Verizon Open Enrollment for 2nd Chance Device Protection Now Live

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Each year, as Verizon opens up open enrollment for device protection, we try to let you know, just in case you have decided well after purchasing a device that you might want to get some insurance on it. As you probably guessed, that time is now. Well, it opened yesterday and runs through March 10, so you do have some time to decide.

What is open enrollment? As Verizon puts it, this is a “2nd chance for device protection.” In other words, if you declined insurance at the point of sale, but have now decided that you want protection in case of a drop or other disaster, you can now add on insurance. 

You still have the same options as always – Extended Warranty, Wireless Phone Protection, or Total Equipment Coverage (TEC).

  • Extended Warranty ($3.00 per month):  Get a free replacement device for mechanical or electrical defects after the manufacturer’s warranty expires.
  • Asurion Wireless Phone Protection ($7.15 per month for smartphones; $5.00 per month for tablets): Cover your device against loss, theft or accidental damage, including water damage.
  • Total Equipment Coverage ($9.00 per month for smartphones; $7.00 per month for tablets): Protect your device against loss, theft, accidental damage and defects after the manufacturer’s warranty expires (combines Verizon Wireless’ Extended Warranty with Asurion’s Wireless Phone Protection).

If you choose TEC, here are the costs associated with it outside of the monthly fee.

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 9.33.04 AM

Again, you have until March 10 to decide. Hit up the link below to enroll.

Verizon Link



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