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Asurion No Longer Replacing DROIDs for DROIDs, Production Stopped by Motorola

We’ve heard rumors that the original Droid is nearing “end of life” status, but according to cell phone insurance machine Asurion, it’s already there.  You see, we’ve received a handful of emails from frustrated readers who attempted to make claims on broken Droids, but were told that it is no longer in production by Motorola and they would have to settle for something else.  (See screenshot above.)

The situation is this.  Droid owners are paying anywhere from $6 to $8 per month for Asurion insurance in order to protect an investment they made knowing that if something tragic were to happen, they would be covered and a replacement would be on hand.  Oh let’s not forget that a steep deductible is also required when filing your claim, although better than paying full price for a new device, it is still nothing to snicker at.

So what’s happening right now?  Since the D1 is “no longer in production” claimees are left with 3 options that are essentially a slap to the face.  Your choices are the Droid Eris, Motorola Devour or LG Ally.  Yes, instead of another Droid you can have MotoBlur and Android 1.6.

Lesson of the day?  Be careful with those D1 devices!  If you expect to file a claim to receive a replacement, it’s not happening.  Yikes.

Cheers Addison and Jared!

  • John

    If this is really the case, I see a law suit in the near future.

  • AllSystemsDown

    I absolutely cannot stand Asurion. I have a Droid X right now but had a BlackBerry Storm. I cracked the screen and paid $50 on an “insurance claim” with them. They sent me a P.O.S. used/refurbed BlackBerry Storm that was obviously not new. They're such a ripoff, I hate them and would rather pay full retail than give those scam artists anymore of my money.

    I'm praying that I don't drop and crack my X now!

  • CircusTravis

    Wow… I accidentally washed my D1 3 weeks ago. Guess I did it just in time since I got another D1 as a replacement.

  • Nate

    That's very dumb. I had an LG Dare once. It broke, and they didn't even sell the phones anymore–but I could get a new one. I don't understand why this is any different. I guess I'll be cancelling insurance. I love my Droid. I guess I'll just take EXTRA special care of it now. 😛

    Besides, I don't even want a Droid X or a Droid 2. My contract expires on August 6th. If one of those phones didn't have MotoBlur on it…. I'd get one. 🙁

  • D.J.

    How much is the deductable? Because honestly, I would be upset if they tried giving me a Devour or Ally instead of a Droid.

    If you guys do get the run around, I would try eBay. Broke my Droid (my own fault, knocked into a sink with running water) and managed to get a new one off of eBay for $295, well below retail. It's still expensive, but not crazy.

  • tbaybe

    WTF>!?!?!?!??! thats a rip off

  • Racketier

    This is true as far as I can tell. I tried to submit a claim on Asurion's website and they said the Droid is back ordered and I can wait or accept a Droid Eris as a replacement.

  • Woah. Awesome. Totally dodged a bullet there. The headphone jack on my Droid is loose so I took it to Verizon yesterday. The replacement has been sent by FedEx and should be here tomorrow. Then again, I'm under warranty and I don't have insurance with Big Red just Best Buy (those idiots replaced a fat psp with a psp 3000) so I figured having insurace with the rubes would work out better.

  • VZW mentioned today that they should still have it in stock (likely available if you contact them over the phone)

  • NYCLawyer

    First a disclaimer: I am an attorney, although I do not encourage being overly litigious – litigation is expensive and a negotiated settlement is usually beneificial to all side.

    Second: I did not purchase the Insurance on my Droid

    Despite the above, I do believe that replacing a D1 with a lesser product may be tantamount to Consumer Fraud (with treble damages in most states available). I believe that an insurance program should be used to replace the phone, meaning that the phone should be replaced by a similar or superior product, not a product that is in all ways inferior. I understand that the D1 is not longer being produced, and cannot be used to replace droids. The Company should replace the droids with an equal or better device. (This really depends on the language found in the contract – does anyone actually read that?)

    It actually makes for a pretty decent class action lawsuit, because the Consumer Fraud permits for trebled damages and attorney's fees.

    • kellex

      Now there is a response we were all looking for!

