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Exclusive: First Photos of the Motorola Droid 2

Well, hello there Motorola Droid 2.  We would like to officially introduce you to the readers of Droid Life.  We saw your activation screen just the other day, but we’ll admit that it’s nice to finally see the rest of you.

What do you think everyone?  Should we just sit back and gaze at it for a bit?  Moment of silence for Droid 1?  Throw a party?  Be confused?  Start saving?

As you can see, externally, it looks almost identical to the Droid 1.  The keyboard is really the only thing to have undergone a complete overhaul and now lacks that giant gold D-pad (which no one used) and includes some puffier looking keys. There are also some minor tweaks to the lip which is covered, giving off a slightly smoother appearance.  The battery cover no longer has that fingernail insert.  And that’s basically it for the outside.  The Droid 2 is all about the internal specs and a new version of Motoblur which doesn’t appear to be quite as intrusive as the versions we’ve seen on the Devour and Backflip.

Some of the juicy details we were given:

-Android 2.1 (unless Verizon pumps out a last minute 2.2 update to it)
-3.7″ screen
-750MHz OMAP processor
-Wi-Fi tethering
-8GB internal
-8GB SD card preinstalled
-Updated keyboard
-5MP camera
-New version of Motoblur
-No HDMI port
-No front facing camera


I wish I had a release date for you, but at this time, nothing has been completely confirmed to us.  The Q3 rumors for which peg both the Droid Xtreme and the Droid 2 to be launched on the same day still seem pretty likely to tell you the truth.  One of our sources also informed us of a 3 hour long training session taking place on June 22nd for all retail employees which could mean training for these 2 new devices and Froyo.  Yay!

Oh, and one last gem for you…

Droid 2 Boot Animation:

Thoughts?  No HDMI port or front facing camera, but the internals should make it worth it right?  You all loved the Droid 1 styling so much and this is almost identical.  Does that make it a must-have?

  • csbrat

    The phone itsself sounds wonderful to me. Too bad it'll only be abailble through Verizon. Why do I need to pay an extra $30 a month if all I;m going to use is the WiFi?

  • 2.2 on my Droid would be enough for me.

  • The Droid Life watermark is pretty obnoxious. Consider moving it out of the way to a corner.

    • Gunner


  • ET
  • Zizagoo

    It all depends WHICH OMAP this has got. If this has the same OMAP3630 that the Shadow has, this thing will fly, plus have better battery life and overclockability due to being 45nm. Just “OMAP 750mhz” isn't nearly enough information.

    • Zizagoo

      And by Shadow I mean the Droid X.

  • Techjunkie24

    Enough of all this useless chitter chatter about which phone is (or will be) better, and lets talk about how we can get our hands on that boot animation. Kellex hook it up!

  • I won't trade up for this any more than I'll trade up from my husband. I'm very much in love with them both:-P

  • Frankg3400

    I really wish they will eventually upgrade Droid to be a global phone.

  • adam c.

    actually, now that I think about it, i'm sure droid 2 is going to be geared more to the business user. Improved keyboard, wifi tether, lack of front facing camera & hdmi out…. seems the droid X and their other 2ghz monster will be for the rest of us.

  • billtvshow

    I assumed the Droid 2 would basically be the Xtreme with a physical keyboard or perhaps something even a little bit beefier spec-wise. Not only is it not close, it's so underwhelming that I would actually get the Xtreme over it now, even as much as I LOVE my physical keyboard. But I'm not going to be getting either now.
    Granted if you pit it 1 on 1 with the original Droid it seems a tiny bit better, but it's not nearly the sequel that most of us were hoping it would be.

  • No front facing camera? Crap. And I was really hoping for the HDMI mini out… Crap again.
    How do you do video calls with no front facing camera; it's just awkward.

    Until next time,

  • Face545353535

    This is a fake device, Droid Life you have been fooled, Can't anybody see this is not a real device?

  • JNovess76

    Motorola make crappy phones. They come up with a great idea and then they sit back on their laurels for far too long. The whole RAZR craze should have set them up as the premiere phone company for years to come but they never bothered to follow it up with a better idea.

    Motorola received a second opportunity to make something of themselves with the Droid. The Droid isn't a pretty phone by any standards, but Google did give them a great opportunity to pioneer the Android OS.

    Instead of dedicating engineers to work full time on coming up with the latest greatest cell phone technology they develop the Droid and take a vacation. Typical Motorola.

  • EC8CH

    Since they are extending the sliding screen to cover the bottom, I wish they would have just kept it flat all the way down instead of doing that tapered thing. Then they could have moved the capacitive touch buttons down a bit away from the screen. The top and bottom bezel then would be about equal, resulting in a more symmetric looking design.

    Verizon would have to find a different place to stick their logo then… Guess that's why it didn't happen :-/

  • corydunbar

    honestly the only thing i like about the droid 2 over my rooted BB Froyo Droid OCed at 1GHz is the boot animation. nothing else even seems like an upgrade.

