Google Certifies the First Companies for “Glass at Work” Program

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After our poll last week, we got a good sense that a lot of you were not really interested in Google Glass anymore. Everyone has their reasons, but almost 3,000 of you said that Glass was not something you would be interested in going forward. Google is looking to give glass a professional makeover by announcing that Glass is now being tested in workplaces around the country through a set of certified partners. 

Which workplaces you ask? The companies that are on the approved list are APX, Augmedix, Crowdoptic, GuidiGO and Wearable Intelligence. Some of the companies sound like they are going to be using Glass for interesting and new purposes. APX is a company that is going to work with Glass to provide access to database and enterprise data through Google’s new peripheral. Crowdoptic is making software that detects broadcast streams from wearable devices that can then be funneled into entertainment channels to bring new views into live events.

Other uses might tap into some of the privacy concerns that people have always had with Glass. Augmedix is a company that is using Glass with physicians around the country. Doctors put on Glass, turn on the program and a live stream of the patient’s conversation is sent to another site so the information can be added into the patient records in real time. You can be sure that Augmedix is working within legal rights and has patient consent to do this, since the public perception of Glass right now isn’t in the best place.

Would using Google Glass help you at your work at all? Or do you want to keep it as far away as possible?

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