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Installing CyanogenMod v5.0.5 for Motorola DROID

Back on the 13th, we ran through a video tutorial for users looking to check out the CyanogenMod which has essentially been ported over to the Motorola Droid.  While that process seemed to create issues on various levels, the newly released v5.0.5 comes packed full of easiness.  So if you are sick of waiting for Android 2.1 from Verizon and are in the mood to check out what we believe is the best custom ROM on the planet, then let’s do this!

*Warning* – As always, you are performing these tasks at your own risk.  We are not recommending that you do ANY of these, but simply providing information to you.  There is a chance you could brick your phone, do other permanent damage and this will more than likely void your warranty. Please do as much research as you can beforehand.  We are not liable for any of your actions.

*Note 1* – Before performing this you may want to create a backup of settings and apps which we covered at this post.

Instructions if coming from stock…

1.  Root your phone using DM Updater.  If you want a backup created, fully install DroidMod 1.0.
2.  Download ROM Manager from the market:  Download Link
3.  Open ROM Manager and tap “Flash ClockworkMod Recovery” and confirm model as Motorola DROID.
4.  When prompted for access, check “remember” and then tap “allow”.
5.  If it appears to freeze during this process, just hit the “home” key and re-open ROM Manager.
6.  Tap “Download ROM”. (Should download in 3 parts.)
7.  Tap “CyanogenMod 5.0.5”.
8.  Check both options for Google Apps and Modules and then hit “OK”.
9.  The ROM will now be downloaded.
10.  When it finishes, you will be prompted to install the ROM with options “Backup Existing ROM” and “Wipe Data and Cache”.  Choose both as you can now choose the backup option and the Clockwork recovery will not freeze.  Tap “OK”.
11.  Let the phone boot into recovery and watch it work backup/ROM magic.
12.  Your phone will boot back up once finished.  Log in to your Google account and you are done.

*Note 2* – Response I received in regards to exactly what the Google Apps add-on is:  “The ROM is built on the separation of Android from it’s dependency on Google apps. So you have the ability to install the ROM with no Google apps. However, you won’t be able to log in to the market or setup your main account.”

Instructions if coming from Cyanogen

  • Open ROM Manager, perform a backup, download the new version through ROM Manager and then install it.  You also should not have to “wipe data and cache”.
  • If you are currently running 7 screens, you may get  some force close issues after installing as 5.0.5 defaults to 5 screens.  Think about switching to 5 screens before loading this new ROM.  Try going back to the stock 3 screen launcher plus removing all widgets before upgrading.

For the newest release details and support, check out the CyanogenMod forums.

A couple of things you can expect:

  • The delay after pressing “home” while being in the browser has been eliminated in this version.
  • You can now utilize the Google Latitude live wallpaper which I’ve capped above.
  • The HelixLauncher is also incredibly fast now.
  • Can still be overclocked to 1000Mhz.
  • If you want to return to stock, you can do so at this post.

As always, if you decide to go this route, please let me know how it all works out!


    I installed it last night and I love it so far…I was running droidmod 1.0 which was great also. But I like try new (stable) roms and I the 3D app drawer is what really got me to try cyanogen and the fact that it now just got more stable and is OTA! I don't think I will ever go back to stock even when and if 2.1 official decides to bless us with its presence lol. I'm an indirect agent for Verizon and I gave up on waiting for the update lol. Now I spend most of my day rooting my fellows sales reps DROIDS!!! : )

  • J.W.

    So I attempted installing the latest version of this rom, following the directions above. Everything went as expected. However, when it got to step 11, I got a message stating that there was not enough disk space on the sd card. At this point I backed out of the install and rebooted. Now, I believe that I am back to droidmod 1.0 but battery usage is high, phone is warmer than before, and it seems like the battery is not charging. Any thoughts?

  • kmarker

    Should we use helixlauncher or helixlauncher2

    • Tom

      root with cyanogen launcher2, it works beautifully. unroot or any other mod, launcher1 may be better

  • Dito_Muertez

    update, 6 hours into cyanogen:
    not sure if i can handle not having my wi-fi. more importantly, my little red light that tells me i've pushed too many buttons today. I have to say, i was a bit worried about rooting and all that fun stuff, but following the videos you created made it too easy. However, i had to take cyanogen off. It was a little buggy, a little laggy, and at least with DM i still have a few root options, enough to hold me over until 2.1 is offically released. All in all, I would have to say that it has been an experiance, and i feel complete….until tomorrow.