    -Android 2.1 <– we've had for a while now, and now we have 2.2
    -3.7″ screen <– is this not what i have in my hand right now?
    -750MHz OMAP processor <– its the same processor just with a higher clock speed. We all know it can go faster. I bet motorola is just using its old droid parts to make this new one.
    -Wi-Fi tethering <– everyone with root already has this (wifi tether *root*, Froyo tethering,…)
    -8GB internal <– unless it means more RAM, who cares. I'd rather have 16GB on an sdcard
    -8GB SD card preinstalled <– downgrade? why not go 8 internal, 16 external
    -Updated keyboard <– i dont think you can call that an upgrade, its a modification
    -5MP camera <– wow! 5MP, that must take really good photos. wait same lens, nevermind.
    -New version of Motoblur <– but we all are trying to get rid of motoblur on every phone they have made so far
    -No HDMI port <– +1 for the EVO and Droid X
    -No front facing camera <– +1 for the EVO and Iphone

    MOTOROLA do you even want to keep customers?

  • Tyrian

    Are there any standards by manufactures for placing the 4 buttons at the bottom in some order

  • crichton007

    Its a nice evolutionary upgrade but I'm not going to shell out and re-up just for this. This is kind of like going from the iPhone 3G to the 3GS, except it has Android (which is worth getting in comparison to i(p)OS).

  • Weak, lame, boreing. Not worthy of the upgrade. Im dissappointed

  • guest

    Oh i get it…. Droid 1.5

  • toner

    What is the point of changing the back button location?

  • locke2384

    Off topic but does anyone know of a good video player that works with froyo. I am just looking for something that plays mp4s or avi

  • adam

    So far it seems like a LG voyager -> LG env touch type of upgrade. Tweaks here and there, but nothing groundbreaking yet… hopefully we'll learn more soon


    Bad keyboard layout IMHO. The Left Alt Lock, Left Alt and Left Shift keys are very long. Instead of all that “wasted” real estate I would have preferred an apostrophe/quote key next to Enter. The apostrophe is important, in some languages even more so than in English.

  • Salt

    I actually like the navigation button on my Droid. It's simpler to deal with than tiny arrow keys, and it keeps the screen from getting dirty. To all you ladies with your little lily hands, keep away from my big gold button. I likes it fine.

  • RhodeRage

    What a let down! Those specs are awful…no front facing camera…no camera upgrade (5MP)…no HDMI…”new” MOTOBLUR??? how about NO motoblur? Seriously?? meh

  • scuba_koop

    Ok, so I am old-school. I REALLY use my keyboard a lot!! I don't know if the screen was bigger, maybe I could adjust. Maybe I just need to force myself not to slide the keyboard open?? I go to a crawl when using the on screen keyboard??? So if I got this right the Droid 2 obviously has a keyboard and the Droid X does not??
    I guess what I am saying is I can't seem to part with the keyboard? My contract ended last month, and I am patiently waiting! I always go the 1 year and pay extra for the hardware. 2 years is way too long to keep a phone. Too many technology leaps nowadays!!

  • moizsaleemvarind

    Droid 2 leaked, photo, features and what expected, IFs and BUTs , everything on my post :


    Take Care, Moiz Saleem Varind

  • Ulnek75

    yea the specs on this aren't really worth of the “droid 2” name. maybe droid 1.5 or something. i guess i will wait for later this year with those 1.5 to 2 ghz devices the ceo hinted on. if not, seems like htc will have one by the end of the year anyway. just hoping to get a summer upgrade.

  • Trooper

    This is not the droid I'm looking for

  • Rnd

    Why even include the keyboard? Who uses the keyboard anyway? It just makes the phone much thicker than it has to be. Wish they'd just do away with it. The virtual keyboard is much better.

    • Why use a keyboard for the pc? Same thing its a qwerty for a reason…

  • djspikezz

    I think MOTOROLA should read these comments.

  • Diso25

    motoblur just killed the motorola droid. I would get it if it was pure android and not that motoblur crap motorola has come up with

    • Theoriginaljosh

      I feel the same way…. :(… all that is going to do is lengthen the time between OS updates… plus it's fugly.

  • Michael

    Sounds like a waste of money to me. Think I'll pass and keep my original “Droid”!

  • Greg668771

    This actually reminds me of the LG chocolate fiasco…. they came out with the chocolate 2 roughly 9 months after the first chocolate…. and did not specifically call it the chocolate 2… it was a bit of a hardware upgrade, but not much of one… the reason the VZW rep gave me was that it was to not anger the people that had just used their upgrade to the hottest phone available for replacing it so quickly…

    this is definitely the droid 1.5. i will wait for the rumored droid pro that is supposed to drop early next year or so… that is the 2 ghz proc… and the front facing 2 mp cam… the true iShit destroyer.

