Terrain Home Launches for Android, a Home Screen Add-On to Keep Your Life Organized

Android personalization took to a new level when home launcher replacements became popular. The ability to change the launcher that you interact with gives each user so much control over what they see and when. The newest home replacement comes to us courtesy of Samsung Accelerator that is helping high-quality developers to make even higher-quality applications. Terrain Home is the closest thing that you will find to Google Now this side of Mountain View.  (more…)

Garmin Releases viago Navigation App For $0.99, Pay In-App to Unlock Features that Google Maps Does for Free

Besides Gmail and Search, the other service that has become synonymous with Google has got to be Google Maps. Since it comes pre-installed on almost all Android phones, it has become the go-to mapping and navigation service not only because it is convenient, but because it is also very good. If for some reason you do not want to opt-in to Google’s great maps service, though, there are other options out there. A new option with a brand name attached to it has launched today in the form of Garmin’s viago(more…)

OnePlus Opens New Contest to Give Away 2,500 Invites, Plus a Free 64GB One

Since the only way to get your hands on the OnePlus One is to be invited to buy one, today’s news might come as excitement to some of you. OnePlus is hosting a contest, allowing everyone to enter to earn a chance to win a free 64GB Black OnePlus One (just like we unboxed yesterday) or win a chance to purchase one for yourself. How exciting!  (more…)

Keeper for Android Announces New FastFill Feature to Help You With Those Long Passwords

Hot on the heels of our story on a few Android apps to help strengthen your passwords and keep yourself safe, Keeper for Android has announced a new feature that is coming to their service soon. Starting later this month, the Keeper app will be able to fill in your passwords for you on your device, great for those long string and unintelligible passwords that you have stored in their vault. (more…)

Sprint Reaches New Deal with Regional Carriers to Expand Roaming 4G LTE Coverage Across the Country

In an effort to provide more 4G LTE coverage to more people around the country, Sprint has inked a deal with several regional providers to help give them the spectrum they need. These new carriers will now be able to offer their customers new areas of 4G signal in places where it is hard to build out. This new deal will expand over a population of 34 million people, now able to pull down those great 4G speeds. (more…)

Google Certifies the First Companies for “Glass at Work” Program

After our poll last week, we got a good sense that a lot of you were not really interested in Google Glass anymore. Everyone has their reasons, but almost 3,000 of you said that Glass was not something you would be interested in going forward. Google is looking to give glass a professional makeover by announcing that Glass is now being tested in workplaces around the country through a set of certified partners.  (more…)

Life Time Alarm Clock Provides Everything You Want in an Alarm Clock and Then Some

For most of the world, waking up in the morning is not an enjoyable experience. Luckily for us, our smartphones provide a bit more intelligence over the loud and annoying standard alarm clocks. Life Time Alarm Clock is looking to make a dent in this new app market by offering all the features and customization you could ever need right on your nightstand.  (more…)