Eric Schmidt Says Android and Chrome Will Stay Separate, But You May See Overlap

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During a recent discussion with reporters in India, Eric Schmidt took the time to set some things straight in regards to Android, the Chrome OS, and even rumors that Schmidt was looking to leave Google. There has been slight speculation that Chrome and Android would somehow merge, with Andy Rubin leaving Android, and Sundar Pichai taking over both sections, including Chrome and Apps.  (more…)

Google’s Eric Schmidt On War With Apple, “We’re Clearly Winning”

In an hour-long interview with Bloomberg, Google’s Eric Schmidt touched on a few things, namely the ongoing “war” as some would call it with Apple Inc. Luckily for Schmidt, he doesn’t have to do much convincing when says Google is “winning.” In a recent analysis, it showed Google holding to a strong market share of 72% in Q3, while Apple sat at 14%. Schmidt declared that 1.3 million Android devices are activated daily, a number that only seems to go up and up.  (more…)

Eric Schmidt Thinks It’s ‘Extremely Curious’ That Apple Hasn’t Sued Google Directly

Eric Schmidt is Google’s Executive Chairman and also the company, and Android’s, biggest cheerleader when it comes to the media. In a recent interview, Schmidt sat down and talked business about a lot of things going on with Google and the conversation inevitably leaned towards their patent struggles with Apple. Schmidt said, “It’s extremely curious that Apple has chosen to sue Google’s partners instead of Google itself.” But he didn’t stop there.  (more…)

iPhone Owners Waiting on Google Maps App, the Wait is Over – It’s Not Coming

In a recent outing, Google’s Eric Schmidt made one thing very clear – Google has no Maps application in the works for iOS devices. According to Schmidt, the decision was entirely Apple’s and he still feels that they should have stuck with Google’s app. Both Google and Apple were in constant communication on the matter, but in the long run, Apple decided to go with a homegrown alternative instead.  (more…)

Eric Schmidt: 1.3 Million Android Activations a Day, 480 Million in Total

Today at Motorola’s press conference, Eric Schmidt surprised everyone with his presence and laid out some numbers for all you Android fans out there. As of today, 1.3 million Android devices are activated daily, 70,000 of those are Android tablets totaling at a whopping 480 million. As we’ve seen, these numbers continue to grow and become even more impressive. With Nexus 7 tablets flying off the shelves and a new lineup of DROID devices coming out, it’s only going to enlarge.

Watch the live event here.

Google’s Android Glasses With Built In Screen To Become Reality By This Year’s End?

Recent reports from various sources are stating that Google has plans to release specially designed glasses for consumers by the end of this year. Shown above is a pair of Oakley Thumps with the Google logo crudely shopped onto them. Minus the logo, sources close to the project have stated the glasses could look like Thumps but of course, will have a small screen built into the lenses for viewing by the wearer.

The glasses would be based on Android and even have 3G/4G data connections, plus GPS capabilities. If that isn’t enough, there are also indications that the glasses will come with a low resolution camera, for real-time layering of information on locations and other various things such as navigation. The most impressive part so far is what the price may be for technology like this. Sources state that they should cost no more than a regular smartphone. So we may be looking at about $300-$600 for a pair of these Terminator-like pieces of hardware.

Is this the next big thing, or is this just in gimmick phase? Would you be seen wearing these things and walking down the street? So far, I can only picture Eric Schmidt wearing these around town and thinking he looks awesome.

Via: NY Times

Eric Schmidt: Android Is All About Differentiation, Not Fragmentation

Google’s Eric Schmidt stopped by CES and offered another classic comment that is sure to spark up some interesting conversations for the next couple of days. When asked for the billionth time if Android has a fragmentation problem, Schmidt used the word “differentiation” to describe the platform instead:

“Differentiation is positive, fragmentation is negative,” Schmidt said during an appearance here at the Consumer Electronics Show. “Differentiation means that you have a choice and the people who are making the phones, they’re going to compete on their view of innovation, and they’re going to try and convince you that theirs is better than somebody else.”

He continued:

“We absolutely allow [manufacturers] to add or change the user interface as long as they don’t break the apps. We see this as a plus; [it] gives you far more choices.”

The fragmentation argument is beyond played out, so I’ll admit that I actually like this take on Android. While most of us are not interested in skins or custom UIs, they do make one phone different from another. And since so many manufacturers produce Android handsets these days, skins are by no means going away any time soon. We just need to see OEMs spend more time putting in polish and adding useful features that would make them somewhat desirable.

Your thoughts? Buying Schmidt’s “differentiation” argument?

Via:  PCMag