      • OldNuc

        Like the man said, READ THE CONTRACT. You may or may not have a case, just depends. In all the ones I have ever read you will find that you do not have a case. The contract has been very carefully written and reviewed by teams of fishy eyed lawyers.

    • tbaybe

      wow, some good info there!

    • I am keeping your info in my book just in case 🙂
      We're gonna slam Verizon…
      I want at least $13 million in damages lol

      • digitalicecream

        The class action lawsuit would be against Asurion right? Not against Verizon…

    • Octotron

      Well thought out. I like.

    • Rodeojones000

      I can confirm for you that the language of the contract does NOT say anything about replacing the phone with the same device or something better. In fact, it says that if they cannot get you the same device they will give you a device that is “comparable.” This word is open to interpretation. And, according to Asurion, whom I called about this very topic last week, what is considered comparable to the Droid is up to their discression and we as the consumer have no input into that discussion. Sadly, we'd have no legal standing if we were to take this to court. The language in the contract is specific enough to allow Asurion to do this, but at the same time the language is vague enough to ensure there isn't much we can do about it (except for complain and ask to speak to supervisor after supervisor).

      • You're going to have a hard time convincing me that a phone running 1.6 is comparable to a Droid.

        • Rodeojones000

          I agree. I'm just giving the info from the Asurion side of this story. I wouldn't accept anything less than my Droid in return.

    • Rodeojones000

      Here is a link to see the contract language online (the same language as the contract is in the brochure). Click on the link where it says, “If you are not currently enrolled…”


      You'll see that they are very much within their legal rights to do what they are doing.

      • Droidzilla

        Just because they have the word “comparable” in the contract doesn't mean that Asurion has the “legal right” to interpret it any way they please. That's why we have courts and lawyers.

        An insurance contract is a promise. Here, the customer purchases the promise that Asurion will replace their phone with something comparable. If the customer has a good case for saying that the Droid Eris is not comparable to the Moto Droid, Asurion can be said to have acted in bad faith. The word is open to interpretation, but not just by Asurion. Should a customer have a legitimate, different interpretation than Asurion, they have a case against Asurion for acting in bad faith (“bad faith claim”).

        (I used to work insurance, FYI.)

        • Eric

          Then u should know how much insurance ripp people off and theres pretty much nothing u can do about it . Besides a “bad faith claim” means their not honoring the claim which they still are. So it just shows how much you know about the insurance company.

          • Droidzilla

            They are not honouring the claim as understood by the customer. Should a judge see things the same way (or arbiter, if they use an arbitration panel), then the claim is said to have been made in bad faith by the insurance company.

            To repeat what I said above, if all you do is take what the insurance company first offers you, you're one of their ideal clients 😉

            People fight back all the time and win. I've seen it countless times with vehicle claims; you just have to have some sort of tangible proof that what you're claiming is valid. Incomparable software and/or hardware is a really good start.

          • Eric

            Everyone understands at different levels. Your right if you have enough proof which there isn't much in this case you can win but the hardware is very comparable and 2 out of 3 devices run 2.1. So there isn't much room to fight with them about.

        • Crash222

          his is what mine says when i put in my phone number and zip.

          ” If the exact model is not available, replacement
          handset will be of like kind and quality”

          “Claim Replacement Conditions:
          • Claims may be fulfilled with new or remanufactured
          equipment. Remanufactured equipment may have
          minor cosmetic flaws.
          • If the exact model is not available, replacement
          handset will be of like kind and quality to include
          covered accessories involved with the loss. Colors,
          features and non-covered accessory compatibility
          are not guaranteed.
          • An additional charge may apply if deductible is
          collected via COD.
          • Once your claim is approved and verified, your
          replacement equipment will be shipped to an
          address of your choice by overnight delivery.
          • Damaged or recovered lost or stolen equipment
          must be returned within 15 days. A prepaid
          envelope with return shipping instructions can be
          found in your fulfillment packaging. Failure to return
          damaged equipment may result in the assessment of
          a nonreturn fee of up to $300.
          • There is no cash paid or reimbursement provided to
          insureds. This program covers only the equipment
          that is assigned to the wireless phone number at the
          time of loss.
          • Rates are subject to change upon reasonable notice
          to the insureds, in accordance with state law.
          • All claims must be authorized by Asurion. The phone
          must be replaced by Asurion.
          Wireless Phone Protection™ is a service provided to
          subscribers of Verizon Wireless. Asurion is the agent
          and provides claims servicing under this program.”

