Android OS Distribution, Almost 60% on 2.1 or Higher

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As more and more devices upgrade to Android 2.1, the lives of developers become that much easier which hopefully means higher quality apps.  The times of having different versions of apps for each OS are slowly but surely coming to a close.  New devices are launching with 2.1 (possibly 2.2) and older devices are being upgraded at a steady rate, so we’re hoping the time for devs to spend perfecting apps is here.

Now obviously this chart is going to change dramatically when Froyo hits all of the Droid lineup in August and then during the holidays when HTC polishes off the new version of Sense for 2.2, but that’s a good thing.  We’ll continue to have fragmentation forever, but at least it’ll be up-to-date fragmentation spread across just a few versions of Android.

And the pie version…

Nice to know that the entire Droid Fam is up to at least 2.1.  The Eris update might have been a rocky one, but at least it’s there.

Source:  Android Developers



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