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Wednesday Poll: Rooted or Non-Rooted?

We like to ask this question every few months just to see where our readers stand on the rooted phone front.  As we continue to shape our coverage as we see trends, fit, and reader requests, this is the question we probably get the most from.  And this time, we’ve added some specifics.  Let us know!

Rooted or Non-Rooted?

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  • David Narada Brown

    Galaxy nexus rooted. I rooted because we all know how slow verizon is with updates, so i stopped waiting. I think i will be rooting for a long time.

  • MicroDOC

    I’ve upgraded to 4.5.573 using dxgbrooting.zip. Is there a way
    to go to 4.5.596 and still be rooted? What’s the difference between
    those two versions?

  • Mhanda45

    I have heard great things about rooting. I'm excited about extending my battery life and speed increase which is why I want to root. However I'm worried about some of my programs like NFL Mobile. I watch football on it every Sunday. I hear people have to pay $10 a month to watch live football now but since I'm grandfathers claused in I dont. I do not want to upgrade if I lose such grandfathers clauses. I think Shazaam is another program that people have to pay for now. Any suggestions?

  • Would you look at that, the OG Droid still is on top. Keep up the coverage of our ol Droid for us ey Kellex?

  • DXn00b

    I wasn't rooted this morning… but with the help of DL members I am now!!

    I have no idea why I waited this long to remove CITY ID and AMAZON MP3 and BLOCKBUSTER and VZ NAVIGATOR (i mean c'mon verizon why would i ever pay you for something that google already wanted me to have for free?)

    And thats only the start of it. I can't wait to start dealing with custom roms and using all of this raw android power!

  • Hutj22

    Wish I would run into someone with a rooted Droid so I can see it`s performance.

  • Dpry3580

    My X is stock. I would like to OC it, but haven't heard of a way yet. That might be a good enough reason for me. Then I'd probably mess around with some other stuff, just because that’s what I do with everything else. For now, the X with 2.2 is amazing as-is. PDANet is by far my favorite app. No internet bill home. I plug my Win7 64bit to my X, and it's faster than my Comcast connection was. As for Droids being PC’s, that’s obvious. The only difference is screen size. There comes a point when you’re carrying a tablet instead of a phone. 4.3” is a perfect size IMO. The video it captures looks amazing on my 55” LED LCD from the media port through HDMI.

  • quiklives

    Interesting that the DI, D2 and DX all have more non-rooted votes than rooted, while the original Droid and aggregate other phones show more rooted than not.

  • thelolotov

    Wow, we rooted D2 owners are really in the minority, huh.

  • Manic

    Rooted Droid X Official Froyo running FlyX and Revolution themed.. Battery life is AWSOME and supper fast..

  • Lexiedgerocks

    I want to root, but I'm afraid to brick my phone and the fact that my warranty will be voided. I remember my last phone I broke after the warranty was done and I had to buy me a whole new phone (my D1 which was worth it). So is it really worth it and can I actually understand how to do it? I mean the biggest thing I have ever done to my phone was download the Swype apk and I figured that out myself. Ideas?

    • mathees

      you wont realize how worth it it is until you do it. my phone is faster, looks better, runs smoother. it turned into a hobby for me. as for how to do it, clink the “rooting guide: Android 2.2 on motorola droid” on the side bar of every page on this website

  • brayden

    i would be rooted but my usb is messed up somehow so i cant use rsd lite

  • mo

    ive had a full upgrade waiting for me since the 17th, ud8 on my droid is so smooth though.

    all i want is the epic 4g on vzw…the merge was so close…ugh.

  • Icy-X

    Non Rooted Droid X 2.2

  • Brife


  • Kevind

    Just doesn't make sense for me to root my X yet. When easy custom ROMs become available then I'm game. Nothing about the X bothers me yet except Blur and rooting won't help with that.

    • Thornfullessrose

      easy custom roms? whats that? install a de-blurred rom! i know if they have one for droid 2, they definitly have a de-blurred rom for the x. root will help with that

  • Rooted Droid FTW!

  • jahpickney

    OG Droid 4 life!

    • djembeman

      I think I'll keep this even beyond my next new every two. I'm keeping this until there is a killer 4G phone.

  • Davidcosmejr

    I found that my phone worked faster after I rooted.

  • baldypal

    When is someone going to develope an easy ROM application like easy root. A simple push of a button ROM changer. That would be sweet.

    • Thornfullessrose

      Rom Manager has already been created. who really needs it that easy???? its not hard at all! just click the rom you want, click download, and install!

      • baldypal

        I'm sorry. You missed my point. It should be as easy as changing your wallpaper. No installs. That's not convinient enough to be called “easy”.

        • Kraymanbauer

          The slight amount of work that it takes is the part your not understanding. What fun would it be to just hit 1 button and have it done? what would you learn? anything enjoyable comes from work. Thats the fun i see in rooting anyway. Its not just the after affects, its the process!

        • jwb

          So you want to be able to switch ROMs without installing them? Oo kay..

          • Thornfullessrose


          • Thornfullessrose


  • I'll tell you a couple of polls I'd like to see on here. What is the average age of the Droid user on here and what is the average age of the developers on here.

  • Rooted Droid all the way, although once again my phone went stupid this morning. my phone kept restarting and the battery was dead so it couldnt charge nd it wouldnt stop restarting, i got into recovery and went to my safety ROM which is Buglessbeast v1.1 android 2.1 from sapphire v1.1 this has also happend to me while i had simply stunning on another droid. It sucks and for that reason i wanna unroot but then i think about all of the awesome features i have and im not ready to step down from that

    • JFKempf

      I went through this with Sapphire 1.0(and 1, and 1.1), and it seems to have something to do with not having quite enough juice to boot all the way up. When plugged into the mains, I couldn't get it to just charge without trying to turn on. Solutions I found: remove uSD card (worked once or twice), or charge via USB. Seems with the batt is that close to fully drained, charging via USB allows it to 'build up' to a certain point before it powers on the phone. It takes a while, but it did work for me.

    • The350zWolf

      Since you have tried BB already, let me recommend the latest BBV0.5 running on FRG22D. You'll love it!

      • mathees

        i recommend anything but BB. BB is slow as f***

  • Barry

    Boxers or briefs?

  • Buseck

    Rooted the original droid with easy root…loved it. Got the update, FRG22D, now my phone is unrooted. Does anyone have a guide to get my phone rooted again?

  • 11knives

    I was rooted on my dx before the ota update and I really miss teathering. I'm waiting on a new easy root/unroot for 2.2

  • antrison

    Many people seem to be very worried about rooting their phones for fear of bricking them. I was as well but have been rooted since February and have yet to hear of anyone on this site actually bricking their phones (except Kellex's April fools joke). Yeah, it's a risk, but no one seems to have any issues here.
    Anyone bricked?

  • Kraymanbauer

    Having no prior knwoledge before myself, youd be amazed how easy and fun it is. Not a huge chance of error if you read up, plan out the steps and take you. time. Picture having a phone thats custom tailored to you…. thats rooting!

  • Daballa

    Rooted OG Droid. Liquid Frozen Yogurt 1.6, WatermarkD 3.4, Slayer 1gh. kern.

  • Memphis550

    root all the way frees up phones i just don't know why they don't sell them like this

  • I'm rooted on Droid X but I think it was more fun being rooted on the original Droid

    • sylent101

      Yeah when I switched to my incredible from my old droid rooting kind of lost its flavor a little.