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Asurion No Longer Replacing DROIDs for DROIDs, Production Stopped by Motorola

We’ve heard rumors that the original Droid is nearing “end of life” status, but according to cell phone insurance machine Asurion, it’s already there.  You see, we’ve received a handful of emails from frustrated readers who attempted to make claims on broken Droids, but were told that it is no longer in production by Motorola and they would have to settle for something else.  (See screenshot above.)

The situation is this.  Droid owners are paying anywhere from $6 to $8 per month for Asurion insurance in order to protect an investment they made knowing that if something tragic were to happen, they would be covered and a replacement would be on hand.  Oh let’s not forget that a steep deductible is also required when filing your claim, although better than paying full price for a new device, it is still nothing to snicker at.

So what’s happening right now?  Since the D1 is “no longer in production” claimees are left with 3 options that are essentially a slap to the face.  Your choices are the Droid Eris, Motorola Devour or LG Ally.  Yes, instead of another Droid you can have MotoBlur and Android 1.6.

Lesson of the day?  Be careful with those D1 devices!  If you expect to file a claim to receive a replacement, it’s not happening.  Yikes.

Cheers Addison and Jared!

  • Dyancey11

    Like I've always tried telling everyone on this site, Don't believe anything on here that is posted!!!!!! I just made a claim on my droid 1 today, and tomorrow I will be receiving what??? A brand new Droid 1!!!! This is the 100th time something was posted on here and it isn't true, Kellex stop posting BS and getting people all worreid all the time.

    • Eric

      your not getting a brand new one it will be a refurbished one

      • Dyancey11

        Asurion doesn't do refurbished smartphones, if that was the case they'd send me a phone with the back missing, no they are sending me a brand new box, with all the accessories that come with it.

  • giantkn10

    So does Asurion have Droids in stock now? I started my claim last night on their website and stopped when they offered me the lesser phones. I was going to call them this morning to complain, but when I logged back into my claim it doesn't show the three lesser devices to chose from. Can anyone confirm? I have a feeling they worked overtime refurbishing some Droids yesterday.

  • Keeping my Droid1 for posterity !

  • Destructive_hippie

    Luckily i saw this and called Verizon and explained to them what is going on and after a total of 20mins on hold and a transfer to a supervisor i have both my lines eligable for upgrade. Just call be calm yet stern and do enough threatening to end your contract and they will break. GL and i hope you guys all work out ok.

  • greendude

    I tried filing a claim and now they only give you the ally or the devour as choices…This is BS!!

    • tell them they do not suit ur needs and u WILL get a dinc

  • CuseDroid

    I just got off the phone with a Verizon regional director who told me he just learned of this the other day as well. He conveyed to me there dismay at the news and was very helpful with giving out as much knowledge as he had. After briefly explaining the frustration we are all sharing and what would seem to many as a breach of contract to him he made notes on my account assuring me if my droid ever broke, whether a year from now or next week that I would be guaranteed a new replacement via Verizon, circumventing Assurion. My advice would be to call them now and seek similar guanrtees.

    I also contacted Assurion who told me that no such policy existed but I wasn't convinced I was speaking with someone who had any way of knowing if that were actually true.

    I am contacting the better business bureau of New York as well as consumer protection agency on this matter as soon as I've received a concrete explanation from either Verizon or Assuiron and I urge you all to do the same!

  • Reyccollazo

    I ran into this incident yesterday night, after “venting” with a call center employee I stated that I purchased a “Mercedes phone and you want to replace it with a Kia?” and she said I had a valid point and transfered me over to “Advanced Customer Care”, the employee quickly cut me off with my complaint and stated ” I found the last one in the warehouse” and sped up the process and had me off the phone with a $50 deductible, and next day deliver within minutes. It sounds like they are aware of the situation and may have some “stored away” even though they claim to be out. I would suggest fighting their offer. I was only offered the Devour as a replacement and I was quite pissed. I bought the D1 due to the 5 Mega-pixel camera it offered to capture my two kids at 4×6 quality prints. The Devour was a slap in the face with it's 3 Mega-pixel camera. Defeated the whole purpose of having the insurance. When I mentioned the fact that spec for spec they were not offering a comfortable model (Devour only) and asked to have a Droid X or Incredible instead, they said they can't do it. Then I was sent to the “Advanced Customer Care” (they speak an understandable form of American English just FYI).

