Google’s Cheap Tablet Delayed for Tweaks and Price Drop, Could be Here in July

Ahh yes, the “Nexus” tablet. We personally believe that it will be Google Play branded and not “Nexus” branded, but that’s another discussion for another day. Today, it’s about the release of the tablet that all of us want to get our hands on. According to new reports, Google and Asus have delayed the launch of the tablet from May and are hoping to have it ready by July. At its current state, the tablet sits at $249, but Google wants that to be at the Kindle Fire-esque $199 price point and is looking to tweak the build.

While that may be slightly disappointing, we should remind you that Google I/O happens the last week of June, so “July” sounds about right. What better way for Google to show off their new hardware than at their own conference, which just so happened to add on a 3rd day for the first time. We will be there to cover it all.

Still holding off tablet plans until Google and Asus can release their 7-incher?

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Is this the Google Play or “Nexus” Tablet?

Any guesses on what this tablet may be? The crew at PocketNow discovered the images above and thinks that it may end up as the long rumored tablet to be Google branded aka the “Nexus tablet.” Their reasoning? Well, the fact that it lacks any OEM or carrier branding and has only stock Google app icons on the front. Is that enough to make this conclusive? Probably not.

First, the icon set is pre-Play store. As you all know, Google has decided to make Play front and center, however, there is a chance that these renders were created before all of that weirdness happened. Can’t completely flag it for that misstep. Second, that sure looks like a micro SD slot. For two straight Nexus devices, Google has taken away expandable storage, so if this is indeed the “Nexus” of tablets, it would surprise us to see this option.

But what the hell else could it be? With Asus usually attached to Google tablet rumors, we can’t help but notice that this actually looks like a Samsung product or even one of Toshiba’s new offerings. Any chance that Samsung swooped in and is now the front runner for Google’s first branded tablet? Or maybe this is simply an old render of a device that we will never see? You tell us.

Via:  PocketNow

Wall Street Journal: Google and Asus to Sell “Google Branded” Tablet Directly to the Public This Year

According to new reports from WSJ, there is most definitely a Google-branded tablet coming to market this year. As reported by WSJ’s sources who are “close to the matter”, Asus and Google will be creating and marketing a tablet that will be sold directly to the public via a website, much like the previous Nexus smartphone devices were.

Not only that, but according to the sources, Google’s next iteration of Android named Jelly Bean, will be available during the middle of this year and may be shipped on this very tablet. Could it be just in time for this year’s Google I/O? Besides the site that is reporting it, none of this info is all too new, and many in the Android community have put Asus at the top of the list that were possible manufacturers of this device. Whether it will actually be Google Play-branded, or just a pure “Nexus tablet” is still to be seen.

Funny, a certain someone from this site mentioned Google branded devices being an intelligent next move.

Via: Wall Street Journal

Thursday Poll: What would you sacrifice in hardware specs to create a $199 tablet?

As talk of a $199 Android tablet heats up, details on how manufacturers plan to reach this price point are also starting to surface. NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang mentioned this week that they would need to cut out around $150 in premium parts to get the price down so low. He mentioned “expensive memory” particularly, which could mean RAM or storage depending on who you ask, but the point is, that pieces are being cut. In the comments of that story, we noticed many of our readers throwing out other specs that they wish would be downgraded or cut instead, which has led us to today’s poll.

What would you rather a manufacturer cut from a tablet in order to drive the price down? Would you like to see a lesser display or the cameras removed? The Kindle Fire has by all accounts been a success, and it doesn’t necessarily have any premium parts that a tech geek would brag about.

What would you sacrifice in hardware specs to create a $199 tablet?

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Asus Will Not Settle for Second Best, Looks to be Number One Android Tablet Maker

Everyone who has had the opportunity to experience the Transformer Prime, if you are a fan of tablets in the first place, knows that it is an Android tablet that no other can closely compare to. Sure, they all run Android and have a powerful processor, but the Prime couples design and power in a package that can’t be found anywhere else in the tablet market. Unless, you buy Apple products.  (more…)

Rumor: Nexus Tablet Confirmed by Retailer, Could Sell For as Low as $149

“A tablet of the highest quality.” Just what Google needs to finally make a dent in the iPad’s dominance. The Nexus tablet rumor has been all the rage this month and now information leaks that says it’s is pretty much a “done deal.” The good guys over at Androidandme are reporting via an anonymous source high up on the supply chain that the Nexus tablet is closer than we think, and cheaper.

The original price range was somewhere between $199.99-249.99 but now that has dropped to the $149.99-199.99 area. The only question is how can they keep the price low while still providing a decent tablet? A high quality tablet with the Google experience would certainly be a step in the right direction for Android tablets. Following in the footsteps of the Kindle Fire, this could be the start of something. Would you buy a Nexus tablet for $150?

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Thursday Poll: What are You Hoping for the Most Out of a Nexus Tablet From Google?

Earlier this week, we wanted to know what everyone was hoping for from Google at this year’s Google I/O. The majority of people voted for a Nexus tablet, so what we want to know now is, what would you want from this device? According to rumors, ASUS and Google are teaming up to bring this dream-tablet to life. Can we expect a quad-core processor along with a super-high resolution display? Or will Google focus more on offering a decent Vanilla tablet at more of a competitive price to compete with Amazon’s Kindle Fire or the new iPad? Sound off down below on what you are hoping for the most.

What do you want to see most out of a Nexus tablet from Google?

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Tuesday Poll: What are You Expecting the Most from Google I/O 2012?

Google has officially launched the landing page for registration to their upcoming Google I/O developer event. Now that we have all the facts on when and where, people will begin to discuss what we can expect this year from Google. Last year, there was plenty of great announcements including Google Music, Movies for Android, Ice Cream Sandwich, [email protected], and Chromebooks.

So what do we think Google has in store for us this year? Well, we have our money on the unveiling of the new Jelly Bean OS, more [email protected] goodies, a possible Nexus tablet created by ASUS, and of course, more additions to the brand new Google Play Store. Let us know down below on what you are hoping for the most and if you think Google will have a trick up their sleeve for this year. Either way, it’s going to be an awesome event as always.

What are you expecting the most from Google I/O 2012?

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