      • balthuszar

        to me an eris, devour or ally is in no way comparable to the droid.

        • Mrpicolas

          My wife has an ally which is rooted I as you all know have a droid1and a since the ally is nice but nowhere near the d1

    • I have always gotten a better phone when making a claim. I had the original Palm phone (big gray thing with the B&W screen), and got upgraded twice I think as they died. Had one equiv replacement when I fell in a lake with it.
      I had specifically asked a Verizon rep once the original Palm stopped being manufactured, wondering if I should cancel the insurance. He told me I would get a phone that was the same or better than the one originally insured.
      Having the Droid, I would expect now to get a Droid X. Later, I suppose I would expect a Droid 2, since it's the same family. If a Droid 2+ comes out, I would still expect a Droid 2 tho. I don't necessarily expect the newest phone, just a comparable one to what I purchased originally.
      I would suppose this is a reaction to the Apple situation, where a lot of people suddenly had catastrophic failures of their i*hone 3G once the 3GS came out.

      • sdierks

        If I remember correctly the i*phone didn't get insurance tell sometime this late spring or early summer and I think that was somewhere around 12 a month with like a 200 dollar deductible or somewhere close I know it was expensive.

    • Eric

      you have no idea what your talking about and if you did u wouldn't have said what u said. Next time do some reading like Rodeojones000 first.

      • Droidzilla

        Actually, he does have an idea of what he is talking about. Read my replies to Rodeojones000. In short, just because the word “comparable” is in an insurance contract does not mean that the insurance company is the only one who gets to interpret what that word means.

        Why do you think they're giving people Dincs who complain? It's the same with total loss claims in the car insurance world. Prove that what they're giving you is not a comparable value to you (key word: prove), and they'll have an obligation to fulfill the original promise as understood by the customer.

        • Eric

          Since they provide the covrage it is up to them and in total loss claims in car insurance you don't get another car you get the blue book value which is never comparable. For example you can drive off the lot with a brand new car (its already lost 1/4 of its value) and you get into a accident 2 mins later your not gonna get the price u paid for it from the insrance company. Next time do some research.

          • Droidzilla

            Actually, you don't get blue book value for total loss claims (unless you went with a really shoddy insurance policy). You get ACV (Actual Cash Value). It's the price you would pay to replace the vehicle with one comparable to the one that was totaled (including tax, license, dealer fees, etc. and less deductible). If you can prove that you cannot replace the vehicle totaled with a comparable one for the price that the insurance company gave you, you have a case for saying they owe you more money. More often than not, from my experience, the insurance company would rather pay a little more than have to take it to court or deal with DOI (Department of Insurance) hassles. That is, if the customer has a valid claim for more damages. Then again, most people will simply take what they're offered and not make a fuss. That's what the insurance companies count on.

            Of course, it varies by insurance company. The worse the company, the more they'll try to screw you over. They are not in it for philanthropy; they're in it for money. That being said, they still have a legal obligation to fulfill their promise when you claim coverage for damages. If you can prove that they didn't, they are said to have acted in bad faith. Happens all the time. (Of course, people get screwed all the time, too. That's part of why I got out of the insurance industry.)

          • Eric

            No you don't! Period. How do you think they make there money. You have no clue what your talking about. Call your car insurance company and then come back and talk to me. (LOL they give u back the money back you paid for tax. LOL your a riot.)

          • Eric

            and they give you the interest too right for the loan you took out? LMAO

          • Droidzilla

            Interest is something above and beyond what the vehicle is worth; plus, once the vehicle is paid off, there is no interest left on the loan.

