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HTC M7 Could Be Announced at CES Next Week and Sport On-Screen Buttons


According to a reliable source, whose info has panned out true in the past, we could have a brand new HTC flagship on our hands next week. The M7 device has been reported on before and if we receive what has been rumored, we are looking at one top of the line device. 

So far, we have an aluminum uni-body design, 5″ 1080p HD display, Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core processor, 13MP back-facing camera, 2,300mAh battery, and now, on-screen buttons instead of HTC’s hardware touch options that we have been plagued with over the past year.

For being able to keep any images of an apparent device from the public with a announcement taking place next week, HTC could possibly get an A+ if this turns out true.

What say you? Does the M7 sound like HTC’s new saving grace?

Via: Twitter

  • MasonChris

    HTC won’t get any more of my money till thunderbolt gets ICS.

  • JG1000

    Screw HTC. Never Again.

  • RobertMcBean

    Possibility the screen is 5″ but with the onscreen buttons at the bottom it could be 4.7″. I don’t know for sure but it’d be nice. Battery needs be 3000 mah starting this year. Storage space needs to be 32gb minimum. RAM, I think might increase from 2 to 3 or 4 by mid-year.

  • skinja99

    To me, having expandable memory is very important.

  • martin lopez

    Oh, yes M7….is what I will be using

  • memyself&i

    Onscreen buttons are fine as long as they leave enough space on the screen.

    • Captain_Doug

      Which is why for 4.6″+ devices in 16:9 aspect ratio, there’s still plenty of room.

  • dezignstuff

    Everything else about this phone looks great, but I don’t want a 5″ phone. I was happy enough with the 4.7″. The One X size is ok, but the SGIII is too big, as is the DNA. Droid Incredible 4G is a little too small. 4.3-4.7 is good, but nothing bigger. Although on-display buttons might change things a little…

  • roberthenderson

    On screen buttons, yuck.

  • Key lime

    i like HTC much more than any other manufacturer, and im really looking forward to hearing about and seeing this device.

  • hkklife

    2300mAh is still too little IMHO. But at least it’s a step in the right direction. But if this thing doesn’t have a mininum of 32Gb (or even 64Gb like the One X+) it’ll be DOA.

    And with the arrival of onscreen buttons and dropping the capacitive ones, I’d have hoped for a narrower bezel and/or a slight bump in screen size to make up for the loss in usable space by the buttons. We’ve gotta do something about this wasted chin bezel space on these phones too.
    I’m still curious to see how much HTC cares to keep tweaking and refining HTC Sense. It’s better but is still a tad too heavy for my tastes, but I would probably take the latest Sense iteration over the current JB Touchwiz.

    I’d love to see Verizon get this one quickly this spring as a DNA2. OG DNA at $150-$200 and this one at $200-$299 would be quite a formidable 1-2 punch!

  • Tell Football to leak the newest Thunderbolt ICS build. that way the last month i have to deal with it i can at least run a less buggy ICS :/

  • When would this device possibly come to the states then? By the way, my og droid razr gets at most 2 hrs of screen on time. The battery of the DNA would be a huge upgrade for me. 2300 is enough.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    5 Inch? Since when? Didn’t the Last round of rumors have it at 4.7? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

    • Danrarbc

      The DNA is 5 inch.

      I’m thinking the DNA is pretty representative of the M7.

      • Captain_Doug

        The M7 will replace the One X and will most likely have a 4.7″ display. Probably won’t be too like the DNA.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        I don’t know about that. . . . I think the DNA and Butterfly is HTC’s attempt to challenge the Note 2.

  • Marcus Schoen

    About time we get rid of that menu bar that pops up on an older app

    • Butters619

      They got rid of that a LONNNGGGG time ago with a software update.

      • Mack

        What did the substitute it with? To my knowledge HTC’s phones still use the multitasking button rather than a menu button.

        • Butters619

          You can go into settings and change the button mapping. ROMs did it first and HTC followed.

          The mapping options are multitask, menu, short press menu long press mulitask, or short press mulitask long press menu.

  • Danrarbc

    This is my next phone if it’s out before June.

  • MichaelFranz

    Memory, Sd card slot, LTE, and some new software features for sense, they are playing catch up to Samsung

    • trophynuts

      playing catch up to the same company that made the pos G Nex?

      • MichaelFranz

        i beg to differ on the GNEX, it was a great device for its time. VZW screwed up with its not so timely updates. It was only eclipses by the GS3 which made a US debut in july. The HTC One X was great but again, sense just isn’t where it “could” be except for the camera software and hardware its on par

        • PhoenixPath

          Google screwed it up by allowing it to use LTE and Verizon to f*ck around with it.

