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Day 3 Contest: Win a 16GB Nexus 7 From Droid Life! #5daysofnexus (Updated: Winner Picked)


Here we go, day 3 of the 5 Days of Nexus! All week long, we’ll be handing out brand new Nexus devices to the greatest tech community on the planet. Yes, I’m referring to you, the readers of Droid Life. We have already handed out a Nexus 4 and Nexus 7, but we have more to come. Over the next two days, another couple of lucky readers’ days will walk away with Nexus 7s, followed by one last contest on Friday with a prize still to be determined. So let’s do day 3! 

As we did with yesterday’s contest, we’re using Rafflecopter. It allowed readers to enter in a variety of ways to gain multiple entries, one of which only asks that you leave a comment. The process also made it incredibly easy for us to choose a winner.

nexus 7 official


Prize:  1 (one) Nexus 7 16GB from Google Play.

How to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


A winner will be randomly chosen through Rafflecopter tomorrow morning at 8:45AM Pacific.

  • Animorphed

    Greatest thing about Android: it’s not iOS..

  • Eric Tucker

    I’m a big fan of android, I’m rocking the DNA now, and before that had the Galaxy Nexus.

  • I love the romantic choices. Tweeting til it’s your own is awesome.

  • Ivo Shandor

    There once was a pad from Nantucket
    Its power was controlled if you touched it
    I said with a grin as I rooted again
    If this pad were an Apple I’d chuck it!

  • I love all of my android devices!!! Idk what I’d do without them!!!

  • My love for android is only topped by my wife and daughter!

  • Jordon Wii

    Eh, I’m not creative enough to write a poem. I hate writing poetry.

  • Ayyyy

    Needz moar jelly beans

  • Kyle Murphy

    Absolute best

  • MrWicket

    I love Android because it is not only the coolest Mobile OS bt it’s the one that gives me everything I want and need! Thanks Droid Life! 🙂

  • droidlifer


  • ferrari187

    I need some nexus in my lifeee

  • Richard Olea

    I still have the original droid incredible and i will never replace it, unless ofcourse i win a new one!!

    I love my android. haha

    but i alos have an iphone

    love everywhere

  • hope I win!

  • Lisa


  • Justin

    Leave a message…

  • mason arabo

    I <3 android so much i want a nexus 7

  • I’m a touchy feely kinda geek girl. Yes, I want to touch all my gadgets. Heeeheeee!!

  • Droid is the definition of creativity and choice. We are not sheep. Like some other “smart” phone users.

  • ryan f

    me me me me meeeeee

  • Ira Turner

    Leave a message…android for life!

  • I want it!!!

  • I want a Nexus 7!

  • It’s not iOS

  • Jake Chalupsky

    I could definitely use this for work

  • Chris Fraser

    Would be an awesome upgrade from a standard ereader

  • Eric Shelley

    my comment

  • ChristianJohnson


  • jordan

    after switching from iphone 3g i wil never go back. someone will have to pry android from my dead hands to get me to switch to another os device

  • realfoxm

    Love it more than taffy… and I’m a man who enjoys his taffy…

  • When KleenDroid is in his grave,
    hes got one thing right, he will not crave.
    I will sit on top his stone,
    rooting and romming just like his clone.

    Nexus 7 16 gigabyte,
    If I don’t win there’s gonna be a fight.

  • Dontel Newton

    Android changed my life, I can’t believe I was looking forward to WinMo 6.5 when the OG Droid swept me away

  • Cory Baker

    I still would love one of these. no luck so far but a couple more days left…

  • cmiram

    I love android for the choices! Any time I think of something I wish I could do, there’s almost always something already created to do it

  • Anthony Tyler

    My Nexus 7 died today… I need one to replace it.. 🙁

  • Android is the first mobile operating system that I fell in love with, since my Nexus One, I don’t look at the other mobile operating systems anymore. From Eclair to Jelly Bean, I haven’t looked anywhere else.

  • I like androids choice. I can customize my layout, change my backgrounds, have a clock widget I like right on my main screen. My options are ever changing with androids growing library of user made apps!

  • JeremiahOverton

    Food, water, shelter, and Android.

    All you need to survive 😉

  • Android is in the blood amazing open ended software what more can you ask for. You aren’t tied like you are with apple the only thing that is holding you back at times is your phone. Android also makes some of the best tablets to hit the market in a long time as well.

  • mike silverman

    Because I can do anything with it

  • MattH818

    I <3 Android!

  • Weeeeeeeeeeeee! (again)…

  • Jon

    I willingly would sell my soul for Android love… Apple, even if you gave me the world, I would not care…

  • Woop woop! Bring it on!

  • sayala8

    Android for life!

  • Tom Landberg

    I really need to install this one in my car.

  • thiefnthanight

    End my tablet-less existence

  • ChuckDz3

    I would love this!

  • Mike

    Android – so much better than Apple’s walled garden.

  • Jasi

    My love for Android has been renewed ever since I received my Nexus 4 in the mail last Friday. Fantastic device!