  • I encourage everyone to contact Asurion to complain. Tell them if the situation is not rectified you will be canceling your insurance.


  • bvazkez

    Just got off the phone with Asurion after witnessing the website had indeed only offered lower than worthy replacement options for my Moto Droid 1 w/ cracked screen. They initially told me that those were comparable and that the Moto Devour was the successor to the Moto Droid 1. I told them that “neither phone was acceptable for me and I would like to see if there were other options”. They then told me that the HTC Droid Eris was another comparable replacement and asked if that would do. I told them that the Eris had sold for $100 less than the Moto Droid 1 when they first released and that still wasn't good enough. She then put me on hold for about 5 min to talk to a supervisor and then told me that there was one more phone, the HTC Droid Incredible, but it would be on backorder. I, of course took that option( although I'll miss my beloved Moto Droid 1) ,because that would be an upgrade. Can't wait for my new phone. Already have the Moto Droid X, and looking forward to adding to the Droid Army.

    • Anggg3311

      i got the droid less than a month ago. it took a swim this past sunday and they also tried to replace it with a lesser quality phone. they said the comparable replacements were the devour, ally, or eris. i explained that none of those were remotely comparable to the droid and that i would rather wait for the droid x to become available. she said that the droid x was not a comparable model to the droid… which seems odd seeing as though it is the predecessor to the droid. i mentioned that i bought the phone less than a month ago and that i was told then that if something happened to the phone it would be covered. it seemed a little ridiculous to me that they couldn't keep true to their word less than a month into the service… anywhooo after complaining to two different offices and being put on hold for about 30 minutes in total they put me on a the backorder list for the dinc. who knows when that phone will get in stock though. this company needs to learn what customer service is

  • DS

    Don't know about you guys but I'm dropping the insurance. Maybe if enough people do this they will change their tune (6 dollars times the number of droid owners)

  • Batfan

    What a bunch of crap! If you bought your phone in November (when the phone came out, like I did) you don't even get a year of coverage . . . on a 2 year contract.

    • Jamezelle1

      good point, its a shame

  • Frenchtimj

    Reading this REALLY makes my blood boil! I'm sure I'm not the only one that was blown away when they found out how much it now costs to insure your phone….8 bucks a month and a $90.00 deductible?!? I figured they had me by the balls so I signed up.. Now Asurion is telling us that if we want to file a claim to replace a lost, stolen or damaged phone they're going to pillage our asses further by replacing it with a sub par model that never was??

    This is outrageous… Someone start the class action suit….

  • Bbo

    You guys don't understand that the devices that Asurian sends out are NOT NEW PHONES. They are refurbished phones that have been fixed to work right…. and TRUST ME…. there are endless amounts of refurbished DROID 1's in stock… I am employed in a field that has this info.

    • Evermour

      Yeah i know, i had a replacement voyager and it started falling apart and the screen wasnt working half the time. Then a couple of years ago i had a LG Chocolate, i lost that one and got a replacement that was reported stolen. So i had to send it back and wait for another one. I hate Asurion.

  • The magic word here is “BBB” once you mention that they'll drop the BS and admit they are full of it, they know its wrong but they also know morons will settle for less.

  • Yarrrrrr!

    I think we should all bombard Asurion's email box with complaints. If the know we all think this is the most ridiculous thing we have ever heard, they may be forced to change the policy. Remember, strength in numbers.

    D1 has no replacement! Especially with the DX and D2 having locked bootloaders. I actually got my D1 because of the slider keyboard and the Devour is not comparable to the D1. We all had the choice of the Eris or the D1, as the came out on the same day. What is the most common Android handset? The D1, not the Eris, which was a pile of junk the day it hit the store. If it wasn't an inferior piece of equipment, its sales would have been “comparable” to those of the D1. And the Ally, give me a large break! I would even say the Dinc and the DX aren't even comparable to the D1… on a certain level.

