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Heml.is Wants Your Help in Creating the Ultimate Minimal Yet Secure Instant Messaging Service


With PRISM and data collection techniques by our government filling front pages of tech sites over the last month, I can imagine that plenty of our readers are hesitant to commit themselves to tech services of any kind, especially those that involve sending personal messages. The folks behind a new app called Heml.is agree that security is of the utmost importance. In fact, Hemlis means “secret” in Swedish, so you can tell by the name of their product that they are shooting for supreme privacy. 

So what is Heml.is? It’s another instant messaging app. I know, I know, just what we need, right? Even though the last thing the world can use is another IM app, we thought we’d share because this app not only looks beautiful, but it really does have a focus on security and your privacy. It will also be free to use, but as is typical with most apps these days, can have extra features unlocked for a price.

The Heml.is team claims that they are building an app “where no one can listen in, not even us.” They do not even plan to store your messages on their servers once they have been delivered, though they may offer different expiry times later on. For now, that’s the deal.

As you can probably tell from the image above, the app is not quite ready. Heml.is is asking for funding help, however, they aren’t using Kickstarter because Kickstarter is only for the U.S. and UK. But in case you were wondering, they have already cracked their funding goal in a short two days, so no matter what, this app is going to be made. If you want to back it to help their cause, you can for $5 which gets you two unlock codes. Again, the app will be free once it is released, so if anything, watch the video below to decide if it’s something for you.

The app will be available on Google Play and iOS once it is ready. When will it be ready, you ask? The only timeframe they are giving right now is, “when it’s done.” They claim that they will try to get it out the door as soon as possible, but of course, want to do it right.


Via:  Heml.is

  • Polka

    Where can I download a crack/serial to this app? I am not interested in paying these high rolling corporate pig’s behind this app my hard earned cash, freedom should be free!

  • FairyMary

    If you need a really secure alternative, use OTR instead. There’s a number of clients with OTR support: Pidgin for Windows, Adium for OSX, IM+ for Android and iOS

  • SenseOffender

    It will remain secure until the owners sell to the highest bidder aka a Bilderberg member 😉

  • honeyjee

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  • It’s not gonna happen. Everyone’s content with the current messaging service they already have. There’s no need for a new iOS 7 based messenger for Android. I’m fine with Kik.

    • JaQuez Pendejo

      Quit posting nonsense. It’s not based on iOS 7. The design may be influenced by it but it’s not based on it.

      • Polyg0n

        Tu username… jajaja

  • utes_86

    Would be more interested if it came with a Chrome app/extension as well.

  • shecalledmejay

    I need a new rom for my GNEX quick, what rom has a lot of customization but is also close to stock.

  • chris420o

    what do i care if the government reads my immature texts i said to friends and sexual explicit messages i send to females…knock yourselves out n read em…as long as people i dont know cant read em i dont give a f

    • Obvious Sarcasm

      Wait…if I read your statement correctly, you’re fine as long as people you don’t know can’t read your messages, but fine if the government reads them. So, does that mean you know everyone in the government?!

  • Why would I want to help fund an iOS app?

    • Eric

      Ummm I guess you missed the fact that it will be coming to Android.

      • Ummm it’s using the same UI as iOS. What self respecting Android user would even subject themselves to using that c.r.a.p.??

        • Polyg0n

          “Both apps will have a very similar interface inspired by the lightness and simplicity of iOS7. But we do not plan to do an app that uses strict standard design as we want a design experience that is optimized for messaging.”

        • The iOS and Android design schemes have really almost morphed into one over the past few years! Just look at the app pictured above, it reflects Google’s own design scheme for Google Now, Google Maps, Google Music, Gmail, and even Google Currents by using the white background with an adaptation of the “card” layout for text and info. While I may not like the neon type colors at first glance, I could see growing accustomed to it as long as the app is uniform and uses the colors throughout all the screens and menus.

          Just because you have a seemingly fangirl like obsession with Android, please realize that apps can be designed to look nice and work well on BOTH platforms.

  • David Wanless

    I don’t think they’re taking this far enough. If they built a fully secure, ad-free social networking site that doesn’t share all your info…. then they’d be onto something. The instant messaging app doesn’t go deep enough for people to justify using it.

    • JMonkeYJ

      i think one big problem is that a social network HAS to store info and be able to search at least some of that info to be useful, and as such can’t be totally secure to the point where even the owner of the social network can’t see any of the data. for instance, at the very least usernames would have to be unencrypted so you could find your friend. the transient, point-to-point nature of IMs means they can be fully encrypted and don’t have to be stored.

