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Root and Unroot Your DROID X with 1 Click

Found yourself a little frightened by the original rooting method posted last week for the Droid X?  As of today, you no longer have to live in fear!  A user over at Alldroid has created a one click root/unroot method for the DX and early reviews appear to be very favorable.

I’ll admit that I have yet to try this and it is a brand new concept, so approach with caution, but the dev has mentioned adding bloatware removal, app installation, backup, etc. in the near future and appears to be readily available for support.  This is a windows-only root tool.

Download:  DroidXRoot.zip

Full support at the source link below.

And let me know if you get this to work, plus fill us in on any issues you may have run into.

Source:  Alldroid

Cheers K!

  • Chop

    I tried this, and it does work. Was able to remove some bloatware 🙂

  • When I first tried this I had this site open and I kept accidently clicking the buttons on the picture above!
    About an hour later my dx stopped working…. Won't even turn on. So i'm going to call verizon and hopefully get it replaced. We have around 200 phones on our account and they never really give me any trouble with this sort of thing. Can't wait to get my new one and try again!

    Good Luck

  • Here's a heads up on droid x. I just rooted mine and it worked perfect… until about an hour later. now It won't turn on…. Here I come Verizon! Good thing we've got 200 phones on our account. They should have no problem giving me a new one so I can try to ROOT it again!! 🙂 hope you all have better luck then me.

  • Pnuker

    Right after I did this, my droid started functioning VERY slowly, and some apps wouldn't even work…

    • nerdy

      you have to reboot after you root it

      • Pnuker

        Thanks, guess I didn't think of that. Works fine now!

  • Drew
  • FailDroid

    What if i used this on an unrooted Droid 1 what would it do?

  • Scots95

    Can someone make this for the Droid eris

  • Lancestipher

    So can we use adobe flash beta on it?

  • omg, do you have the version for HTC Desire?

  • Did you know, the Library of Congress just changed the Digital Millennium Copyright Act yesterday. You now have the right to root your phone and can sue the manufacturer for trying to stop you (encrypting the bootloader).

    • Nevermind, old news. I missed yesterdays posts. There goes my dreams of being a hard nosed investigative journalist.

  • DIncOwner

    haha, screw the original droid make one for my droid incredible.

  • djxtreme

    works like a champ……now if someone can list what apps(bloatware) can safely be removed that would be great

  • Destructive_hippie

    that is incredible or more like X lol. just got the phone 2 hours ago and rooted easy. I highly recommend this to droid x owners very simple just plug in the phone enable debugging hit root me then toggle BT and then your done. no problems.

  • jedijesus95

    DroidMod was a one click root for the original droid.

  • is their a one click root method for Droid??

  • Rtoodeetwo

    It's a trap!

  • Irn Monkey00

    will this work for the HTC Hero from sprint?

  • Burner

    Would be great to see this GUI root kit standardized for all Androids as it's time to send the man a BIG message from everyone by making rooting easier for all.

    Btw this would be great to see for the Canadian Milestone

  • Jfeliciano333

    someone please tell me the point of rooting! thanks!

    Sorry for noob question

    • The point of rooting is to have more power and control over your phone. Flashing custom ROM's and adding themes gives your phone a more unique look and usually people root to increase the performance of their phones as well as to add features that arent yet released on stock. So those that are rooted most if not all already have Froyo, flash, other apps/keyboards that were ported from other phones.

      • Jfeliciano333

        Thank you for your help!

      • Pnuker

        what's a ROM?

        • evltwn

          ROM stands for Read Only Memory. It basically tells your phone how to work. There are different ROMs. The easiest way to change ROMs is by using ROM Manager.

  • nick o


  • how would you unroot a Droid?

    • Pretty sure you have to flash the sbf with rsd

      • cant i just do a factory reset?

        • nkhex19

          Factory reset will not return your phone to stock. You need to flash the 2.0.1 sbf file using RSD Lite.

          • caphoagie

            Or flash the sto k 2.01 rom in RM

          • Adam

            Does that actually unroot the droid1?

