Eric Schmidt Says Android and Chrome Will Stay Separate, But You May See Overlap

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During a recent discussion with reporters in India, Eric Schmidt took the time to set some things straight in regards to Android, the Chrome OS, and even rumors that Schmidt was looking to leave Google. There has been slight speculation that Chrome and Android would somehow merge, with Andy Rubin leaving Android, and Sundar Pichai taking over both sections, including Chrome and Apps. 

Although Schmidt claims you may see overlap of the two, that Chrome and Android will remain separate. Lastly, as for Eric having thoughts about leaving Google, he dispelled that by saying the rumors are completely false and that, “Google is my home.”

Were you one of the folks hoping to see a merger? As for me, I would have liked to see some Android functionality in Chrome, but we will have to see what some of these “overlaps” entail.


Cheers Dan!



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