  • Saryon

    Who watches the watchers?

  • Kevin Bojarski

    Oh good, another messaging service none of my friends will use.

    • Cowboydroid

      This isn’t a service one would use with casual friends. I imagine most people interested in this want to be able to communicate with close friends and family without having to worry about an unauthorized entity listening in to sensitive conversations.

  • ddevito

    For a minute there I thought I went to the wrong site

  • JonathonFlores

    We dont really need another IM app. I think what we really want is an IM app of our choice that integrates with SMS. So I can use Whatsapp if I want, while the other person uses Hangouts while the other person uses SMS. Seamless for everyone.

    • Cowboydroid

      And security? That’s what this app is about, but you seem to have totally missed that point…

    • michael arazan

      Would rather have some type of encryption coding that can be added to your own preferred message system

  • Guest

    If they want to be taken seriously, they can get a better web admin. I’ve tried their site and it is always down.

  • NexusPhan69

    Take those teenage girl lookin phones off this website. They don’t read this site.

    • JonathonFlores

      I scrolled up to see the phone and then lol’d.

  • Am I the only one who really doesn’t care about the whole PRISM thing? If the government wants to sit here and track my Droid Life and YouTube obsession let them go right ahead!

    • Nex__

      I agree with you, i understand no one wants to be “tracked”. But most people are not important enough/interesting enough for the government to even care about. If they really cared how many songs you downloaded or porn you watched, you’d be in jail by now.

      • Ian

        While I can see things from your perspective. You still don’t get it. To extend your analogy: along comes some ultra conservative politician that gets “watching porn” banned, before you know it PRISM is aimed right at you. The point is heading this off before it becomes a problem. What was so wrong with the old method of having to go to a judge to get a warrant to get this kind of data? At least that way you had to really want to violate a persons privacy in order to put forth the effort necessary to do so.

        Sure its all just a drop in the bucket, but keep allowing/justifying these encroachments and they’ll one day drown you with it.

        • Well there really isn’t anything wrong with the old system but the main point here is that even with the older methods of having a judge give a warrant to collect data, you as the person being tracked would know nothing about when officials were tracking you or looking through your online history. Not to mention, even with some of these new things happening allowing the government supposed unlimited access to your life, what makes you think they are gonna put forward the effort to deliberately track every single citizen in the US? That would require untold amounts of computing power, manpower (to actually catalog all the information) and other resources that the government is running out of (see US Gov.’s 16 trillion dollars of debt).

          • HairyHerry

            It’s as simple as looking at the massive facility in Utah. This horrible administration is more than pleased to give out propaganda on why their methods are so necessary, yet when Snowden flips open the hood for all to see? Well, can you call it the CHUTZPAH that is is? Me thinx so.

      • StevenRosas

        You may think you live a boring life, but maybe to them your life is very interesting…

    • S2556

      I love Big Brother. He keeps us safe!

      • Ian

        Big Brother keeps Big Brother safe.

    • Jarren

      The fundamental issue is not your Droid life and Youtube obsessions — I believe the repercussions of a disclosure about personal interests are immaterial to most people in the grand scheme of things… This is about the US government having unfettered access to any and all information about you without a system of checks and balances. Such access is antithetical to the principles that this country was founded on, and in my eye are in direct violation of the constitution.

      I am not into politics, I am not well versed in the PRISM issue, and I am not one to write a heated letter to my congressman about the issue. However, I do have respect for those out there that are willing to fight for our rights and preserve the ideals this country was founded upon.

      • josie klapper

        If you don’t currently care, try picturing J.Edgar Hoover or Sen Joe McCarthy with modern spy/tracking tech….

    • VT_mnt3

      I don’t really care that much either, but I feel bad that we’re all so lethargic about it. Not enough that it makes me want to do anything about it, though… It’s a vicious cycle.

    • Sam

      People like you are why this country is turning into a police state.

    • Ian

      Unfortunately, you are not the only one.

    • chuck

      no, but you should care.

      it sets a dangerous precedent and is one step closer to something worse. and then when people accept that, something even worse.

      and the cycle goes on.

      • Anonymous

        In the U.S., all it would take is a despot in the White House to turn PRISM from a system of watching foreign communications, to a domestic one spying on political opponents. Nixon would have loved this system.