  • david

    not a fan of the new lip

  • Meticode

    Wow, if these are the Droid 2 specs I'm disappointed. The processor is barely upgraded, no HDMI, etc. It feels like when the Droid 2 comes out I won't be disappointed or missing much while having my Droid. And also does it really have MotoBlur? I found that a bad mark, I like not having MotoBlur.

  • Moto failed here. They're putting all their eggs on the Droid X, I mean since you say MOTO that the Droid it's still selling then why would you just give a little make up outside and inside, it makes no sense.

    I'm very dissapointed, this is more like Droid 1.5 version.

    This is what I want on the next Droid

    1- 4.3 to 4.5 screen
    2- 8MP 720p recording camera.
    3- 1.2MP Front facing camera.
    4- no Blur give Android straight up.
    5- 2.2 and keep up the good work with the GPU and the Processors.

    And please get somebody that knows how to work on the Media.

  • Queenoftheweb

    does anyone know how much ram this phone will have? that's very important and it's not listed here.

  • jedijesus95

    I'm really curious what the other 2 android devices are going to be.

  • Boss

    I would almost guarantee that the droid 2 will be running 2.2 when it is released. I just can't see it being released with 7 month old software, especially because by the time this phone is released in July, 2.2 will have been out for 2 months.

    Things i noticed that no one else has mentioned, the camera is slightly different, the LED flash looks bigger than the Current Droid, and the back side underneath the camera is now one solid piece, which does make it look better.

    As far as the keyboard, the dedicated voice search and back button hard keys are a welcomed addition, but losing the Shift key on the right side is something i will have to get used to if i upgrade because I always use it on my Droid 1.

    Also with the new lip covering the right side of the phone, it appears that it covers up the microphone now, which draws some concern.

    I wouldn't count this phone out yet.

    It's definitely a let down especially with the iphone 4 getting introduced. But if the keyboard is a lot easier to use (I don't even mind the current droids keyboard) and if it does run noticeably faster/smoother than the Droid 1, and maybe the battery life is extended, I would say it could be worth the upgrade.

    I may be wrong, but i don't think the droid 1 has an optional extended battery…

    Its hands down the best phone on the market with a physical keyboard, something that is a huge selling point for me.

  • Gabe

    the overall physical look has improved not that there was anything wrong with it in the first place but it definitely looks better, sharper and tightly build so A+ for that 🙂 but as far the specs go Im kinda disappointed to say the least. No HDMI port, Motoblur, no front facing camera, once again a 5MP camera, really you guys couldn't throw in there an 8MP to at least compete with the rest? Is sad to say but this is no updated Droid for me my rooted overclocked Droid will save me $500 this year.

  • djspikezz

    SOOO disappointed!! I hope they buff this phone up more. And whats the deal with the 8mb card… lame! It should be at equal to Droid 1's 16mb card.

  • evltwn

    I want that boot animation. Looks sweet to me. Kellex, do you think your source can get that?

  • scottholstein

    I am disappointed with the lack of a 1ghz processor, 8mg card, no front facing cam, and no 4.3 screen. With my first Droid and its awesome power, I would expect more from the next Droid. I would rather Moto wait until the holiday season or new year and really soup up the Droid 2. Let it be the 2ghz processor phone…maybe that might be the Droid 3?

  • I'm happy with the Droid doesn't make sense to buy the Droid 2 nothing on the spec really impressed me..droidlife….peace

  • Donwhall

    Nice Phone but not worth $200 and blowing an upgrade on… I'll stick with my current droid for now…

  • Root this sucker and I'm sold.

    Although, if one of our friendly neighborhood modders wants to hook us up with that Droid 2 boot animation, that'd be bitchin'.

  • Spaniard85

    If anything, my interest went to the Xtreme. Droid 2 doesn't have nearly the balls to compete with the Evo 4G or iPhone 4. I'll definitely be watching for the 2GHz Moto.

  • holidayK

    its funny how all you guys are like “I LOVE MY DROID” “MY DROID CAN DO ANYTHING THOSE 1ghz PHONES CAN DO, EVEN BETTER” ” DROID 1 ALL THE WAY!!” and now look at all of you… complaining, if your droid1 is so great, why are you complaining about the droid2? i rest my case.

    • Spaniard85

      Because we expected more from the sequel to what was Verizon's original Android flagship phone. At its release, the Droid was a world-beater. We assumed the Droid 2 would be on the same “world-beating” level. With what we've seen so far, it's not.

      Is that that hard to understand?

  • Dpry3580

    I second that. Besides the second (useless) camera, everyone wish was granted. I've had my inc. Since release. I'm an IT programmer and swapped my MOTO 29 days. Now that's good thing. Was hesitant going with HTC, always having motos, but wouldn't give this up unless specs double again.