          LTE: reason for the piss-poor radio. Signal issues, noise, dropped calls, one-sided muting…all related to the LTE version of the G-Nex.

          Verizon: Updates, or rather, the ridiculous lack thereof.

          Both of these things Google had control over. They decided to let it get mucked up…and mucked up (to the shock of absolutely no one) it became.

          …but I’m not at all bitter… ツ

          • chris125

            Some of those issues happened to the gsm gnex as well so not all because of lte

          • Mack

            Agreed. The LTE on my Galaxy Nexus has always been flawless although, I’ve only had it since the jelly bean update and new radios haha.

          • Bionicman

            my old GNex had been running mostly fine after Jelly Bean but i did have a few bugs remaining like bluetooth issues, call quality and of course the horrendous battery.

          • PhoenixPath

            A case could be made for any of those issues happening to just about any device. (I’m sure we could find one or two of any device to pin one or two of those issues on)

            Not sure why we’d want to go and do that though…

      • chris125

        And htc the same company that released the thunderbolt, resound and all the other crap phones they put out and fail to support?

        • Captain_Doug

          If you expect support, you’re gonna have a bad time. That’s true with any OEM. Root or go home.

          • chris125

            Except moto and Samsung at least give some support. Look at all the htc devices that aren’t getting updated. They all aren’t the best but HTC is just the worst. Plus sense always has issues

          • Captain_Doug

            I’ve never had any luck. I gave up and went CM. Haven’t looked back.

          • Ibrick

            Since when did Samsung become the model of timely updates?
            I seem to remember it wasn’t too long ago, they were the absolute worst when it came to updates.

  • Butters619

    Aluminum is cool, but I really do enjoy the poly-carbonates they used for the One X/X+.

    • Captain_Doug

      I’m a fan of HTC’s soft touch plastic. It ages well. I fear that aluminum or the polycarbonate chassis’ will flake or scratch. Anyone with experience with the One X?

      • Butters619

        I own the One X. The edges (where it is glossy) shows scratches a little but really takes drops well. Aluminum will dent or scratch much easier. The back on my One X has definitely “faded” and shows some wear but you really can’t see many scratches unless you turn it into the light. And keep in mind I have never had a case on my One X.

        • Captain_Doug

          Yeah, not a fan of cases. Phones are big enough these days and why would you want to cover up a beautiful phone? I just try really hard to keep care of it. Sounds good to me Polycarbonates for me too.

  • iseenolight

    Awesome! gotta start new year with a new device! And screw you who have some other HTC device, as you can forget about updates.

  • Brian Walker

    Sure, I’ll bite. Get it stateside and that could be a real winner.

    • Butters619

      If it’s at CES, it should be coming state side.

  • Bewara2009

    I think the biggest question here is any improvements on the battery?

    • Brian P.

      As well as internal memory!

      • Bewara2009

        Yes that too!

  • Captain_Doug

    Last I heard it was a 4.7″ display not 5″.

  • chris125

    If it doesn’t have a huge battery nope. I don’t care about on screen buttons or all the bells and whistles. HTC sucks with battery and don’t give me the DNA lasts long enough. Every phone should have a max like battery

    • I’m not sure what you are looking for. My DROID DNA can get 24-30 hours with moderate use, 12-16 hours with heavy use. How long do you want the battery to last?

      • Bionicman

        ive read most people getting about 3-4 screen time on a DNA and some even getting as low as a little over 2 hours. that is just pathetic and if HTC wants this phone to be a true competitor, it needs at least a 2800 or 3000 mah

        • chris125

          You can’t tell that to the DNA owners, they are as galaxy nexus owners who claimed their ponies had no issues and was the bees knees.

          • Symbiotx

            No, it’s constant complaining from people that don’t have a dna. I have one and it lasts all day long.

          • Bionicman

            i also have a GS3 and while its on screen time is similar to the DNA (maybe a tad less?) and lasts all day, still doesn’t make it ok for HTC to have put such a small battery in it. Just like they should know to put a bigger battery for the M7.

          • LionStone

            No, no…You must spend more time staring/playing games/drawing pictures and get at least 8 hrs on screen time because that is the new “norm” 🙂 Get rid of that beautiful, sleek phone with efficient battery and get a huge brick with car battery, that’s where its at. /s

          • It all depends on how you use your phone, i get up yo 18 hours with mod used and 11 to 12 with heavy use… But again this all depends what each person consider mod/heavy use

          • aQuickBit

            BUT BUT…MY VERIZON GALAXY NEXUS IS THE BEES KNEES!!! Its rooted, got Vicious Jelly Bean on there, Google Wallet and….hold on I gotta go plug it in to finish the rest of this post.

