Video: Returning to Stock 2.0.1 From CyanogenMod

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After looking at some stats from this site and reading a ton of user comments, it seems that many of you have gone the rooted route and installed the CyanogenMod which we covered last weekend.  (Congrats!  And I hope you are enjoying it!)  With that said, I also realize that many of you are now wondering whether or not you should return to stock for the rollout of the official 2.1 OTA update which was basically announced through Verizon yesterday.  While I gave you some basic written instructions on how to return to stock, I know that video tutorials are indeed a great format to help walk you through a process like this.  So here we go!

A couple of things to make your life easier once this is all said and done:
1.  Go into Astro File Manager and backup all of your apps. (Options>Tools>App Manager/Backup>Installed Apps>Backup)
2.  You might also want to backup settings, bookmarks, etc. with a program like Sprite Backup.

*Note 1* – This process will wipe your phone basically back to a stock Droid, meaning you will have to add back all of your Gmail accounts.

*Note 2* – Please remember that you will not lose your contacts.  These will sync with your phone once you log back in with your Google account.

*Note 3* – Please also remember that you will not lose your applications.  They are attached to your Google account and can be redownloaded through the market.

Uninstalling Cyanogen and returning to stock…

Retrieving your phone settings:

1.  If you backed up your apps into Astro, you can retrieve them now. (Options>Tools>App Manager/Backup>Backed Up Apps>Install)
2.  You should also restore any backups from Sprite or other backup programs to return settings.

And you are now ready to receive the OTA update!



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