Terrain Home Launches for Android, a Home Screen Add-On to Keep Your Life Organized

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Android personalization took to a new level when home launcher replacements became popular. The ability to change the launcher that you interact with gives each user so much control over what they see and when. The newest home replacement comes to us courtesy of Samsung Accelerator that is helping high-quality developers to make even higher-quality applications. Terrain Home is the closest thing that you will find to Google Now this side of Mountain View. 

Google loves their hamburger menus that slide out from the side. They love them so much that Google Now is accessible by swiping to the left on many updated Nexus devices. Terrain is accessed the same way, by swiping to the left you pull out a fully customizable sidebar that works with you to know what you want and when you want it. Terrain also offers more organization through their smart search and new app drawer which keeps tabs on the actions you take on your phone so it can predict when you will expect things to show up.

If all that prediction sounds scary, fear not. Terrain has also been optimized to not drain your battery while you are not using your phone. The last thing that Terrain wants to do is spend your phone’s battery while the screen is off.

The app has been released today on Google Play and is still considered to be in beta, but is still very polished. Hit the link below if you want to give it a try.

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