  • cee_em_jay

    Hey guys, finally took the plunge and am in love with this, quick question though….for some reason my LED doesn't blink anymore whenever I have unread email…still pops up in my notification bar though. Anyone else have any idea what's up with that?

    • jazzbassNick

      Check the notification in settings. Mine had to be turned on again (along with the option to do it when the screen is on).

      Don't have my phone in front of me, so I can't give you an exact location.

      • cee_em_jay

        I went into notifications for both my email and handcent, checked to see if they were on (they were), checked LED colors (email to green, sms to blue), and those were on, as well as the screen-on option, and still nothing. I know my LED isn't burnt out because it still turns/flashes red when my battery gets low. It's not the biggest deal in the world but I keep it on vibrate at work and if I have to charge it it would be nice to look and see without waking the phone up.

        Also one thing I was wondering, I remember something about a Google Apps box you check…I've noticed in the market that the apps I backed up with Astro say they're uninstalled even though I still have them. Does this mean that while I have CM running the market won't push any app upgrade notifications to me (been rooted for almost a week and can't remember seeing any in my bar)?

        • jazzbassNick

          Yeah, I think it was Settings>Sound & Display>Pulse Notification Light (and Pulse with screen on), both under “Trackball Settings”

          I had the same issue with reinstalling my apps from the Astro Backup (and I did install the two modules at the time). I think one of the other backup programs has a “restore Market links” feature so Market will recognize it.

          • cee_em_jay

            Sweet action on the LED…I would've never thought to change the trackball settings, heh.

          • jazzbassNick

            hehe…yeah. I knew it was somethin' a tad diff, but just couldn't remember. Glad that did the trick.

  • Dito_Muertez

    Just went through this whole process this morning (this and the 3 part vid for rooting), everything I needed to know was handled. Worked perfectly, without any troubles. You all rock.

  • bigred4x15

    ok so I am in a little bit of trouble, when I installed the latest v5.0.5.3 I must have clicked wipe data, so when I reinstalled DM Updater, it says my sd card is not mounted, and I dont have the choice of selecting a ROM and going back to stock. Any clues?

  • Drew

    Last night I hooked my phone up to the charger and this morning I woke up and went to unlock it and when I slid the tab over it just froze there so I had to pull the battery. Also with the 3D launcher, the letters underneath the apps arent lined up correctly anymore. Think I may just go back to droid Mod 1.0

  • steveindajeep

    Did a little more research and found my answer.

  • steveindajeep

    Well I installed everything and it installed with no problems. Coming from SPrecovery/Smoked Glass 5.
    I installed version 5.05.3 but it didnt give me any options to add/remove options/programs during the install? Was I suppose to install just 5,05 to get these install options?

  • Orion

    Okay, so I finally took the plunge and rooted last night, so first off, I want to thank you, Kellex, for putting up tutorials that made it seem like even a technical moron like me could do it, and to everyone else for the questions and answers re: some of these things. But I'm still a little hazy, so I'm hoping to get a little more help. So I got the DM Updater and ran through that, and I got to droidmod 1.0 without any problem, and, like the vids said, it kept all of my settings. And I really liked droidmod 1.0, but I'd heard about the cyanogenmod ROM for so long and it seemed to be the ROM of choice, so I decided I might as well check it out, too. I played with both, and I still haven't really decided which to go with, but here are my questions:

    1. Some of you have probably played with these a lot more than I have. And you almost certainly understand them better than I do. Are there any advantages to cyanogen over droidmod? Droidmod over cyanogen? Anything that makes one the “better” one overall?

    2. When I switched over to droidmod, I think it created a backup. When I switched over to cyanogen, I think it also created a backup (although I'm not sure about either… I followed the steps in the tutorials, basically). Droidmod retained all of my settings, as the vid indicated (which is awesome) while cyanogen wiped me. Restoring isn't a huge deal, and I'm doing it to give the cyanogen rom a good test run, but if I want to go back to droidmod, what is the process (or is there a process) whereby I can use that backup to basically “undo” the cyanogenmod ROM install? What is a backup for anyway?! If that is what a backup is for, where is it and how can I access it?