    I have sent 10 or 12 emails to the “Asurion CEO” good luck trying to find a real email address or a phone number that doesn't ask you for your claim number. These goons don't have an easily accessible way to contact them, because they know they are ripping us all off. Let these clowns know this is unacceptable to us, the customers who are keeping their sorry backsides in business. No one knows about customer service any more… disturbing to say the least!

  • Bs_thinker

    How is this a replacement? My device would be downgraded. I do not intend on breaking my phone. But I do expect asurion to stand behind the contract.

  • Wglisso1

    My Droid came of track two days ago. I took it to Verizon and they shipped me another Droid 1, this may just be because it was a manufactures warranty claim.

  • Theblaze119

    I would like to state that I JUST went through this. My Droid was destroyed in a freak accident with a Mack Truck…when I called Asurion they said they have no Droids. so they were going to send me an Eris. I work in the industry so I know the Eris is not comparable. it doesnt even have a keyboard. so i was forced to go with the Ally. which sucks, but is as close to comparable as you can get.

    HOWEVER. two days later i get contacted by my friend in tech support at VzW. he said he just got off the phone with a customer that got a Droid via insurance claim that day!

    so i called Asurion and quietly explained to them this situation and they transfered me to their Advanced Customer Care the ACC rep then amazingly stated that they have 1 Droid left and they will be glad to replace my Ally for the Moto Droid.

    I would suggest any of you that have been swindled by this obvious fraud to call back Asurion and tell them that you know people are getting one for one.

  • Daver412

    I had to comment on this, because I had recently dropped my moto DROID and it did not want to turn on. So went through the claim process and they said the DROID1 was on back-order and they were offering me the Droid Eris which in my opinion is no were “Comparable” (no offense eris users) because the first thing that comes to mind is the Android OS verions.

    So was going back and fourth with verizon and asurion not knowing when the DROID1 will be back in stock i ordered it anyways and to my surprise it ended up shipping that night. They told me that the comparable devices are set by Verizon themselves. I'm really interested if this is legal. So they are now gonna offer us the Motorola Devour or the LG Allly whats up with that?

  • Elykl33t

    I managed to get one about two weeks ago, guess i was lucky!!

    @NYCLawyer: I'm 17, and even I definitely thought of that! However, also as you did, I realized the contract my specify that they don't have to do such :(. However, I hope they come to their senses!

  • Chaser457

    Hmmmm…seems to me that “Comparable” is not located anywhere in my contract. It does, however say “like kind.” Perhaps that is how they will screw us. The Eris is not comparable to the Droid, but it is a like kind (Android handset.)

    • Dave

      so if you had insured a home computer, they could give you anything running windows? Like kind does not mean the operating system …

  • Devin Rs42

    I think they are replacing with Droids again now.

  • trixmatic.com

    So I should cancel my insurance since it useless then huh?

  • tonytbone7883

    Yeah, won't they just give you a D2 if your D1 goes south?

    • no i just called and asked about it and the guy said “you shouldnt know that the droid 2 is coming out sir” and i said its allover the internet he said in 1 year the incredible will be given out (i would gladly take a incredible over my droid but not no freaking droid eris or the devour or the lg ally

  • StephanC

    My Droid's display stopped functioning last night. I can't wait to talk to the guy at Asurion and get in a fight.

  • Pog-Mo-Thoin

    Did Asurion take the “Steve Jobs Customer Relations Course” at the Apple School of Business? Maybe they'll offer a free rubber bumper with the replacement device.

