Weekly App Roundup: Launch-X, MultiTask Manager, FlightView

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Launch-X (Free and $1.28): Launch-X is a customizable widget for your device.  It allows the user to create their own widget with direct links to applications or contacts for direct calls and more.  You can change the design of the widget to accommodate up to 49 shortcuts in one widget on the pro version.  This app uses a widget that allows scrolling and smaller icons to save you space.  Are you too afraid to use a home replacement or root?  Launch-X can give you some of that sweet screen real estate you have been yearning to get back!

MultiTask Manager (Free):  This task manager takes on a slightly different approach to ATK.  Clicking on MTM enables a task bar to come up on top of your home screen.  This looks much like an iOS / Windows bar with applications on it.  You can click the icons to go to the application or long press to kill them.  Definitely good for those who converted from a WinMo phone to our beloved Droid!

PanoPlanet Live Wallpaper ($1.98):  PanoPlanet Live Wallpaper is a truly interesting experience.  It takes images on your phone and allows you to set them as an interactive wallpaper in a fully 3D view.  As you scroll, or move, or touch, the wallpaper moves in that direction showing you the completely panoramic image.  Thousands of images are available here. To fully explain just what I mean, I am including the video sent by the creator himself!  Enjoy!


FlightView (Free and $0.99):  FlightView is something I wish I had a week ago.  This app lets you track flights as they are in the air in real time on your phone.  No more sifting through crummy airline websites.  No more guessing when it is your Step Mother will show her ugly face in the terminal.  FlightView lets you see current weather conditions as well as real time flight times… even when you are sitting at Newark Airport for a half hour because your sister’s flight from Germany ran late coming out of Sweden and you have no A/C in your car and would have left a half hour later if only you had known it was going to be late.  Enjoy!

Edwin, Speech to Speech (Free):  Edwin offers a pretty simple concept.  Press the microphone and ask it to do something.  I asked Edwin to translate “My cat has a nasty looking face.” into French.  I asked it what the weather was.  I asked it to open Pandora.  All these things with just the push of a button.  I can see that this may be something very useful while driving as well as a fun novelty.  The vocabulary is expanding constantly and this app gets better and better the more you play with it!

Red Poker Club (Free):  Now, if you are like my friends, you have a serious gambling addiction.  Red Poker Club offers a real time, real person video poker experience on your Droid.  You can pick the size table you want to play at as well as what kind of blinds you want to start out with.  There is a chat function and the entire thing can be played on 3G!  You get more chips daily so you can always at least play a smaller ante game.  Skill levels are monitored as well so you know where you stand at a table.  So if you can’t manage to make it out to The Bethlehem Sands this evening, try out Red Poker Club!

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