    3. Because my apps got blanked with cyanogen, I went to the market to re-download them. At first, it showed my list of downloads, but as I was working my way through re-downloading them (and is this necessary or can a backup be used here, too?), they disappeared for some reason. I have a list of them, so I can get them again, but I didn't get DM Updater from there. Do I just get it again from here as I did before? Do I need to go through that process again (I don't think so because the superuser ninja is still showing up in my apps)? (I do still have the ROM manager icon.)

    4. If I want to overclock, is that embedded in either cyanogen or droidmod, or do I need to download Set CPU in the market? If it's in cyanogen/droidmod, where is it?

    I guess I'm hoping, principally, to learn about where my backup is and how to use it (if it can be used) to go back to droidmod (my initial impression is that I like that ROM a little better, although I'm not set on it yet, especially if I learn a lot about why cyanogen is better). If I want to go back, can I use the backup to do that? If not, I'm not sure how to do it. Is there a list of steps for that? Anyway… sorry for all the questions… I'm a bit of a technophobe. Any assistance is hugely appreciated, and thanks again for such an amazing website.

  • Jeff

    I updated to the 5.0.5 MOD last night and all seemed to go well. I was able to download from the market fine until I tried to do a restore of one app to test. After the restore of the app I can't download from the market at all. I get the following Force Stop error:
    The application market(process com.android.vending) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.

    Any suggestions with out going back to stock and starting over?

    • Palomosan

      Unistalled the app with astro file manager and the install it again.

  • Tom

    I'm getting a pretty crappy problem after installing Cyanogen 5.0.5 from stock.

    There were no issues during the installation, but now whenever I return to the home screen from an app, say from the browser, it takes at least 5+ seconds for all my shortcuts and widgets to load. The pinned shortcuts on the bottom of the screen load instantly, but every time I press home, I'm staring at my wallpaper for several seconds before I actually see anything come up.

    I am using a live wallpaper w/ the 3d launcher, but I know it's not anything to do with the live wallpaper because the problem persisted even when I used a regular still background. Is anyone else getting this problem or is it just me?

    • EndiSky

      Try doing a fresh install on it. (the rom)

  • Spdjunky

    Has anyone truelly resolved the issue with the Droid that people on the other end of the phone call can't hear very good? I've changed the settings in the ##Program but t still isn't very clear. Will any of these programs work to help resolve it, or is it just a hardware glitch?

  • misterw

    I am running Droidmod 1.0 and want to try Cyanogen. I am pretty sure that I have a nandroid backup because there is a file by that name in Astro. Are there any special steps I have to take that are not described in the above video because I am going from Droidmod to Cyanogen?

    • EndiSky

      You should not have any issues, if you do just post them here. You will most likely run into an issue going from Cyanogenmod back to droidmod if you so choose to.

  • mine didnt work…was it because i had my phone plugged in?

    • EndiSky

      most likely… unless you are transfering something to the phone via usb you need to unplug the phone from the usb cable

      • for whatever reason, it wouldnt install-so I installed DroidMod 1.0 again, and low and behold, now Cyanogen is installing.

        before when it would reboot-i just got the phone and yellow ! icon…now when it reboots, it actually goes into the BootLoader / Recovery screen and works…so its installing right now. knowing my luck, Verizon will push out the update like right after its done…lol

  • Paul

    First time rooter and now have the awsome 5.0.5 cyanogenmod. I have found an issue with it though. When i set a custom ringtone for a contact via 'contacts' then 'options', it continues to ring the default ringtone when that contact calls. Anyone else notice this behavior?

  • My LED(not the camera ones) stopped working when i installed 5.0.5! I was upgrading from

    Does anyone else have this problem??

  • Brendan

    i tried putting a metamorph theme on here and it made me go into a force close loop now i cant do anything can someone please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • You can always do a battery pull, then hold x and power to reboot into recovery mode. from there wipe everything and just reinstall the cyanogenmod.zip.

  • Jason

    I have gone through the process of installing DroidMod 1.0 with no problems. I have done the steps of installing Cyanogenmod 5.0.5 up to step 11. After it backed things up and rebooted again it has been in a loop of showing the droid flash animation and the eye, then starting over and over again.

    I can get to the recovery screen again by the way. So if anyone has any ideas besides restoring backup let me know.

    • Did you do a full wipe of data and cache before installing. Droidmod is 2.0.1 so you have to do it before installing cyanogenmod. Droidmod hasn't switched to 2.1 yet because they have “ethics”.

