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Download: Official DROID RAZR Jelly Bean Update 98.72.16 for Those on Ice Cream Sandwich 6.16.211

razr jb update

With the official Jelly Bean update for the original DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX hitting testers, we have already seen the update file for those that were running the accidental X-mas build. To make sure that everyone is covered, here is the update file for those still running official Ice Cream Sandwich (6.16.211). This update will bring you to 98.72.16 and Android 4.1.2.

Here is the full changelog.

The file is big at 338MB, but that’s expected when you see an update of this size. 


*For those running official Ice Cream Sandwich 6.16.211. 100% stock.

*If you are running the X-mas build, your instructions are here.

1.  Download and place this file on your external storage (SD card):

Blur_Version.6.16.211.XT912.Verizon.en.US.zip [mirror]

2.  Turn your phone off and boot into recovery.

*With phone off, hold down both Volume Down and Up plus Power until you get to the boot menu. Press Volume Down to highlight “Recovery.” Press Volume Up to select it.

*Once you see the Android and exclamation point, press both Volume Up and Down at the same time.

3.  In recovery, choose “apply update from external storage.”

*Highlight using Volume Down, select using Power.

4.  Find the 6.16.211 file that you downloaded above and select it.
5.  Watch the update install!

Via:  DroidRzr

Cheers darkmiasma!

  • david corona

    For anyone who was getting error message like i was read this post

    completely unroot device

    download rsd lite

    download droid razr drivers

    flash back to original stock


    (and then follow update instructions)

  • DPerk

    Is this different from the original (now updated) posting found here?! And, more importantly, is it better/can I install this one if I installed the previous one?


  • Guest

    Is this different from the other update? Labeled Blur_Version.98.72.8.XT912.Verizon.en.US.zip from this (now updated) posting? http://www.droid-life.com/2013/03/07/download-droid-razr-jelly-bean-official-update-for-those-running-the-x-mas-build/

    • DPerk

      I’m wondering the same thing… anyone know?

  • Question can I delete the file after its finished downloading?

    • RedColoredGlasses


      • Sorry for being cautious but are you being honest? I’ve already been through one razr I can’t afford to have my maxx bricked or anything

  • I can’t get my phone to the recovery menu. I follow the instructions up to the point of selecting recovery but instead of getting the “recovery droid” I get the Motorola screen and it just sits there.

  • Sam Bithoney

    Works fine.. but I lost root. 🙁

  • james Arnold

    hmmm downloaded it moved it to sdcard root and I cant see the file?? Any ideas??

  • Joe Stimpert

    way to go Kellex. Directions worked for a 64 year old construction worker, now I feel like a old techguy, just teach me some new words and the secret handshake and I’ve got it. One more thing, where do you guys keep the girls?

  • having issues connecting to wifi after the update..help please

  • steveR2#3

    Not mine and my wife’s phone updated fine but both phones have no mobile internet. Reboots turning radio off. Nothing works

  • disqus_RDLSlOYzoS

    Download worked GREAT…However, there are a few things that raise my suspicion as to if this is the final build or not. Chrome is suppose to be the default browser but the original browser remains on my Droid RAZR. also do not see any changes to the keyboard. Other than those issues at glance my RAZR is running FLAWLESSLY. Can anyone ease my concerns?

  • My 4G/mobile data is not working since I’ve updated. I tried turning data on and off and rebooting. nothing. Any ideas?

  • mrjohn

    Just updated and it works like a charm

  • phershey

    Site says I don’t have permission to download. What am I missing?

    • phershey

      Doh! Worked like a charm once I clicked on the ‘mirror’ link! Just one of those mornings.

  • mrjohn

    I downloaded the file and have moved to various places on my sdcard. However when i try to update from external device the file can’t be found. Help!

    • denlem

      Make sure it’s your external sd card and not the internal one. I just made the same mistake.

      • mrjohn

        That’s exactly what I did, thanks! It’s updating now!

  • Bradley Jacobson

    I did the update on my RAZR last night following these instructions. Worked like a charm! Thanks so much guys!

  • worked perfect for me but i also just got my phone today so i didnt root or anything of that nature, i was thinking about it but overall im glad i didnt thanks for the help guys

  • Sarpedon1069

    I downloaded the file and process was very straightforward. Everything seems to be working great. Finally, I get Google Now!!

  • kloyar

    the mirror rom is a verizon rom fot XT912 and the main rom is only 38.2 MB, which means it’s a bad file. u have a problem with the rom. please fix it.

  • nss8

    Had stock ICS 6.16.211 and was able to update to Jelly Bean 98.72.16 by following instructions provided here and using the zip file (mirror link). Did not encounter any installation issues whatsoever.

  • sonofsmog

    I pulled the trigger no problems here going from stock ICS (which I sideloaded, btw.) Droid is updating a ton of apps now!

  • finally figured it out

    Any idea how to add widgets to the lock screen or how to use Chrome as the browser with JB?

    • sonofsmog

      My understanding is that Chrome is the default browser. The Motorola blur browser is gone.

  • RazrMaxxless


    You don’t have permission to access /downloads/forumdownloads/Razr/OTAs/98.72.16/Blur_Version.6.16.211.XT912.Verizon.en.US.zip on this server.

    Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

    Apache/2.2.24 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.2.24 OpenSSL/0.9.8e-fips-rhel5 mod_fcgid/2.3.6 Phusion_Passenger/3.0.9 mod_bwlimited/1.4 Server at http://www.mydroidfiles.com Port 80

  • kaufman

    Thank you so much! updated using the file, everything seems fine!

