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Rumor: DROID Incredible Froyo Update Coming September 1st? (Updated)

There hasn’t been much Android 2.2 for the Droid Incredible talk in recent weeks, so we thought we’d fire up that engine again with a juicy rumor that just hit our inbox.  The Droid and Droid 2 already have the latest Android OS leaving those with the Incredible and Droid X feeling just slightly frustrated.  So when can we expect it then?

According to one of our sources, the DI’s update to Froyo should happen on September 1st and will include all of the previous features we’ve covered a dozen or so times such as 720p video, improved voice quality, and a bunch of bloatware.

Apparently the marketing team for Verizon has already been notified and you can expect to see a ramp-up of DI commercials over the next week or so.

Update:  Our sources are now backing off of their original report.  Delays people.  No word on what those may be, but the 1st is likely out.  And that was the quickest rumor in Droid history.  We’re sorry that we’ve wasted you time.  I hate Froyo.

Start crossing your fingers now.  And as we’ve clearly stated in the title, this is only a rumor until we see some documentation or until an update actually hits someone’s device.  Until then, we’ll keep digging as we always do for further confirmation.

Of course you can also root your phone and install the leaked 2.2 now.

Excited?  Crossing fingers?

  • 1lionmurrill

    I love this site, but these rumors are getting old. I would rather wake up one mornig and read “suprise the update is available today” At this point even if the rumor is true, who gives a damn.

  • Rogue5

    These rumor updates is as bad as those delays in getting them INC's into consumers hands.

  • Psybrrr69-koarc2007

    Does the Froyo update for the Dinc include a new baseband version? The one in my phone is

  • Lawrencexjameson

    i rooted my DInc with unrevoked and installed the 2.2. I love the added benefits of wifi tether and whatnot but the gps wont connect to a satellite or record videos or take photos. The gps just constantly searches. the video and picture just freeze the phone and then throws it into a restart… Anyone else have this issue?

  • twitter.com/LamborghiniJ8y

    yeah yeah yeah i believe it when i see it i am not going to get my hopes up when it comes to Verizon and i wish these blog sites would stop with all the damn rumors.

  • Ajl06808

    How about everybody stops posting RUMORS and posts GUARANTEED dates.

    • WhereIsTony

      Because no one knows guarenteed dates, genius.

  • Jason

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHa ILL BELIVE IT WHEN I SEE IT, 1ST july 16th then sept 18 now sept 1st we will see it next year i bet when there is a new htc out for verizon, just like then the D2 went out then 2.2 went to the D1

  • Blarg3

    And by 'source' they mean some jackass on incredibleforum.com or androidforum.com, not anyone with any real inside knowledge. The past 2 false rumors have just proven what little journalistic integrity there is left in the tech press.

  • droider10

    Off topic, hope some1 can help me, I have manualy updated 2.2(unrooted) droid, when I'm on internet or an app and press home, the screen turns black and launcherpro restarts and has to load all apps and home screen, its been doing it ever since I updated, can anyone help?

  • Jester4281

    I tell ya, if these “sources” where police department “sources” we would have a ton of guilty innocent people.
    I would put money on anyone involved with the “its legal to Root phones” verdict was a DI owner who realized they were only going to see froyo, gingerbread or muffin (note: there is no muffin, just tossing it out there as a future releases name).

    • Jester4281

      via a rooted rom.

      Sorry got side tracked and submitted before completed

  • kencagle

    I have an EVO also. I updated my EVO via the HTC released EVO Froyo update
    downloaded from their site. A week or more before Sprint pushed it out. I
    have not yet seen this type of release for the Incredible. Maybe it is
    Verizon, I can see that too. They appear to be buddy, buddy with Moto I can
    see them showing Favor to their devices first and giving them a month to
    benefit from increased sales because of the advantages of 2.2 over other
    Androids. Who wants to buy 2.1 when there is 2.2. Look at that X10 by Sony
    Ericsson it runs a very nice overlay to Android 1.2 or something and its not
    selling well that I can see. People just want the latest and we are tired
    of waiting on it.

  • i'm totally over the rumours for this. it's gotten fairly ridiculous.

  • Scea0512

    Yeah OK , BULLSHIT BULLSHIT and more BULLSHIT !!! wasnt it already supposed to have it on the 18th , tired of these companies LYING

  • Eighthmind

    I don't buy the September first date one bit. I'm still aprehensive about the info too so take it for what its worth. My source is not one to EVER talk about his work…but with enough booze…he spilled what he knew without too much of a fight. (provided i kept it quiet) I believe him when he tells me VZW green-lighted the current build. I still DON'T believe the 9/1/2010 date.

  • palomosan

    Nah! tired of all the drama regarding the OTA, been there done that, running Froyo goodness now with root and Skyraider 2.5.2 + Rule the air theme.