    • EndiSky

      restoring backup is your option at this point. when you are flashing the rom again (5.0.5) don't do a backup as that has caused some people issues. As long as you have one good backup that you are happy with, stick with it.

  • Kyle

    I installed the new mod, but after it reboots and I put in my google account and whatnot it just comes back to the normal rooted phone with all of my apps missing. I tried installing again to come up with the same results. Any suggestions?

    • EndiSky

      thats what will happen, I am assuming that you are coming from stock or some other 2.0.1 rom correct?

      • hjoconor

        If I go back to droid mod 1 or stock will my apps be back?

        • EndiSky

          if you did a backup and restore that backup, your phone will be exactly as you copied it.

    • hjoconor

      Same thing happened to me. I would love to know if someone can tell me how to get my apps back. Astro isn't there..

      • EndiSky

        just download astro from the market

    • hjoconor

      Yep, thanks EndiSky. All you have to do is back up your apps on Astro first, then once your in the new mod, download astro again and your apps will be in the backup section and you can reinstall them. Brilliant.

  • Heafer40

    Okay I need some help in a major way as I have hit a block here. i have installed Cyanogen 5.0.5 and have ran all kinds of different mods from DroidMod, BlackDroid, Cyano and had no problems until now. I want to go back to Stock and when I DL DM Updater to begin the process it never flashes SP Recovery to allow me to go back. I obly have the ROM options menu and when I pick one the phone boots back into CLOCKWORK recovery? How can I get back to stock a different way? I have deleted DM and re-downloaded it Several times now and it never flashes the SP recovery? Thanks

    • scline

      You and me both. This is the exact thing I am having trouble with. I hope someone has the answer!

      • Heafer40

        I was finally able to get back by doing a Nandroid Restore from the Clockwork screen…It took a while but when it booted I am stock still rooted but I know where to go from here. Try doing a NANDROID restore. My next step if that had not worked was flashing back to Cyanogen 5.0.42 and attempting DM again from that Cyano. There is a manual way to flash the SP Recovery outside of DM using the ADB (Android Debug Bridge) but that is not something I was gonna be able to do.

        • Hoagie

          just go into droidmod and load 2.01 stock no root rom and you will be good

          • Heafer40

            The problem the other user and I was having was whether you picked stock no root or droid mod it never worked because our phones aren't being recognized by Droidmod and would never flash SP Recovery back onto the phone. Without SP recovery DroidMod wont allow either to work as the phone boots into Clockwork.

          • Hoagie

            i know i didnt explain it vary well i wanted him to do what you did takes forever but works

        • scline

          I have no idea what you just described. Just call me lost! Where are all the step by step instructions available?

  • Anothamexican

    what happens if I hit the button “factory data reset” under the privacy button in the settings menu

  • Robert

    mod version on about phone still says Cyanogen mod- Am I missing a step?

    • EndiSky

      Probably just downloaded again, so try to download the file from rom manager again.

  • scline

    How do we unroot from Cyanogen 5.0.5? I tried the above process from 5.0.4 and i am all messed up!

    • EndiSky

      Let me know where you are stuck exactly, we can work from there.

      • scline

        I'm not really stuck. I just want to go back to stock! I'm sort of freakin out that I can't get back.Any advice would be appreciated!

        • EndiSky

          did you get it resolved?

    • When I tried to flash sprecovery it never did so I went into CO recovery and wad able to flash back to before I flashed the Rom and then opened droidmod and went back to stock.

      • scline

        CO Recovery?

        • Hoagie

          clockmod my bad

  • scline

    I am running Cyanogen 5.0.5 and I'm trying to unroot and the dmupdater will not give me sp recovery mode. What is the deal? Any takers on trying to explain this one?

  • cliner

    First of all this is by far the best site for any droid or android user. Keep up the awesome work droid life rocks!!!This is an amazing rom, far better than anything verizon can put out. i am having one problem, i have my facebook and news and weather icon and news and weather widget stuck in a screen. i tried adding the 7 screens just to see if i can access the icons and widget but that did not work its like they are frozen in a unusable screen. please help

  • steveindajeep

    So do I need to do anything with SPRecovery? Or just follow the steps above and ignore SPrecovery?

    • EndiSky

      SPRecovery will be overwritten by ClockWorkRecovery, so SP will be unusable if you stick with a CyanogenMod

  • steveindajeep

    SO do I need to do anything with SPRecovery or just disregard it completely? and follow the steps above?

