Qualcomm Announces the Snapdragon 615, First Octa-core Chipset with LTE and 64 Bit Capabilities

Qualcomm made headlines yesterday with the Snapdragon 805 making an appearance in the new Galaxy S5. Today, Qualcomm announced another chipset aimed at mid range devices across the world. The Snapdragon 610 and 615 are both octa-core chipset devices that feature a spectrum of LTE bands so OEMs can use them in devices in different markets. (more…)

Google Announces Project Tango, Mobile Platform That Allows Devices to Sense the World Around Us

Google is one of those companies that is continuously looking into the future and trying to predict what users will want next. It’s the bright minds in Mountain View that continuously surprise us with projects like Google Glass, self-driving cars, and Project Loon. Project Tango is the latest experiment announced by Google, showing just how ambitious Google can be when they get behind a new project. Project Tango might look like a bulky Android device, but as you see in the video below, it looks to do so much more than just be big.  (more…)

Google Reportedly Building Application to Log into WiFi Hotspots For You

The rise of WiFi hotspots around public places that your daily travels takes you to is definitely a good thing. What is annoying about the trend, is that each hotspot requires you to sign into their hub once you step in range. This process can be accomplished quickly, but sometimes drags out into minutes of loading screens that takes up all of the time you had to quickly check your phone. Google feels our first world problems and is reportedly working on an automated solution for us. (more…)

VH1 Debuts Application for Android, Features Full Shows, Music Videos and Watching Companion

VH1 may have gone the way of MTV with less focus on music and music videos, but there are surely many fans of the network and its shows out there. If you are one of those diehard fans, you will be excited to hear that VH1 has launched its Android application that allows you to keep up on shows when you are away, and go deeper into the shows while you are watching them.  (more…)