            If you have a policy with “gap insurance,” they will pay the remaining balance of the loan, even if it exceeds the vehicle's actual cash value.

          • I wade into this cautiously, but as someone who has been rear ended three times, each totaling a completely paid off car with full coverage, they have each time paid way more than bluebook. This is called a replacement value and unless you have garbage insurance is what they pay you. If that isn't your experience, try geico.

          • Droidzilla

            Even if you have garbage insurance (or no comp/col coverage for your car), the opposing insurance carrier will have to pay actual cash value (replacement value; same thing) if it was their driver's fault. That's the law in every state I've ever seen the DOI laws on.

          • Jamezelle

            EXACTLY, they have me more than the KBB value when i was rear ended, they said here is the KBB value then they added extra to it plus tax

          • Dan

            Eric probably works for Geico 🙂

          • Droidzilla

            Yes, they do (unless you have complete crap insurance). Actual cash value is what all of the reputable (read: not eSurance) companies use. The payout includes tax, title, license, etc. If you can prove additional value, they usually pay for that, too (things like stereos, rims, etc.; usually not full price, but you get something for them), but you have to prove their worth with things like receipts.

          • Jamezelle

            they gave me how much tax was for my replacement

          • I'm not involving myself in this debate, but I have to say this…if you're going to say that someone doesn't know what they're talking about you should learn the difference between there their and they're, and your and you're. Thank you, that is all.

          • fred114

            ^^ This is true. Just had a friend go through this with his car. They offered blue book,, but he easily proved through the actual value of the car was much higher. Insurance company cut him a check for the actual selling value of the car in our area. He was able to replace his car with the exact year and trim model.

          • Jimmy

            oh SHUT UP already!

          • Eric

            and if i don't?

        • EdCenter

          “In short, just because the word “comparable” is in an insurance contract does not mean that the insurance company is the only one who gets to interpret what that word means.”

          Well I worked in P&C insurance and in California, there's a rule of law that states that if a term in the contract is vague and is up for interpretation, then the consumer must receive the better interpretation. I'll post what the legal term is (if I can remember it) but this did apply when I worked as an actuary at a major auto/home insurer. I can't say for sure whether the same applies to cellphone coverage.

          • Droidzilla


    • 1bad69z28

      Either way I totally understand and respect your advice councel, but unitl someone or a group of people take that on Asurion will continue to deliver thier policy on phone replacement. But if your up to it and willing to take the case I am sure myself and Droid Life Bloggers might be willing to take on the fight if like you said :Pro Bono” lol no cost to us. What do you say Counsel 🙂

    • Droid2Baby!!

      Solution: wait until August, get a new Droid 2 for a $50 deductible 😉

      • really if i messed up my droid 1 i can get a droid 2 for a cash deductible?

    • I'm hoping that if my droid fails/gets lost/stolen after the D2 comes out they should replace it with that. not that I really want to bootloader locked hunk o junk buuuuut I'm not accepting a lesser phone for sure I'll raise holy hell as I'm sure others have pledged to do as well

    • billybob

      While you may be correct in stating that your device SHOULD be replaced by a device of EQUAL standards,you are incorrect in stating “or superior product”. So in essence you should receive a free upgrade? The wireless providers provide the list of comparable models to Asurion, Asurion does not choose which devices are going to be offered. So your “class action lawsuit” should be filed against Verizon Wireless, Sprint, Tmobile etc. And while we are on the subject of lawsuits, if you ever get the chance to listen to calls placed to Asurion do so, you could make lots of money on insurance fraud cases. And, if you don't read the contract, well, uh, that has to be the dumbest thing said by a “lawyer”. Americans have this ungodly thought of entitlement. We think if we purchase insurance and the device breaks, everyone should bend over backwards to give it to us “our way”. If you want it your way, go buy a steak and cook it at home.

    • Someguyandy

      clearly you have never practiced

  • this happened to me last week. luckily, i was at a Verizon store when Asurion told me that they couldn't replace the D1, and only gave me those downgrade options. I put up enough of a fit that the Verizon technician and store manager were able to overnight me a new D1 for free.