  • Guest

    Updated using the fire, working pretty good so far. Thank you so much!

  • put it on my sd card but not showing up when i go to update it help ..

    • mrjohn

      I’m having the same problem!

    • mrjohn

      OK I figured this out. I was using Astro File. I had My File 1, My File 2 and Myfile 3. When I moved it to My File 3, I was able to find it. It’s updating now!

  • Jeff Sasin

    can anyone tell me how to gain access to the download foe jelly bean. i cant access the link

  • Jeff Sasin

    how do i get access to download that file

  • do i need to be a verizon subscriber? i am from singapore, non verizon and had a unsuccessful update *sob*

  • Skinner

    i’ve downloaded the file and have moved to various places on my sdcard(DCIM, sdcard, etc) However when i try to boot from external device the file can’t be found. Do I have to rename the file or do something else to it?

    • mrjohn

      Having the same problem

  • sporttster

    Mine won’t update. It gets to ‘verifying system package’ and then this:

    assert failed: apply_patch_check (“system/bin/logwrapper”, “(whole slew of numbers and letters)” E:Error in /tmp/sideload/package.zip (Status 7)
    I’m wondering if it would be ok to delete that ‘logwrapper’ file in root browser. Anyone? Ideas?

    • sporttster

      I ended up fastbooting back to ICS stock and then going from there. I DL’d Matt’s 1.82 utility, connected to USB, put phone in Fastboot (power on+up vol+down vol and select fastboot) ran Matt’s utility, clicked on stock ICS and let it do it’s thing. It put stock on the phone, then tried again to load the OTA and it worked. Must have had a partition left from Safestrap that even factory reset wouldnt correct. Putting a stock image back on the phone fixed it. Now running JB!

      • Rob

        I tried using Matt’s 1.82 Utility to go back to ICS stock, but even after doing so I get this:

        asset failed: apply_patch_check(“/system/app/Browser.apk a slew of numbers and the same status 7 error. Any ideas?

  • Joey

    Just wondering if Foxfi still works once you use this update??

  • Gabriel

    Just did it this morning. AWESOME. the OS that android users have always wanted. No issues at all. Glad I stuck with my Razr.

  • JM

    I manually installed the update. I do not hear the boot
    animation when it begins. I lost all signal at one point. A restart fixed it.
    Should I factory reset my phone after the update? I do not if it is standard to
    do a reset after an update. Thanks.

  • Joe Klock

    updating as we speak lets go

  • Finally figured it out

    Just a tip-if you move your download to your SD card, make sure the file you move it to is present in the reboot-state. Try a reboot first, you can back out of it if you need, see what files are there, then move the download to one of those files.

  • loudneon

    Razr Utility 1.82 FTW! Roll back to .211 stock with option #1. Root and install Voodoo OTA root keeper. Install SU from market. Now I’m waiting for install to finish. FULLY CHARGE YOUR BATTERY BEFORE ATTEMPTING ANY OF THIS! Sorry that needed to be shouted.

  • Done!

  • Where can I find the update image for unbranded RAZR… seems only Verizon had this model (XT912) and mine is XT910 so I guess it might have changes and don’t want to risk…

  • It says E: error in /tmp/sideload/package.zip

    • Sporty

      Mine is doing the same thing. It’s on the root of SD, I undid root via Voodoo rootkeeper, removed recovery I was using via Safestrap so it’s not active…what am I missing??

  • Succesfully updated but the Play store doesnt recognize that im running 4.1.2!

    Help please

  • roy69

    Mirror site working and done downloaded plus moved file to sd card. Applied zip in recovery and now waiting to see what happens…fingers crossed.

  • Young Dc

    Mine is 100% stock and i keep getting the apply-patch-check error 7 message. downloaded it from the mirror and the one down in the comments and used 2 different sd cards and it won’t work.. Is there something i am missing ? Be flashing custom roms forever so i’m not a newbie to it

  • PJ

    Build completely boned my Droid Razr MAXXX hard, factory reset.

    • zwieblekopf

      mine too, gets past the unencrypt screen and never makes it to the home screen 🙁

      • Maxxxy

        Same here on my Razr MAXX, had to factory reset……

  • why won’t this site let me download the update just gives me a forbidden 403 error

    • Joe Klock

      click the mirror tab to the right of it

  • Mikey Drew

    Hey could anyone help me out, so I downloaded oovoo root keeper and defrosted all my apps but when it goes into the install it says

    “failed appy patch check (/System/app/guidedtours.apk )

  • Lee Woods

    Is anyone else stuck in no-man’s land on .215 like me? Any luck upgrading to JB? I tried installing the update to .211 (Blur_Version.6.12.181.XT912.Verizon.en.US) but no such luck as I’m sure the upgrades are not rerunnable backwards. I don’t want to format either as I’m not 100% that will get me to .211.

  • Brendon

    I’m loving the new update so far everything went smoothly in the update on ics everything would stop and I would have to end the process. Question though on the ics my gallery where the it would link to my Facebook and my phone would have my Facebook friends as contacts automatically can I get these features on jelly bean?

  • I’m getting a Status 7 assert failed: apply_patch_check(“/system/app/SlackerRadio.apk……. As far as I know I have a stock version and never updated anything. I only used voodoo to temp unroot. Any suggestions?

  • DirtyDroidX

    Hey thanks for copy and pasting our article and posting our download link also. Real smart to do.