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Day 2 Contest: Win a Nexus 7 16GB From Droid Life! #5daysofnexus (Updated: Winner Picked)


Day 2 of the 5 Days of Nexus is upon us! Yesterday, we handed out a brand spankin’ new Nexus 4 (8GB) to one lucky reader in what turned out to be a massive contest. But we aren’t stopping there, no sir. We have four more days of giveaways to burn through! In today’s contest, and for the next three days, it’s all about the Nexus 7. We know how popular this tablet is, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that each and every one of you have had a chance to pick one up yet. Let’s see if we can’t change that, by rewarding another handful of DL readers will some awesome prizes. 

For today’s contest, and maybe many going forward, we thought we’d give Rafflecopter’s contest service a try. It allows you to enter multiple times and ways, keeps track of all of the entries for us, and in the end, makes choosing a winner much easier than our current manual methods. If you guys find it to be a nuisance, we can always trash it and look elsewhere. For now, give it a shot!

There are four different ways to enter, all of which give you a point for completing. The more points you rack up, the better chance you have at winning.

nexus 7 official


Update:  A winner has been chosen, please check the widget below!

Prize:  1 (one) Nexus 7 16GB tablet from Google Play.

How to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Our winner will be chosen through Rafflecopter at 8:45AM Pacific tomorrow morning.

  • Brandon Mak

    so i can install it in my car or gps music and torque

  • Noah Bloom

    I want!!!

  • Mack

    Would love one for my family to use so they will stop taking mine!! Haha

  • one day I’ll get one of these nexus 7’s

  • Cuz it owns the iSheep mini!

  • This would be great for school

  • Oh lovely Nexus, be mine!

  • I could tottally use a tablet for school right now and the nexus 7 is the one I want to buy.

  • PhillipNorris

    the best 7 inch tablet on the market with an awesome developer following and always gets the newest OS updates first!

  • Pleaseeee i just bricked my transformer prime 🙁

  • Handly Marks

    I want a Nexus for school!

  • Need a bigger screen to play all my 200$ worth of play store games on!

  • KThatch27

    Ultra customizable and amazing specs. What more could you want in a tablet?

  • LG Nexus Goodness

  • Aaron

    The Nexus 7 is my perfect tablet because of its portability, awesome processor, and top of the line software experience!

  • AdamT

    The size is prefect and tethered to my gnex, would be the perfect combo of devices

  • Joseph Pojunis

    Not too big, not too small!

  • Kyle Bailey

    Fingers crossed!!!

  • dp03


  • Johngi

    It is my dad’s favorite tablet because it is current with all the new google updates,

  • The Nexus 7 would be perfect for me because of the 7 inch form factor: not too big, not too small. It’s the perfect size. Plus it’s from Google and I’m a Google fan boy.

  • My wife has a Nexus 7 8gb, and is running out of space, so I was going to purchase a larger gb model and this would be perfect.

  • Dean

    Size + function + OS = perfect tablet

  • teevirus

    because google4Life

  • Not too big, portable, nexus – custom rom.. .WHAT I WANT

  • Nexus 7 is my perfect tablet because it is a very convenient size and will work perfectly with the other Nexus devices in the household.

  • Do want

  • because it’s not too big and not too small.

  • Zak

    4.2 and Ubuntu Touch as options? Glorious!

  • YEMan0443

    Because it’s better than anything with iOS

  • This would be a great tool for work.

  • I want it just because!

  • Because it fits so snuggly in my hand

  • Ansen

    Because then my wife can have her own tablet and I can have my Nexus 10 to myself!

    • Daniel_Weber


      • wow you were an innocent victim of a -1 troll rampage down the thread. I will correct this wrong and concur with your ditto.

    • i like your style i tend to lose my N7 to my gf because ‘her games’ work better on it than her phone. but if i buy an N10 i can hide the games in apex and make it a ‘work’ tablet and everyone knows work tablets aren’t any fun and the N7 is a game tablet then. +1 for your clever nature.

      • Excellent plan. May have to do this myself.

      • Nick Maggiore

        Well said. Your first sentence about sums it up for me.

  • achaff86

    I’d love to win!!!

  • CrewF24

    Please, Please, Please! I have 2 kids and they fight over the one Nexus 7 that we have. We could really use a second!

    • zach wheeler

      what the hell greedy?!?! You already have one! OooOOoo your kids fight over it?!? How about those of us who don’t even have one! If you win you better sell it and spend that money doing something with your kids.

      • ZW i will +1 you here but not for calling her/him out but for the suggestion of getting outside in the sun with the family all playing together. 🙂 We also both know there will not be any other neighbors or their kids out since they’ll be inside rotting their brains on the computer, infront of the tv or on their tablets or gameboys. (now i see why you might be desperate for one to fit in through isolation) Also be careful there is a -1 troll tagging lots of people in the thread who arent giving positive messages of playing outdoors like yourself.

  • cmonnats

    because it works. simple. it works.

  • Nexus devices are clearly superior, and the 7 is ultraportable.

  • This be my 1st tablet ever and I’m I could put it to good use

  • jbeise

    nothing better than a droid life giveaway

  • It would be the perfect companion to my ipad

  • hatboysam

    Because it’s a nexus, duh!

  • It is a Nexus.. Give me one reason why i wouldn’t want it.

  • Nexus 7 is really the perfect device for everyday usage because of the screen size and the fast processor along with aokp goodies.

  • Brendon Martin

    I’d love to ditch my 1st gen ipad.

  • Alex_The_Android

    Just sold my iPad, the Nexus 7 would be a HUGE improvement! It’d go great with my nexus 4 🙂

  • Andrew Sharrow

    Only contender in the 7″ market!

  • Benjamin Clay

    Its a awesome tablet that I would love to get for my two boys.

  • doubleksquared

    Perfect size and pure Android

  • mitcht64

    church work would become easier