    Now I feel like I need to cancel my insurance or get them to agree to the Droid 2 if my new D1 breaks.

  • kulz

    complete and utter bullshit…..LG Ally + Eris + Devour =/= DROOOID!!!!!!!

    i'm taking off my insurance….

  • TooBIG

    I could see a class action lawsuit coming on this one the insurance strictly states same or comparable model phone. Big Red needs to step in and at least offer a voucher of some sort.

    Can we get a graph of comparable specs of all mentioned replacement phones

    • Rodeojones000

      Sadly, Asurion is well within its rights to offer either of these phones as replacements. If you look at the fine print, it says that every attempt will be made to give you the same phone model. However, in instances when it's not possible, they will offer you a phone that is comparable. I called Asurion about this last week and, unfortunately, what “comparable” actually means is up to them. And if they truly don't have the Droid in stock, the Eris is the phone that comes closest to matching the specs of the Droid compared to the other phones they have in stock. Also, no where in the agreeement does it say that you will be given the same phone “or better.” Just one that is comparable. Asurion told me last week that they do not take into consideration what Verizon or the consumer thinks is comparable when it comes to deciding which phones to offer as replacements.

      • OldNuc

        And that is why buying this type of insurance on any appliance is a big waste of money unless you routinely break things and posses no dexterity at all.

      • Droidzilla

        “Comparable” is the key word, here. Yes, they can decide what they want it to mean; that doesn't mean the customer has to accept it. If you can show that there is a real value to you that the Droid has (not something like, “it feels nicer”) that the others do not, you can potentially show that the device they are replacing it with is not comparable. If they do not give you a comparable device, they have made a “bad faith claim,” which is the holy grail of no-nos in the insurance industry.

        If you got stuck with these crappy choices, you could say you need a device running 2.1 (or, soon, 2.2). None of those devices have the same software, thus they are incomparable. You could also go with specs (more geebees, slider keyboard, etc.). So far as Motoblur, not as many custom ROMs, etc.; good luck.

        • Eric

          Rodeojones000 is right. In the term of specs these devices are all pretty comparable. Theres nothing that can be donw. Insurance comnpanies in general are a ripp off espcially cell phone one and besides they have a whole team of lawyers backing them up. Look at how health insurance is still a issue and not much has been done.

          • Droidzilla

            If all you do is take what the insurance company first offers you, you're one of their ideal clients 😉

            People fight back all the time and win. I've seen it countless times with vehicle claims; you just have to have some sort of tangible proof that what you're claiming is valid.

          • Yams

            I'm just a law student interning at the states attorney's office but if the public defenders and defendants gave up as easily as some of the posters here when there is a genuine arguable issue prosecutors would have the easiest job in the world. Insurance companies don't employ so many lawyers because they always win. The chances are if you complain enough you will get an Incredible because you will eventually reach someone with some power and he won't care enough to deal with it when a phone that probably cost the company about 30 bucks more (at their volume discount) will shut you up. (just a law student, not a lawyer, not YOUR lawyer, not legal advice)

  • dr154

    samething has happened with the g1, your replacement would be a mytouch…

  • Rodeojones000

    While this story Kellex posted is true, it's not the whole story. This became a big topic of conversation over at androidforums last week and I had some input into it. It's true that Asurion is saying they're out of Droids and you'll have to get an Eris/Devour/Ally in return. But, if pressed hard enough you can get more. Many have been told, after speaking to supervisor upon supervisor (a few even make their way up to the corporate ranks with their calls) they were able to secure an Incredible as a replacement. The only problem being that they'll have to wait until Asurion has some. Could be months before that happens. However, yesterday a forum member shared a story where they were told, just like everyone else, that they'd have to get an Eris as a replacement. After constant pressure he was given the number of the CEO's office. He called that number the next morning. Miraculously when he called this number he was told they do INDEED have Droids available and one would be sent out immediately. His initial call was on a Sunday night and the call to the CEO's office was a Monday morning. It's highly doubtful they suddenly got Droids between Sunday night and Monday morning. My point here is that if you do have to make a claim, be firm on your stance that nothing they are offering is comparable and continue to ask for someone higher until you get the answer you want. And one last interesting note: if you call Asurion you are told that the Eris (and others) are the only phones they are “authorized to give as replacements.” Meaning they could possibly have Droids, but they are being told to give away these other lessers phones first.

