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Samsung Q4 Profits to Push $8 Billion, Sell Roughly 500 Smartphones a Minute

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This morning, alleged earnings reports for Samsung’s fourth quarter of 2012 were announced, shedding light on the Korean manufacturer’s fantastic Q4. According to analysts, Samsung’s profits will total somewhere around $8.1 billion, with the company now valued at $230 billion. Compared to 2011’s Q4, that is a 65% increase, which immediately reflected in their overseas stock price. 

More interesting to us is that it is said the company sold somewhere around 500 smartphones every minute, totaling around 63 million.

Once Samsung releases their official numbers, they will most likely reflect that 2013 is the year of Samsung.

Via: Reuters

  • yarrellray

    Clearly this is well deserved. Samsung is android and the best plain and simple.

    • squiddy20

      If it weren’t for Google providing Android *free of charge* to any entity that wants to use it, there would be no “pimp slapping” Note 2, S3, or any other Android powered Samsung phone. Idiot.

  • And LG will never ever sell at this rate.

  • Ibrick

    That’s a lot of plastic!

  • Joshua Rossi

    I believe the actual definition of a shit-ton is 500 phones sold a minute!! Congrats Samsung!

  • Larizard

    Any sighting yet on the supposed Samsung new branding efforts??

    • I was wondering this as well.

  • ddevito

    Seems the $1B lawsuit was a drop in the bucket. Cheers Samsung and Google.

  • atari37

    I wonder if Samsung has sent a thank you card to the green bot yet?

  • Dave

    HTC better not watch that video on the plane.

  • Thomas

    HTC just threw up in their mouth after reading this.

    • Dave


  • Space_Alliance_I

    I love Google and everything it(he?) does!
    I love Android! I adore Android, I love those cute little collectibles. I love Green Robot.=)

    And I love SAMSUNG.

    This company has almost endless tech power.

    I love my Galaxy SIII, waiting for the NEXT big thing from them!!!!!

    • dangolds

      I love desk…..I love lamp.