          • caphoagie

            Yep flash stock un root rom wipe data and your good.

          • well i want to unroot my phone. so if i flash it with 2.1update1 they wont know if my phone was rooted or not. my screen blacked out but i can still see it if i hold it up to bright light and im afraid if they see the phone was rooted they might give me a hard time about it. i dont want them to say hey ur phone is rooted so this voids the warrenty

        • CeridwenOmega

          Download RomManager from the Marketplace. Get the Stock 2.0.1 rom from the extras category. Be sure to install clockworkRecovery from rom manager too. Install 2.0.1. When it updates to 2.1 it will also overwrite the recovery partition. 🙂

  • Interesting… I'll wait a little longer. Probably until FROYO comes out.

  • Copying the way apple jailbreaks their phones.. wow. but i gotta say i know were suppose to hate apple but i bet there are alot of DX users that will love this method

    • MuddyB00ts

      I don't know about hating apple, hating implies jealously, I think most of us just feel sorry for them and their followers. 🙂

  • nick o

    i used the old method can i use this method to unroot

    • kellex

      I'm guessing that you can.

      • nick o

        i rooted with old method but i cant get it to unroot

        • kellex

          Hmm that's too bad. Would have been nice.

          • nick o

            so im never gonna be unrooted or will the update unroot me

          • when the OTA froyo is pushed out that should unroot you.

          • nick o

            THANKS EVERYONE the guy who made this helped me with this hes great!

      • nick o

        i tried but it wont unroot

    • Jmarcusen

      the guy who made the program said you should re root using the program and then you can use it to unroot.

      Look here.

      • nick o

        i tried

  • Tuna

    Hey anyone who rooted notice that when you move screens left to right the Launcher doesn't disappear anymore and you can see it behind the screen jump buttons???

    I don't know if it's from the root or something else. Also, when I installed launcher pro, I can't seem to get back to the stock launcher without removing it, anyone else have these problems???

    • Jmarcusen

      You should be able to go from launcher pro to the original home using a home switcher app.

  • three cheers for the Droid Incredible!!


    • kellex

      Hip hip Froyo!

    • experiment626

      Actually,after looking over the lists in the article I was more surprised to see the HTC Aria being listed as the 3rd best smartphone on AT&T.I guess since the Captivate just came out that would mean the Aria was the 2nd best smartphone after the iPhone 4G.

      • kellex

        Except the Captivate was listed as #2. 😛

    • Tony

      What is stupid about that list is that they said the Droid X is “Just too big” for some users. But make no such complaint about the EVO.

    • palm pre over the droid? are you kidding me.. and droid X was marked down as too large for some users.. thats the stupidest reason ever! thats the freaking point of that phone that its large! the phone wasn't made for a 9yr old

      • bruce

        should i root or wait on froyo..if froyo comes soon i will have no reason for superuser permission

  • 1bad69z28

    This sounds interesting?? I would sit back and observe the results of this root procedure. Anyone have any luck with this???

  • Jay P

    Kellex please get on it, if it works let us all know. How do you go about it, extract what, where, and how as you know by now I've never rooted. Please direction help thank you.

  • Jordan

    Since there is root for the X would anybody mind telling me if it would be possible to modify the camera program to work on the original Droid, i really like the panorama feature on the X

  • Nightwaves

    I want to know why no one has yet to do anything this simple for the droid 1. Can someone please make one.

    • Chris Nimon

      I'm already rooted but was wondering the same thing.

  • GeneralG

    Just tried it…. AND IT WORKS!!!! whoohoo!!!

    • kellex


    • El El Kool J


  • k1cks

    Works great 🙂

    • kellex

      Good to know!

      • OK then. Kellex, your turn!!! 😛

        • k1cks

          It was actually easier than the first time I rooted and un-rooted my droid 1…. and then rooted it again
          The wife now has my droid 1 and I got her upgrade for the droid x 🙂

          • ericsorensen

            Same here – about the Wife, that is. When I added the Droid X to our family plan, she asked when can she get an upgrade, and I asked her why would you want to re-learn a whole new phone when the Droid will work great for years? All the while knowing I can use the Droid upgrade in July next year for some 2GHz splendor. Does that make me a bad person?

