Cyanogen Theme Showcase Makes Customizing Your Phone Easy

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Being able to customize your phone just the way you like it is a double-edged sword. Android offers a lot of ways to change your phone’s appearance to your liking, but that also means that there is a lot of options out there for you to choose from. For me personally, whenever I sit down and decide to personalize things it can take a long time. Cyanogen Theme Showcase is looking to make that process much shorter, assuming you are running a CyanogenMod ROM.

If you are looking to make your phone look fresh from top to bottom, there are so many different parts that you need to customize. Starting with the lockscreen, you have a wallpaper, icons, fonts, sounds boot animations and the list keeps going. This can all be very hard and time consuming to track down and even then, one piece might not look good with the other after you install it. Cyanogen’s Theme Showcase brings all of that into one application so you can pick and choose from a library of customizations quickly and easily.

True to Cyanogen history, the app is designed almost exactly to Google’s app guidelines, so it looks clean and fresh. Icon packs forĀ all of the biggest home replacement apps like Nova, LauncherPro, Trebuchet and more are compatible as well. All the developer has to do is submit their creations to the Theme Showcase app and it can be featured. If you are looking to start your customization, hit the link below for the download.

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