    For those that might be interested…here's the link to the thread on androidforums about this topic. Cheers!

  • AZChaos

    Who is dumb enough to use Asurion? Squaretrade.com all the way!!

  • rals

    Unfortunately, this is true. A lot of people on droid forums have been getting those $hitty Eris's.

  • Awesome. So you can replace a phone that is not EOL (Droid 1) with a phone that is (Droid Eris). Makes lots of sense, I guess.

  • In what Bizzaro world is a Motorola Devour comparable to a device that is soon to get 2.2?

  • El El Kool J

    I have had 2 Customer already receive HTC Increcibles as replacements. They called Assurion and were upset so they were offered Dinc's. 🙂 I suggest give it a shot if you end up D1-less..

    • kellex


    • StephanC

      Who do I need to talk to at Asurion? My device display stopped functioning and I need a replacement. The Droid Eris, LG Ally, and Motorola Devour are inferior to the Droid. I want an equal or better replacement.

  • ScallopShoes

    Ummmmm… X has been Rooted!!!!!!

    • what? X has been rooted??

      • Paul E.

        Yep, per Boy Genius Report, sometime this morning.

  • Lee

    It looks like I will be cancelling my insurance coverage. There would be no reason to have it if they do not replace the phone with the same or better. I find their replacement options insulting.

    • Br_d


      • Mymuhfucca

        ur exactly right!!! i posted this info about 10days ago bcuz my D1 was stolen!!! and i went through the big dance with asurion for tryna tell me they were gonna replace my D1 with those BS phones!!!! i ended up calling verizon and the asurion thing was new news to them… long story short… verizon fed exd me a brand new D1 for $50!!!! $39 less than my deductible!!! oh and HELL YEA i cancelled my insurance!!! might get it back after Asurion pulls their heads outta their 3rd point of contact???

    • Etg9

      They have a month to get the new Droid 2 out and make that the replacement or I am canceling my insurance as well. I've never had insurance before, I only got it because the phone is expensive to replace but if they are just going to replace it with crap it is in no way worth it.

      -August 23rd just went on the calendar

      • ninestories


      • KELLEX, can we get that as a follow up story?

  • Dan

    I'm sure this is illegal somewhere along the lines. Insurance fraud? maybe?

  • Charles

    This is complete and utter bullshit. Someone should call and see what can be done about this, talking with a representative may work better (I would, but I cannot as I am at work).

  • Tresnugget

    A friend of mine broke his 2 days ago and they basically gave him those same 3 options. After much hell raising, he was offered an incredible, which stupidly, he turned down.

  • EC8CH

    I'm Asurion you… this is BS.

    Just proves there is no replacement for THE Droid.

  • Shindo107

    this is not good…i've been beating up my droid hardcore and calling the scrapes “scars of character.”

    now i feel like a dumbass….ruh roh

  • ericsorensen

    Sounds like I need to CANCEL my Droid 1 insurance since they won't pay out in an ethical mannor.

    • Manny

      Yep, Everybody should cancel their insurance and take care of the phone.

    • Drew_VA

      Doing the same thing. I'll be sending them a nice message also…

  • Timmah

    Eh, I got a upgrade in 2 months. I won't break mine.xD

  • That is bull sh!t cheap asurion they can't give us a phone that is worth the same amount as the D1 when we bought it???

  • Jay P

    I wonder if I sell mine one ebay how much could it fetch. Just Wondering.

    By the way DROID X has been rooted. Hell Yeah.

    Link. http://www.droidxforums.com/forum/droid-x-hacks

  • 2Ceedz

    This is BS! Hmmm, wonder if the BBB has heard about this. I say we all hammer the Better Business Bureau with complaints about asurion and see how long it will take for asurion to give us devices that are AT LEAST as good as the phone we are insuring. We should raise hell, and not let companies get away with unethical practices like this! (My first post ever, this just happened to strike a nerve!)