          • JoshGroff

            I can see someone avoided getting the extended battery. With it you’d have just enough time to finish your post. 😉

          • michael arazan

            Standard battery, heavy use on the lte vzw Gnex I get 6 hrs, moderate and lte off I get 11 hrs.

          • JoshGroff

            I usually get 16-24 hours but then again I have like maybe an hour or so on screen time within that time frame. Still, it’s always fun to poke fun at the G-Nex every once in a while.

          • sdny8

            For those of us who live in an area where vzw is the only option it is the bees knees. And I’d argue still the best phone available from vzw.

          • PhoenixPath

            Hehe….yeah, all us Nexus owners just *love* our Nexus devices…


            I still have mine…I still use it….but sure as hell not as a phone. (Honestly, the VZW version should have been sold as the “Nexus Player” or something…but *not* as a phone)

          • JMonkeYJ

            my GNex definitely had battery issues, but was also definitely the bees knees 🙂 Nexus 4 is better in every way (i have excellent HSPA+ signal) so i can’t really say i miss it, tho….

        • Butters619

          I have a One X and it also gets about 3 hours of on screen time. I let it go relatively unused once so I could take a screen shot of 48 hours on battery, but I had to consciously not use the phone.

      • chris125

        Screen on time and usage is what matters. Why wouldn’t you want a larger battery and more storage?

        • Dave

          This is normal for my Note2 with majority time on wifi. Keep in mind the percent left.

          • chris125

            Exactly that should be the norm not the exception but people are ok with accepting mediocrity

          • Butters619

            My god that is beautiful.

          • Sobr0801

            Not really impressed (coming from a Nokia 920 owner here)

      • Butters619

        On screen time is all that matters. The One X and DNA can sit in a drawer with the screen off forever, but each gets around 3 hours of no screen time. Not good enough to cut it.

        Edit: And I own the One X and love it, but it still isn’t a big enough battery.

      • yarrellray

        It’s amazing how people with the Droid Dna try to keep up this LIE ABOUT BATTERY LIFE. on screen time my Galaxy Note 2 gets 9 to 11hrs of daily on screen time. That’s with 22hrs of heavy daily use and i am a heavy daily user. Your Droid Dna does not get 24 to 30hrs of battery stop the madness where is the proof or screen shot for us to see.

        • squiddy20

          So, just because he’s giving his battery stats with no “proof” like a screen shot, he’s lying? Where’s your proof and how do we know it came from *your* phone? How do we know you didn’t get some random screenshot from a Google image search?
          Also, What makes you the “expert”? Have you owned the DNA for a week? No, that’s right, you’re the Samsung fanboy. No other brand is good enough for your grubby little fingers and you wouldn’t ever touch one of HTC’s products again “with a ten foot pole”. Moron.

    • Captain_Doug

      Should, but they don’t. Until then, the M7 has a larger battery than most phones and the DNA proved you can still get decent battery life. So this should get even better battery life.

    • LionStone

      Lasts long enough… 🙂 All 4G…alll day long!

  • I dont see why people make such a big deal about on screen buttons

    • chris125


    • jak_341

      Google did away with them, but OEMs continue to build phones with them. Android doesn’t need hardware buttons anymore.

      • JoshGroff

        Some people like variety. If we wanted all android phones to be the same, what would we have to separate us from iPhone users?

        • Captain_Doug


          • JoshGroff

            It seems a few members of our beloved community should take a shot of logic every once in a while.

          • Captain_Doug

            Or just open their eyes. Variety is king around these here parts.

        • PhoenixPath

          We love variety. I have 4 (UP TO 7) on-screen keys that I can arrange in any way I please, and that can perform just about any function(s) on the device I would care to assign them.

          OEMs changed the placement, look, and function of the hardware keys as they saw fit. They can actually do *more* with the on-screen keys…frankly, I am shocked they didn’t jump all over those (much easier to change software bits than hardware bits)…

          • JoshGroff

            If/when the ability to change them gets put into stock Android so the average user can customize them as they see fit, I’m sure the popularity will increase and we’ll see more phones with on screen keys.

          • PhoenixPath

            While I do not see the ability to change them on the part of the end-user *ever* becoming stock, I will restate my dismay that the OEM’s have not caught on to this.

            I wouldn’t be at all surprised though, to see an OEM allow some modest customization of these in the future.

