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Wild Rumor: Motorola X Phone to Multiple Carriers, Sold Cheaply in Google Play, and Unlockable on Verizon

x phone motorola

Brace yourself, the hypebeasting is about to commence. A bit of info was handed to us a by a long time reader and we’re not really sure what to make of it. What we do know, is that one of [redacted] forum members who has long been a source of Motorola information, posted up the details about the “X” phone that is said to be Moto’s next big release. We thought we’d share, even if it does sound way too good to be true. Feel free to attack it, poke holes in it, drool over it, or daydream about a life with this phone in this sort of scenario. Again, it’s been flagged as a “wild rumor” on purpose. 

Here is the word on the streets:

  • Motorola X Phone will be announced at Google I/O in May.
  • Current target for release is July 8 (definitely subject to change).
  • All carriers will sell the X Phone.
  • Verizon will sell it for $299 on contract.
  • All versions will also be sold through the Google Play store at similar off-contract price to Nexus line.
  • If you want to unlock the bootloader through Verizon, they will charge a $15/month fee.
  • If you buy it through Google Play, it comes unlocked with no fee.
  • Not a “Nexus” but will come running stock Android and with some bloatware.
  • Bloatware can apparently be removed once unlocked.

I don’t even know where to begin with this. An X Phone on all carriers, running stock, that will be sold directly through Google Play at an insanely low price, and with an unlockable bootloader? Doesn’t it sound way too good? That’s a dream scenario right there, but then again, with the new Google leadership, maybe Motorola is going big. They certainly have a lot of ground to make up on the rest of the Android players.

So what do you think? Sound crazy?

Feel free to hit up the [redacted] thread as well, since it’s 600+ pages of all sorts of info.

Via:  [Redacted]

*Forum thread with source info was closed. Forum also asked to no longer be credited.

Cheers S!

  • Rodeojones000

    Wow. Too good to be true, no?

    One question that immediately jumps to mind regarding the Verizon thing. I would never pay extra per month to allow bootloader unlocking (sadly, this is the part of this whole story that sounds believable to me as it’s the exact asinine-type of thing Verizon would do). However, would any of the Play Store versions be VZW compatible?

  • VoiceofSky

    i laughed so hard at the Verizon one that i farted.. such crap,hope Verizon fries like like the chickens do at KFCs headquarters..

  • ckeegan

    I’m telling you, Nexus or not, release a vanilla device with a MAXX battery on Verizon, and I’ll gladly give you my money.

  • NorCalGuy

    haha i wonder how many people they would get just buying the phone and having no idea what it does just getting charged another $15 a month. But other than the crazy vz charges and the fact that everyone here would rather give google their money than vz this phone sounds like it could replace my gnex. But in the end i think the phone will be dependent on dev support not because having custom roms is necessary but because i am a flash a holic.

  • reggie1225

    A Wild Rumor appeared! Wild Rumor used hypebeast! Hypebeast was super effective!

  • Knlegend1

    Incoming HUGE bezel!!!

  • Knlegend1

    I”m still leaving you Verizon.

  • Crooke

    the average consumer doesn’t know about unlocked bootloaders. That’s what VZW is counting on (if this is true). The average consumer walks into a VZW store, asks about a phone and the sales person presents the Motorola X. So they buy it like they have every other phone they’ve bought. One version for the ignorant average smartphone user and the version for us, the nerd or informed buyer. Personally, i don’t see this PARTICULAR situation being that devious. Google is gonna stick around the $300 price point for now on. If they truly offer a VZW phone, that’s what it and all others will cost if purchased from the play store. VZW will handle the ignorant (uniformed-not knowing) customers in store and I’ll finally find a new phone to replace my GNex from the play store that doesn’t cost $600….. I hope. Where i live, no internet. Only LTE… While no other carrier can even carry a signal. I have to stick with VZW and my GNex being my only source of data in my home, i must stay unlimited.

  • confused

    So why would anyone buy it through Verizon!!!

  • RoadsterHD1

    XPhone for 349.00. NICE

  • RoadsterHD1

    What about SPEC’s

  • Bionic


  • At first I was skeptical but the $15 a month fee sounds like something Verizon would do. But I do buy the super cheap unlocked version on google play. I wish they would sell the verizon one on google play and developers just unlock it so we don’t have to pay that stupid fee.

  • nightscout13


  • Richard Yarrell

    Yeah Verizon charges for all things anyway. On all carriers NO VERIZON EXCLUSIVE that’s believed. All stock that won’t happen WHY because what would be the difference between the Nexus line or this phone??? Gotta have something to separate them. For me i purchase Samsung and Samsung ONLY it’s the Galaxy S4 early in 2013 and Galaxy Note 3 later this year. Even with Google’s help Motorola isn’t and can’t compete with Samsung.