  • Rooting is the way to go. get froyo now and ditch all the bloatware! Sill wanna see the official build…just curious to see the final product.

  • Brianbales

    Congratulations. Your “source” is one guy in Androidforums.com jokingly saying “It comes September 1st!”.

    I hereby submit an official call of shananigans.

  • i_will_never_die

    Don't get your hopes up. Remember the last rumor?

    Just root it.

  • Eighthmind

    I’m as sick as the next guy over hearing all of the rumors surrounding the Droid Incredible getting Froyo. I’ve never believed any of the hype surrounding it. That said, I have to change my tune (still a little doubtful). I am a proud Captain in the Droid Army. I have it from a good source ( and not some phone support guy) That as of yesterday, (08/24/2010) the official build of Froyo has the green light from Big Red. Verizon alpha testers have been running build after build of this delicious frozen treat for many weeks now. I’m sure this is the reason for all the speculation on release dates. Sadly, none of these builds lived up to Verizon’s quality standards. But finally the wait is soon over! A close friend who is one of these alpha testers for VZW told me Big Red signed off on the current build he is running. He tells me it now goes back to Google for their stamp and then let the rollout begin. Usually 7-10 days from this stage. Now I know this is yet another rumor, but It’s the first one I believe may have some merit.

  • Havoc70

    LMAO, i love how the picture shows “Unrevoked”, as the build number. Must be a generic pic, still no official word.

  • Yeah I just used the leaked firmware. Froyo is AWESOME. Flash video ftw

  • Jade Falcon

    This is like a bad relationship. I should just break up with Froyo rumors and be done with it. I have to move on before it ruins my life!

  • Ryan

    Hopefully this source is a bit more credible then that worthless Ben Parr over at Mashable…

    • Brian

      It's much less. They got it from a random commenter on androidforums.com. That's the whole of it.

      • Sjm614

        That is terrible…

  • Adrian

    Well whether or not this rumor is true, I have most definitely seen more Droid Incredible commercials in the last 4 hours than I have seen since it has released, and thats a fact. I was a little surprised, but I figured its because now they actually have it stock, so advertising will actually be worthwhile.


    I'd hold my breath, but blue isnt my color.

  • WhereIsTony

    Forever, the droid got Froyo last week, the X still has not got it.

  • kencagle

    This is a re-run story. I have no faith. All I know is my next phone is not a HTC. I love HTC but these updates take forever while HTC molds Sense to it.

    • Murph

      I'm frustrated too, but I think this has more to do with Verizon. They rolled out the Droid first, and its not yet finished…very unlikely they would do two at one time. Also, HTC has already adapted Froyo to Sense….see: EVO.

      • kencagle

        I have an EVO also. I updated my EVO via the HTC released EVO Froyo update
        downloaded from their site. A week or more before Sprint pushed it out. I
        have not yet seen this type of release for the Incredible. Maybe it is
        Verizon, I can see that too. They appear to be buddy, buddy with Moto I can
        see them showing Favor to their devices first and giving them a month to
        benefit from increased sales because of the advantages of 2.2 over other
        Androids. Who wants to buy 2.1 when there is 2.2. Look at that X10 by Sony
        Ericsson it runs a very nice overlay to Android 1.2 or something and its not
        selling well that I can see. People just want the latest and we are tired
        of waiting on it.

  • Romma1

    release the source code of the rumor!

  • Rizzidy

    more lies.

  • desibroncofan

    BS. I already have a rooted DI upgraded to 2.2. I am sick and tired of these rumors.

  • Steve Edholm

    Any actual sources? No? BS

  • QUESTION>>>> anyone know where to get the Simp text icons…. i love em.. its hard to find em… i only need.. contacts, texts messages, web browser, phone dialer…

    • Adrian

      I finally found them, lemme see if I can find the link again

      • dude…. your the best… you even sent it to me on facebook… thanks for the super fast response….. just shows how much better android community than crapple nazism

        • wow you are the bomb… it works great… and ive been looking for it since last night… i keep finding private or dead links…. thanks man… hell yes

    • Adrian
  • tonytbone7883

    What about the base band BP_C_01.09.06P THAT COMES WITH THE NEW D2, DOES IT WORK FOR D1? IS THIS BASEBAND BETTER THAN C_01.43.01P??????

  • Swurvo34

    I heard it was coming on the third…of nevuary

    • KnightDavid

      thats my birthday! 🙂

  • Timoh

    The Incredible being on the first, or first week of September means the X wont get it until late September now. Verizon wont run 2 updates for such popular phones at the same time.

  • Dropshot

    I hate to be a party pooper but froyo isn't as revolutionary as everyone makes it out to be. I mean don't get me wrong I used to look forward to it and get excited whenever these new rumors came out just like everyone else. But then I rooted my Incredible and installed a leaked version of froyo, and realized it isnt really any different. It doesn't change the way I use my phone whatsoever. I mean sure my phone benchmarks way higher now, but in real world use it doesn't seem any faster, and the battery life is a bit worse now, if that's even possible. The only thing worth a Damn is flash 10.1, which is pretty darn cool.