          • FAL_Fan

            I am on the same page as you on this topic; it will probably never become stock. Being that people, the PTB’s, think we are too stupid to have removable batteries and removable memory I don’t see them ever giving us this option stock…at least we have custom roms for the phone’s software “flaws”.

    • Butters619

      I can see both sides of the argument. On screen allows for context buttons, button rotations, and a beautiful look when the screen is off (and even when on). But on screen screen buttons take up screen real estate and we still haven’t seen a reduction in the bottom bezel of phones with on screen buttons.

      • Tony Allen

        With CM10 on my GNex, I use the ‘fullscreen’ mode that eliminates the status bar and touch buttons while playing games or anything else in which you’d like to use all 1280×720 without interference.

    • Brandon White

      They take away screen real estate and I occasionally hit the home button while texting

    • PhoenixPath

      Simple: The majority of the folks that have them are using ROMs that allow them to be customized.

      Single-press, long-press, up to seven of them, custom actions, custom icons…etc. All of these things beat very strongly in the heart of most Android users.

      • I would say some, not most.. But agree that would be very good reason for some people to want it

        • PhoenixPath

          Majority, some, most…We have CM10 and AOKP install numbers, but really no Nexus sales numbers to go on, so no way of really verifying either to be honest.

          It’s a guess on my part. I just don’t see the majority of Nexus owners *not* modding their devices…seems to go against the biggest benefit of owning a Nexus. Well, in my opinion, anyway. ツ

          • ERIC REED

            You like saying majority a lot…

            I know two other Nexus owners and neither have rooted their phones. I would have to agree with Dominick and say some.

          • PhoenixPath

            I am so glad you have an opinion. I’m marginally less glad you don’t share mine, but…life goes on.

            As I alluded to above, without numbers, it’s: “I’ve seen” vs “you’ve seen”.

            “You like saying majority a lot…”

            I said it three times in two posts discussing ratios of users and our guess at how the preference might be divided. I say Nexus a lot as well (in discussions about Nexus devices).

            (ProTip: It doesn’t mean I like my Nexus device, or even that I like saying, “Nexus”.)

            *looks down towards feet*
            /whispers “Nexus”

          • VoiceofSky

            ^^ haha nice..

          • PhoenixPath


            I knew someone here would get that. 😉

    • Mack

      You’ve never had a phone with on-screen navigation buttons have you?

      • Wow, what a stupid reply….you sir are a idiot, with all the other great replies. I can only think of you as a idiot

        • Jack

          Nice downvotes man, you’ve never had a phone with on-screen navigation buttons have you?

          • JoshGroff

            I own both a Nexus 7 and a G-Nex, and can honestly say I really couldn’t care less if my buttons were capacitive or on screen. Of course I know a few older people who are more comfortable with physical buttons, so who are we to decide what should and shouldn’t be the standard. This is the beauty of Android, nothing is set in stone, there are no limits. Would you prefer a set standard like some other company most of us despise?

          • Jack

            As much as I would like them to be standard, Google probably would too, I understand why they are not and I’m perfectly fine with that. I would just like to see more phones that offer them because to me on-screen navigation buttons are awesome. On Verizon for example the only new phones that have them are Motorola’s latest devices.

          • JoshGroff

            I’m sure that as the year progresses, we’ll see more popping up.

          • Yes i have had a phone with onscreen buttons, but I dont care about on screen. Or physical.. Long as its a great phone that feel good in my hands

        • Why are you two, just assuming that? I hate people that just assume

        • Jack

          Chill man, no need to get all stressed over the opinion he voiced with that comment.

    • oyeah

      Yo I wanna get fucked in my ass kellen looks and sounds gay enough you think he’d plow me like a snow filled driveway then finish off on my mouth

    • Because manufacturers cannot decide on the correct way to position said buttons. On screen give you the option to reconfigure if you see fit. Plus adding additional features (swipe, long press, double tap, etc.. as phoenixpath explained). Others say it eats up screen real estate…but when said space is required, the buttons will hide (like watching a video).

      • tomn1ce

        not to mention that you can always make them smaller………

    • brkshr

      I get horrible reception in my house. So I use my phones upside down in my house to get better reception because the radios are usually in the bottom of the phone. So on-screen keys are a must for me, so they can rotate with the screen & always be in the right position.

      • Danrarbc

        The 8 inches of height makes a difference?

        • brkshr

          Probably the fact that your hand isn’t covering the radio anymore…

    • Tony Allen

      I didn’t either, until I tried to go back to a capacitive/hardware button device from my GNex.. it was a tough thing to do and I ended up back with my GNex despite it’s shortcomings.