  • I Called My Local Wireless Zone And Talked To The Owner He Said, “Let's Say The Droid2 Comes Out In August And You Lose Break Or Whatever In September And The Insurance Can NOT Replace Your Droid1, I Will Fight To Get You A Droid2.” He Never Said Anything About A Lesser Model, He Pretty Much Stated He Would Get My The Newest Version Of My Phone. So I'm Gonna Keep My Insurance And IF Something Happens We'll Deal With It Then. Just Thought I'd Share Some Good News. =)

  • Nyfan3

    maybe when the d2 comes out they will replace it with that, it is the closest thing to it

    • asked vzw that and i got yelled at because i found out the d2 is coming out…. lol

  • Droidzilla

    OK, people seem to be having trouble with the “comparable” clause. Here's how to prove to Asurion that the device they're giving you is not comparable. Enjoy.

    For the Ally:
    -3.2MP vs. 5MP camera (e.g. “I take a lot of pictures with my phone and that one doesn't have the same quality as what I purchased”)
    -Screen size and resolution (e.g. “That screen is smaller and not as sharp as the one I purchased; it's a lot harder on my eyes”)
    -Storage (4GB vs. 16GB; no example needed, this one is straight up less capability)

    -Software (say how the features in 2.1 are greater than those in 1.6, and be adamant that it's a big reason for your purchase of the Droid)
    -Storage (16GB vs. 8GB; no brainer- more geebees!)
    -Screen (HUGE resolution difference; show that the screen is why you purchased the Droid and the Eris is thus in no way comparable)
    -Physical keyboard (no contest)
    -Camera flash

    -Software (see above)
    -Camera (see above)
    -Screen (se above)
    -Storage (se above)
    -Flash (see above)

    The key here is to show the insurance company that they are not replacing what you purchased. If it doesn't have the same functionality, it's not comparable. Now, you probably can't get anything from a low-level rep, but if you move up the ranks (and are armed with some tangible arguments as to how what they're trying to give you does not do the same tasks as what you had) you ought to be able to come out with something worthwhile.

    Bear in mind, it has to be a tangible difference. If you say you need a slider, you can't say you need a Dinc. If they offer you a Dinc, there's no functionality that the Droid X has that justifies you wanting to get it (as any features the Droid X has over the Dinc are not found on the Droid 1).

    No guarantees, obviously, but this will give you a good, fighting chance.

  • Gokuz89

    2 questions.
    a) Isn't there a 1 year manufatures warenty from Motorola? (and yes, I know this only helps if you D1 breaks from no fault of your own, unlike the insurance which covers anything, even custer caused problems)
    b) If answer to “a” is yes do we know what Motorola will do if there are no more D1's to replace it with? Obviously they aren't going to give you an Eris.

  • Guest

    Or.. you could do what I did, and call customer service, complain a little bit (i.e., paying your bill on time every month), and they'll set you up with a Droid Incredible!

  • And this is exactly why I opted out of the insurance on my DX. I've never broken a phone *knock on wood*.. I don't even use a screen protector. I'm just super damn careful, never even had a scratch!

  • I could be wrong but I thought you could replace your phone with a refurbish phone for like 50-100 no matter what. I definitely remember I replaced my LG env because of a cracked screen a couple years back for like 50 bucks. That is the reason I never bought insurance.
    Anyways I wonder if when the D2 comes out they will change this to you will get the D2 if your D1 is broken.

  • picaso86

    This is why I declined my insurance coverage when I got my Droid. first of all, $8 a month for insurance is a little ridiculous and $90 deductible even more…. and now lets add the fact that you are getting a lower device? if you lose your device … Wow! not worth it… I hate when they do this to hard working people like us…

  • I have little love for asurion. I have had to use it once and it replaced the broken phonebwith the same model. That was fine… My mom has broken Jersey a few times and the last time they replaced her new phone (a chocolate she loved) with a phone over a year older than it with half the functionality! She was slightly irritated but went with it. Few weeks later she has battery problems. It dies mid call when two bars are present and it acted unpredictability. I took her to verizon to have the phone looked at and tada! The replacement phone battery is bad and therebare none in stock because they've been discontinued! Luckily, I had a lg8600 wiith two batteries that we had swapped out.

    Hardly a fair trade.

