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PopCap’s Plants Vs. Zombies 2 Coming to Android in Early Summer


This morning, PopCap, the makers of the ever-so-famous Plants vs. Zombies title, announced that the official sequel is to touch down “early Summer.” No real details for Plants vs. Zombies 2 have been released yet, but that’s how hypebeastin’ goes. Let’s just hope it doesn’t take them forever to drop it on Android like the original. 

If you don’t currently have the patience to wait (insert “ain’t nobody got time for that” meme here), PopCap is hosting a special beta for Plants vs. Zombies Adventures, which is a Facebook title that you can sign up for. It features new maps, new baddies, as well as new ways to combat your foe.

Either way, we will keep you posted on PvZ 2 once more details are released.

Via: PopCap

  • frustrated22

    yeah ea loves ios

  • Ed Wahl

    WTF?? The original Press release says zero about ANYTHING listed in this articles title. Nice job OP. ( Tim-o-tato) getting our hopes up to see something beyond the crap low res store version or the buggy HD lenovo port.

  • Stephen D

    The original was a poor iOS port. Hopefully this one is higher quality.

  • Can we get Zuma anytime soon?

  • joejoe5709

    I’m pretty upset with PopCap/PvZ. Which shouldn’t surprise me because I’m not a big fan of EA Games either. I paid $2.99 for the crappy PvZ for Android and I think I’ve played it maybe once. Never been truly updated and the graphics are pre-HD update. Terrible. My wife taunts me that her iPhone PvZ is so much more superior. Biotch knows it’s one of my favorite games. Lol. PopCap, I’ll split the difference with you. Put $1.50 toward the purchase of PvZ 2 and I’ll think about it. Oh. And don’t screw it up this time.

  • Cheese

  • oaxican509

    For android I give it 1-2 years after its released on iOS, then another 1-2 years to recieve its updates…..


    I bought this on PC way back for $10. Totally worth it. Addicting.

  • Thomas

    Glad to see this coming. Love this game !!!

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Did they ever update the Original with all the extra levels as the iOS version?

    • T4rd

      Don’t think so. I was going to come here and comment “why don’t they just put all the extra gameplay from the iOS and PC version in the original game?”

      • Justin Brunk

        What’s funny is there is an HD plants vs zombies APK which came exclusively loaded on an early Lenovo Tegra2 tablet. It runs perfectly on my GNex and N10, but it isn’t available to buy anywhere (I own the game on PC/iOS). It even has quick play/endless modes, which I don’t think is in the Play store version.

  • John Burke

    Hopefully EA doesn’t handle the compatibility this time around … first one took almost a year to support the GNex through the Play Store
    Also, hopefully Amazon will launch it on their App of the Day promo like the first one

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Right… then watch it NOT get updated in a timely manner like everything in the Amazon App Store

      • GotSka81

        Did PvZ ever get GNex compatibility? Last I checked the Amazon Store version still doesn’t work.

    • T4rd

      Friggin Peggle still isn’t compatible with ICS or 720p displays. Popcap seems like they just like to release games and forget about them. I have seen PvZ get a few updates, though no extra game play elements were added.