Motorola Announces the MotoActv Golf Edition – GPS Tracking, 20,000 Courses, and Virtual Caddy Included (Updated)

Now this is a move that totally makes sense to me. You have a fitness tracker with built-in GPS, why not add some golf capabilities to it? Rather than using a battery draining golf app on your phone for 18 holes or lugging around one of those big ol’ Sky Caddies, wouldn’t a watch replacement fit nicely? I’d say so, and that’s exactly what Motorola has announced today in the MotoActv Golf Edition.

In this new MotoActv release you will have yardage on 20,000 golf courses, giving you distance to the front, back and center of greens. You can keep score right from your wrist and then take your finished rounds online to view them through the MotoActv site. With built-in GPS, your rounds show up virtually so that you can see where each shot was played from. You can also compare your game to the way pros approach particular courses, well, aside from the “muni” that you and Joe Bob play for $9 on Friday’s twilight special.

The Golf Edition will be available for $299 on April 1.

On a related note, I’ve reached out to Moto to figure out the differences between this new version and the current MotoActv. Would certainly be thoughtful of Moto to offer current MotoActv owners a chance to add on this golf software, assuming the internals are all the same.

Update:  Good news current MotoActv owners! Motorola has informed us that a “beta version of the software enabling golf features” will be available to all MotoActv users in early April. Other details will be available as we get closer to that time frame, but this should excite those of you that already own the device.

Big MotoActv Update Available Now, Get Your Jujitsu Tracking On

Motorola says that the update for your MotoActv is ready, but I have been unsuccessful in updating mine thus far. According to their Facebook page, all you need to do is plug it into a computer and tell it to sync and the update should punch you in the face. Afterwards, you will be able to track all sorts of fun new activities and even wake the device by shaking it. Most importantly though, you won’t have to attach it to your computer as often to add something as simple as a WiFi network.

Let us know if you receive it! Here are some additional details.

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Major MotoActv Update Happening Friday Instead, Here is What to Expect

We were supposed to see the biggest MotoActv update of all on this fine Wednesday morning, but instead, Moto has informed us that Friday is actually the day. It’s a shame really, I was looking forward to testing out the new Fencing mode by counting the number of calories I could burn while dodging Tim Cook’s empty threats and jabs at Android during the iPad event. I kid, I kid.

Also in the update, you will see more of these custom activities, a shake to wake option, and the ability to setup a WiFi connection without having to attach the MotoActv to your computer. For owners of this product, you will understand how needed all of these features are.   (more…)

MOTOACTV Receiving Special Update in March – Will Include 40 New Activities to Track, Other Requested Features

The folks at Motorola have announced that starting March 7, another update for MOTOACTV will begin rolling out. Included in the update will be the ability to set up WiFi directly to the device, turn on the display with a flick of the wrist, and the opportunity to host your own competitions with other ACTV users on their website. Additionally, Motorola is also adding 40 new activities for you to monitor and track online including yoga, Pilates, and even martial arts. Stay healthy, Moto.

Via: Motorola

MOTOACTV Receives Update – Includes Better Battery Life, Battery Percentage Status Bar, and Locking Abilities


Just finished off a Friday night run, plugged in my MOTOACTV and sure enough, it prompted me to update. It updated to version 4.55.97, but depending on the model you have, you may receive a slightly different build (4.56.97 / 4.57.97 /4.58.97 are the others). All of them should include the exact same enhancements though, including better battery life, a new status bar, and the ability to lock the screen during workouts.

Full break down is after the break.   (more…)

Nike Introduces the FuelBand as the Next Fitness Trend, Android Compatibility on the Way

The latest in active/exercise tech was introduced today by Nike. The product is called the Nike+ FuelBand and looks similar to those LiveStrong wrist bands that took the world by storm for an extended period of time, only it’s much more advanced. The idea behind it is similar to what you can find in FitBit, except that it introduces a new way to measure your daily activity, NikeFuel. It’s really a glorified marketing term, but the idea is that your Fuel score should “motivate” you to do more throughout the day. Whether you are running, walking, crawling, flipping or waving your warms around, your Fuel score is being calculated. Not only that though, you can also track calories and steps taken which are displayed on the band through an LED light panel.

The product is Android-related in the sense that an app to co-exist with your Fuel score and progress will be available soon. At launch, February 22, there will be an iOS app, however, Nike has already said that an Android version is on the way. The product will retail for $149.

Is that the MotoActv I hear crying in the corner? Actually that’s not completely fair since the FuelBand does not have a built-in MP3 player. Might be time to drop that price a tad though Moto, as Nike is one athletic master you do not want to battle.  (more…)

Download: MotoACTV App for Non-Motorola Phones

Other than price, one of the biggest annoyances to Motorola’s MotoACTV sports tracker has been the fact that it is limited to only being able to pair with Motorola Android phones. This limitation left anyone who owns say a Galaxy Nexus, Rezound or other non-Moto phone without the ability to receive calls, texts or calendar notifications during a workout – one of the major selling points to the device. Thankfully, the developer community has our back again and pulled out the permission from the app that was asking to validate with Blur and it now works on all Android phones, accepting calls, texts and even calendar reminders.   (more…)

MotoACTV Rooted For Those Wanting More From Their Android Fitness Watch


Good ol’ Android. It doesn’t matter what it’s running on, you will almost always find someone out there willing to hack on it, and that’s just what happened with Motorola’s MotoACTV fitness watch. As you can see from the video above, the device is no longer running Moto’s custom fitness software, but is instead cruising along rather smoothly with the Honeycomb launcher, Android Market, Youtube, Google Maps and more. With fairly lower end specs compared to phones just released, I’ve got to admit that I’m surprised to see it running so well. The again, the insides are essentially what gave the OG a solid 2 years of life.

If you are interested in rooting, you can find full instructions at the CMW link below. And by no means does this look to be a difficult process.

Via:  CMW, Engadget