  • Bwatspn5391

    I just called asurion and they told me that they have a replacement device for me and i could file my clam and still get the D1

  • I almost called in my wife's D1 last night! Thank goodness she was a goof and let her battery drain, I would have been pissed if those were the choices to choose. I'm paying for the d*mned insurance too.

  • That sucks… But for current owners.. I've gotten my D1 replaced 3 times without the Insurance.. All three crapped out on me and I forced VZW to replace it with an Incredible when it was originally launched. They did it without using an upgrade. I had to pay 100 bucks but it was refunded entirely to me.

  • Shrek

    I agree with NYClawyer. My Droid broke three days ago. The Asurion website stated that my phone was no longer available and I was offered only the Eris. There was no other option. I googled the Eris and found that it was not comparable. I complained in the comments and requested that I be sent a Droid or a comparable phone. The next day, the Eris arrived. I called to complain and announced that I was recording the conversation. I was told that the rep did not consent. I stopped taping, put the phone on speaker, and called my wife in to listen to the conversation. I repeated my complaint that the Eris was not comparable and was offered the Ally or Devour. I said I didn't know anything about either phone, but would go to Verizon to check them out. During this process, I was offered the Incredible, but told it was on backorder to arrive in 3-5 business days. I had heard of the Incredible, but didn't know anything about it. A quick comparison on the verizon website indicated it was a much closer match to my Droid. I accepted the offer. If this matter is not resolved soon, I will file a complaint through my state Attorney General's office. After talking with an attorney, I may also file in small claims court.

  • Glad I never paid for that lame insurance. This is pretty much what I expected when offered insurance on this phone. It was my experience with my previous phone as well, trade in an older phone and if they still have it around, you get that old phone, and if they don't, you get a worse phone.

    Nonetheless it's easily perceived that insurance will hook you up with the 'cost' of the phone towards a new one, but I was definitely not offered this option when I used insurance.

    The cost is too high. If you love your Droid, take care of it.

  • josby

    Wow, thanks for bringing this to our attention! I just called Verizon and cancelled my $7/month Asurion insurance as a result. No point in paying this, plus the deductible, only to end up with a phone I don't want.

  • Flyinion

    Wow this sucks, I've had good experiences in the past with them, but I may cancel it now. That sucks too because I'm grandfathered in on the old school insurance plan where the deductible is $50 a month and I pay $6 for both the insurance and the warranty.

  • Barlog

    What if you just go through Verizon and not the insurance company that's what I've done everytime I had a problem with my d1 and they gave me a certified like new d1.

  • I guess this is why Verizon directly replaced my 3rd broken Droid last week instead of directing me to Asurion. I asked Verizon if the original Droid was being phased out and they denied it.

  • Boston

    Thanks for letting us know! I will also be dropping my insurance… Good thing I used this a week ago and it worked


    I just got a replacement in the mail about a week ago because of a power button issue. And yesterday i spent a good 30 minutes pressing the button trying to break it again so I could get an X. I am beyond pissed right now.

  • OldNuc

    This just demonstrates the actual value of this type of insurance.

  • Soon to be DROID X

    thankfully i'm not in this situation because at the last moment i decided to return the moto droid i bought june 6 a week before the 30 day contract period to wait for the droid x and see if it was good. i thought if it was good i buy it if its not i get the droid again. i looked up pictures online of the droid x and thought it looked ugly and printed out paper comparisons to see and it seemed bigger than the droid by too much i thought the droid was the sweet spot. as with the droid, with the pictures online i thought it was ugly but when i went to the storfe and tried it out it was amazing but i was still thinking about the droid because i loved the design and feel of the phone. This article has made my decision and life much easier because i am very prone to loosing and breaking things after a while because in the first few weeks i baby cradle it and make sure it with me at all times until after close to one year i get bored of it and start throwing it carelessly waiting for a new one like i now do to my 3rd gen i*od touch.

  • Maybe they will start replacing them with D2 once that comes out?

    • asked that….and got yelled at for knowing a d2 was coming out

  • Droidzilla

    If Asurion did car insurance:
    “We're sorry your SS Camaro was totaled. Here's an SS Impala as a replacement.”