          • k1cks

            Nope, it doesn't make you a bad person.
            My wife didn't want the Droid X and I didn't want to spend $100 on a Droid 1 when it was being End-of-Lifed 😉
            She upgraded to the Droid 1 from a Palm Centro…. Need I say more?

      • El El Kool J

        looks like we can start watching these new devs kellex.. nice to have more devs come out the woodworks…

  • has anyone tried this and does it really work??

    • People above said it did but may not be able to un root

  • El El Kool J

    Well so far the comments on their forums say that theres an issue of it not working yet. But good luck to you X owners.. hope it works out good 😛

    • kellex

      Saw just one guy say it didn't work and then he posted again saying he got it to work. 😛 Still waiting to see more proof though.

      • Ctstuhl

        I hate to bring back this year old thread but I’m having a bit of trouble with this. I have my DroidX set to charge only, USB Debugging is enabled, I click Root Me and it just gets stuck on the ” Installing Motorola drivers for DroidX” screen… any help would be appreciated.

  • Hogasswildmc

    No Froyo?

    • Tyler

      Where have you been? We've been bitching about the locked bootloader for the last month lol

  • djsbears85

    I would be kind of paranoid to use this I would rather know exactly what is going on instead of just clicking away

    • kellex

      If you open the zip file you'll see everything in there is what is needed to root manually. But I hear ya, we'll wait for a bunch of “yes I'm rooted!” responses.

  • mike

    can we get one for the droid 1 please 🙂

    • El El Kool J

      email those devs mike.. maybe they will get it done for the D1 community..

  • dougivks

    of course, i just literally rooted my x 30 seconds ago with the original method

  • Arte Suave

    Ill try it tomorrow when my X shows up 🙂

  • you should text it Droid Life

  • Haha. Wow. You people watch yourselves. That looks like some shady stuff right there lol 😛

    • U warned 'em, i heard it.

    • kellex

      Unrevoked was similar 😛

      But that was also from a well know team of devs.

      We'll see how this thing works. Hoping to hear a bunch of success stories before even I take the jump hah.

      • I mean in all honesty, there is nothing anyone would gain by screwing with peoples phones that way.
        Unless being the BIGGEST dick on the planet lol
        Other than that, it's the same paranoia that stops people from loading custom ROM's. People who think Dev's are evil people trying to steal all your private info to sell to huge corportaions 😛 Come on! lol

        But really, I hope this works. Because that Droid X is looking more and more tempting now 😛
        But I know I should wait for 2 Giggers 🙂 lol

        • El El Kool J

          Well said tim-o.. well about the 2 giggers i mean 😛

        • There is also nothing to be gained by inserting viruses and other garbage on various websites either but people still do it all the time so no thank you I think I'll just stick with my stock droid1 the way God and Motorola intended.

          • Phabeon

            Bearl the Dummy..err I mean the Painter.. What are you talking about? There’s plenty to be gained.. user names and pwd’s not to mention browsing habits.. bank log ins and email log in’s.. ec,t ect… so yeah, THERES plenty to be gained by putting virus or malware or worms on websites… eeeedeeeeut

    • StephanC

      Tim, would you mind posting a VirusTOTAL report for everyone here? I would do it myself but I can't seem to get access to the MegaUpload server.

  • sholtkamp

    No but seriously… I NEED that droid X keyboard… I love the fact that you, and let the haters comments fly, I love the fact that the droid X keyboard has the iphone, yuck, cursor move ability. Forgive me for using that i*** word in this blog.. I'm sorry!

    • Erik

      If I can recall…Kellex put a link up to download the Droid X keyboard a while ago. You could port it to the Droid

      • evltwn

        If I remember correctly, that was for the Droid Inc. I downloaded it onto my OG Droid, and it didn't work.

