browser 😛

    • FortitudineVincimus

      or you could just go find it yourself 😉

    • If you’re still struggling with Megaupload I’ve stuck the latest Beta version in my Dropbox and shared it. You can grab it here… http://db.tt/gAsNp7z

    • Inquisitor

      kellex, why don’t you just use mediafire? Much more android friendly…

      • Bzchickin

        He needs the money? Mega upload gives him extra bucks. Once he gets a lot of downloads, he can get some seriuz beezniz in the cash area.

  • jiggaman508

    I must say this is one of the best music apps out there…can't best the price either

  • Charlie

    After about 20 minutes of playing with this…

    1. Pretty slick! Not buggy. Works well.

    2. Anyone find a way to get album artwork updated?

    3. How do you EXIT PowerAMP?

    • Smooth

      I just backed out, its out of the Notification bar…

    • RoadsterHD1

      PAUSE IT. or task kill

  • chewybang

    Definitely looks like a cool app. Going to mess around with it this weekend.

  • El El Kool J

    I like.. might have to try this one out.. hard to give up my lithium music player 😛

  • Droid4Life

    Awesome app. tested it out with a few different types of music from rock to rap and r&b and club music. really makes a huge different in sound bass and treble

  • dblj

    Have I ever mentioned how much I love this site? Yeah, well I'm saying it again. I love droid-life!

  • Rayman411vm

    Seriously google needs a better music experience overall…it is my only dislike about my phone…get it right with gingerbread

  • RealGame22

    WoW!!! That caught me off guard. A AndroidLife website…..

  • Shawn

    anyone else notice albums are incorrectly ordered as well as songs?

    • El El Kool J

      it does that in shuffle mode

      • Shawn

        Oh wow I never thought of that, thank you so much, you're a genius. Seriously?

    • Bret

      Yeah same here. They always show up in alphabetical order. I can go to the track info and it says the right track number for every song but it doesn’t order them that way.

      • HalfMoon

        Yeah, seems to only want to sort by Alphebetical or the Number in the NAME of the file. I’m not renaming my files when the ID3 tags are perfectly fine. MixZing and WinAmp sort by tag.

        Does the new version of this app sort by tag?

        This should be in the market, not on MU/etc. if you want people to download it.

  • heytshirtguy

    Wow 26°, we hit a record high of 94° just the other.
    Nice video, thanks

    • Chewybang

      that's 26 degrees Celsius if i'm not mistaken 🙂

  • Armyof2

    wooowwwwww…..this is awesome I'm in!

  • like it alot, would be nice if you were able to scrobble to last fm though, and a widget with the album cover

  • PowerAMP looks pretty awesome from watching the video…and free can't hurt neither. Will definitely give it a go later today. Nice!

    And thanks for posting this!

    • Jasons_waxxx

      This app is in beta.
      Since there is a” buy” option in settings,
      Im sure there will be a free and pro version.

      I AM SOLD! 😀

      • Yeah, I seen that, too. I wouldn’t mind buying this..definitely. AND finally, a media app that actually shows FOLDERS. Other media apps do not show actual folders in the music folder for some reason, but PowerAMP does just that. Bloody awesome! That alone makes this app worth it, along with many other great features.

    • Jasons_waxxx

      This app is in beta.
      Since there is a” buy” option in settings,
      Im sure there will be a free and pro version.

      I AM SOLD! 😀

  • cool

    and first

    • Actually, technically, Michael_NM was first. 🙂


  • Michael_NM

    Sweet treat for Halloween! 🙂