  • Collin

    Is there any reason why my GMail isn't pushing mail to my inbox?

    • EndiSky

      Make sure that the account is set to sync

  • pyroholtz

    I just did a update from and it seems to have worked beautifully. I didn't wipe cache or data and that was impressive.

    Curious, what weather app/widget do I keep seeing on the home screen for cyanogenmod? I like it better than the built in 2.1 weather/news widget but I dont know what its called.

    • Kyle

      Good question. I have been trying to find the answer to this since I started using cyanogenmod. I figured being in all the screenshots it would be built into the ROM but I havent seen it anywhere. Can anyone put an end to this mystery?

  • Hep

    Great, I finally bit the bullet and caved in and installed this Cyanogen Mod… and of course it won't go smoothly for me. Everything but the most important thing appear to be working. I can place calls, surf the web, use the phone, but I can't get it to add my Google account to the phone. So I can't use Gmail or load my contacts or anything.

    I get the message:
    “Can't establish a reliable data connection to the server. This could be a temporary problem or your phone may not be provisioned for data services. If it continues, call Customer Care.”

    So I'm guessing that no one is on here at this hour… What do I do now? I've tried rebooting, but that didn't work. I think I'm going to have to try and go back to stock, which sucks because it wasn't exactly “quick” to get to this point for me.

    • Hep

      Ok, so from what I can tell… I'm STUCK! I can't log into Google so I can't get to the Market to at least install Astro so I can go back to being unrooted. What else can I do? I can't call customer care now and ask them for help.

      Has anyone else had this problem?????

    • Hoagie

      Did you try to do a nandroid restore from co recovery that should take you back to where you were before you flashed the Rom.

      • Hep

        When I can get the thing to reboot into the Clockwork Recovery that Cyanogen uses it has a nandroid option, but it tells me that the folder is empty. My steps were, I rooted, then I installed Droid Mod, then I installed Cyanogen. I let Droid Mod do a backup during it's process. How do I get back to Droid Mod at the very least? Or can I reinstall Cyanogen on top of itself to try and get the Google log in working?

        Please help! I can not really use my phone because I don't know everyone's numbers that were in here and I don't want to have to dig them up manually.

        • Hep

          Ok, so my options are:
          -reboot system
          -apply sdcard:update.zip
          -wipe data/factory reset
          -wipe cache partition
          -install zip from sdcard
          -nandroid (but it says “No files found”)
          -partition menu

          Can I use one of the install options to reinstall Cyanogen from the beginning?

          • Hep

            Ok, so I've learned a little more than I knew last night. But I'm still not sure what to do here. PLEASE CAN ANYONE HELP?

            Bottom line: I don't have a backup that I can find. Can I use Clockwork Recovery to install either Droid Mod or the stock 2.0.1? When I am in there, I have the option that says “apply sdcard:update.zip.” Can I just click that????

            Thank you!

          • Phil

            I'm not sure what your original problem was, but if it was not being able to run your google account with 5.0.5 then try this. download this file (google apps) http://www.mediafire.com/file/mnzmk1nytt2/gapps… and save/move to root of SD card. Then boot into recovery, select “install zip from sd card”, then “choose zip from sd card”. you should be able to find the Gapps one on there selcet it and install, you can also find the cyanogenmod 5.0.5 in their as well and you can reinstall that too. Use the power button to go back in menus and select reboot phone. it should let you sign into google automatically when the phone reboots.

          • Hep

            Thanks so much for the reply! That's what I ended up doing with Endisky's help last night. And I'd like to thank Endisky for taking the time to assist me with my issues and preparing for the future should I ever need to go back to stock! Very knowledgeable!

  • Scott

    Please Help!! So I didn't do an Astro application backup and now all of my many precious apps are gone. I upgraded from Droidmod 1.0, do i have to restore my previous droidmod installation and then do an astro backup and then re-upgrade to CM? Is there an easier way for getting my apps back? How would I go back to my previous install with all my apps??

    • Scott

      Nevermind. Power on while holding X, nandroid backup, only one thing to back it up to. Astro File manager back up and my backup pro. and viola. Thanks guys

    • sittingbill

      if You Go To The Market Then Hit menu at the bottom tap downloads and re-install

  • dk5350

    Is it safe to set the CPU speed to 1Ghz?

