Google Intros Custom Snooze Times for Inbox Users

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Starting today, Inbox users can set custom Snooze times to go along with your routine. Not everyone has the same sleep schedule, and to help offer a more personal approach to notifications, setting your own snooze times means you will get email when you are ready for it. 

As the Gmail team states, “As our lives change, so do our schedules. ‘Morning’ probably means something different to a college kid than, say, a parent with a newborn baby. Whatever your schedule is, your inbox should adapt to your day (and not the other way around). You don’t even have to do any work: Inbox will adapt to your preferences. If you snooze to a custom time of 7:30AM, you’ll see a prompt asking if you’d like to change your morning time to 7:30AM. One tap and you’re all set!”

Custom times can be set for your “morning,” “evening,” and “afternoon,” allowing you to completely control the times at which things come in.

Finally, a Contacts quick access button has been added to the web version of Inbox, which was also a highly requested feature, according to the team.

This update is rolling out today for everyone to use.

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Via: Gmail Blog



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