FYI: Google Tips and Tricks Portal Keeps Growing, is Worth a Bookmark

I believe this whole Google tips and tricks thing started back in April of last year, but either way, it’s worth checking out and a bookmark if you haven’t done so already. Haven’t seen it yet? Well, Google is up to 154 tips for getting the most out of their products at this point (they add new ones all the time). And since most of you use Google products…  (more…)

How to: Turn Off T-Mobile’s Binge On

T-Mobile and John Legere aren’t having a very good day. Everyone has reacted to his reaction to accusations that their Binge On service has some pretty serious flaws. Hot takes are everywhere. It’s hella hot in the hot take department right now. If you aren’t hot-taking T-Mobile’s Binge On, then you probably should be. But don’t come with that weak hot take-ness. You need to bring extra heat to your hotter than hot, hot take of John Legere’s hot take.

This post, however, isn’t a hot take. This is something simpler. This is a quick guide on how to turn off T-Mobile Binge On and move on with life.  (more…)

Tip: Don’t Forget About the Nexus 6P’s Notification Light

Did you know that the Nexus 6P has a notification light? It does. It’s not on by default, though, which is a shame, because it’s a nice addition to the phone’s Ambient Display. If you are the type who gets up from a desk repeatedly throughout a day or is without your phone for lengthy periods of time, this can come in handy, as it lets you know that you still have notifications, long after Ambient has gone away.  (more…)

Tip: Set a Shortcut to Your Google Reminders After Setting a Reminder

In the most recent update to Google Calendar, Google finally made reminders a centrally functional feature across a variety of Google apps, including Calendar, Inbox, and Keep. Before this update, there was a chance that a reminder set in one app wouldn’t ever make it into another app and your chances of missing it or forgetting about it were likely. While this centralized reminders control is awesome, attempting to find a complete list of reminders, including both current and past, has always been somewhat of a chore. In fact, the only ways I can think of to pull up a list is to say to Google, “View reminders,” set a reminder and then hit the “View reminders” button shown after completion, or swipe into Google Now, then swipe out the side menu and choose “Reminders.” Why there isn’t some sort of dedicated Reminders widget or readily available shortcut is beyond me.

Well, there is actually a shortcut, it just isn’t exactly all that easy to find, from what we can tell. Yesterday, one of readers spotted a prompt to add a home screen shortcut for reminders after he set a reminder. You can see it in the screenshot above and below.  (more…)

Tip: Buy a New ShatterShield Lens for Your DROID Turbo 2 and Ditch the Verizon Branding

The DROID Turbo 2 is a really good phone (our review), it’s just that it isn’t exactly the prettiest device on the block. Well, I should clarify that by saying that the white version has some issues in the ugly department, thanks to a number of exposed sensors and a completely unacceptable Verizon “check” mark situated at the bottom of the phone’s front, in between its speakers. If you don’t know what I’m referencing, look at the photo at the top of this post. See it? Yeah, it’s terrible.  (more…)

Tip: Check for Unclaimed Rewards in “My Account” on Google Play

How often do you slideout Google Play’s navigation drawer and enter the “My Account” section? I think I’ve done it all of once, probably when I wrote up this story. I may have done it another time or two to check on account history or to add a new payment method, but honestly, I forgot it even exists. That’s too bad really, because Google is adding “Rewards” in there for promos you may have waiting for you.  (more…)

Probably Temporary: Verizon Unlimited Users Can Tether Out of the Box for Free With Moto X Pure

If you picked up a Moto X Pure Edition and are using it on Verizon with your unlimited data plan, feel free to flip on the phone’s WiFi Hotspot and see if tethering works. It’s working on my phone. It’s working for a handful of others over at XDA as well, plus a source told us it would work day 1 out of the box. And I’m talking about free WiFi Hotspot and tethering without a subscription check, not for users who pay the $29.99 per month that Verizon charges unlimited data users.  (more…)