        • It's good for Dinc, and Droids on 2.1
          However, for Droids on 2.2, still no go 🙁

        • DXOwner

          haha, the hell with the DX keyboard although i love it. the dx is my first android, had a voyager originally, and just started using swype, all other keyboards including the great dx's can jump in a hole.

      • I have it and its my main keyboard

  • Where Was This For Droid 1???

    • I think it was called DMupdater..'member?

      • Never Used It, I Just Downloaded The Permissions.zip And Installed It That Way. Yet I Only Started Doin This A Month Ago And Didn't Do That Much Research, My Bad

        • Lay off that shift key, dude. Use it only to 1) start a sentence, 2) capitalize proper nouns, 3) indicate acronyms or initialisms.

          • jonny baker

            didn’t know we had to have perfect grammar on the internet. oh golly gee wiz, i’ll do my best to follow your instructions!

          • Kckilla007

            didn’t know we had to revive old threads

    • Tyler

      Well Droid 1 sent us straight to custom ROMs… I'll take that over this 🙂

    • Raven

      Yes, someone please port this concept to the original Droid. I am mostly happy with the stock ROM and don't want to have to reinstall and recustomize everything. I just want to be able to run Set CPU and a few other things. This would be great for the Droid 1.

    • mikeb

      i have the san question

  • ThaKoolAidKid

    Sweet, my first reported Droid story makes it. Let's just hope it actually works and isn't a precursor for Skynet.

    • JimmyD

      Nah…. You won't have to worry too much about that right now. Unless of course, the Skynet Funding Bill is passed! Because after that….

      the system goes on-line August 4th. Human decisions are removed from strategic defense. Skynet begins to learn at a geometric rate. It becomes self-aware at 2:14 a.m. Eastern time, August 29th. In a panic, they try to pull the plug. That's when it launches its missiles against their targets in Russia even though they're our friends now, because Skynet knows that the Russian counter-attack will eliminate its enemies over here.


  • Androidsapien

    No luv for OS X?

    • NO! JA your comment is just wrong

    • -1 😛 lol jk

      • El El Kool J

        Tim I have fell in love with my swype keyboard.. we had a short discussion on it a few weeks back if you can rememeber. I mentioned that I was not crazy about swype.. so I gave it another shot and WOW! it defenitely is the best. fastest way to text, email, search etc..

        • Of course I remember lol
          Dude, Swype hands down….best alt keyboard out there. ESPECIALLY since we got some themed ones which are seemingly impossible to find 😉
          haha Swype FTW!

          • Ryan

            Keep in mind that the Swype Beta collects what you input so you may not want to use it for usernames and passwords.

          • The ones I use are not registered BETA versions so no worries here 😛
            No link to the daddy system…lol

    • StephanC

      No, sorry. OS X just isn't the right platform for hacking.

      • Kosmoskid

        OS X is the perfect platform for hacking. It's unix, it has a terminal.

        • StephanC

          No, Remote Exploit's BackTrack 4 is the perfect platform for hacking. OS X is missing the support from the hacker community to make it a successful hacking platform.

          • Mandark

            Hence a mac, backtrack and OS X share something called a terminal, and BackTrack is a toy.

          • StephanC

            You think I don't know that? How can you call BackTrack a toy? All it's installed applications (Including the terminal) we're designed for offensive security. In fact it was one of the first UNIX systems to include the AirCrack -ng program. There are barely any tools available for a Mac that are designed for offensive security.

  • sholtkamp

    wow… that is great. Now can someone port the droid x keyboard please

    • kellex

      That was done so long ago 😛


      • sholtkamp

        Sorry Kellex you are right… but I Can't get it to work on any 2.2. rom I have tried so far. Bugleast Beast… J.Rummy Kangerade…. Any 2.2 Roms that you know it works on for sure.. I guess I could always just wait for droid x to get 2.2 and then wait for a port of that version… ugh…

  • Yayyy

  • FIRST!!!

  • I'd buy a Droid X just to try this out haha seems too good to be true.

  • StephanC