    • Timoh

      Perceived value is not the same as retail value. The phones listed as replacements are newer and more expensive than the original Droid.

      Droid: July 14th 2009
      Eris: Nov 17th 2009
      Ally: April 12th 2010
      Devour: March 10th 2010

      It may be a downgrade in reality but on paper it's not.

      • 2Ceedz

        Im not talking about the price… that is of no concern to me, as I am paying for insurance! I dont care, what it costs them, if they cannot replace my device with the one promised (same model) then i want a device that is comparable by SPECS – not price. IMHO the retail prices are overblown anyway.

      • Blah

        Dude, Droid came out same time as Eris. All those other phones started cheaper than when droid came out. Verizon knows they're worse devices, and so does asurion.

      • sindeslroyer

        The original droid didn't come out until november and it has better parts…

      • Jamezelle

        yea your dates are jacked

        droid: nov 6th 2009
        eris: nov 6th 2009
        ally: may 20th 2010
        devour: feb 25th 2010 full release date march 10th

  • ajavgeek

    This is simply cheating. The insurance company will take the premiums on time along with deductible and provide a phone that is way less than value. LG Ally and HTC Eris does not even come close to D1, the offering is simply joke.

    Give either D1 phone or $550 as retail value of the phone so users can go buy whatever they want.

  • joandy

    I'm not one of those guys and I'm SUPER upset at the news… They better offer Droid2 instead!

  • John L

    Hi GEICO, yes I crashed my LEXUS SUV
    Ok sir, we can help you, you can pick your replacement of the following.
    1. Ford Pinto
    2. Ford Fiesta
    3. Chevy Cavalier
    They're top quality replacements sir, please choose wisely.

    I pray this is BS or just a rumor.
    Since the deductible is 100$ and the DRoid 2 is 2 on contract, it doesnt make any sense.
    I also believe they will have the Droid2 as replacement soon. Just dont break your phone right now.

    • John L

      FURTHERMORE, if those really are my choices, I would dust off my
      Blackberry 9530 Storm 1 and go back to Blackberry.
      Until my NE2 was an option.

      • Paul E.

        As would I.

        • MuddyB00ts

          Same. I think a good poll would be what phones people had just before they woke up and smelled the android. That Storm 1 was a real piece of …

    • nkhex19

      Ha ha +1

    • Tinytim10724

      Dont you knock my Cavalier lol

    • takeshi

      Car insurance goes by the book value of your vehicle. If repairs approach or exceed book value you can expect to get it totalled and a check that may only cover a Pinto as a replacement. Depends on the value of your used vehicle, regardless of make or model.

  • jdb80

    So, when Asurion says “we do have a comparable model,” do they mean they have another square thing that has a screen? Cause it's not comparable.

  • Dave

    I just got a replacement droid 2 weeks ago from these guys guess im glad it broke when it did other wise I would of have to dealt with this B.S They shipped it overnight no charge and my detectable was only $50.00

  • Hopefully once the Droid2 comes out they'll start to replace them with that instead. I know that my dad has one of those Casio heavy duty phones and he always breaks em and they give him the newer model each year it gets updated. He hasn't bought a new phone in forever.

    • rals

      Yeah that would be sweet. But then again I would suffer with a locked bootloader 🙁

    • guest

      funny you should mention that… i just broke my casio boulder the other day and ended up making the leap to the DX since I didn't think I'd need insurance on that rock that doubled as a phone… and certainly didn't expect it to suddenly stop receiving text messages.

      I've never had good experience with Ashurion but now I'm reconsidering the insurance… and hoping they'll be able to replace my phone if it ever breaks

  • droiddev

    Wow…this is a kick in the teeth – the Devour? Seriously? I'm glad I stopped by insurance after the first two weeks, when I realized that it was a joke anyway. I do feel bad for all of those people who will go from a top-notch phone to something like those three phones. BTW – their comparison chart is rather humorous too…the fact that they both have a calculator or custom graphics is worthwhile??