    • And saving your app preferences, “update all”, voice commands, faster kernel code, etc.

      • Anonymous

        Well I already installed an overclocked hydra kernel so I’m already running faster than stock froyo, and the only voice actions I would ever use, text and alarm flat out won’t work for me no matter how clearly I speak. I’m not sure if its an issue with the incredible, or the fact that I’m rooted and not running the “official” froyo or whatever, but its a pretty big bummer. If voice actions were functioning properly I would probably think a little more highly of froyo, but as is, I can’t understand why everyone is hyping it up so much, as I was expecting it to completely overhaul my android experience. Instead I use the exact same apps and features in the same way as I used to, they just run ever so slightly faster and smoother. On a side note, I’m not sure if its a feature of froyo or the custom Rom I’m running, but I can now use explicit language in my voice to text, which is pretty helpful

        • aji

          When are we going to get a setcpu that’ll overclock the droid2?

    • Anonymous

      Not to be a douche, but Froyo is crap on HTC Sense devices. Sense is more business type while devices such as the Nexus, Droid, Droid X, and Droid 2 DESERVE Froyo. BTW I’m only 12, so don’t bash.

  • Dandrews524

    What about the DX?!?! i am getting very frustrated with motorola and verizon at this point.

  • youngnamlee

    From experience I learned not to get my hopes up 🙁
    But then again, you never know.

  • David

    Would be nice, but we'll see (and hope just a little)

  • Nybeeks

    so looking forward to this update!

  • timarnette

    Want it for the X also!!!!!

  • AceBoonKoon

    As much as I hate reading another “DINC Froyo update rumor” I just couldn't resist reading another and … Hoping.

  • Ragnarok180


  • Makes sense, considering that's the same day as some *pple convention.

  • excited? not anymore…i just want the damn update so i can start crying about 3.0 🙂

  • Remy

    Would be nice, considering I'm ordering mine on the 2nd (granted it's still holding steady stock.)

  • Murph

    are you trying to hurt me?

  • Mr. Joshua

    My sources say it will be on the 6th

    • Closhedbb

      Your sources don't have a clue.

  • CheeseLover

    god damn it. I would rather not know at this point. My wife and I both have the DI. Please be true for once.

    • Jbarb21

      Did you really have to type the first 3 words in your comment??? Not cool!

      • Anonymous

        god god god… blah blah blah you keep on believing in fairy-tales buddy. the sooner the world wises up and no longer believes crap written by humans thousands of years ago, the better. the same people who wrote the books that you religious people love to confuse with reality are the same idiots who believed vertical rock formations in the deserts were created by evil spirits escaping the underworld. educated people call this erosion. you love god, I love cheese. the only difference is what I love is real. now if you’ll excuse me, I need to have a bite of my god. mmmmmm made by the holy cow. mmmmmmm

        • Guest

          Wow…because THAT reaction was warrented. Way to be a dick. I mean, yeah, jbarb21’s comment was over sensitive and needless, but it in no way called for such anger or spite. So he believes in something you don’t. It doesn’t make you any smarter for not believing in it and certainly doesn’t give you the right to be like that. Learn some tact!

          And before you ask, no I am not religious. I’m just a good person.

        • IncredibleNation


          You truly are an uneducated sack-of-shit. Please learn how to capitalize the first letter of a sentence before you go on about the difference between educated and uneducated people. Also please sell your Droid Incredible immediately….the rest of us don’t want to be associated with an asshat like you. Thanks.

          • Hypocrite

            Since we’re on the subject of grammar, ellipses only have three periods or full stops.

            Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone.

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          • DontbeA

            You should have had a comma after “also.”

        • Morbid_Realities

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          • @cheeselover Why so angry? I mean if you don’t believe it exists… why do you get so mad? I mean you don’t see anyone running around saying “MAN! THOSE UNICORNS! THEY ARE JUST SO STUPID.” Chill out and live and let live.

          • Just live

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          • Morbid_Realities

            Wars are started using religion as a scapegoat. That my friend is fact. There has never ever been a war that was started soley based on religion. Thats the end of my rant about religion. This is a tech blog, not a religious theology blog

        • Blades

          I thought this site was about discussing Android Phones, not whether or not you believe in God or Unicorns…

          Don’t feed the Trolls…..

      • Keith Stone

        I agree, cussing gets you no where, be cool….

        Keith Stone

  • Sether42977

    Sure it is

    • Havoc70

      I say BS, just another rumor with no substantiation

    • Cd

      Lame, I hate reading all these rumors, I'll see it when I believe it. So far the incredible's been pretty good for me already.