Google’s Nexus Account Comes Alive to Hype Pixel 6

Nexus 6 vs. Pixel 5

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Today is indeed iPhone 13 day, but this fine day also brought the return of an old friend who had not Tweeted in almost 4 years. Following Apple’s “California Streaming” event, the Google Nexus Twitter account popped up with a perfectly timed message.

The message simply said “I’d wait for #Pixel6” a few moments after the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro lines had been revealed. It’s a simple message sent out in such a personal way to its 1 million followers, many of which lived through so many years of Nexus devices that produced both good and bad memories.

The @googlenexus account is locked and has been for some time, so I can’t embed the Tweet here or retweet it, but we’ve captured it below. You can view it here.

Google Nexus, iPhone 13

Should you all just wait for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro instead of ordering the new iPhone 13 this Friday? Well, yeah. Google is likely to show off the Pixel 6 line over the next couple of weeks, and since you are an Android phone fan, why wouldn’t you wait? While the iPhone 13 Pro packs a 120Hz display for the first time and a camera setup that should produce remarkable results, it’s still an iPhone running iOS.

Hey, did you see that new list of specs for the Pixel 6 Pro? Yeah, you should probably look through it if you haven’t – the phone sounds so good.



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