  • jdb80

    I thought the Eris was phasing out too?

    Seems thought, that if Asurion cannot fully meet the expectations of their customers (which they cannot), that the price of insurance should not only drop, but customers who purchased insurance for the at-the-time 'high end device' should receive some sort of refund, since they won't get what they've been paying for all this time. Either that, or anyone with Asurion and a Droid have the deductible waived should they have an incident. Just my thoughts.

    • Frenchtimj

      Good luck with getting a refund… That's like trying to quit a health club… Impossible!

  • djenks24

    This just shows us how much the droid is going to be missed. They should let you upgrade for a SMALL fee.

  • jiggaman508

    That is absurd…how can they even get away with that…

  • Shawnw1127

    My guess is that once the Droid 2 is out that will be the replacement so I would hang on until then if you can! My friend had a Blackberry Tour 9630 and he claimed a replacement unit and what he got was a Bold 9650. Might be different with Androids but still wouldn't be a bad trade off if you can hang on.

  • aggressor2323

    I am not sure how best buy works but I know that their customer service is only about 1,000,000 better than Verizon's. I wouldn't be surprised if best buy gave you a Droidx or Incredible instead.

    • brandonmee

      My friend broke his palm(he has sprint). They allowed him to purchase an evo for like 125.

    • giantkn10

      my sister in law has best buy insurance. her droid broke and best buy gave her a droid eris temporarily and ordered a droid x for her.

  • JosueD

    That sucks! Droid 1 For Life!

  • Silksmooth12

    Wow, what an epic ripoff. GLAD I don't have insurance. I feel so bad for the people who do! Cause that is an effing joke!!!

  • Darkseider

    This is why insurance on a phone is bullcrap. Spend $7 a month for insurance through Asurion for 8 months, Droid breaks, get to pay a $90(?) deductible and get a Devour as a replacement! What a freakin scam.

  • Dan

    Are there any Best Buy Mobile tipsters/readers who know how Black Tie Protection claims will be affected by the now EOL device?

    • Nevitable

      Besides trying to screw me with the old subpar phone swap I waited two days with noting showing up at home on my D1 claim, kept checking the claim on the website and when I called they said I canceled the claim?! After I told them I did not cancel and the deductible was already paid and another 20 minutes on hold they said they canceled it because the Droid was no longer available and they were not getting them. I finally ended up getting them to put me on the wait list for the Incredible however I called back today and was going to ask about the DroidX instead seeing how it was a $10 retail price difference on Verizons site and they said “Oh we just got some Droids in and I can get that out to you today?” I told her “nope, I already purchased all the accessories for the Incredible and would rather keep it that way” I am just praying that its not weeks and weeks or even months till I get my replacement and is true to their 3-5 days they stated.

  • NuclearFluxx

    That Sucks the Big One, I feel like the Droid is going to be a collectors item!

    • marleyinoc

      Yep. I kinda want to upgrade just so I can keep my replacement phone (Thanks Asurion!) in tip top shape. I really love the D1!

      I know it said that the replacement options were lesser phones (I've always liked my gf's Eris, though) – but is that really the case? I would think they'd have to use a comparable or better phone, or at least offer a deal where you pay a bit to trade up to a newer phone…

  • davesdroid


    • LobbyDizzle

      1st place in the race to gaydom.

      • davesdroid

        You're just suffering from 1st place envy. lol

        • LobbyDizzle

          Bad taste, indeed, but 4 people like my post, which is 4 more people who want to see the end of this “first” debacle. Feels like I'm stuck in the 2000s.

          • davesdroid

            Why? In the 2000's were you a self absorbed moron who couldn't control what spews out the hole in your face? If so, then not much has changed. You just learned to type

          • LobbyDizzle

            Hmm, not sure where you came up with that. I'm just referring to how being 'first' was cool, back in the day.

      • that is in bad taste LobbyDizzle

      • Timmah

        That comment wasn't needed.

      • Bella

        Davesdroid… Who do you like best, Edward or Jacob?