    • EndiSky

      Yes, generally. Keep in mind that every phone is different and it may run too hot on yours. Trial and error, just do more trial and less error.

    • aarynk

      I have mine set at that and was wondering the same thing… haven't noticed any downfalls not even any more battery usage with it set that high

  • dk5350

    Has anyone ever had problems with the words under the icons not centering properly? They are cut off?

    • Nathan

      restart your laucher

      • dk5350

        Nathan, thank you! Dumb question, but how do I restart launcher and what do you recommend I use as a launcher? I have used Helix but it seems to leave certain items out.

        • Nathan

          I would use launcher 2 it works very good with CM, thats what I'm using, I always stick to what works the best for me, everyone has there opinions, hope this helps

      • dk5350

        Sorry, found it!

  • Ok so I just did this rooting business for the first time, no force closes and all looks great, only thing I noticed is my keyboard and my home key buttons don't light …everything else is working great any help will be greatly appreciated..

  • Brendan

    this is so easy to install i installed it during class

  • Count Chocula

    Love this, it is much better than the previous version. For some reason, the launcher still cuts off text, so I downloaded the helix launcher2, and it is much better!

  • Nathan

    HELP!!! I keep getting forecloses everytime i start my phone, I'm in safe mode but have no clue cause i keep getting the FC message theres no way for me to get into anything right now, the message just keeps popping up…anyone please I need some droid life advice!!!

    • Nathan

      ok so this was very strange, I did a hard reboot, wipe date and cache and then rebooted the phone…the next thing I see id live wall papers ..”) and then my phone said it was running 5.0.5 CM I was like wow God must really love me, ha ha Love you God, love my Droid!!! LOVE DROID LIFE

  • hodgewdm

    This ROM is awesome. Kellex you make it so easy for even a newb like me to do this…I've rooted, unrooted, and now rooted back to 5.0.5…Verizon can keep the 2.1 update…

  • scline

    I am trying to run setcpu and the app says I'm not rooted. I am running Cyanogen 5.0.5 so I am rooted. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app but still says I'm not rooted. Any suggestions?

    • EndiSky

      I'm assuming that it does not have super user permission

  • ISUVetMed

    Does anyone (or Kellex) know of a problem receiving MMS messages. When I get a picture with text the text comes through but the picture does not. If a pix msg is sent by itself it comes through. I have searched and searched and cant find any answers. I reflashed the rom and it still doesnt work. any help would be greatly appreciated

  • DannoFoo

    I found an error! Does any one know of a fix? This new rom wont let me lock the screen via the physical lock button on the top of the phone. Anyone else having this issue?

    • DannoFoo

      Duh! I fingered it out. SpaerParts>End Button behavior…

  • jchang

    Followed the guide and now i am on cyanogen 5.0.5. So far so good! Good guide, A++++

  • Lost Redneck

    How is the speed this time around? I was running Cyanogen but found it a bit laggy and draining my battery a bit too much. I have since used Simply Stunning which i loved except for the theme, and now I am on UltimateDroid v8 which is incredible in my opinion

  • radioactive2008

    Installed 5.0.5 Smooth install.Glad I got back my Corporate calender

  • scline

    I Installed Cyanigen 5.0.5 and I have noticed that the home screen doesn't rotate when I turn the phone. It will rotate if I open the phone as if not rooted. Is this the way it suppose to be?

    • aarynk

      check under settings and screen/display auto rotate should be checked… (correct me if I'm wrong anyone) I did the full 360 rotate in the same area

      • scline

        I have it on 360 rotation. Should there be 2 fields for rotation?

        • there is one setting for it when you press from the home screen menu/configure then there is another in spare parts both have to be one to go 360

          • scline

            Works like a charm! Thank you

        • aarynk

          not too sure what your next step would be… maybe a battery pull or restart?

  • dquicknc

    I may try this out

  • SDI

    No you do not have to stay in the rom manager screen you can back out and it will work continuously in the background.

  • avl92681

    Hi, big fan of this site, very helpful. Just wondering if anyone could tell me what are the benefits to going through all of this? I currently have Droid Mod 1.0 running and I use the Helix Launcher. What am I gaining by installing this? I'm pretty new to the whole rooting thing (newly rooted as of last weekend) and I'm just a little nervous about messing with my phone more. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

    • the only benefit is knowing that you are running the baddest rom available to mankind