    • SeanBello

      that’s what ppl said about Samsung v. Apple a year ago…

      • Justin Winker

        I agree with you.. There’s not much stopping Google from bringing Moto up to the level of Samsung except that Samsung has fabs of it’s own, and I doubt Google’s going to drop a few bills to create one for Moto. Google just needs to learn how to market Android devices… I hardly ever see ads for Nexus devices, and I typically ignore banner ads.

  • blakjakdavy

    Probably not true simply because Google would be giving the hugely unfair advantage to Motorola that they said they would not. If they were to do this it would probably anger the other OEMs, unless other OEMs will also be given the opportunity to make an all-carrier unlocked phone sold through Play in the future.

    • SeanBello

      they meant that in regards to the Nexus program

      • Crooke

        This is where buying phones is going. Unsubsidized. I’ve read this many places. This prices have to go down. Google isn’t offering an unfair advantage, they are just the ones to take the first step. Show the carriers its safe. Google makes its $ off the playstore, carriers off their plans. They don’t make much from manufacturers. Its the manufacturers that will have to figure out how to cope. Nonetheless, its going to happen.

    • jroc74

      If they can go to Samsung for back to back Nexus devices….they can do this. It wont be considered an unfair advantage. HTC should be screaming unfair advantage….they havent went back to them for a Nexus yet.

  • cantcurecancer

    If true, looks like I’ll be keeping t-mobile for a while. Unless I can buy it through the Play store, activate it on VZW, and retain unlimited data with unlockable bootloader w/o any extra fees, I’m taking my business elsewhere. Spending $30 a month on t-mo’s 5GB plan is awesome.

    • Crankintopwater69

      My plan was to buy N4 from GP,get Tmo and find out how service is here in NC.Now Im probly gonna have too find out how good service is with X rockin’ KLP.LOL!!!

  • Zach Armstrong

    If all this is true this will be my next phone.

  • Warwick

    If true, TAKE MY MONEY MOTO!!

  • DJ SPY

    No mention of LTE. if ours available to use on Verizon though, I’m sure it will have it. I don’t need to unlock the bootloader so I don’t care about that. I just want a rock solid google Motorola phone.

    • Justin Winker

      New smartphones on VZW are required to have LTE, so yes, it will have LTE if these rumors are true.

  • Alexander Garcia

    Haha Wow! Okay… Why is everyone going insane over that bit about the $15/month Verizon fee!? This is all still just speculation. None of this is confirmed. Haha.

  • Zebelious

    The rumor aside, what needs to be noted is that Network Providers are working to stop offering subsidized phones sooner or later. The crazy charges would bring the cost of the phone close to the retail as far as the consumers concern. Therefore consumers would, one day, come to the conclusion that getting a phone from carriers is not woth it.

    However, I’m truly fed up with the Android bootloader fiasco in which it has become a source of revenue for these greedy corporations. Here is the craziness of it; In any other situation consumers have to pay to extend warranty. It simply means warranty has a value and any new products manufactured priced with the cost of warranty included. Everything is calculated down to the last penny when the retail price is finalised.

    In Android world to unlock the bootloader the consumer either has to pay, as the example in this article, or its done for free. In either case the warranty is no longer honoured once the bootloader is unlocked. My immediate concern is that why Android consumers are not reimbursed the value of the warranty then? Let me elaborate more so you can understand the extend of this problem.

    Do you know why Apple’s products are so expensive? One reason is due to the excellent warranty program Apple runs. I wouldn’t be surprised if each iPhone warranty adds upto $100 to its retail price.

    My argument is voiding warranty without a compensation should be considered illegal since the value of the product is reduced.

  • SeanBello

    also, correct me if I’m wrong, but it being unlocked gives Google the ability to push updates to it without Verizon getting in the way. so the people with them locked will be the ones waiting for updates.

    • Justin Winker

      I’m correcting you… The VZW Gnex has an unlocked bootloader on board, but VZW still has to approve the update.

      • SeanBello

        unlockABLE, not unlockED.

  • kafka7

    Wait, what am I missing? Either $299 on contract with VZW where you’ll have to pay $15/mo to have your bootloader unlocked, or unlocked from the Play Store at “similar off-contract price to Nexus line,” which is still around $299.

    So people who don’t care about unlocking their bootloader AND would rather spend their money at VZW than with Google directly, that’s who goes for the first option? Does this person exist?

    • Play store may not be mainstream enough, the same way people will use their upgrade to buy Nexus4 @ T-Mobile, there will be people who upgrade at Verizon.

      The whole $15/month thing is a deterrent, I doubt they expect people to do that. Which is fine by them.

  • SeanBello

    as crazy as some of this sounds, I buy it for 2 main reasons: it was shut down. That means a lot. There are tons of sources that leak important info early and don’t get shut down. 2) Verizon LOVES the taste of Moto’s seed. LOVES it.

