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Day 2 Contest: Win a Nexus 7 16GB From Droid Life! #5daysofnexus (Updated: Winner Picked)


Day 2 of the 5 Days of Nexus is upon us! Yesterday, we handed out a brand spankin’ new Nexus 4 (8GB) to one lucky reader in what turned out to be a massive contest. But we aren’t stopping there, no sir. We have four more days of giveaways to burn through! In today’s contest, and for the next three days, it’s all about the Nexus 7. We know how popular this tablet is, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that each and every one of you have had a chance to pick one up yet. Let’s see if we can’t change that, by rewarding another handful of DL readers will some awesome prizes. 

For today’s contest, and maybe many going forward, we thought we’d give Rafflecopter’s contest service a try. It allows you to enter multiple times and ways, keeps track of all of the entries for us, and in the end, makes choosing a winner much easier than our current manual methods. If you guys find it to be a nuisance, we can always trash it and look elsewhere. For now, give it a shot!

There are four different ways to enter, all of which give you a point for completing. The more points you rack up, the better chance you have at winning.

nexus 7 official


Update:  A winner has been chosen, please check the widget below!

Prize:  1 (one) Nexus 7 16GB tablet from Google Play.

How to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Our winner will be chosen through Rafflecopter at 8:45AM Pacific tomorrow morning.

  • mike

    Simple the size

  • Joshua Rossi

    Tommy want wingy

  • Mike Boodoo

    The Nexus 7 changed how I viewed tablets. Completely. I went from “what’s the point of a tablet when I can do the same stuff on my phone” to a guy who carries his N7 around everywhere for everything.

  • It is perfect because of one word… Ubuntu. I hear that is the way to go!

  • John

    Best 7 in tablet on the market…until the Nexus 7 II comes out.

    • wow you were an innocent victim of a -1 troll rampage down the thread. i fixed this for you.

  • It’s my perfect tablet because 5 inches is too small for some tasks and 10 inches is too big to bring everywhere.

  • weysonn

    I want to win it for school!

  • John Van

    I have used a friends nexus 7 in the past. It would be the perfect size for me. Not to big not to small.

  • Because it’s 7 inches and a Nexus.

  • The price of free fits into my budget perfectly

  • Trevor Headings

    I want it

  • biggoldy45

    Perfect for Travel 🙂

  • I would love to get it for my father in law for his birthday!

  • Stephen Shugert

    I’d love one

  • MMiles84

    Been trying to win something off droid life for years. Maybe its my turn with a shiny new N7


  • because nexus devices are the bomb diggity.

  • Android. Enough said.

  • Because I need to replace my touchpad.

  • Jason Mcreynolds

    Small, fast, reliable, fun, what more could you want? A Nexus 7 for everyone!

  • Because I need a good tablet for my daughters books and games

  • Nexus would be awesome to replace my overly bugged and unsupported TF101…

  • Kyle Sheridan

    Because I don’t have a tablet and really would love to have one! 🙂

  • The nexus 7 isn’t MY perfect tablet… It’s THE perfect tablet.

  • Droid Dave

    I would love to win this for my 9 yr old daughter!

  • Alexander H

    Silly Facebook login – no!

    Otherwise – great giveaway for a great tablet.

  • zach wheeler

    Because it sure beats the hell out of my pager

  • I have always wanted a small tablet made by Google!

  • Brettm2277

    Google essentially created a new category of tablets: 7 inch, high end, but competitively priced. While they’ve been beaten in price or specs, they’ve never been beaten in the total package even almost a year later.

  • guitarshredder87

    This would be the perfect big brother to my galaxy nexus!

  • zpartal

    I’d like to try Ubuntu on it!

  • Mike DeBlock

    This would be my perfect tablet because it would make a great replacement for my GTab 10.1! =)

  • This would really help me rid my disdain for the crap on TV that my wife watches. Out of site, out of mind!

  • Keyan X

    I’d love to use it for school

  • Fuzzyskwerl

    I so badly want a nexus device but no one I see in South Africa stocks it… 0_o

  • I want to run full ubuntu on this one and see how i like it.

  • The 7 is the perfect size for a tablet and it being a Nexus makes it os so much sweeter

  • Jason Maze

    I need some more organization in my life.

  • oh crap

    I need a nexus 7 tablet very badly

  • Mike

    Its the awesomer version of my asus

  • because my 8 year old son has one, and i want one too.

    • zach wheeler

      Do you also have to ask to borrow your 8 year old’s car? It must be just AWFUL having to share something with your son. I’m assuming he bought it and also pays the bills. Or you could actually DO SOMETHING with your son instead of sticking a screen in front of his face when your around.
      Hopefully he’s not a greedy as you are.

  • Who couldn’t use a spare N7?

  • Jem

    I can hold it in bed, take it on a trip, take to work, and share with the little guy in the house. Good size for a small bag and good size for the kid to play games and movies on. Can’t beat it. Plus it’d pair well with my galaxy nexus!

  • gimme

  • Kevin Sims

    Because I don’t have one and I need one

  • Sean

    because it’s a Nexus….

  • felipeghale

    because i need something in the middle of my 10″ tablet and my note 2.

  • Adam Wolfgang

    HELP! My chromebook is broken and my phone is only 4″. I need a tablet!

  • I would love to replace my xoom, two years and counting…..

  • freerogers

    Perfect size and feel, plus it’s a Nexus. Latest updates and roms readily available.