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Google Inbox, Google+

RIP, INBOX. RIP, G+. (Updated: Super Dead)

I'm just going to make this a quick one, because I've got nothing inspirational or interesting or thought-provoking or frustratingly humorous to add to the situation - Google is killing Google+ and Inbox today. It's April 2, the date they told us that each app...
Spark Android Download

Spark Mail for Android is Now Available!

Google's Inbox dies today, so you really do need to find a replacement if you haven't already. If you have been waiting for Spark Mail before making a switch, the time has now come. The popular iOS and Mac email app has been released on Android for all to use....
Spark Mail Android

Spark Mail Arrives on Android Tomorrow

A possible Inbox replacement is arriving on the day that Google's Inbox dies. We told you that Spark Mail was coming to Android and the company confirmed in a Tweet yesterday that April 2 is the day, unless plans change between now and then. That's tomorrow,...