    • Justin Winker

      Agreed – the thread is no longer visible to the public, so Googlerola probably intervened. I’m not sure why they would though – it’s already all over the web.

  • Ryan B

    I know this will blow all your minds but what if you buy the phone from Google and then activate it on Verizon. Unlocked bootloader on verizon. Boom.

    • was thinking the same thing…. boom

    • Crooke

      Thats the idea. I’ll just put my sim card in and boom.

    • Knlegend1

      The one from Google will more than likely be a GSM device.

  • so a nexus phone, without the nexus name?

    • SeanBello

      that’s what I read

    • Justin Winker

      Plus a bit of removable bloat.

  • MooleyBooleyTroll

    Looks like a wish list to me….

  • chris125

    so you can be locked into a contract or you can buy it right from google for probably the same price without a contract. Hmm wonder which most people are going to choose. Not to mention no stupid $15 a month fee

  • angermeans

    What 2012 taught me:
    Never buy any “Google Device” (Nexus or other) that is sold or to be used on Verizon. It will be a an absolute guarantee that Verizon will in all their power make sure it will AT ALL TIMES be at least a version or two behind just for the hell of it. Galaxy Nexus and Motorola Xoom good riddance. Thanks Verizon for making two good devices a giant piece of garbage.

    • Justin Winker

      If it’s an unlocked device, that might be slightly different. I know that’s highly unlikely with VZW’s CDMA bands, but hey, let’s see where this rumor takes us.

  • jaw_shoe_uh

    This phone has been confirmed by Manti T’eo’s PR firm…

  • hfoster52

    So this rumor might have just sell out Google I/O in 10 seconds when tickets become available…….


    TMO,you looking good everyday.

  • DanWazz

    Why would you buy the phone for $299 on contract at Verizon when you could get it at the Play Store off contract for $50-$100 more, especially if you still have unlimited data?

    Also, $15/month for an unlocked bootloader? I want to laugh, but i do believe VZW would do something like this.

  • ….

    rzr link doesn’t work? And for some reason, I think I have a clue who might’ve passed on this info…


    It’s all godd,until you get to the part where VZW $15 per mth,not once thats it,but per mth,lol!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DroidRzr.com thread has apparently now been closed. 🙁

    • tyguy829

      is that a good thing? doesn’t it mean that someone didn’t want people to see the info?

    • MooleyBooleyTroll

      They delete threads over there all the time… No shock here…

  • John Kappedahl-O’Brien

    So this sounds alot like the OG droid. vanilla android unlocked 🙂 can’t wait

  • ericl5112

    This sounds like the type of rumor where it only fools people because they want it to be true so bad.

  • Tony Byatt

    First a new Nexus 10 rumor, now this whopper. There may be a Google Wireless one by sundown…

  • ksat

    WTF Verizon???? “If you want to unlock the bootloader through Verizon, they will charge a $15/month fee.”

    This is absurd!

  • $15 per month fee? I don’t think so.

  • master94

    Hey VZW, I got a response to your 15 a month to unlock a boot loader

  • Alex Farra

    fastboot oem unlock will be changed to fastboot give-vzw-money unlock

  • asianrage

    This sounds like my next phone. PLEASE TAKE MY MONEY!!!!

  • mgamerz

    I stopped reading at “unlockable on verizon”

  • bwk5150

    My only hope will be it will truely be high end and that they will start making accessories for the phone. They have yet to support any nexus with good stuff!!!

  • ImpossAbility

    I was excited reading this, but then as an early Razr adopter I realized what would follow…

    Motorola X

    2 weeks later…
    Motorola X MAXX

    2 weeks later….
    Motorola X HD

    2 weeks later….
    Motorola X HD MAXX

    6 months later….
    Original Motorola X (all the ones that didn’t sell because of the newer, better model) in 6 different colors….

    • First year: Razr + Razr Maxx for people who want bigger batteries

      Second year: Razr HD + Razr HD Maxx for people who want bigger batteries.

      Razr M is a smaller phone option.

      It’s really simple…they’ve basically released 3 phones in 2 years.

  • dcvolcom909

    I could see them charging more for the hardware (developer edition) when it comes to unlockable bootloader. But a monthly fee for something that takes 10 mins to do makes no sense.

  • fastboot oem unlock = $free

    • On a Verizon device you wouldn’t be able to do that though. That’s the problem.

      • chris125

        why couldn’t you? You can with the galaxy nexus.

        • Because that’s a nexus. If you’re paying $15 a month to unlock it, I don’t think Verizon will just allow you to go ‘fastboot oem unlock’. It won’t be that simple.

          • Justin Winker

            Yes, that’s true… But you could also do it with the OG Droid, I believe.

          • That was before the whole unlocking saga of the Razr’s and before that.